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The Poison Tree

Author : Erin Kelly
ISBN : 1101475390
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.59 MB
Format : PDF
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From an incredible new voice in psychological suspense, a novel about the secrets that remain after a final bohemian summer of excess turns deadly. This taut psychological thriller begins when Karen and her nine-year- old daughter, Alice, pick up Rex from a ten-year stint in prison for murder. Flash back to the sultry summer in 1990s London when Karen, a straight-A student on the verge of college graduation, first meets the exotic, flamboyant Biba and joins her louche life in a crumbling mansion in Highgate. She begins a relationship with Biba's enigmatic and protective older brother, Rex, and falls into a blissful rhythm of sex, alcohol, and endless summer nights. Naïvely, Karen assumes her newfound happiness will last forever. But Biba and Rex have a complicated family history-one of abandonment, suicide, and crippling guilt-and Karen's summer of freedom is about to end in blood. When old ghosts come back to destroy the life it has taken Karen a decade to build, she has everything to lose. She will do whatever it takes to protect her family and keep her secret. Alternating between the fragile present and the lingering past with a shocker of an ending, The Poison Tree is a brilliant suspense debut that will appeal to readers of Kate Atkinson, Donna Tartt, and Tana French.
Category: Fiction

A Poison Tree

Author : M. C. Wilkinson
ISBN : 9781796078435
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.6 MB
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Alabaster must find where she fits in to the city’s new dynamics after the rebellion of the Clones took the lives of so many and nearly took hers. She is called upon to help rebuild by her mother Eliana, who is now running the city. Alabaster can’t help but feeling like a puppet again as she struggles to find her own identity. Then there’s the problem of Cameron. He is being held by Eliana and the new Clone leaders for murder. The only reason he hasn’t been executed like so many others is Alabaster’s denied attachment to him. Alabaster starts having dreams from another life that may hold the key to all her problems, or will they lock her fate to this path of destruction?
Category: Fiction

The Poison Tree

Author : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
ISBN : 9781421821252
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 28.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Nagendra Natha Datta is about to travel by boat. It is the month Joisto (May - June), the time of storms. His wife, Surja Mukhi, had adjured him, saying, "Be careful; if a storm arises be sure you fasten the boat to the shore. Do not remain in the boat." Nagendra had consented to this, otherwise Surja Mukhi would not have permitted him to leave home; and unless he went to Calcutta his suits in the Courts would not prosper. Nagendra Natha was a young man, about thirty years of age, a wealthy zemindar (landholder) in Zillah Govindpur. He dwelt in a small village which we shall call Haripur. He was travelling in his own boat. The first day or two passed without obstacle. The river flowed smoothly on - leaped, danced, cried out, restless, unending, playful. On shore, herdsmen were grazing their oxen - one sitting under a tree singing, another smoking, some fighting, others eating. Inland, husbandmen were driving the plough, beating the oxen, lavishing abuse upon them, in which the owner shared.
Category: Literary Collections

The Poison Tree

Author : Tony Strong
ISBN : 0440614023
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.77 MB
Format : PDF
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The handsome student who lived at 57 West Street died there too, his brutal murderer never brought to justice. For Terry Williams, returning to Oxford University to complete a doctorate in detective fiction, the house's macabre history simply means it's cheap. She never suspected the twisted passsions that led to the student's death would entwine around her own life. A stray cat traumatized by some past act of cruelty, a hidden cache of pornography, a close neighbor's illicit love affair . . . soon Terry is drawn into a mystery more chilling than any in her fictional studies. And back in the classroom she is uncovering a secret, erotic side to academia, where moral rules are suspended and where a tragic obsession may prove deadly for the innocent . . . or for a woman seeing too clearly into a killer's dark and merciless heart. From the Paperback edition.
Category: Fiction

Poison Tree

Author : Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
ISBN : 9780375985720
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 71.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The rich stew of the author's creations—SingleEarth, vampires, shapeshifters, Tristes, the Bruja Guilds—are at full boil here in the story of two 20-ish young women trying to out run their very different pasts, and figure out where they fit in and who they might become. Each has landed in a more "normal" place, and each wonders if, like a tattoo that can't be covered up, they can ever really fit into "normal."
Category: Young Adult Fiction

The Poison Tree

Author : Marwa Rakha
ISBN : 0982080409
Genre : Dating (Social customs)
File Size : 81.71 MB
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The Poison Tree - planted and grown in Egypt is not a traditional novel; it combines the techniques of blogging, journal-keeping, and formal writing while retaining one binding thought that keeps the story together; poison is the fertile ground that I, and many other Middle Eastern women, was born into; a poisoned culture nurtured my roots with suffocating traditions, taboos, and beliefs; poison runs through my stem. I branched out and my branches carried me far away from the roots and the ground. I questioned the tutoring of my conservative society and green leaves covered my bare branches. My tree bore its fruits; poisoned fruits that were the poison of many who dropped dead next to the solid stubborn tree. This is a book about love, marriage, divorce, sex, dating, virginity, adult dating, religion, shame, taboos, gender wars and fear that grew and blossomed on my poison tree.
Category: Dating (Social customs)

Fruit Of A Poisonous Tree

Author : Morton Lebow
ISBN : 0595383351
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Fruit of a Poisonous Tree moves along two tracks that eventually collide after the Supreme Court overturns Roe V. Wade, and abortion is outlawed. The first is that of Dr. Stanley Hartman who reluctantly performs an abortion on a young woman after narrowly saving the life of a woman suffering from the results of a botched back alley abortion. The second follows the careers of politicians who use this issue to advance their careers. Kate Hartman, the doctor's wife, emerges as a force to be reckoned with as she fights to save her family from threatened disaster. Becoming a recognized and articulate spokeswoman, she is induced to run for Congress which brings her and a Justice Department aide together. It is this friendship that leads to the gripping climax of this book. This look into the near future is a realistic look at what may very well happen within the next few years.
Category: Fiction

Ramayana The Poisonous Tree

Author : Ranganayakamma
Genre : Art
File Size : 85.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the title indicates, this book is a critical study of an Indian epic, ‘The Ramayana’. It proceeds in the same order as that of Sanskrit original consisting of : Bala kanda, Ayodhya kanda, Aranya kanda, Kishkindha kanda, Sundara kanda, Yuddha kanda and Uttara kanda. While Valmiki’s Ramayana is composed of about 24,000 slokas (verses), ‘Ramayana the Poisonous Tree’ consists of 16 stories, long and short, accompanied by 11 ‘links’ (narratives that ‘link’ the stories) and 504 foot-notes that show evidence from the Sanskrit original in support of the critique. Besides the main components of the text, this book has a long ‘Preface’ discussing the social essence of the epic in the context of history of evolution of human society from the ancient times to the modern times. The book also offers a critical review of the works of ‘some earlier critics of Ramayana’. The authoress describes Ramayana as a Poisonous Tree because it defends the autocratic rule of the kings against the people, their imperial expansion by invading other weak kingdoms, exploitation of the poor by the rich, oppression of lower castes by upper castes, aggression of the civilized non-tribal communities against primitive tribal communities, male chauvinism against women, superstitious beliefs against the rational thinking, fathers’ domination over sons, elder brothers’ superiority over younger brothers and so on. She substantiated her arguments by providing hundreds of foot notes from the Sanskrit original. She characterizes the culture of Ramayana as predominantly ‘feudal’ in nature with an admixture of remnants of primitive ‘tribal’ culture. The book, it is hoped, will be of interest to both academic and non-academic circles. It is relevant to the students, teachers and researchers who are connected with such disciplines as South Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature, Comparative Religions, Indology, Literary Criticism and so on. It is also relevant to the social and political activists who would like to disseminate ‘progressive’ ideas among the people who are subjected to various forms of inequality: Class, Caste, Gender, Race, Ethnicity. Ranganayakamma (born 1939) is a writer of novels, stories and essays in Telugu. She has published about 60 books.
Category: Art

The Poison Tree

Author : Alan Prendergast
ISBN : 9781504042154
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 50.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Edgar Award Finalist: The shocking account of a Wyoming father who terrorized his family for years—until his children plotted a deadly solution. One cold November night, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, fifteen-year-old Richard Jahnke Jr., ROTC leader and former Boy Scout, waited for his parents to return from celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the night they met. When his father got out of the car, the boy blasted him through the heart with a twelve-gauge pump-action shotgun. Richard’s seventeen-year-old sister, Deborah, was sitting on the living room couch with a high-powered rifle—just in case her brother missed. Hours later the Jahnke kids were behind bars. Days later they made headlines. So did the truth about the house of horrors on Cowpoke Road. Was it cold-blooded murder? Or self-defense? Richard Jahnke Sr., special agent for the IRS, gun collector, and avid reader of Soldier of Fortune, had been subjecting his wife, Maria, and both children to harrowing abuse—physical, psychological, and sexual—for years. Deborah and her brother conspired to finally put a stop to it themselves. But their fate was in the hands of a prejudiced and inept judicial system, and only public outcry could save them. Written with the full and revealing cooperation of the Jahnkes, this finalist for the Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime is “the ultimate family nightmare, played out in the heartland of America. . . . From the night of the murder through both trials, convictions and both youngsters’ eventual release . . . it’s gripping reading” (Chicago Tribune).
Category: True Crime

The Poison Tree

Author : Bankim Chandra Chatterji
ISBN : UOM:39015041772982
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 21.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Language Arts & Disciplines