The Philosophy Of Reid

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The Philosophical Orations Of Thomas Reid

Author : Thomas Reid
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Genre : Philosophy
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Thomas Reid, contemporary and philosophical foe of David Hume, was the chief figure in the group of philosophers constituting the Scottish school of common sense. Between 1753 and 1762, Reid delivered four "Philosophical Orations" at graduation ceremonies at King's College, Aberdeen. This is the first English translation of those Latin orations, which reveal Reid's philosophical opinions during his formative years. Reid's influence was strong in America until the middle of the 19th century. Thomas Jefferson was a convert to the commonsense philosophy of Reid and his school, and for the first dozen academic generations after the revolutionary war, American students were steeped in the thought of Reid and his associates. Thus Reid profoundly influenced American political, literary, and philosophical culture. His philosophy served as a cornerstone of American education.
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Introduction To The Philosophy Of Sport

Author : Heather Reid
ISBN : 9780742570610
Genre : Philosophy
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Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport begins with the history of sport, delves into both the metaphysics and ethics of sport, and also addresses dimensions of the social and political elements of sport. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of sport with a straightforward layout that professors can plan and build their courses around.
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The Philosophy Of Thomas Reid

Author : M.T. Dalgarno
ISBN : 9789400923386
Genre : Philosophy
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Note on references to the works of Thomas Reid 5 SECTION 1 - Perception Yves Michaud (University of Paris, France) 9 'Reid's Attack on the Theory of Ideas' William P. Alston (Syracuse University, U. S. A. ) 35 'Reid on Perception and Conception' Vere Chappell (University of Massachusetts, U. S. A. ) 49 'The Theory of Sensations' Norton Nelkin (University of New Orleans, U. S. A. ) 65 'Reid's View of Sensations Vindicated' A. E. Pitson (University of Stirling, Scotland) 79 'Sensation, Perception and Reid's Realism' Aaron Ben-Zeev (University of Haifa, Israel) 91 'Reid's Opposition to the Theory of Ideas' Michel Malherbe (University of Nantes, France) 103 'Thomas Reid on the Five Senses' SECTION 2 - Knowledge and COlIIOOn Sense Keith Lehrer (University of Arizona, U. S. A. ) 121 'Reid on Evidence and Conception' Dennis Charles Holt (Southeast Missouri State 145 University, U. S. A. ) 'The Defence of Common Sense in Reid and Moore' T. J. Sutton (University of Oxford, England) 159 'The Scottish Kant?' Daniel Schulthess (university of Berne, Switzerland) 193 'Did Reid Hold Coherentist Views?' VI Claudine Engel-Tiercelin (University of Rouen, France) 205 'Reid and Peirce on Belief' C. A. J. Coady (University of Melbourne, Australia) 225 'Reid on Testimony' SECTION 3 - Mind and Action James Somerville (University of Hull, England) 249 'Making out the Signatures: Reid's Account of the Knowledge of Other Minds' R. F.
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Philosophical Works

Author : Thomas Reid
ISBN : 3487401320
Genre : Knowledge, Theory of
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Thomas Reid And The Story Of Epistemology

Author : Nicholas Wolterstorff
ISBN : 0521539307
Genre : Philosophy
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The first systematic account of Reid's epistemology also relates Reid's philosophy to present-day epistemological discussions.
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The Philosophical Athlete

Author : Heather Lynne Reid
ISBN : UOM:39015056482311
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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All athletes experience victory and defeat, but how many truly learn from the experience of sport? For ancient Greek philosophers, sport was an integral part of education. Today, athletics programs remain in schools, but we face a growing gap between the modern sports experience and enduring educational values. This book seeks to bridge that gap by advocating a philosophical approach to the sports experience. Combining issues and ideas from traditional philosophy with contemporary analyses of sport and applied "thinking activities," this book invites athletes to learn about life from their experience of sport. The text works its way from internal reflection to social interaction by addressing four important topics: self-discovery, responsibility, respect, and citizenship. This sequence is important because authentic self-knowledge is an essential foundation for effectively dealing with the personal and social challenges faced by philosophical athletes. Reid discusses specific issues such as violence, racism, and performance-enhancing drugs in their relevant contexts, although philosophical athletes focus on the big picture, approaching each issue from a complete vision of themselves, their moral commitments, and their social roles. Athletes as diverse as the teenage college recruit and the aging weekend-warrior will gain insight into their sports experience and into their lives. This philosophical approach maximizes what we can learn from sport and gives us the best chance for leading better lives because of it.
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Claude Buffier And Thomas Reid

Author : Louise Marcil-Lacoste
ISBN : 0773510036
Genre : Philosophy
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All too often it is said that common-sense philosophers faIl to justify their appeal to common sense as a philosophical standard, and that they merely repeat one another in the glorification of philosophical trivialities. This book challenges these and other widespread assumptions about common-sense philosophers and provides a major reassessment of an influential segment of the history of ideas.
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Thomas Reid

Author : Giovanni B. Grandi
ISBN : 9781845404543
Genre : Philosophy
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Thomas Reid (1710-1796) is the foremost exponent of the Scottish 'common sense' school of philosophy. Educated at Marischal College in Aberdeen, Reid subsequently taught at King's College, and was a founder of the Aberdeen Philosophical Society. His Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense was published in 1764, the same year he succeeded Adam Smith as Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He resigned from active teaching duties in 1785 to devote himself to writing, and published two more books - Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man (1785) and Essays on the Active Powers of Man (1788). Within a short time of publication, Reid's works were translated into French and German, and greatly influenced debates in philosophy and psychology in Europe. His influence in the emerging colleges and universities of post-revolutionary America was even greater. Reid was widely regarded as David Hume's most sophisticated contemporary critic. His critique of the 'theory of ideas' that lay behind both Hume's scepticism and Berkeley's immaterialism, his critique of Locke's theory of personal identity, and his defence of 'moral liberty' against determinism are all of enduring interest and significance. The aim of this comprehensive selection of his writings is to make the key elements of Reid's philosophical work available to a new generation of readers. Two other philosophers of the 'common sense' school are featured in the Library of Scottish Philosophy - James Beattie and Dugald Stewart.
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Problems From Reid

Author : James Van Cleve
ISBN : 9780199857036
Genre : Philosophy
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"A contemporary of Hume, Thomas Reid is especially known today for his opposition to skepticism and "the way of ideas" (the notion that what the mind perceives is not objective reality, but simply an internal image). Reid was one of the first to question this view, which is still prevalent today, and pointed out some of the negative consequences to which it leads. For the growing recognition about these and other contributions in epistemology, theory of action, and moral theory, Reid has increasingly attracted attention in Anglo-American philosophy over the last twenty years"--
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Practical Ethics

Author : Thomas Reid
ISBN : UCAL:B4386313
Genre : Ethics
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As the originator of the Scottish school of "common sense" philosophy and the foremost contemporary critic of David Hume's moral skepticism, Thomas Reid (1710-1796) played a hitherto unknown role in applying the tradition of natural law to morality and politics. When Reid succeeded Adam Smith as professor of moral philosophy in Glasgow in 1764, he taught a course covering pneumatology (theory of mind), practical ethics, and politics. In presenting for the first time the philosopher's manuscript lectures and papers on practical ethics, Knud Haakonssen shows how these writings not only add depth to Reid's criticism of Hume but also clarify his own social, moral, and political thought. As a whole, Reid's Practical Ethics constitutes a most significant addition of source material for the study of the Scottish Enlightenment. The papers assembled here demonstrate the extent to which the moral philosophy of the Enlightenment was influenced by natural jurisprudence. At the same time they reveal Reid's involvement with republican, utopian, and radical themes and elucidate the relations between religion and politics in the Enlightenment. Haakonssen's introduction is the first substantial systematic treatment of Reid's moral-political thought, connecting it with his general philosophy and setting it in the context of his life and time.
Category: Ethics

The Philosophy Of Thomas Reid

Author : John Haldane
ISBN : 140510905X
Genre : Philosophy
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Thomas Reid was one of the greatest philosophers of the eighteenth century and a contemporary of Kant's. This volume is part of a new wave of international interest in Reid from a new generation of scholars. The volume opens with an introduction to Reid's life and work, including biographical material previously little known. A classic essay by Reid himself - 'Of Power' - is then reproduced, in which he sets out his distinctive account of causality and agency. This is followed by ten original essays exploring different aspects of Reid's philosophy, as well as his relation to other thinkers, such as Kant, Priestley, and Moore.
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Thomas Reid On Mind Knowledge And Value

Author : Rebecca Copenhaver
ISBN : 9780198733676
Genre : Philosophy
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The essays in this volume tell part of the story about Reid's significance in his time and ours. They represent three broad themes in his philosophy: mind, knowledge, and value. The essays present Reid's philosophy of developing agents in a rich world of objects and values - agents with intellectual and active powers whose regularity is productive. Though such agents are equipped at first with rudimentary abilities, those abilities are responsive. Our powers consist in a fundamental and ongoing engagement with a world that calls on us to be flexible, sensitive, astute, and, ultimately, practical.
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Thomas Reid On Religion

Author : James J.S. Foster
ISBN : 9781845409586
Genre : Philosophy
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Thomas Reid was one of the greatest thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment. In his own time he was seen as the most able opponent of the scepticism of David Hume and the architect of 'Common Sense' philosophy. His ideas were immensely influential both in his native Scotland and abroad, and the last forty years have seen a marked revival of interest in his work. Reid published very little about religion and his notes from the lectures on natural theology that he regularly gave have not survived. This volume - a companion to Thomas Reid: Selected Philosophical Writings (Imprint Academic, 2012) - makes available material from Reid's autograph manuscripts, housed in the University of Aberdeen Library, and student notes of Reid's lectures, edited from original manuscripts in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It includes an introductory essay by Nicholas Wolterstorff, a leading philosopher of religion and interpreter of Reid.
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Common Sense In The Scottish Enlightenment

Author : Charles Bradford Bow
ISBN : 9780198783909
Genre : Philosophy
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Common sense philosophy was one of the Scottish Enlightenment's most original intellectual products. The nine specially written essays in this volume explore the philosophical and historical significance of this school of thought, recovering the ways in which it developed during the long eighteenth century.
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On Reid

Author : Peimin Ni
ISBN : 0534583873
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 26.11 MB
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This brief text assists students in understanding Reid's philosophy and thinking so they can more fully engage in useful, intelligent class dialogue and improve their understanding of course content. Part of the Wadsworth Notes Series, (which will eventually consist of approximately 100 titles, each focusing on a single "thinker" from ancient times to the present), ON REID is written by a philosopher deeply versed in the philosophy of this key thinker. Like other books in the series, this concise book offers sufficient insight into the thinking of a notable philosopher, better enabling students to engage in reading and to discuss the material in class and on paper.
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Thomas Reid On Mathematics And Natural Philosophy

Author : Paul Wood
ISBN : 9781474404815
Genre : Science
File Size : 54.4 MB
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Thomas Reid was an intellectual polymath interested in all aspects of Enlightenment thought. Paul Wood reconstructs Reid's career as a mathematician and natural philosopher and shows how he grappled with Sir Isaac Newton's scientific legacy.
Category: Science

The Cambridge Companion To Thomas Reid

Author : Terence Cuneo
ISBN : 0521012082
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 38.82 MB
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Reid in context / Alexander Broadie -- Thomas Reid and the culture of science / Paul Wood -- Reid on common sense / Nicholas Wolterstorff -- Reid's theory of perception / James Van Cleve / Reid's reply to the skeptic / John Greco -- Nativism and the nature of thought in Reid's account of the external world / Lorne Falkenstein -- Reid and the social operations of mind / C.A.J. Coady -- Reid on memory and the identity of persons / René Van Woudenberg -- Thomas Reid's theory of freedom and responsibility / William L. Rowe -- Reid's moral philosophy / Terence Cueno -- Reid's philosophy of art / Peter Kivy -- Reid's philosophy of religion / Dale Tuggy -- Reid's influence in Britain, Germany, France, and America / Benjamin W. Redekop
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Athletics And Philosophy In The Ancient World

Author : Heather L. Reid
ISBN : 9781317984955
Genre : History
File Size : 44.93 MB
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This book examines the relationship between athletics and philosophy in ancient Greece and Rome focused on the connection between athleticism and virtue. It begins by observing that the link between athleticism and virtue is older than sport, reaching back to the athletic feats of kings and pharaohs in early Egypt and Mesopotamia. It then traces the role of athletics and the Olympic Games in transforming the idea of aristocracy as something acquired by birth to something that can be trained. This idea of training virtue through the techniques and practice of athletics is examined in relation to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Then Roman spectacles such as chariot racing and gladiator games are studied in light of the philosophy of Lucretius, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius. The concluding chapter connects the book’s ancient observations with contemporary issues such as the use of athletes as role models, the relationship between money and corruption, the relative worth of participation and spectatorship, and the role of females in sport. The author argues that there is a strong link between sport and philosophy in the ancient world, calling them offspring of common parents: concern about virtue and the spirit of free enquiry. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Ethics and Sport.
Category: History