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The Prisoner S Dilemma

Author : Martin Peterson
ISBN : 9781107044357
Genre : Business & Economics
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This volume examines the Prisoner's Dilemma, exploring its continued significance and ramifications in varying fields of study.
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Prisoner S Dilemma

Author : Anatol Rapoport
ISBN : 0472061658
Genre : Business & Economics
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An account of many experiments in which the psychological game Prisoner's Dilemma was played
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The Mysterious Benedict Society And The Prisoner S Dilemma

Author : Trenton Lee Stewart
ISBN : 9781909489271
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance are back - but so is Mr Curtain, with another devious scheme! Can the Mysterious Benedict Society thwart Mr Curtain's plans, even whilst held prisoner? Join them on their adventure as they face all sorts of dilemmas, in a bid to save Stonetown. The third book in the New York Times bestselling series
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Iterated Prisoners Dilemma

Author : Graham Kendall
ISBN : 9789812706973
Genre : Science
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In 1984, Robert Axelrod published a book, relating the story of two competitions which he ran, where invited academics entered strategies for the Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma. The book, almost 20 years on, is still widely read and cited by academics and the general public.As a celebration of that landmark work, we have recreated those competitions to celebrate its 20th anniversary, by again inviting academics to submit prisoners' dilemma strategies. The first of these new competitions was run in July 2004, and the second in April 2005. Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma: 20 Years On essentially provides an update of the Axelrod's book.Specifically, it ? Presents the prisoners' dilemma, its history and variants ? Highlights original Axelrod's work and its impact ? Discusses results of new competitions ? Showcases selected papers that reflect the latest researches in the area
Category: Science

The Prisoner S Dilemma

Author : Sean Stuart O'Connor
ISBN : 9781780997407
Genre : Fiction
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The far north coast of Scotland. Spring 1745. It begins with a murder. But is it a murder when someone is forced to kill his brother, so that he might save his own life? The guilty man is a nobody, a poor fisherman. The person who arrogantly and unthinkingly makes him commit this terrible act, simply to see how he behaved, is the richest man in Scotland, the Earl of Dunbeath. Dunbeath invents his game of life the Prisoner s Dilemma. He invites his old friend, David Hume, to Caithness to play the new game with him. But into their planned discussions blow two survivors from a shipwreck - the beautiful and brilliant Sophie Kant and the calm, charismatic captain, Alexis Zweig. What follows is a claustrophobic and fast-moving game of cat and mouse, as the characters drive relentlessly towards their destinies in life and death, love and betrayal and the passion they each have to achieve their different ambitions. Under the game-playing, the deceits and feints, the science and the philosophy, is a simple tale of three utterly determined and ruthless men struggling to the death to succeed in the race for an extraordinary woman. Which of them will win? How? And why?
Category: Fiction

The Prisoners Dilemma As A Contribution Of Game Theory For A Better Understanding Of Social Conflicts And The Value Of Commons

Author : Reinhard Menges
ISBN : 9783668961746
Genre : Philosophy
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Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Philosophy - Theoretical (Realisation, Science, Logic, Language), grade: 1, Ruhr-University of Bochum (Institut für Fremdsprachen - Englisch), course: C1 Englisch, language: English, abstract: The paper gives a detailed lecture on the prisoner's dilemma and emphasizes its application with regard to the development of common goods and values in social life. Whenever we make a rational choice which might inflict a loss or impose a risk on others we enter the world of morality. Trying to solve the conflict rationally between opposite moral positions we might find ourself in a "social dilemma". Such dilemma was basically modeled first in 1950 as the so-called "Prisoners' Dilemma" by canadian mathematician Albert Tucker and has been modified and developed since then in many ways, for instance by the nobel price winner Amartya Sen. Still today the basic model points out the permanent underlying conflict in our rationality respectively interest whenever it refers to the life of others, to the social life. At a first glance the underlying story of the Prisoners' Dilemma "game" seems quite simple. Two criminals are held separately in prison being accused having committed one severe crime (let us say bank robbery) and another less severe crime (let us say fast driving). The judge talks to each of them separately in a way like this: "If you confess the severe crime and your complice does not than he will get the maximum penelty of 10 years in prison and you will be free, and vice versa. But if you both confess the severe crime then your confessions are not worth much so you will get the second highest penalty of 5 years. If you both don't confess but deny you both will get the third highest punishment of 3 years due to the undeniable less severe crime." There is no communication possible between the two prisoners.
Category: Philosophy

Paradoxes Of Rationality And Cooperation

Author : Richmond Campbell
ISBN : 9780774802154
Genre : Choice (Psychology).
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This anthology, the first to bring together the most importantphilosophical essays on the paradoxes, analyses the concepts underlyingthe Prisoner's Dilemma and Newcomb's Problem and evaluates theproposed solutions. The relevant theories have been developed over thepast four decades in a variety of disciplines: mathematics, economics,psychology, political science, biology, and philosophy. And theproblems these paradoxes uncover can arise in many different forms: indebates over nuclear disarmament, labour-management disputes, maritalconflicts, Calvinist theology, and even in the evolution of diseasethrough the "cooperation" of microorganisms. Thepossibilities for application are virtually limitless.
Category: Choice (Psychology).

Radicals Reformers And Reactionaries

Author : Youssef Cohen
ISBN : 9780226112725
Genre : Political Science
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Latin American democracies of the sixties and seventies, most theories hold, collapsed because they had become incompatible with the structural requirements of capitalist development. In this groundbreaking application of game theory to political phenomena, Youssef Cohen argues that structural conditions in Latin American countries did not necessarily preclude the implementation of social and economic reforms within a democratic framework. Focusing on the experiences of Chile and Brazil, Cohen argues that what thwarted democratic reforms in Latin America was a classic case of prisoner's dilemma. Moderates on the left and the right knew the benefits of coming to a mutual agreement on socio-economic reforms. Yet each feared that, if it cooperated, the other side could gain by colluding with the radicals. Unwilling to take this risk, moderate groups in both countries splintered and joined the extremists. The resulting disorder opened the way for military control. Cohen further argues that, in general, structural explanations of political phenomena are inherently flawed; they incorrectly assume that beliefs, preferences, and actions are caused by social, political, and economic structures. One cannot explain political outcomes, Cohen argues, without treating beliefs and preferences as partly independent from structures, and as having a causal force in their own right.
Category: Political Science

Prisoner S Dilemma

Author : Lambert M. Surhone
ISBN : 6130307926
Genre : Business & Economics
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The prisoner's dilemma constitutes a problem in game theory. It was originally framed by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher working at RAND in 1950. Albert W. Tucker formalized the game with prison sentence payoffs and gave it the prisoner's dilemma name. In its classical form, the prisoner's dilemma is presented as follows: Two suspects are arrested by the police. The police have insufficient evidence for a conviction, and, having separated both prisoners, visit each of them to offer the same deal. If one testifies for the prosecution against the other and the other remains silent, the betrayer goes free and the silent accomplice receives the full 10-year sentence. If both remain silent, both prisoners are sentenced to only six months in jail for a minor charge. If each betrays the other, each receives a five-year sentence. Each prisoner must choose to betray the other or to remain silent. Each one is assured that the other would not know about the betrayal before the end of the investigation. How should the prisoners act?
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