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The Parallax View

Author : Slavoj Zizek
ISBN : 9780262265188
Genre : Philosophy
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In Žižek's long-awaited magnum opus, he theorizes the "parallax gap" in the ontological, the scientific, and the political—and rehabilitates dialectical materialism. The Parallax View is Slavoj Žižek's most substantial theoretical work to appear in many years; Žižek himself describes it as his magnum opus. Parallax can be defined as the apparent displacement of an object, caused by a change in observational position. Žižek is interested in the "parallax gap" separating two points between which no synthesis or mediation is possible, linked by an "impossible short circuit" of levels that can never meet. From this consideration of parallax, Žižek begins a rehabilitation of dialectical materialism. Modes of parallax can be seen in different domains of today's theory, from the wave-particle duality in quantum physics to the parallax of the unconscious in Freudian psychoanalysis between interpretations of the formation of the unconscious and theories of drives. In The Parallax View, Žižek, with his usual astonishing erudition, focuses on three main modes of parallax: the ontological difference, the ultimate parallax that conditions our very access to reality; the scientific parallax, the irreducible gap between the phenomenal experience of reality and its scientific explanation, which reaches its apogee in today's brain sciences (according to which "nobody is home" in the skull, just stacks of brain meat—a condition Žižek calls "the unbearable lightness of being no one"); and the political parallax, the social antagonism that allows for no common ground. Between his discussions of these three modes, Žižek offers interludes that deal with more specific topics—including an ethical act in a novel by Henry James and anti-anti-Semitism. The Parallax View not only expands Žižek's Lacanian-Hegelian approach to new domains (notably cognitive brain sciences) but also provides the systematic exposition of the conceptual framework that underlies his entire work. Philosophical and theological analysis, detailed readings of literature, cinema, and music coexist with lively anecdotes and obscene jokes.
Category: Philosophy

The Parallax View

Author : Gerardo Corral Gambirazzio
ISBN : UCAL:X83538
Genre :
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The Parallax View

Author : Katarzyna Owczarek
ISBN : IND:30000077644429
Genre : Poets, Polish
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"Miłosz and his points of contact with Russia is the subject of the present study which was undertaken in hopes of gaining an insight into the formation of cultural stereotypes. If we follow lung's assumption that the subconscious is dependent on telluric conditions, the geographical architectonics of Miłosz's birthplace and his epiphany-like encounter with Russia gain the status of the cartography of cultural belonging and of the constant evaluation of the self as well as of explaining one's life, and ultimately of finding one's way 'home' and of restoring the sacred dimension. Despite abundant scholarship on Miłosz, there is not a single study, which would address Miłosz's mental meanderings concerning Russia. He is most often treated as a poet and when he is analyzed as an essayist or a prose writer, he loses his complexity because he is treated exclusively as one or the other: as a writer with an autobiographical slant or as an author of a political science genre. The interdisciplinary approach, employed in this study, supports a vision of Russia that is, indeed, multi-farious and constantly shifting. Miłosz's vision of Russia is characterized by duality which is closely bound to an internal split within Miłosz - the man who is balancing between being alienated from and being reconciled to the human condition. However, this non-univocal quality is a function of the biblical legend of the Fall which in Miłosz's interpretation becomes a metaphor for human spiritual disinheritance. Atrophy of the religious imagination is clearly named by Miłosz as a culprit in the downward spiral of the disintegration of self-hood found in the excesses of Stalinism. A life destroyed by communism is re-created in Miłosz's writings as his tools for reconfiguring a meaningful insight into another culture are reinvented"--Leaf vi.
Category: Poets, Polish

The Subject Of Liberation

Author : Charles Wells
ISBN : 9781623569471
Genre : Political Science
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The book shares Žižek's central problem of how to revitalize the radical political left through theory. It initially follows the argument developed in The Ticklish Subject that contemporary leftist thought is divided by antagonism between a Marxist revolutionary politics founded on Enlightenment philosophy and a politics of identity founded on post-modern post-structuralism. How Žižek used Lacan's theory of character structures is examined here to describe this theoretical deadlock and explain how the dominant contemporary ideologies of liberal tolerant multiculturalism and reactionary "pseudo-fundamentalism" compete to mobilize the individual subject's unconscious drive to enjoyment. The book thus emphasizes the moments in which Žižek hints that Lacanian theory may describe a practice that facilitates the resolution of antagonisms that placate radical leftist politics. It challenges prevalent interpretations of Lacanian ends of analysis, to ultimately connect the psychoanalytic cure to the leftist project of social and political liberation. The Subject of Liberation argues that if Lacan is to be useful to leftist politics, then the left has to develop its own definitions of the post-analytic subject, and proposes one such definition developed out of Lacanian and Žižekian theory.
Category: Political Science

Kierkegaard S Influence On The Social Sciences

Author : Jon Bartley Stewart
ISBN : 1409434907
Genre : Science
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Kierkegaard has long been known as a philosopher and theologian, but his contributions to psychology, anthropology and sociology have also made an important impact on these fields. The articles featured in the present volume explore the reception of Kierkegaard's thought in the social sciences. Of these fields Kierkegaard is perhaps best known in psychology, where The Concept of Anxiety and The Sickness unto Death have been the two most influential texts. With regard to the field of sociology, social criticism, or social theory, Kierkegaard's Literary Review of Two Ages has also been regarded as offering valuable insights about some important dynamics of modern society.
Category: Science

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Literature But Were Afraid To Ask I Ek

Author : Russell Sbriglia
ISBN : 9780822373384
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 68.90 MB
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Challenging the widely-held assumption that Slavoj Žižek's work is far more germane to film and cultural studies than to literary studies, this volume demonstrates the importance of Žižek to literary criticism and theory. The contributors show how Žižek's practice of reading theory and literature through one another allows him to critique, complicate, and advance the understanding of Lacanian psychoanalysis and German Idealism, thereby urging a rethinking of historicity and universality. His methodology has implications for analyzing literature across historical periods, nationalities, and genres and can enrich theoretical frameworks ranging from aesthetics, semiotics, and psychoanalysis to feminism, historicism, postcolonialism, and ecocriticism. The contributors also offer Žižekian interpretations of a wide variety of texts, including Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Samuel Beckett's Not I, and William Burroughs's Nova Trilogy. The collection includes an essay by Žižek on subjectivity in Shakespeare and Beckett. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Žižek affirms Žižek's value to literary studies while offering a rigorous model of Žižekian criticism. Contributors. Shawn Alfrey, Daniel Beaumont, Geoff Boucher, Andrew Hageman, Jamil Khader, Anna Kornbluh, Todd McGowan, Paul Megna, Russell Sbriglia, Louis-Paul Willis, Slavoj Žižek
Category: Literary Criticism

The Moon

Author : James Nasmyth
ISBN : HARVARD:32044020797338
Genre : Lunar craters
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Category: Lunar craters

The Geopolitical Aesthetic

Author : Fredric Jameson
ISBN : 0253209668
Genre : Performing Arts
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Examines meanings and functions of narrative in film.
Category: Performing Arts

The Traumatic Colonel

Author : Michael J. Drexler
ISBN : 9781479875795
Genre : History
File Size : 70.49 MB
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In American political fantasy, the Founding Fathers loom large, at once historical and mythical figures. In The Traumatic Colonel, Michael J. Drexler and Ed White examine the Founders as imaginative fictions, characters in the specifically literary sense, whose significance emerged from narrative elements clustered around them. From the revolutionary era through the 1790s, the Founders took shape as a significant cultural system for thinking about politics, race, and sexuality. Yet after 1800, amid the pressures of the Louisiana Purchase and the Haitian Revolution, this system could no longer accommodate the deep anxieties about the United States as a slave nation. Drexler and White assert that the most emblematic of the political tensions of the time is the figure of Aaron Burr, whose rise and fall were detailed in the literature of his time: his electoral tie with Thomas Jefferson in 1800, the accusations of seduction, the notorious duel with Alexander Hamilton, his machinations as the schemer of a breakaway empire, and his spectacular treason trial. The authors venture a psychoanalytically-informed exploration of post-revolutionary America to suggest that the figure of “Burr” was fundamentally a displaced fantasy for addressing the Haitian Revolution. Drexler and White expose how the historical and literary fictions of the nation’s founding served to repress the larger issue of the slave system and uncover the Burr myth as the crux of that repression. Exploring early American novels, such as the works of Charles Brockden Brown and Tabitha Gilman Tenney, as well as the pamphlets, polemics, tracts, and biographies of the early republican period, the authors speculate that this flourishing of political writing illuminates the notorious gap in U.S. literary history between 1800 and 1820.
Category: History

Conspiracy Theories In American History

Author : Peter Knight
ISBN : 9781576078129
Genre : History
File Size : 50.3 MB
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The first comprehensive history of conspiracies and conspiracy theories in the United States. * Over 300 A-Z entries on various events, ideas, and persons, as well as crucial supporting and refuting evidence, and competing explanations for the origins, history, and popularity of this mode of political thought * Primary documents from organizations promoting conspiracy theories * Contributions from over 100 international scholars with a full range of historical expertise * Separate section containing about 100 illustrative extracts covering the full range of American history, each with a brief headnote placing it in context
Category: History