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The Only Dance There Is

Author : Ram Dass
ISBN : 030777872X
Genre : Religion
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This book is based on talks by Ram Dass at the Menninger Foundation in 1970 and at the Spring Grove Hospital in Maryland in 1972. The text grew out of the interaction between Ram Dass and the spiritual seekers in attendance at these talks. The result of this unique exchange is a useful guide for understanding the nature of consciousness--useful both to other spiritual seekers and to formally trained psychologists. It is also a celebration of the Dance of Life--which, in the words of Ram Dass, is the "only dance there is."
Category: Religion

Where Is God A Theology For The Here And Now Volume One

Author : Andy Ross
ISBN : 9781532658808
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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We are experiencing God always. The experience of God, however, transcends our capacity to comprehend it. We will never fully grasp what God is, but this does not mean we should stop trying. Our ideas about God set the tone for our spiritual development. The further we are willing to journey into the mystery of God, the more we will be transformed by it. The bigger the ideas, the bigger the God, and the more our lives will reflect God. When I set out to write Where is God? it was my intention to entertain the biggest ideas possible. I wanted to understand the God of all things—the God of religion and science, the God of music and beauty, the God of life and death, the God of love. This is a book of ideas, big ideas.
Category: Religion

The Personhood Of The Therapist

Author : Barbara Jo Brothers
ISBN : 9781317720010
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 28.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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You don't have to check your humanity at the office door! Drawing on the teachings of Virginia Satir, this humane volume is designed to help therapists bring their full selves into the therapeutic relationship. The Personhood of the Therapist examines what happens when a therapist consciously enters the process of healing in an I-Thou relationship with the client. The techniques outlined in this volume will help you develop a greater sense of openness about yourself and your feelings, enabling you to offer clients more effective services. The Personhood of the Therapist explores the myriad ways in which a therapist's emotional responses and life experiences can contribute to the client's healing. This approach is a dramatic departure from the traditional Freudian ideal of the aloof, unresponsive analyst, but the case studies in this volume will persuade you that it is powerfully effective. In addition to case studies, this thoughtful, compassionate book offers dialogues, personal reminiscences, techniques, and discussions of psychological theory. The Personhood of the Therapist offers new ideas and fresh perspectives on such life-changing issues as: self-disclosure and self-awareness for therapists ways to respect and foster the full sacredness of the client the different roles of the therapist important new views on transference and countertransference It also contains deeply moving accounts of individual experiences, including: how an oncotherapist was affected by her own family's experience with cancer using Integrity Therapy to heal old wounds for a troubled couple, along with the comments of the two clients a therapist's own emotional journey through a troubled marriage and the strange disappearance of her sister The Personhood of the Therapist will help you employ your knowledge about life, not just theories, to offer better services to clients and help you appreciate how clients can enrich your life.
Category: Psychology

Osho S Liberto

Author : Sreechinth C
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 40.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Indian spiritual guru, Osho Rajneesh earned millions of followers worldwide with his spiritual practice of dynamic meditation. This controversial figure was also a gifted speaker, who never shied away from his views though much of them were considered as taboo by the conventional society. Born to an Indian family, he was claimed to have attained spiritual enlightenment when he was 21. Quitting an academic career, Osho spent his later years to spread his thoughts and philosophy on spirituality. Though those were contentious regarding the times, Rajneesh earned millions of young followers. Over a period of time, he established himself as a very popular spiritual guru not just in India but also internationally. However, he also made the headlines when it was revealed that members of his commune had committed a range of serious crimes. Yet he is still regarded as one among the most influential spiritual speakers of the last century. Here in this book, we bring you the biggest collection of his quotes that not only include spirituality but also on life, meditation, self and love. Let’s have a journey through the words of this dynamic Osho…
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Only Dance In Iowa

Author : Max McElwain
ISBN : 0803232365
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 31.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Iowa six-player girls? basketball was the most successful sporting activity for girls in American history, at its zenith involving more than 70 percent of the girls in the state. The state tournament was so popular?regularly drawing fifteen thousand fans, more than the boys? tourney?that officials declined a lucrative broadcasting offer from ABC?s Wide World of Sports rather than forfeit the Iowa Girls? High School Athletic Union?s control of the game. The Only Dance in Iowa chronicles the one-hundred-year history of this Iowa tradition, long a symbol of the state?s independence and the people?s rural pride. Max McElwain shows how, well before the passage of Title IX in 1972, Iowa six-player girls? basketball was, as Sports Illustrated gushed, ?a utopia for girls? athletics.? He also demonstrates how, ironically enough, the fallout from Title IX in many ways led to six-girl basketball?s demise. Through interviews, careful ethnography, and detailed historical analysis, McElwain exposes the intricate political, sociological, and historical dynamics of this cultural phenomenon. His book reveals how six-girl basketball, flourishing with the passionate support of Iowa?s small towns, school districts, and media, came to represent the state?s strong traditional beliefs and the public school system?s determination to maintain its identity in the face of national educational trends. The Only Dance in Iowa is as much a study of this disappearing culture as of the game it claimed as its own.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Dancing Out Of Line

Author : Molly Engelhardt
ISBN : 9780821443125
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 76.7 MB
Format : PDF
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Dancing out of Line transports readers back to the 1840s, when the craze for social and stage dancing forced Victorians into a complex relationship with the moving body in its most voluble, volatile form. By partnering cultural discourses with representations of the dance and the dancer in novels such as Jane Eyre, Bleak House, and Daniel Deronda, Molly Engelhardt makes explicit many of the ironies underlying Victorian practices that up to this time have gone unnoticed in critical circles. She analyzes the role of the illustrious dance master, who created and disseminated the manners and moves expected of fashionable society, despite his position as a social outsider of nebulous origins. She describes how the daughters of the social elite were expected to “come out” to society in the ballroom, the most potent space in the cultural imagination for licentious behavior and temptation. These incongruities generated new, progressive ideas about the body, subjectivity, sexuality, and health. Engelhardt challenges our assumptions about Victorian sensibilities and attitudes toward the sexual/social roles of men and women by bringing together historical voices from various fields to demonstrate the versatility of the dance, not only as a social practice but also as a forum for Victorians to engage in debate about the body and its pleasures and pathologies.
Category: Literary Criticism

Poetics Of Dance

Author : Gabriele Brandstetter
ISBN : 9780190266868
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 83.84 MB
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When it was first published in Germany in 1995, Poetics of Dance was already seen as a path-breaking publication, the first to explore the relationships between the birth of modern dance, new developments in the visual arts, and the renewal of literature and drama in the form of avant-garde theatrical and movement productions of the early twentieth-century. Author Gabriele Brandstetter established in this book not only a relation between dance and critical theory, but in fact a full interdisciplinary methodology that quickly found foothold with other areas of research within dance studies. The book looks at dance at the beginnings of the 20th century, the time during which modern dance first began to make its radical departure from the aesthetics of classical ballet. Brandstetter traces modern dance's connection to new innovations and trends in visual and literary arts to argue that modern dance is in fact the preeminent symbol of modernity. As Brandstetter demonstrates, the aesthetic renewal of dance vocabulary which was pursued by modern dancers on both sides of the Atlantic - Isadora Duncan and Loie Fuller, Valeska Gert and Oskar Schlemmer, Vaslav Nijinsky and Michel Fokine - unfurled itself in new ideas about gender and subjectivity in the arts more generally, thus reflecting the modern experience of life and the self-understanding of the individual as an individual. As a whole, the book makes an important contribution to the theory of modernity.
Category: Performing Arts

Archetypal Imagery And The Spiritual Self

Author : Annabelle Nelson
ISBN : 9780857011695
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 76.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Combining psychology and spirituality, this practical book considers archetypes from Asian, Middle Eastern and European myths and explains how they can be used in therapeutic practice to help clients achieve personal or clinical goals. This innovative model of archetype imagination is a powerful tool for coaches and therapists. It involves visualizing an archetype, which teaches the mind to focus, relaxes the ego, and opens the unconscious. This makes space for spiritual insights and allows the mind to let go of distracting sensations and emotions. Combining foundational psychological theories, brain physiology, and Hindu philosophy with the author's visionary experiences, this book explains how to use this technique in clinical practice. It also includes case studies, engaging images, practical exercises, and quizzes for use with clients. Spiritual seekers will find the book's insights a great complement to their practice. This book will help counsellors, coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists, arts therapists, and other therapeutic practitioners to use archetype imagination techniques to guide their clients to emotional health and spiritual awareness.
Category: Psychology

How To Be Sick

Author : Toni Bernhard
ISBN : 9780861719266
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 48.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This life-affirming, instructive, and thoroughly inspiring book is a must-read for anyone who is - or who might one day be - sick. It can also be the perfect gift of guidance, encouragement, and uplifting inspiration to family, friends, and loved ones struggling with the many terrifying or disheartening life changes that come so close on the heels of a diagnosis of a chronic condition or life-threatening illness. Authentic and graceful, How to be Sick reminds us of our endless inner freedom, even under high degrees of suffering and pain. The author - who became ill while a university law professor in the prime of her career - tells the reader how she got sick and, to her and her partner's bewilderment, stayed that way. Toni had been a longtime meditator, going on long meditation retreats and spending many hours rigorously practicing, but soon discovered that she simply could no longer engage in those difficult and taxing forms. She had to learn ways to make "being sick" the heart of her spiritual practice - and through truly learning how to be sick, she learned how, even with many physical and energetic limitations, to live a life of equanimity, compassion, and joy. And whether we ourselves are ill or not, we can learn these vital arts from Bernhard's generous wisdom in How to Be Sick.
Category: Philosophy