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The Peculiar Case Of The Electric Constable

Author : Carol Baxter
ISBN : 9781780742441
Genre : History
File Size : 45.92 MB
Format : PDF
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Quaker John Tawell's trial became a sensation, involving poison and sexual scandal. It helped to secure the telegraph's fame — and usher in the modern communication age. A true tale of murder and scientific revolution, The Peculiar Case of the Electric Constable is historical crime writing at its best.
Category: History

Lady C Investigates The Complete Collection

Author : Issy Brooke
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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FIVE full-length standalone light historical mysteries in one volume! Join Cordelia, Lady Cornbrook and her eclectic household as she fights crime, unearths secrets, and fends off the advances of unsuitable men. These Victorian murder mysteries are set in Britain in the 1840s, and take a light, frothy look at the fun side of history. It's not quite Dickens. Maybe Dickens at a party after a few too many brandies. They are rooted in accuracy, though (there are author's notes at the back and everything, which makes it legit). In An Unmourned Man, we meet Cordelia for the first time. She's widowed, titled, entitled, and plunged into an exciting adventure which features a country doctor wearing only his shirt and breeches. There's callisthenics, a surly coachman, a cad with copious facial hair, laudanum and society balls. Riots and Revelations takes us to the grim north, which is all mills and rain and working class uprisings. There's a dashing cavalry officer and a passionate rabble-rousing Chartist, trouble at t'mill, wayward servants, night-time escapades with weaponry, and a large pig. In The House of Secrets and Lies returns Cordelia to London, and to the heart of British politics, which is actually more interesting than it sounds. Cordelia vows to stop a miscarriage of justice. But she is too rich to go into the lowest parts of Victorian London, too female to go into the clubs and coffee houses, and too scandalous to go to the parties and balls. The fourth book, Daughters of Disguise, leaves England and takes Cordelia and her household to Wales. It's a different country, with its own language, its own traditions, and its own history of justice. Cordelia has joined forces with the local constable, and together they are up against not only the murderer, but the local council ... and even the local people. And finally, in The Continental Gentleman, she confronts her past. It's not pleasant, but luckily she's armed with a short, stabby sword. It's late summer and Cordelia is rattling around her Surrey estate, annoying the servants and causing the gardeners to hide in the bushes. Her old friend – or nemesis – Hugo Hawke turns up, and he's closely followed by his own past. It's good news … at first. These novels contain innuendo but no graphic scenes or language, and may be considered clean and suitable for all readers.
Category: Fiction

The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller

Author : Carol Baxter
ISBN : 9781925693614
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 29.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The remarkable true story of a beguiling Melbourne housewife who in the 1920s seeks international fame, fortune and adventure as an aviator and finds herself as the central figure in a sensational American murder trial. 'Mrs Keith Miller, internationally known aviatrix, was taken to the county jail here today and held for investigation by State Attorney's investigators. Jail attendants said they understood she was held in connection with the shooting of an airline pilot.' Petite, glamorous and beguiling, Jessie 'Chubbie' Miller was one remarkable woman … flyer, thrill seeker, heartbreaker. No adventure was too wild for her, no danger too extreme. And all over the world men adored her. When the young Jessie left suburban Melbourne and her newspaperman husband in 1927, little did she know that she'd become the first woman to complete an England to Australia flight (with a black silk gown thrown into her small flight bag, just in case), or fly the first air race for women with Amelia Earhart, or that she would disappear over the Florida Straits feared lost forever only to charm her way to a rescue. Nor could she have predicted that five years later she'd find herself at the centre of one of the most notorious and controversial murder trials in United States history. And this all began with something as ridiculously mundane as a pat of butter. The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller is a spellbinding story of an extraordinary woman — an international celebrity during the golden age of aviation — and her passionate and spirited life.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Writing And Publishing Gripping Family Histories

Author : Carol Janice Baxter
ISBN : 1535377844
Genre :
File Size : 60.17 MB
Format : PDF
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'Fact-driven and tedious' is how the publishing world judges the genre of family history writing. Yet family histories don't need to be boring. Carol Baxter has proven with her internationally-acclaimed popular histories that history can be 'as lively and readable as a crime novel' ("The Times", London). She began the journey of showing genealogists how to transform dry facts into interesting narrative in "Writing Interesting Family Histories". She goes one step further in the long-awaited companion volume, "Writing and Publishing Gripping Family Histories". Visualising facts, telling stories, creating tension, enveloping readers in sensory experiences, and using story boxes to add life to drier narratives are among the topics covered in this 'how to' publication. It also provides editorial tips, information about publishing options, and self-publishing guidelines. There is no longer any reason - or excuse - for writing 'fact-driven and tedious' family histories. This book shows genealogists how to write gripping family histories.

Black Widow

Author : Carol Baxter
ISBN : 9781743432273
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'Never before in the hundred year history of Australia has a female prisoner become so notorious as Louisa Collins.' - Evening News Two inquests, four trials, three hung juries and the executioner.but was Louisa Collins really a husband killer? Was she the callous adulteress, drunkard and liar known as the Botany Bay Murderess and the Lucrezia Borgia of Botany Bay? Or was this mother of seven a spirited and defiant woman who was punished for breaching society's expectations of womanly behaviour? Compelling, freshly told and richly detailed, Black Widow uncovers the truth of a story that challenged the morality, the politics and the notion of law in an Australia on the edge of nationhood.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Writing Interesting Family Histories

Author : Carol Baxter
ISBN : 1535393459
Genre :
File Size : 85.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Keen to write an engaging family history? Stuck with little more than names and dates? Uncertain how to begin? Writing INTERESTING Family Histories is a must-read. With advice ranging from how you can structure a simple family history and begin writing, through to how you can use simple words and sentences to evoke drama and tension, this book will help turn your dusty piles of notes and photocopies into a riveting family history. It will challenge you to rethink what "facts" truly are. It will show you how to extract "dialogue" from original records. It will help release your creative writing spirit. There is no need to fictionalise history to make it interesting! After reading this book, you too will be able to turn dry facts into exciting narrative.

Help Historical And Genealogical Truth

Author : Carol Baxter
ISBN : 1502862484
Genre :
File Size : 45.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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We sit at our computer searching for information about our ancestors and ... click ... we find something new and intriguing. But wait: it contradicts something else we've found. Clearly, both pieces of information can't be true. So which is true and which isn't? Or are both untrue? HELP! Most family historians are more adept at gathering information than determining if it is accurate. An error can prove disastrous, gobbling up our precious time and money as we search in the wrong place - or worse, as we pursue the wrong ancestral line. So how do we ensure that our conclusions are accurate? "Help! Historical and Genealogical Truth: How do I separate fact from fiction?" is a 'must-read' for family history detectives wishing to accurately trace their ancestry. Written in Carol Baxter's easy-to-read style, it explains how to evaluate our ancestral information so as to determine which is reliable and which is like a virus that corrupts our efforts. After reading this book, you too will be able to separate fact from fiction, truth from mistruth. Your ancestors will thank you!Abridged review from 'The Ancestral Searcher' (HAGSOC) written by Eleanor Vardanega:The purpose of this book is to assist family historians to develop skills in accurately interpreting the information they have collected about their ancestors. Many people spend considerable time and money gathering information, so it makes sense you would want to be confident that this information actually relates to the correct (usually your) family and the conclusions that are drawn are accurate and defensible. This book provides a rigorous and systematic approach to getting at the truth.As set out in the book, this process of getting at the truth is divided into 'principles' - the foundations of evidence analysis, and 'practices' - typical strategies which may be used to put the principles into practice aided by the use of conflict resolution skills. These strategies are illustrated through a series of case studies involving family identity, family lore and how misinformation can take on a life of its own ... The 'principles' chapters cover the key concepts, the nature of their systematic application and the reliability of various types of evidence, including family stories. The diagrams illustrate and emphasise the key points of several important concepts ... In terms of the 'practices', each chapter illustrates typical complications of evidence and an appropriate strategy to deal with it. For example, the author refers to Ockham's Razor (p.73) in the context of developing theories to explain inconsistencies, glitches and oddities in family history records. Basically, this means that among competing theories, first go for simplicity. By way of simple explanations of record oddities, people make mistakes because they are tired or distracted, or have protected a reputation, or put too much faith in someone else's recollections. Chapter 15 struck me as a particularly interesting coverage of people's unmovable belief in a certain historical result or outcome which is virtually impossible to shift regardless of the weight of evidence to the contrary ...The two page Summary Check at the end of the book is useful for historians at all levels of skills and experience. I found it a useful device to run over a recent article that I thought was just about finished. It really helped the tidy-up pre publication ...Overall, this book is easy to read, with short chapters broken up with diagrams and case studies. The case studies are detailed enough to illustrate the lesson and very interesting in themselves ... There are plenty of books and websites out there to assist people with the accumulation phase, roadblocks and brick walls. This book fills an important need around the quality control of your information, write-up and conclusions, by providing theoretical principles, practical exercises and lessons in understanding historical context and human motivation.

Delhi Under Emergency

Author : John Dayal
ISBN : UOM:39015027050759
Genre : Delhi
File Size : 58.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Journalistic account covering the period June 1975 to March 1977.
Category: Delhi

Cattle Plague

Author : Clive A. Spinage
ISBN : 0306477890
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cattle Plague: A History is the most comprehensive general study of the history of cattle plague or rinderpest yet attempted, of which there has not been a book in English since 1866. With its stranglehold on the economy of Europe until the later 19th century, rinderpest has been the most neglected study in history. The most virulent and dreaded animal disease to affect Europe and Asia from ancient times with up to 95 percent mortality of affected cattle; in the 18th century it is estimated to have carried off more than 200 million head of cattle in Europe, exclusive of Siberia and Tartary. Germany alone lost 28 million between 1711 and 1865, 3 in every 4 animals dying. Following its introduction into Britain in 1745, the losses in 1745-57 were estimated at in excess of half a million head. Its introduction in 1865 with a dozen oxen led to the death, including those which were slaughtered, of 278,943 animals, some estimates putting the loss as high as 420,000, representing 7 per cent of the national herd; according to some affecting livestock farming and the meat trade for the next 25 years. It was responsible for a major panzootic in Africa at the turn of the 19th century, devastating domestic and wild animals alike and affecting the ecology of Africa to the present. Confined today to one known remaining focus in Africa, the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations hopes to eradicate this disease entirely by 2010, which if successful will be t
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