The Power Of The Maha Mantra

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The Power Of The Maha Mantra

Author : Stephen Knapp
ISBN : 1983873489
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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There are certain channels through which the higher spiritual frequencies become approachable by humanity, and by which the Infinite descends into this world. One channel is through transcendental sound. The Hare Krishna Maha-mantra is one such channel of pure spiritual vibration. The mantra is therefore a point of meditation for the mind, but also a formula or transcendental sound vibration that releases its energy into one's consciousness. Thus it can prepare a person for perceiving higher states of reality. With continued practice with this mantra, and with the proper devotional mood, the mantra can uplift our mind in many ways, help us rise above bad habits and thought patterns, and can even reveal the Absolute Truth to the practitioner. It can also show one's own spiritual identity and relationship that you have with the Supreme Being. Additional topics in this book include: How Mantra-Yoga is a necessity for this age. How to chant Om properly. How the Maha-mantra works and what makes it so effective. The meaning and significance of the Maha-mantra. How spiritual realization can be attained through chanting the Maha-mantra. The great good fortune of those who chant the Maha-mantra, and the bliss found in chanting it. How to attain the spiritual world through the Maha-mantra. How to practice the chanting of the Maha-mantra to release its fullest potential. This book will help open the spiritual possibilities as well as bliss that you can attain through the simple process of chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra.

Mahamantra Yoga

Author : Richard Whitehurst
ISBN : 9781594779435
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A guide to mantra recitation for ecstatic states, spiritual liberation, and higher consciousness • Ideal for those looking to deepen the spirituality of their physical yoga practice • Offers detailed instruction on the practice of mahamantra yoga and exercises to improve one’s practice and move beyond rote chanting Based on a rich and ancient tradition revived more than five hundred years ago by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in India, mahamantra yoga involves repeated recitation of a sacred phrase, such as the name of a deity, to anchor the mind and access ecstatic states, higher consciousness, and, ultimately, as you vibrate the holy names, the Divine presence in sound. Part of the bhakti devotional tradition, mahamantra yoga is considered the best path to self-realization in the current age, offering a doorway into the hidden recesses of our innermost being--the internal forest of the heart. Citing ancient Vedic texts and the insights of perfected mahamantra yogis, Richard Whitehurst reveals the methods of mahamantra yoga and his own profound experiences based on more than 20 years of intense practice. Using the core principles of this ancient tradition, he offers mental and physical exercises--such as how to coordinate the breath, vocal cords, and mouth--to move beyond rote chanting and pursue the practice consciously and joyfully. He explains how to overcome common obstacles to successful chanting as well as purification practices to intensify your efforts.
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Power Of Mantra And The Mystery Of Initiation

Author : Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
ISBN : 0893891762
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 38.27 MB
Format : PDF
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The award-winning CEO of G Adventures shares the dynamic business practices of the worldâe(tm)s leading adventure travel company In 2010, Bruce Poon Tip shut down his human resources department. After building G Adventures from his garage into the worldâe(tm)s largest adventure travel company with over 1,500 employees around the world, it was a controversial decision. Recognized as a top CEO by Profit, Canadian Business, Forbes and others, Poon Tip is a sought-after speaker whose unconventional management practices have helped him build an adventure travel company with $200 million in revenue and consistent and unprecedented growth for over two decades. Looptail is the story of Poon Tipâe(tm)s journey from humble beginnings as a rebellious misfit kid with entrepreneurial ambitions to his placeas a world-renowned business leader who believes in the importance of good karma, freedom, happiness and making meaningful connections. Looptail shares lessons and stories about branding, management, disruption and other key topics through a colourful first-person narrative of Poon Tipâe(tm)s own experiences and the key turning points in G Adventuresâe(tm) evolution into a global brand.
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Mantras For Peace Of Mind

Author : J. P. Vaswani
ISBN : 9788184956535
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mantras have been close to the heart of the Hindu faith since time immemorial. For too long, taboos and restrictions have made the lay person, the ordinary individual and the uninitiated seeker slightly wary of this potent talisman that has been left for our benefit by the ancient rishis of India. In the pages of this book, Rev. Dada JP Vaswani demystifies mantras of their abstraction and esoteric aspects and brings them closer to us for our use. He has chosen to share with you some of his own favourite mantras, with his characteristically lucid and eloquent expositions on the significance of each. Also included in the book are answers to questions on the use of mantras and their effects. His wisdom, his insights and his profound scholarship are freely offered to us, so that we may move onward, forward, Godward! J P Vaswani needs no introduction to readers of inspirational literature. He is regarded as one of the leading spiritual luminaries of India, a practical philosopher and a man of God whose grace has influenced thousands all over the world. A gifted writer and brilliant orator, Dada, as he is lovingly called, has addressed distinguished audiences worldwide, communicating only as he can, the positive messages of love, faith, joy and peace. J P Vaswani is the recipient of several honors, including the prestigious U Thant Peace Award. He has written over 80 books, many of which have been translated into various foreign languages.
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The Power Of The Dharma

Author : Stephen Knapp
ISBN : 9780595837489
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Power of the Dharma: An Introduction to Hinduism and Vedic Culture offers a concise and easy-to-understand overview of the essential principles and customs of the Hindu tradition. It also provides many insights into the depth and value of the timeless wisdom of Vedic spirituality and reveals why the Dharmic path has survived for thousands of years. Author Stephen Knapp reveals why the Dharma is presently enjoying a renaissance among an increasing number of people who want to explore its teachings and see what its many techniques of self-discovery have to offer. In The Power of the Dharma, you will find: quotes by noteworthy people on the unique qualities of Hinduism; essential principles of the Vedic spiritual path; particular traits, customs, and explanations of Hindu worship; descriptions of the main yoga systems; significance and legends of the colorful Hindu festivals; benefits of Ayurveda, Vastu, Vedic astrology, and gemology; important insights of Dharmic life and how to begin. The Dharmic path can provide you the means for attaining your own spiritual realizations and experiences. This is the power of Dharma's universal teachings which have something to offer everyone!
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Mantras Tools For The Mind

Author : J. P. Vaswani
ISBN : 9789389305036
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The essence of powerful mantras such as: Guru Mantra, Gayatri Mantra Ganapati Mantra, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Shanti Mantra and many more Mantras have been close to the heart of Hinduism since time immemorial. For too long, taboos and restrictions have made the lay person, the ordinary individual and the uninitiated seeker slightly wary of this potent talisman that has been left for our benefit by the ancient rishis of India. In this book, JP Vaswani demystifies mantras of their abstraction and esoteric aspects and brings them closer to us for our use. He has chosen to share some of his own favourite mantras, in his characteristically lucid and eloquent expositions about the significance of each. Also included in the book are answers to questions on the use of mantras and their effects. His wisdom, his insights and his profound scholarship are freely offered to us so that we may move onward, forward, Godward! JP VASWANI was one of the leading spiritual luminaries of India. A gifted writer and brilliant orator, Dada, as he was lovingly called, addressed distinguished audiences worldwide on love, faith, joy and peace. He was the recipient of several honors, including the prestigious U Thant Peace Award. He penned over 80 books and many of them have been translated into various foreign languages.
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Illustrated Namok Ra Mah Mantra

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015052202937
Genre : Jaina mantras
File Size : 62.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rituals for the Jaina Nạmokāra mantra, salutation to the Jaina saints; Prakrit text with English translation and interpretation.
Category: Jaina mantras

G Yatr Maha Mantra The Epitome Of Vedas Series

Author : Kallūri Sūryanārāyaṇa
ISBN : UOM:39015040908082
Genre : Gāyatrī (Hindu deity)
File Size : 43.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Interpretation of Gāyatrī, Vedic hymn from R̥gveda, with exposition of meditating on its presiding deity Gāyatrī.
Category: Gāyatrī (Hindu deity)

The Ancient Language Of The Soul The Mystic Knowledge Of Mantra

Author : Nehemiah Davis
ISBN : 1453525211
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 85.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Ancient Language of the Soul: The Mystic Knowledge of Mantra, Nehemiah Davis (Author). Discover an ancient science of manipulating subtle and gross pranas through sound vibrations. In this book, author Nehemiah Davis shares the knowledge on the relationship between mantra and the Soul. Mantra is actually the language of the Soul; its the sound vibrations used by the Soul to modify aspects of the Shakti powers into mind substance, astral, and physical matter. This book will help you to understand the essence of mantra, and gain a greater appreciation for it. Learn how to tap into the power of mantra and discover why the mantra power works. As you unveil the mystic knowledge of mantra, you can also explore how mantric sounds manipulate the cosmic energies or pranas of the Chakra System, the Nadi System, and Auric bodies. This is a 204-page intense book on the subject of Mantra Sastra (knowledge); it gives an in-depth look into the subtle operations of the manifested consciousness of man and its relationship with mantra. It also shows the effects mantra chanting has on your body, mind, and Soul. The book is complete with an introduction to the subject and a total of twelve chapters with a glossary, bibliography, and index. All this and so much more are unraveled here.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Studies In Religious Mysticism

Author : Santosh Thomas
ISBN : 8170999944
Genre : Buddhism
File Size : 36.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Book Is An Introductory Study Of Mysticism In The Christian Religion. It Should Be Suitable For Both General Readers And College Undergraduates. It Provides Both A Theory Of Mysticism And Surveys Of Its Main Contours In Buddhism And Traditional Religious Cultures. It Also Suggests How Readers May Understand And Appreciate What Mysticism Implies For Their Own Lives.
Category: Buddhism

The Power Of Bhakti Ancient Spiritual Science For The Modern Distracted Mind A Collection Of Lectures By David B Wolf Ph D

Author : David Wolf
ISBN : 0998484350
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61.18 MB
Format : PDF
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A family of four, residing in Gainesville, Florida, invite representatives of the Vaisnava philosophical and cultural tradition into their home, monthly, for five years. These monthly gatherings, attended by between 10 and 50 people- friends of Gaetano and Dominique, the hosting couple- included kirtan (singing and glorifying the names of the Supreme), in-depth philosophical presentation and discussion, and prasadam (sanctified vegetarian food). Most of the book contains transcriptions of the sublime philosophical discussions that occurred at eight of the programs. These discussions were led by Dr. David Wolf.
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Author : M. Cristina Kalavati Chiulli
ISBN : 8886340257
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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All Tantric and spiritual worship in the Hindu tradition begins with an invocation of Ganesh, the unshakable. He provides firmness to those who meditate upon him and invoke him at the beginning of all undertakings, spiritual or worldly, such as building a house, a journey, or writing a book or even a letter. Ganesh mantras ward off evil and bless the devotee with abundance and success; evil spirits won’t dare enter the house or the mind of the devotee who recites them. Mantra and texts of Bhajans (devotional chants). Texts, Transliterations and Translations by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli and from “Haidakhan Bhajans”, © Haidakhandi Samaj, India Graphics and Computergraphics by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli Photos by Gianbarberis Illustrations from Indian traditional iconography Essay and experience by Kali Annamaria Gabelli Languages: Transliteration from Sanskrit and Hindi, Italiano, English Digital Edition e-book
Category: Religion

The Maha Vairocana Abhisambodhi Tantra

Author : Stephen Hodge
ISBN : 9781135796549
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The first complete translation into English of this Tibetan text, together with the informative commentary by the 8th century master Buddhaguhya. This text is of seminal importance for the history of Buddhist Tantra, especially as very little has been published concerning the origins of Tantra in India.
Category: Philosophy

A Simple Guide To Hindu Maha Parigara Poojas Also Includes Navarathri Pooja Lagu Homam Yagna

Author : Narasimhan G R
ISBN : 1081835400
Genre :
File Size : 33.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Poojas and Remedies are certain belief system of angelic invocation & worship to attain siddhi or some goals to be achieved in life with the help of divine and blessings from the almighty. As per Hindu traditional belief systems; there are so many angelic presences like Lord Ganapathy, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi Devi, Gowri Devi, Saraswathi Devi and so on. Every angelic presence having a particular power to help the people in certain ways; for example if Goddess Saraswathi is worshiped, then people would get good education. Similarly for getting prosperity the Goddess Lakshmi to be worshiped.Worship or prayers to attain certain siddhis/ powers, or achieving some goals in life like good job/ business, education, marriage, travel etc; could be in many ways as follows.-Simple prayers by chanting the particular angelic name and saying your wish. (can be done anywhere)-By chanting gayatri mantras/ moola mantras or chanting 108 or 1008 names of a particular devta or angelic presence. (can be done anywhere)-Offering flowers, fruits and some holy food like sweet pongal, rice etc at temple or home and do some mantras chanting. (Poojas)-Doing poojas with picture or kalasam (vessel containing holy water) by chanting mantras.-Yagam or Yagnam - holy fire ritual performed to invoke angelic presence in fire and do the worship by offering ghee and holy herbals etc. (Havan/ Yagnam)-Requesting others to do the above prayers on behalf of you. (Guru)Gayatri mantra is the first and best chanting method of invoking angelic presence. Each presence has its own gayatri mantra and that has the most power of invocation. Next one is moola mantra of that particular god or goddess. This with some beeja mantras can give expected results as per Hindu vedic belief system. Again ashtotram (108 names) or Sahasra-namam (1000/1008 names) of that particular angel or god would give the best result for prayers and answered.Among all the mantra meditation practices in the world, after "Om" beejam chanting power, the Gayatri mantra plays vital role to attain spiritual & material growth. Gayatri Devi is an angel who owns the mantra and able to help everyone who follows this mantra and gives all the benefits in life. Gayatri Mantra or Beejam produces more than one lakh sound waves per second. This is most powerful hymn or sound wave in the world. The combination of sound or sound waves of this mantra is claimed capable of developing specific spiritual abilities.As many people wanted to do remedy pooja or parigaram; they depend on some people or Guru to perform the same for them with desired sangalpam (intentions); sometimes they do not get. To help these people or the people who wants to perform their own remedy; this book would certainly help mainly for Kalathra dhosham, Mangalya dhosham, Chevvai (Angaraga) dhosham/ Kala Sarpa dhosham/ Bad karmic effect removal etc. As of now it gave 100% good results for everone. I personally learned from my Guruji and performed this for many people. Without keeping it with me; I would like to release as a book for others.This book is guiding everyone who believes in Hinduism and prayers or poojas worship to do certain practices for different god or goddesses / angelic presence to achieve all said benefits above. The chapters are explaining how to do the poojas for many divine powers and which are mandatory / optional. Maha Parigara Poojas - for Kalathira dhosham, Kalasarpa dhosham, Mangalya dhosham, Angaraga dhosham (Manglik), Suba Kathri dhosham, Shabam remedies. Also guidance to do Saptha Kaali Pooja, Navrathri Pooja & Yagam/Yagnam......more!

Gayatri Mantra

Author : S. Viraswami Pathar
ISBN : 8174782184
Genre : Gāyatrī (Hindu deity)
File Size : 71.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Gāyatrī (Hindu deity)

Mahavidya Mantra Magick

Author : Baal Kadmon
ISBN : 1519278012
Genre :
File Size : 57.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you have read the other books in the mantra magick series, you know I am a big proponent of Mantras and their magickal applications. Often you see mantras as separate practices from magick. It is my goal through my books to make mantras a mainstay in the western occult traditions. There is no reason they shouldn't be. After all, any occultist worth their salt will be aware that occult powers can be gleaned from many different traditions and that to be well rounded in other methods makes for a powerful practice. In this book, we will discuss the Mahavidya or the "great wisdoms" They are, in fact, 10 emanations of the divine Shakti; the great feminine divine that permeates the entire universe and which makes up much of the Hindu tradition. As I have stated in my other books, the divine feminine is of utmost importance in the eastern traditions. These 10 aspects are no exceptions. In fact, they embody the entire Shakti traditions as far as I am concerned. Why the Mahavidya? The Mahavidya represents as I stated the 10 aspects of the Shakti. From the Horrific and blood-curdling goddess on one side and the gentile, soft goddess on the other. They represent the whole spectrum of the divine feminine and thus the universe. In this book, we will not only discuss, but we will learn to use these 10 aspects in our lives. Let us proceed.

Conference On Mani Gems Mantras

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X002411523
Genre : Gems
File Size : 53.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Research papers presented at a conference held at Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi, organized by Bharat Nirman (Organization), on the powers of gems and mantras.
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