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The Price Of Glory

Author : Alistair Horne
ISBN : 9780141937526
Genre : History
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The battle of Verdun lasted ten months. It was a battle in which at least 700,000 men fell, along a front of fifteen miles. Its aim was less to defeat the enemy than bleed him to death and a battleground whose once fertile terrain is even now a haunted wilderness. Alistair Horne's classic work, continuously in print for over fifty years, is a profoundly moving, sympathetic study of the battle and the men who fought there. It shows that Verdun is a key to understanding the First World War to the minds of those who waged it, the traditions that bound them and the world that gave them the opportunity.
Category: History

The Price Of Glory

Author : Henriette von Schirach
ISBN : UOM:39015001143810
Genre : Statesmen
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The Price Of Glory

Author : Lynn Bartlett
ISBN : 0373072902
Genre : Fiction
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The Price Of Glory

Author : Seth Hunter
ISBN : 9780755388585
Genre : Fiction
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1795: Young warriors Nelson and Napoleon learn the art of war and the cost of fame . . . The third novel in this epic, thrilling series of war and villainy on the high seas, featuring Captain Nathan Peake. Seth Hunter's brilliant series will enthral fans of Dudley Pope and Patrick O'Brian. 'Another slick nautical adventure in the Patrick O'Brian tradition . . . rousing naval battles, twisty plot, and muscular prose' Publishers Weekly on THE TIDE OF WAR Nathan Peake charts a perilous course through the treacherous seas off Brittany and into the even more dangerous waters of post-Revolutionary Paris. There he encounters two of the most beautiful and scandalous courtesans in history - and their little toy soldier, laughingly dubbed Captain Cannon, who is about to win enduring fame as Napoleon Bonaparte. Returned to the command of the frigate Unicorn, Nathan is sent to join another young glory-seeker, Captain Horatio Nelson, in a bid to wreck Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of Italy. But Nathan has his own private agenda - to find his lost love amid the chaos of war - and as the fighting spreads from the mountains to the sea, he discovers that glory comes at a higher price than all the gold in the vaults of Genoa. What readers are saying about THE PRICE OF GLORY: 'Seth Hunter is a natural storyteller and a master of description, whether it be wild seas, ship to ship battles, dangerous political intrigue or the natural beauty of the countryside when Nathan Peake is ashore. Totally absorbing' 'A really fantastic read and immaculately researched' '[Seth Hunter's] is a natural storyteller and his prose is beautifully elegant. There's wit, adventure, big seas, monumental battles, and even a moving love story. A delight'
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Battletech Legends The Price Of Glory

Author : William H. Keith, Jr.
Genre : Fiction
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NOWHERE TO RUN The Gray Death Legion is in the employ of the Free Worlds League, and has even been given a landhold on the planet Helm. But dark forces conspire against them, and the Legion soon finds themselves declared renegade war criminals, fair game for anyone to attack. Now they are on the run on their home planet, trying desperately to reach safety before the might of House Marik falls upon them. They are about to discover the true motives of those who engineered their downfall. And what they discover will change the Inner Sphere forever...
Category: Fiction

The Price Of Health

Author : G.J. Agich
ISBN : 9789400947047
Genre : Medical
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Medicine, morals and money have, for centuries, lived in uneasy cohabitation. Dwelling in the social institution of care of the sick, each needs the other, yet each is embarrassed to admit the other's presence. Morality, in particular, suffers embarrassment, for it is often required to explain how money and medicine are not inimical. Throughout the history of Western medicine, morality's explanations have been con sistently ambiguous. Pla.o held that the physician must cultivate the art of getting paid as well as the art of healing, for even if the goal of medicine is healing and not making money, the self-interest of the craftsman is satisfied thereby [4]. Centuries later, a medieval medical moralist, Henri de Mandeville, said: "The chief object of the patient ... is to get cured ... the object of the surgeon, on the other hand, is to obtain his money ... ([5], p. 16). This incompatibility, while general, is not universal. Throughout history, medical practitioners have resolved the problem - either in conscience or to their satisfaction. Some physicians have been so reluctant to make a profit from the ills of those whom they treated that they preferred to live in poverty. Samuel Johnson described his friend, Dr. Robert Levet, a Practiser of Physic: No summons mock'd by chill delay, No petty gain disdain'd by pride; The modest wants of ev'ry day The toil of ev'ry day supplied [3].
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The Price Of Rights

Author : Daniel C. Kramer
ISBN : 0820461539
Genre : Business & Economics
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To paraphrase the Book of Job, 'the state giveth and the state taketh away'. American government gives its citizens benefits such as Social Security, college scholarships, tax breaks, and licenses. But what do the courts do when it 'taketh away' these boons from individuals who criticize it bitterly or refuse to work on their holy day? "The Price of Rights" addresses the problem of how the judiciary reacts when a generous polity denies its bounty to people exercising their fundamental rights - an issue frequently ignored in college and law school civil liberties classes. Thus this book will be a valuable supplement for students taking such courses and should interest anyone desirous of safeguarding our Bill of Rights.
Category: Business & Economics

The Price Of Assimilation

Author : Jeffrey S. Sposato
ISBN : 0195348796
Genre : Music
File Size : 87.9 MB
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Most scholars since World War Two have assumed that composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) maintained a strong attachment to Judaism throughout his lifetime. As these commentators have rightly noted, Mendelssohn was born Jewish and did not convert to Protestantism until age seven, his grandfather was the famous Jewish reformer and philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, and his music was banned by the Nazis, who clearly viewed him as a Jew. Such facts tell only part of the story, however. Through a mix of cultural analysis, biographical study, and a close examination of the libretto drafts of Mendelssohn's sacred works, The Price of Assimilation provides dramatic new answers to the so-called "Mendelssohn Jewish question." Sposato demonstrates how Mendelssohn's father, Abraham, worked to distance the family from its Jewish past, and how Mendelssohn's reputation as a composer of Christian sacred music was threatened by the reverence with which German Jews viewed his family name. In order to prove the sincerity of his Christian faith to both his father and his audiences, Mendelssohn aligned his early sacred works with a nineteenth-century anti-Semitic musical tradition, and did so more fervently than even his Christian collaborators required. With the death of Mendelssohn's father and the near simultaneous establishment of the composer's career in Leipzig in 1835, however, Mendelssohn's fear of his background began to dissipate, and he began to explore ways in which he could prove the sincerity of his faith without having to publicly disparage his Jewish heritage.
Category: Music

The Price Of Fame

Author : Diana Grazier
ISBN : 1589394623
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.15 MB
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She has it all-wealth, beauty and fame. She also carries an eternal flame. It burns within her heart and threatens to consume her very soul. At age four, actress Joy Bryant is cast as the star of a long-running television series. She experiences the trials and tribulations of many child stars, such as weight ultimatums, paparazzi photographers, and the loss of her childhood itself. As she reaches adulthood, she finds that her perceptions of the world are distorted from those who do normal, everyday things, and who lead normal, everyday lives. She is plagued by a stalker, and also by Gary Shawn, a brilliant, cynical reporter who follows her career with a caustic wit and poisoned pen. He criticizes her for believing in fairy tales that teach girls there is only one person in the world that is meant for them, yet he carries an eternal flame of his own. When Joy's life is threatened, she drops out of the public eye and embarks on a journey filled with self-discover. She learns that the loss of her childhood is only a small price of fame. The ultimate price lies within a devastating choice that she must make.
Category: Fiction