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Status Of Women In The Epic

Author : Shakambari Jayal
ISBN : 9788120840089
Genre : Art
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The present book is an attempt to delineate 'The Status of Women in the Epics'. Many scholars have thrown light on the position of women in the Vedic, Buddhist and later periods of ancient Indian history and have also made a study of their status in the legal literature of the times. Only few attempt mainly deals with sexual life in Epics. In this book the original sources drawn upon are the two great Epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The secondary sources are commentaries, translations and dissertations written on these works. In tracing the status of women in the Epics, the author has strictly endeavored to draw conclusions from the evidences gathered from these two great Epics. The very nature of Epic literature is dealt with in detail in the introduction, pre-Vedic and Vedic traditions provide the social background of the Epic Society. The characters of the Epics, particularly those of the Mahabharata belong to the Brahmanas and Upanisads period. The customs traced in the narrative parts of the Epics are those found in Sutras. The author has attempted to collect, collate and scrutinize parallel evidences of customs and conditions from the above mentioned literature on the one hand and the Epics on the other.
Category: Art

Universal Right

Author : Giambattista Vico
ISBN : 9042012439
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is the first translation from Latin into English of the juridical writings of one of the greatest minds of the Enlightenment and one of the greatest figures in Italian philosophy. The complete text is fully annotated, supplied with an extensive introduction, completed by historical and biographical documents, and graced with evocative illustrations. Legal scholars, philosophers, historians, and political scientists throughout the world may now discover a classic by one of the world's great jurists. Giambattista Vico (1668-1744) spent his entire life in Naples, where he taught at the University of Naples from 1699, the year he won the Chair of Rhetoric and Forensic Eloquence, to 1741, the year Gennaro Vico, his son, took over the duty of lecturer. In 1723, after having written the Universal Right, he competed, though without success, for the Chair of Civil Law, at the same University. He wrote the Universal Right in Latin, the official and universal language of scholarly works, to prove his competency in the field of law and jurisprudence. The Universal Right had a continuous relevance to the development and growth of juristic studies, both in Italy and in Europe, where it was translated into French and German. From the eighteenth to the twentieth century, the Universal Right influenced the writings and teaching of the practitioners of the Forum--Emmanuele Duni, Antonio Genovesi, Jules Michelet, Francesco Lomonaco, Mario Francesco Pagano, Gian Domenico Romagnosi, Cesare Lombroso, Pasquale Galluppi, Cesare Beccaria, and, among the many recent jurists, Emilio Betti, who taught in Italy and Germany, the author of Allgemeine Auslegungslehre als Methodik der Geisteswissenschaften. Due to the influence of Benedetto Croce's disapproving interpretation, the Universal Right remained often overshadowed by the New Science in its three editions of 1725, 1730, and 1744. As we start the twenty-first century, scholars are by-passing Croce's statement, and are looking at the Universal Right with due objectivity and renewed interest. While the New Science has been available since 1948, the Universal Right appears now, for the first time, in English, the contemporary universal language. Contrary to the opinion of some scholars, Vico, in the New Science, stated that he did not regret having written the Universal Right; he used the copy in his possession as a reference manual for all the works written afterward, until 1735. Andrea Battistini wrote, "When an English translation of the Diritto universale [Universal Right] is available, which will be able to rectify the trend toward contemporary relevance with a greater sense of historicity through an emphasis on the debt to Roman jurisprudence, one will finally arrive at a synthetic overall view, obscured today by the numerous specialized analyses. At all events, however, it is to be hoped that the multiplicity of voices, the dialectical battle of interpretations and the duel between historicity and contemporary relevance do not subside". Isaiah Berlin stated that, "Vico was not read," and, thus, his ideas were the treasure-trove in the hands of a few specialists and, in like manner, they remained to our day. Other scholars have mentioned the "copiatori di [copycats of] Vico" when speaking about the history and transmission of ideas. In regard to Universal Right, contemporary research and writing is pale and scarce, given the unavailability of translations and the difficulties of the original.
Category: Philosophy

Mortal Gods

Author : Ted H. Miller
ISBN : 9780271068237
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55.52 MB
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According to the commonly accepted view, Thomas Hobbes began his intellectual career as a humanist, but his discovery, in midlife, of the wonders of geometry initiated a critical transition from humanism to the scientific study of politics. In Mortal Gods, Ted Miller radically revises this view, arguing that Hobbes never ceased to be a humanist. While previous scholars have made the case for Hobbes as humanist by looking to his use of rhetoric, Miller rejects the humanism/mathematics dichotomy altogether and shows us the humanist face of Hobbes’s affinity for mathematical learning and practice. He thus reconnects Hobbes with the humanists who admired and cultivated mathematical learning—and with the material fruits of Great Britain’s mathematical practitioners. The result is a fundamental recasting of Hobbes’s project, a recontextualization of his thought within early modern humanist pedagogy and the court culture of the Stuart regimes. Mortal Gods stands as a new challenge to contemporary political theory and its settled narratives concerning politics, rationality, and violence.
Category: Philosophy

The Oxford Classical Dictionary

Author : Simon Hornblower
ISBN : 9780199545568
Genre : History
File Size : 81.68 MB
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Completely revised and updated, the fourth edition of this established dictionary offers entries on all aspects of the classical world. With reception and anthropology as new focus areas and numerous new entries, it is an essential reference work for students, scholars, and teachers of classics and for anyone with an interest in the classical era.
Category: History

A History Of Renaissance Rhetoric 1380 1620

Author : Peter Mack
ISBN : 9780199597284
Genre : History
File Size : 84.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Describes the most important individual contributions to the development of Renaissance rhetoric and analyzes the new ideas which Renaissance thinkers contributed to rhetorical theory.
Category: History