The Perfect King

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The Perfect King

Author : Ian Mortimer
ISBN : 9781407066424
Genre : History
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From the bestselling author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England, comes the story of King Edward III, who - like Elizabeth and Victoria after him - embodied the values of his age, forged a nation out of war and re-made England. He ordered his uncle to be beheaded; he usurped his father's throne; he started a war which lasted for more than a hundred years, and taxed his people more than any other previous king. Nineteenth century historians saw in Edward the opportunity to decry a warmonger, and painted him as a self-seeking, rapacious, tax-gathering conqueror. Yet, in this first full study of the King's character and life, Dr Ian Mortimer unveils that behind the strong warrior king was a compassionate, conscientious and often merciful man - resolute yet devoted to his wife, friends and family, and the father of both the English nation and the English people. 'A fascinating portrait. At times, the reader seems almost able to reach across time and touch this man' - The Economist
Category: History

Edward Iii

Author : Ian Mortimer
ISBN : 9780795335464
Genre : History
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A look at the brutal, brilliant fourteenth-century ruler, by the bestselling author of The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England. Holding power for over fifty years starting in 1327, Edward III was one of England’s most influential kings—and one who shaped the course of English history. Revered as one of the country’s most illustrious leaders for centuries, he was also a usurper and a warmonger who ordered his uncle beheaded. A brutal man, to be sure, but also a brilliant one. Noted historian Ian Mortimer offers the first comprehensive look at the life of Edward III. The Perfect King was often the instigator of his own drama, but also overthrew tyrannous guardians as a teenager and ushered in a period of chivalric ideals. Mortimer traces how Edward’s reforms made feudal England a thriving, sophisticated country and one of Europe’s major military powers. Ideal for anyone fascinated by medieval history, this lively book provides new insight into Edward III’s lasting influence on the justice system, artistic traditions, language, and architecture of the country. “The most remarkable medieval historian of our time.” —The Times (London)
Category: History

The Perfect Age Of Man S Life

Author : Mary Dove
ISBN : 9780521325714
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Originally published in 1986, this is an investigation of one particular aspect of what is usually called the Ages of Man. Human beings seem always to have divided up their lives into separate stages: this book argues that the medieval understanding of the age in the middle of man's life was very different from contemporary ideas. Middle age in the Middle Ages did not have dim and negative associations. Instead, it was typically perceived as a 'perfect' age, an age of fulfilment which reached its consummation in the redemption brought about by Christ in his perfect age. The implications of this for medieval understanding of the series of the ages are discussed here for the first time.
Category: Literary Criticism

King Of The Grill Bbq Food Journal Perfect For Secret Recipes Tips Timings

Author : Spottydogg Creatives
ISBN : 1798806827
Genre : Cooking
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Notebook, Journal or Planner. 200 Ruled Page Scratch pad for Barbecue Grill Masters.Ideal for taking notes, plans, daily agendas, conceptualizing, or as a journal. 200 lined pages. Simply the correct size to take in a hurry. Makes an awesome gift! Size: 6 x 9 inches. Searching for the ideal present for a BBQ King or Queen in your life that wants to keep a day by day diary or attempt to remain sorted out? He/she will love the perfect pages of this fixed journal with decided pages that can be utilized for thinking about his/her day, making plans for the day, or doodling the day away. The note pad has diary lines and measures 6 x 9 inches which is ideal for keeping a journal, taking notes in cooking class, making notes about your flame broiling days, working out your formulas or logging a BBQ book diary. Highlights: 200 pages 6 x 9 page size ruled lined pages Cream/Ivory colored paper Soft cover / paperback Matte finish cover.
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Picture Perfect

Author : Beverly King
ISBN : 1577347919
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Fiction

The King S Questioner

Author : Nikki Katz
ISBN : 9781250195456
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 46.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From Nikki Katz, the author of The Midnight Dance , comes The King's Questioner, an epic YA fantasy featuring royal drama, dark magic, and a secret that could topple a kingdom. Kalen is a mental picklock, able to access a person's memories and secrets by touch. His skills make him the perfect questioner to the king, and he spends his days interrogating prisoners of the crown. But when Kalen's estranged childhood friend, Prince Cirrus, falls into a sudden coma, the king begs Kalen to intervene. By accessing Cirrus's mind, Kalen saves his life—and uncovers a terrifying secret. The prince has a sister, banished long ago, and she is the key to the destruction or survival of the kingdom. With the help of Cirrus and a silver-haired thief named Luna, Kalen must find the princess and bring her home. Or risk death at the hands of his king.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

King Snakes For Novices

Author : Aidan Tegan
ISBN : 9798679426306
Genre :
File Size : 90.54 MB
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Kingsnakes are medium-size nonvenomous snakes that kill by constriction. They are one of the most common snakes in North America. They are called kingsnakes because they sometimes eat other snakes, as does the king cobra. Kingsnakes are popular among pet owners. Milk snakes are a type of kingsnake.Kingsnakes are members of the family Colubridae and the subfamily Colubrinae. Colubrid snakes are a large family of nonvenomous snakes found around the world, including North America. Kingsnakes are members of the genus Lampropeltis. In Greek, this means "shiny shields," according to The name is appropriate for the genus, which is known for its well-defined, glossy scales. This beginners guide provides vital information on the origin, physical attributes, how to buy, temperament, health problems, feeding, and socialization of this wonderful petsGet your copy today by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now to get your copy today

The Perfect Prince

Author : Ann Wroe
ISBN : 9780307432476
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 47.43 MB
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In 1491, as Machiavelli advised popes and princes and Leonardo da Vinci astonished the art world, a young man boarded a ship in Portugal bound for Ireland. He would be greeted upon arrival as the rightful heir to the throne of England. The trouble was, England already had a king. The most intriguing and ambitious pretender in history, this elegant young man was celebrated throughout Europe as the prince he claimed to be: Richard, Duke of York, the younger of the “Princes in the Tower” who were presumed to have been murdered almost a decade earlier. Handsome, well-mannered, and charismatic, he behaved like the perfect prince, and many believed he was one. The greatest European rulers of the age—among them the emperor Maximilian, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, and Charles VIII of France—used him as a diplomatic pawn to their own advantage. As such, he tormented Henry VII for eight years, attempting to invade England three times. Eventually, defeated and captured, he admitted to being Perkin Warbeck, the son of a common boatman from Flanders. But was this really the truth? Ann Wroe, a historian and storyteller of the first rank, delves into the secret corners of the late medieval world to explore both the elusive nature of identity and the human propensity for deception. In uncovering the mystery of Perkin Warbeck, Wroe illuminates not only a life but an entire world trembling on the verge of discovery. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Perfect Hour

Author : James L.W. West, III
ISBN : 9780307432469
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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F. Scott Fitzgerald was a handsome, ambitious sophomore at Princeton when he fell in love for the first time. Ginevra King, though only sixteen, was beautiful, socially poised, and blessed with the confidence that considerable wealth can bring. Their romance began instantly, flourished in heartfelt letters, and quickly ran its course–but Scott never forgot it. Now, for the first time, scholar and biographer James L. W. West III tells the story of the youthful passion that shaped Scott Fitzgerald’s life as a writer. When Scott and Ginevra met in January 1915, the rest of the world was at war, but America remained a haven for young people who could afford to have a good time. Privileged and mildly rebellious, the two were swept together in a whirl of dances, parties, campus weekends, and chaperoned visits to New York. “For heaven’s sake don’t idealize me!” Ginevra warned in one of the many letters she sent to Scott, but of course that’s just what he did–for the next two decades. Though he fell in love with Zelda Sayre soon after learning of Ginevra’s engagement to a well-to-do midwesterner, Scott drew on memories of Ginevra for his most unforgettable female characters–Isabelle Borgé and Rosalind Connage in This Side of Paradise, Judy Jones in “Winter Dreams,” and above all Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Transformed by Scott’s art, Ginevra became a new American heroine who inspired an entire generation. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Chronicles Of The King Rise Of Legends Chapter 1

Author : E.Divian
Genre : Design
File Size : 68.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The year is 20XX. Earth’s advancement in technology has allowed it to expand to the far reaches of space. Humans have moved to the many ‘colonies’ surrounding it. New species and races have appeared. New energy sources have been found reducing the value of fossil fuels. It was supposed to be a time of peace, but chaos loomed in the faces of many. The world was in the midst of a tremendous crisis. The appearance of new superpower nations had caused an outbreak of war that spanned 20 years. These new countries and its allies were know and feared as “The Order’. They were ruthless and wanted to control the world’s energy supplies, destroying any nation that stood in their way. But all was not lost. The remaining countries banded together to stop The Order. They formed ‘The International Military (I.M) and fought against The Order. Many battles were fought and many lives were lost. After 20 years The Order seemed to be gaining an upper hand as the older generation of I.M soldiers slowly faded away from the battlefield. It looked as though all hope was lost for the world. But hope came in the new generation of I.M soldiers that appeared, pushing the Order back. Amongst them there is a team that have been a major turning point in the war. That teams name is Taskforce 666. And this is their story…..
Category: Design

The Perfect Way

Author : Edward Maitland
ISBN : 9785876646408
Genre : History
File Size : 59.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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By A. Kingsford and E. Maitland
Category: History

The King Of Pirates

Author : Daniel Defoe
ISBN : 1511750472
Genre :
File Size : 70.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The King of Pirates" from Daniel Defoe. English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy, now most famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe (1660-1731).

The Bible And Future Events

Author : Leon J. Wood
ISBN : 9780310877479
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This complete and compact reference volume to the future events of the world is an excellent introductory text for school, church, or personal use. The first two chapters of the book are given to introduction -- presenting the key concepts and establishing the importance of prophetic study, a detailed and chronological list of eschatological events, and a complete definition of terminology. Following in seven successive chapters, the author considers each of the major eschatological events of the Bible, including: - The Rapture - The Great Tribulation - The Antichrist - Israel in the Tribulation - The Close of the Tribulation - The Millennium -- The author enhances his study with a thorough, up-to-date bibliography and informative footnotes.
Category: Religion

A King That Sounds Good To Me

Author : Kimbali Brandon Allen
ISBN : 9781434347466
Genre :
File Size : 90.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the story of a young boy who goes through his week trying to find out what he wants to be when he grows up and in the process discovers who he is and who God says he is. "A King...That Sounds Good To Me" is the perfect book for parents and children to read together again and again. Look for more books from The Tyler Series. Coming Soon!

Reflections The Perfect Time Volume 1

Author : Zara Matthan
ISBN : 9781479769308
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 53.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Reflections: The Perfect Time This book is a compilation of devotionals. It is the first book of a series, examining certain spiritual topics of interest to the authors. Some of the authors kept their legal names, and some elected to use fictitious names. Even though the topics of meditation are written, based on lay persons' level of comprehension of God's word, those topics are, nevertheless, quite profound in their significance, as they appeal to, and stimulate the interest of serious readers of God's word, to reflect on the times in which they now live; challenging times, as they relate to matters of the spirit. It is the sincere wishes and prayers of the authors of this book that each devotional, read in a prayerful spirit, will raise the consciousness of the reader, concerning these times of interesting changes . May they be blessed with what matters most, as they move forward in their spiritual journey. May they be filled with compassionate, giving hearts, that are willing to put others first; to elevate rather than degrade; to give the respect that others deserve, instead of demanding it for themselves at every cost; it takes a spirit of humility to accept this. A life of victory is promised to those who keep their hands in God's hand, as they grow daily in His word. May the blood of Jesus covers all, and keep them sheltered under that covenant till He comes again.
Category: Poetry

The Words And Music Of Carole King

Author : James E. Perone
ISBN : 0275990273
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 26.46 MB
Format : PDF
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No matter how one was introduced to the music of Carole King, this long overdue examination offers her legions of fans the chance to see how her work has developed over time, what it means to other contemporary performers, and what it has meant to American music at large.
Category: Biography & Autobiography