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The Power Of Grammar

Author : Mary Ehrenworth
ISBN : 0325006881
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explains how teachers can use the approach that proper grammar is powerful to help their students understand English grammar rules and uses.
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The Power Of Grammar

Author : Anne Greer
ISBN : 1936367742
Genre :
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Grammar is the basic structure of our language and is difficult to teach creatively in any language -- especially English. And yet beautiful, artistic work requires structure and grammar is essential for powerful, clear writing.Anne Greer, an experienced language arts teacher, here offers a wonderful survey of English-language grammar teaching, drawn from a colloquium of Waldorf language arts teachers. Her lively interchanges with the teachers, sharing their experiences in their classrooms, demonstrate ways to make any language truly living.Teachers and parents will appreciate the numerous examples, depth of investigation and creative approaches this book presents.

Power Grammar

Author : Brandon Royal
ISBN : 9788184957280
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ace Your Competitive Exams • Master the “big six” grammar categories • Avoid pitfalls with word choices and idioms • Tackle grammar problems with confidence • Special sections on punctuation and editing tips Perfect Your Grammar Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success Power Grammar is an invaluable guide for any person who wants to master the “building blocks” of the English language, as well as take his or her spoken communication to the next level. Enjoy the benefits of your own self-paced grammar course: • Grammar: A 100-question quiz focuses on the most useful areas of the six major grammar groups – subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, modification, parallelism, comparisons, and verb tenses. • Diction: A collection of 50-plus word pairings highlight differences among easily confused word choices: who or whom? … may be or maybe? … different from or different than? • Idioms: A compilation of 200 idioms provides a convenient review of tricky grammatical phrases. Do we write prefer x to y or prefer x over y … in comparison to or in comparison with … regarded as or regarded to be? • Review: A selection of 30 multiple-choice problems, complete with explanations and author’s notes, integrate the key concepts of grammar, diction, idioms, and style. BRANDON ROYAL (CPA, MBA) is an award-winning author, who through his work as a teacher and educational consultant, has developed a set of key learning principles that help define the basics of reasoning, math, writing, and grammar.
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The Power Slam Grammar Book

Author : John Peter Kooistra
ISBN : 9781895451412
Genre : English language
File Size : 72.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book addresses the needs of senior school students (aged 11 and higher). Every lesson begins with the premise that, contrary to prevailing prejudices, grammar instruction can be the most profitable, pleasurable and exciting period in an ESL student's day. The 'Power Slam Grammar Book' is fun and many of the lessons are in the form of games, and the practice sentences reflect everybody's interest in movies, computers, video games, dating, sports etc. The exercises focus on students' primary needs: error correction of their writing and speech, and expansion of their range of expression, without requiring the memorising of grammar terminology. Finally, it's an excellent, high-energy complement to instructional material for the analysis of literature and popular media.
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Patterns Of Power

Author : Jeff Anderson
ISBN : 9781625311856
Genre : Education
File Size : 66.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jeff Anderson and literacy coach Whitney La Rocca take you into primary and intermediate classrooms where students are curious about language, engage with the world around them, and notice and experiment with the conventions all writers use. Instead of chanting grammar rules or completing countless convention worksheets, we invite young writers to explore conventions as special effects devices that activate meaning. Our students study authentic texts and come to recognize these "patterns of power"--the essential grammar conventions that readers and writers require to make meaning. The first part of the book introduces a vibrant approach to grammar instruction and sets up what you need to immerse yourself in the Patterns of Power process, inviting students to experiment and play with language. The second part of the book offers over seventy practical, ready-to-use lessons, including: Extensive support materials Over 100 mentor sentences, curated for grades 1-5 Student work samples Tips and power notes to facilitate your own knowledge and learning Examples for application In Patterns of Power Jeff and Whitney suggest that taking just five minutes from your reading workshop and five minutes from your writing workshop to focus on how the conventions connect reading and writing will miraculously affect your students' understanding of how language works for readers and writers.
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Catching Up On Conventions

Author : Chantal Francois
ISBN : 0325012822
Genre : Education
File Size : 50.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Chantal and Elisa show us the teaching and learning of conventions as part of a personal and collective striving toward proficiency, power, and independence. They help us conceive the daily work of learning language as part of more mythic work, which is that of becoming greater than we were. - Mary Ehrenworth Author of The Power of Grammar Are Chantal Francois and Elisa Zonana's students like yours? Economically, linguistically, and culturally diverse; excited to write; yet underprepared for the kinds of writing demanded in middle school and beyond? Don't be daunted. Francois and Zonana found a solution, and in Catching Up on Conventions they share lessons that help kids quickly master Standard English grammar. Catching Up on Conventions will make a difference in your writing workshop and in your middle schoolers' lives. With Catching Up on Conventions and its annotated lesson plans, you'll: make key grammatical rules explicit and scaffold learning through highly structured, tightly focused lessons strengthen students' narrative and expository writing give students specific tools for editing and revising support code-switching between the language students use outside the classroom and Standard English. Francois and Zonana designed Catching Up on Conventions to be easy for you to implement and highly effective. It raises students' awareness of Standard English grammar with: targeted lessons that slide into even the most packed curriculum. teaching based on widely recognized best practices that are proven to work. suggestions for instructional language and assessment practices that empower linguistic choice rather than "correct" or devalue the language skills students bring to school. For success in school, Standard English grammar isn't optional - it's an option every student must have. But it's not too late for underprepared students to find the power of choice and take their passion for writing to a whole new level. Not when they're Catching Up on Conventions.
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The Glamour Of Grammar

Author : Roy Peter Clark
ISBN : 9780316089067
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 39.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Early in the history of English, the words "grammar" and "glamour" meant the same thing: the power to charm. Roy Peter Clark, author of Writing Tools, aims to put the glamour back in grammar with this fun, engaging alternative to stuffy instructionals. In this practical guide, readers will learn everything from the different parts of speech to why effective writers prefer concrete nouns and active verbs. THE GLAMOUR OF GRAMMAR gives readers all the tools they need to"live inside the language"--to take advantage of grammar to perfect their use of English, to instill meaning, and to charm through their writing. With this indispensable book, readers will come to see just how glamorous grammar can be.
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Beyond Grammar

Author : Mary R. Harmon
ISBN : 9781135653538
Genre : Education
File Size : 65.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Beyond Grammar: Language, Power, and the Classroom asks readers to think about the power of words, the power of language attitudes, and the power of language policies as they play out in communities, in educational institutions, and in their own lives as individuals, teachers, and participants in the larger community. Each chapter provides extended discussion of a set of critical language issues that directly affect students in classrooms: the political nature of language, the power of words, hate language and bullying, gender and language, dialects, and language policies. Written for pre-service and practicing teachers, this text addresses how teachers can alert students to the realities of language and power--removing language study from a “neutral” corner to situate it within the context of political, social, and cultural issues. Developing a critical pedagogy about language instruction can help educators understand that classrooms can either maintain existing inequity or address and diminish inequity through critical language study. A common framework structures the chapters of the text: * Each chapter begins with an overview of the language issue in question, and includes references for further research and for classroom use, and provides applications for classroom teachers. * Numerous references to the popular press and the breadth of language issues found therein foreground current thought on socio-cultural language issues, attitudes, standards, and policies found in the culture(s) at large. * References to current and recent events illustrate the language issue’s importance, cartoons address the issue, and brief “For Thought” activities illustrate the point being discussed and extend the reader’s knowledge and awareness. * “Personal Explorations” ask readers to go beyond the text to develop further understanding; “Teaching Explorations” ask teachers to apply chapter content to teaching situations. Beyond Grammar: Language, Power, and the Classroom is intended for undergraduate and master’s level courses that address literacy education, linguistics, and issues of language and culture.
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A Grammar Of Power In Psychotherapy

Author : Malin Fors
ISBN : 1433829150
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book explores how social power differences influence the therapy partnership. It offers research and clinical examples to help therapists become aware of privilege, and take steps to address power-related issues in therapy.
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