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The Origin Of Life

Author : Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin
ISBN : 0486495221
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This classic of biochemistry offered the first detailed exposition of the theory that living tissue was preceded upon Earth by a long and gradual evolution of nitrogen and carbon compounds. "Easily the most scholarly authority on the will be a landmark for discussion for a long time to come." — New York Times.
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Origins Of Life

Author : Freeman Dyson
ISBN : 1139425765
Genre : Science
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How did life on earth originate? Did replication or metabolism come first in the history of life? In this book, Freeman Dyson examines these questions and discusses the two main theories that try to explain how naturally occurring chemicals could organize themselves into living creatures. The majority view is that life began with replicating molecules, the precursors of modern genes. The minority belief is that random populations of molecules evolved metabolic activities before exact replication existed. Dyson analyzes both of these theories with reference to recent important discoveries by geologists and chemists. His main aim is to stimulate experiments that could help to decide which theory is correct. This second edition covers the enormous advances that have been made in biology and geology in the past and the impact they have had on our ideas about how life began. It is a clearly-written, fascinating book that will appeal to anyone interested in the origins of life.
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Aspects Of The Origin Of Life

Author : M. Florkin
ISBN : 9781483135878
Genre : Nature
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Modern Trends in Physiological Sciences, Volume 6: Aspects of the Origin of Life presents the possible ways of the chemical evolution of the Earth's surface before the origination of life. This book examines the evolutionary aspects of the biochemistry of cells and organisms. Organized into 20 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the conditions that characterized the physical state of the Earth during the earliest periods following its formation and development. This text then examines the content of elementary oxygen as the most remarkable aspect of the Earth's atmosphere. Other chapters consider the fundamental propositions concerning the biosphere, which is regarded as important to the geochemical processes of the Earth. This book discusses as well the history of the whole substance of Earth, which determines how far abiogenic synthesis could proceed and what was the state of the Earth when life came into being. Biochemists and scientists will find this book useful.
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The Molecular Origins Of Life

Author : Andri Brack
ISBN : 0521564751
Genre : Science
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This 199 book reviews discoveries in astronomy, paleontology, biology and chemistry to help us to understand the likely origin of life on Earth.
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Clay Minerals And The Origin Of Life

Author : Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith
ISBN : 0521324084
Genre : Science
File Size : 35.10 MB
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This volume is the edited proceedings of a conference seeking to clarify the possible role of clays in the origin of life on Earth. At the heart of the problem of the origin of life lie fundamental questions such as: What kind of properties is a model of a primitive living system required to exhibit and what would its most plausible chemical and molecular makeup be? Answers to these questions have traditionally been sought in terms of properties that are held to be common to all contemporary organisms. However, there are a number of different ideas both on the nature and on the evolutionary priority of 'common vital properties', notably those based on protoplasmic, biochemical and genetic theories of life. This is therefore the first area for consideration in this volume and the contributors then examine to what extent the properties of clay match those required by the substance which acted as the template for life.
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Information And The Origin Of Life

Author : Bernd-Olaf Küppers
ISBN : 026211142X
Genre : Medical
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Suggests a theory concerning the origin of life from inorganic matter, that includes the interplay between chance and natural law, and the role of information theory
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The Origin Of Life

Author : John Desmond Bernal
ISBN : MINN:319510004678511
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.20 MB
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Seven Clues To The Origin Of Life

Author : A. G. Cairns-Smith
ISBN : 0521398282
Genre : Science
File Size : 75.54 MB
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This book addresses the question of how life may have arisen on earth, in the spirit of an intriguing detective story. It relies on the methods of Sherlock Holmes, in particular his principle that one should use the most paradoxical features of a case to crack it. This approach to the essential biological problems is not merely light-hearted, but a fascinating scrutiny of some very fundamental questions. 'I know of no other book that succeeds as well as this one in maintaining the central question in focus throughout. It is a summary of the best evolutionary thinking as applied to the origins of life in which the important issues are addressed pertinently, economically and with a happy recourse to creative analogies.' Nature '... a splendid story - and a much more convincing one than the molecular biologists can offer as an alternative. Cairns-Smith has argued his case before in the technical scientific literature, here he sets it out in a way from which anyone - even those whose chemistry and biology stopped at sixteen - can learn.' New Statesman
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Between Necessity And Probability Searching For The Definition And Origin Of Life

Author : Radu Popa
ISBN : 3540204903
Genre : Science
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Systematically explores the early origins and basic definition of life. Investigates the major theories of the origins of life in light of modern research with the aim of distinguishing between the necessary and the optional and between deterministic and random influences in the emergence of what we call ‘life.’ Treats and views life as a cosmic phenomenon whose emergence and driving force should be viewed independently from its Earth-bound natural history. Synthesizes all the fundamental life-related developments in a comprehensive scenario, and makes the argument that understanding life in its broadest context requires a material-independent perspective that identifies its essential fingerprints
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Origins Of Life

Author : D. W. Deamer
ISBN : UCSD:31822016453292
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.71 MB
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