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The Politics Of The Police

Author : Robert Reiner
ISBN : 9780199283392
Genre : Law
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This fourth edition of Robert Reiner's popular and highly-acclaimed text contains substantial revisions, to take into account the recent and profound changes in the law, policy and organisation of policing.
Category: Law

Crime Class And Corruption

Author : Audrey Farrell
ISBN : 0906224705
Genre : Brutalités policières - Grande-Bretagne
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The Politics of the Police
Category: Brutalités policières - Grande-Bretagne

The Politics Of Police Reform

Author : Erica Marat
ISBN : 9780190861490
Genre : Political Science
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There is a Russian saying that "police mirror society." The gist of this is that every society is policed to the extent that it allows itself to be policed. Centralized in control but decentralized in their reach, the police are remarkably similar in structure, chain of command, and their relationships with the political elite across post-Soviet nations--they also remain one of the least reformed post-communist institutions. As a powerful state organ, the Soviet-style militarized police have resisted change despite democratic transformations in the overall political context, including rounds of competitive elections and growing civil society. While consensus between citizens and the state about reform may be possible in democratic nations, it is considerably more difficult to achieve in authoritarian states. Across post-Soviet countries, such discussions most often occur between political elites and powerful non-state actors, such as criminal syndicates and nationalistic ethnic groups, rather than the wider citizenry. Even in countries where one or more rounds of democratic elections have taken place since 1991, empowered citizens and politicians have not renegotiated the way states police and coerce society. On the contrary, in many post-Soviet countries, police functions have expanded to serve the interests of the ruling political elites. What does it take to reform a post-Soviet police force? This book explores the conditions in which a meaningful transformation of the police is likely to succeed and when it will fail. Departing from the conventional interpretation of the police as merely an institution of coercion, this book defines it as a medium for state-society consensus on the limits of the state's legitimate use of violence. It thus considers policing not as a way to measure the state's capacity to coerce society, but rather as a reflection of a complex society bound together by a web of casual interactions and political structures. The book compares reform efforts in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, finding that bottom-up public mobilization is likely to emerge in the aftermath of transformative violence--an incident when the usual patterns of policing are interrupted with unprecedented brutality against vulnerable individuals. Ultimately, The Politics of Police Reform examines the various pathways to transforming how the state relates to society through policing.
Category: Political Science

Complaints Against Police

Author : Colleen Lewis
ISBN : 187606711X
Genre : Administrative remedies
File Size : 38.81 MB
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Who guards the guardians? How do liberal democracies ensure that citizens who have been granted authority to legitimately deprive other citizens of their freedom - the police - are held accountable to society for the way in which they exercise their powers? This is a clear account of reform in complaints against police. It is also about public policy and political relationships. It analyses how relations between police, government and civilian oversight bodies can affect the success of police accountability policies. The book looks at models in Australia, Britain, the USA and Canada, identifying shared difficulties which cross city, county, state, provincial and national boundaries. The analysis of two case studies from the Australian state of Queensland outline why the first attempt at civilian oversight was an abject failure, and the conditions which led to the creation of the second - a unique and powerful external, independent civilian oversight body. Lewis shows how external relations must be examined in evaluating the success or failure of the civilian oversight process, and presents a new model extending beyond the traditional reactive approach.
Category: Administrative remedies

The Politics Of Law Enforcement

Author : Alan Edward Bent
ISBN : UCAL:B3918854
Genre : Police
File Size : 87.2 MB
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This book is a study of urban police and their interest in obtaining power as individuals within the organization and collectively within the community. Urban society, beset by increases in crime and violence and the growing irrelevancy of primary socializing agents, must look to the police, the institutionalized control agency, for the preservation of peace, order, and tranquility in the community. The dilemma of a democratic society is how to give the police sufficient power to perform their role effectively, while at the same time maintaining restraints on the police in order to prevent abuses to democratic principles. This book looks at the discretionary conduct of policemen and whether adequate accountability measures exist -- and, if not, whether they can be realized, while allowing for the necessary development of police capabilities in the performance of requisite functions. In its focus on the behavior of police officials and the relationship of the police bureaucracy to the urban political system, the work strives to be both descriptive and prescriptive. The author uses examples from a cross-section of American cities and focuses on Memphis, Tennessee to illustrate the political events and social factors which effect policing. Collective police power is measured by the extent of their discretionary authority and freedom from external controls, individual power is perceived by the rational strategies on the part of police officials striving to attain or consolidate their personal power positions in the organization. Implicit in the police's struggle for power -- both personal and collective -- is the existence of conflict with challenging institutional and environmental forces and actors.
Category: Police

The Politics Of Force

Author : Regina G. Lawrence
ISBN : 0520924312
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 24.41 MB
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When police brutality becomes front-page news, it triggers a sudden, intense interaction between the media, the public, and the police. Regina Lawrence ably demonstrates how these news events provide the raw materials for looking at underlying problems in American society. Journalists, policy makers, and the public use such stories to define a problematic situation, and this process of problem definition gives the media a crucial role in our public policy debates. Lawrence extensively analyzes more than 500 incidents of police use-of-force covered by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times from 1985 to 1994, with additional analysis of more recent incidents such as as the shooting of Amadou Diallo in New York. The incidents include but are not limited to those defined as "police brutality." Lawrence reveals the structural and cultural forces that both shape the news and allow police to define most use-of-force incidents, which occur in far greater numbers than are reported, she says. Lawrence explores the dilemma of obtaining critical media perspectives on policing policies. She examines the factors that made the coverage of the Rodney King beating so significant, particularly after the incident was captured on video. At the same time, she shows how an extraordinary news event involving the police can become a vehicle for marginalized social groups to gain entrance into the media arena. In contrasting "event-driven" problem definition with the more thoroughly studied "institutionally driven" news stories, Lawrence's book fills a major gap in media studies. It also offers a broader understanding of the interplay between the criminal justice system and the media in today's world.
Category: Performing Arts

The Politics Of Eu Police Cooperation

Author : John D. Occhipinti
ISBN : 1588261182
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.93 MB
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Will the European Union soon have a policing agency similar to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation? John Occhipinti traces the evolution of the European Police Office (Europol), bringing to life themes key to the study of European integration such as: the tension between supranationalism and intergovernmentalism; concerns over the democratic deficit in the EU; and the impact of enlargement.
Category: Political Science

Chicanos And The Police

Author : Nancy L. Geilhufe
ISBN : STANFORD:36105039905091
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.86 MB
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Category: Fiction