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The Olive Harvest

Author : Carol Drinkwater
ISBN : 9781780220628
Genre : Travel
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Format : PDF
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The third episode of a bestselling story which began with THE OLIVE FARM - now in a gorgeous new look. "The stars shimmer like spilled handfuls of glitter. The day is beginning to rise with a faint mist. As I turn my head, ghostly halos, auras of light, appear and disappear ... The silence is truly awesome. Not a bird, not a whisper of wind, not a breath of life. Only the two of us, a most implausible pair, standing shoulder to shoulder gazing upon an awakening heaven" Returning to their home after an extended absence Carol and her husband Michel are looking forward to summer together on the farm. A shocking blow leaves Carol alone and the future is uncertain. Feeling isolated and with no olives to harvest, Carol ventures beyond the farm to explore other aspects of Provencal life - from hunting to bee-keeping, the ancient language to the ever-present demands of family and friends. And ultimately, Provence's generous diversity - and Carol's own persistence in sharing it with those she loves - paves a path to joy.
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After The Olive Harvest

Author : Birte Leseberg
ISBN : 9781789010398
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is a book written by a woman, for a woman. If you long to switch off from your everyday life but just can’t find the time, then this Greek love story may help you. “After the Olive Harvest” is a story of the human condition; of love, separation, reunion, and conflict. It will remind you to live life to the full because you never know what’s waiting around the corner – but you may find a more personal message in this story - hear the three voices and listen closely to your own… “After the Olive Harvest” is a powerful read, charged with fiery imagery and symbolism that build towards a dramatic and unexpected climax – one likely to move even the toughest of souls. Take it with you on holiday, or even your daily commute, and allow it to transport you to another world.
Category: Fiction

Olive Production Manual

Author : G. Steven Sibbett
ISBN : 1879906147
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 31.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Carol Drinkwater 3 Titles Shrinkwrapped

Author : Carol Drinkwater
ISBN : 0752881116
Genre :
File Size : 64.40 MB
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THE OLIVE FARM The first in the trilogy tells of the highs and lows of purchasing the farm and life in Provence: the local customs and cuisine; the threats of fire and adoption of a menagerie of animals; the potential financial ruin and the thrill of harvesting their own olives - especially when they are discovered to produce the finest extra-virgin olive oil... THE OLIVE SEASON Carol is pregnant and their ever-loyal gardener is leaving to oversee the marriage of his son. With new challenges to face, Carol takes on the bulk of the farm work alone. As the harvest season approaches, dramatic events cast dark shadows of their olive farm. THE OLIVE HARVEST Carol and her husband Michel are looking forward to summer together on the farm. A shocking blow leaves Carol alone and the future is uncertain. Feeling isolated and with no olives to harvest, Carol ventures beyond the farm to explore other aspects of Provencal life. Ultimately, Provence's generous diversity, and Carol's own persistence in sharing it with those she loves, paves a path to joy.


Author : Fabrizia Lanza
ISBN : 9781861899729
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 76.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Olives are at once a mythical food—bringing to mind scenes from ancient Rome and the Bible—and an everyday food, given the ubiquity of olive oil in contemporary diets. In this succinct and engaging history, Fabrizia Lanza traces the olive’s roots from antiquity, when olive oil was exalted for ritual purposes and used to anoint kings and athletes, to the sixteenth century, when Europeans brought the olive to the New World, to the present day, when, thanks to waves of immigration and the popularity of the healthy Mediterranean diet, the fruit has successfully conquered our palate. Lanza describes the role that olive trees, olives, and their oil have played in myths, legends, and literature, as well as in the everyday lives of people living throughout the Mediterranean. Also included is a global selection of recipes featuring olives and olive oil that showcase the fruit’s culinary diversity. A concise appendix of popular olive varieties, organized by country, rounds out this informative account. Featuring a wealth of historical detail, useful descriptions, and delicious recipes, this book will change how you think about that bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil you reach for out of habit and swirl into the pan.
Category: Cooking

Troubles With Turtles

Author : Dimitris Theodossopoulos
ISBN : 9780857456793
Genre : Science
File Size : 62.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The people of Vassilikos, farmers and tourist entrepreneurs on the Greek island of Zakynthos, are involved in a bitter environmental dispute concerning the conservation of sea turtles. Against the environmentalists' practices and ideals they set their own culture of relating to the land, cultivation, wild and domestic animals. Written from an anthropological perspective, this book puts forward the idea that a thorough study of indigenous cultures is a fundamental step to understanding conflicts over the environment. For this purpose, the book offers a detailed account of the cultural depth and richness of the human environmental relationship in Vassilikos, focusing on the engagement of its inhabitants with diverse aspects of the local environment, such as animal care, agriculture, tourism and hunting.
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Olives And Olive Oil In Health And Disease Prevention

Author : Victor R. Preedy
ISBN : 0080922201
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52.6 MB
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Long used in sacred ceremonies and associated with good health, the nutritional and health promoting benefits of olives and olive oils have been proven by an ever-increasing body of science. From cardiovascular benefits to anti-microbial, anti-cancer, antioxidant activity and effects on macrophages and aptoptosis to cellular and pathophysiollogical process, olives and olive oils are proving important in many healthful ways. For example, reactive components in olive oils or olive oil by-products have now been isolated and identified. These include tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid elenolic acid and oleuropein. Oleic acid is the main monosaturated fatty acid of olive oil. These have putative protective effects and modulate the biochemistry of a variety of cell types including those of the vascular system. Some but not all components have been characterised by their putative pharmacological properties. It is possible that usage of these aforementioned products may have beneficial application in other disease. However, in order for this cross-fertilization to take place, a comprehensive understanding of olives and olive oils is required. Finding this knowledge in a single volume provides a key resource for scientists in a variety of food an nutritional roles. Key Features: * Explores olives and olive oil from their general aspects to the detailed level of important micro-and micronutrients * Includes coverage of various methodologies for analysis to help scientists and chemists determine the most appropriate option for their own studies, including those of olive-related compounds in other foods * Relates, in a single volume resource, information for food and nutritional chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, nutritionists and dieticians * Presents information in three key categories: General aspects of olives an olive oils; Nutritional, pharmacological and metabolic properties of olives and olive oil; Specific components of olive oil and their effects on tissue and body systems
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Olive Route

Author : Carol Drinkwater
ISBN : 9781780220642
Genre : Travel
File Size : 85.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fourth volume in the bestselling olive series by writer and actress Carol Drinkwater Since Carol Drinkwater moved to an olive farm in France she has developed a passion for the olive tree and the culture that has grown up around it. From the eastern shores of the shimmering Mediterranean to its western coast this fruit is farmed. Its silvery-green branches have inspired painters and poets, but who first pressed its 'bitter berry' and transformed it into liquid gold? In quest of its secrets and traditions, Carol embarked on a solo adventure round the Mediterranean basin. Transporting readers across the olive's ancient paths, celebrating its venerable past, tracking trade routes, unearthing unlikely stories, encountering peoples of today and bygone times, Carol comes full circle, back to her farm in the sun-baked Provençal hills.
Category: Travel

Metaphors Of Masculinity

Author : Stanley Brandes
ISBN : 9780812211054
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In the Andalusian communities throughout the olive-growing region of southeastern Spain men show themselves to be primarily concerned with two problems of identity: their place in the social hierarchy, and the maintenance of their masculinity in the context of their culture. In this study of projective behavior as found in the folklore of an Andalusian town, Stanley Brandes is careful to support psychological interpretations with ethnographic evidence. His emphasis on male folklore provides a timely complement to current research on women.
Category: Social Science

Extra Virginity

Author : Tom Mueller
ISBN : 9781782395423
Genre : History
File Size : 48.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The best oils are made by authentic artist-craftsmen, who marry centuries-old agricultural wisdom with cutting-edge extraction technology, and now produce the finest oils in history. However, these producers are being steadily driven from the market: extra-virgin olive oil is difficult and expensive to make, yet alarmingly easy to adulterate. Skilled oil criminals are flooding the market with low-cost, faux extra-virgins, reaping rich profits and undercutting honest producers, whilst authorities in Italy, the US and elsewhere turn a blind eye. From the feisty pugliese woman of sixty struggling to keep the family business afloat to her industrialist neighbour who has allegedly grown wealthy on counterfeit oil, to Benedictine monks in Western Australia and poker-playing agriculture barons in northern California who make this ancient foodstuff in New World ways, Mueller distils the passions and life stories of oil producers, and explores the conflict, culinary vitality and cultural importance of great olive oil.
Category: History