The Oil Painting Course Youve Always Wanted

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The Oil Painting Course You Ve Always Wanted

Author : Kathleen Staiger
ISBN : 9780770434540
Genre : Art
File Size : 78.47 MB
Format : PDF
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Everything you always wanted to know about oil painting...but were afraid to ask. Or maybe you weren’t afraid—maybe you just didn’t know what to ask or where to start. In The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted, author Kathleen Staiger presents crystal clear, step-by-step lessons that build to reinforce learning. Brush control, creating the illusion of three dimensions, foolproof color mixing, still-life painting, landscapes, and portraits—every topic is covered in clear text, diagrams, illustrations, exercises, and demonstrations. Staiger has taught oil painting for more than thirty-five years; many of her students are now exhibiting and selling their paintings. Everyone from beginning hobby painters, to art students, to BFA graduates has questions about oil painting. Here at last are the answers!
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The Watercolor Course You Ve Always Wanted

Author : Leslie Frontz
ISBN : 9780770435301
Genre : Art
File Size : 24.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comprehensive and practical guide to watercolor painting from sought-after instructor and acclaimed artist Leslie Frontz that answers the two most common questions students at all levels want to know: What am I doing wrong? and How do I decide what to do instead? In the tradition of the eminently practical, top-selling guides such as How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself, The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted, and Problem Solving for Oil Painters, this straightforward handbook offers a fresh approach to watercolor mastery that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Through thoughtful discussion, expert instruction, and in-depth step-by-step demonstrations, Leslie Frontz shows readers how to eliminate common barriers to achieve beautiful, captivating watercolor paintings. Beginning with teaching readers how to see with an artist's eye, Frontz then establishes how watercolor painters build on this skill by making timely decisions throughout the creation process.
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Oil Painting

Author : Marian Appellof
ISBN : 0823016064
Genre : Art
File Size : 24.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Offers an introduction to oil painting discussing such aspects as color theory, mixing lights, brushstroke techniques, and getting depth in shadows, and provides specifics for painting portraits, landscapes, and still lifes
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English Next

Author : Birgit Meerholz-Härle
ISBN : 3190029326
Genre :
File Size : 56.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Painting What You Want To See

Author : Charles Reid
ISBN : 0823038793
Genre : Art
File Size : 49.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you've ever wanted to control your art so that you can paint anything—and paint it well—this is the book for you! The mediums are oil, watercolor, and contour drawing but this is a book about making good paintings, not learning a particular medium. The subject matter is broad, ranging from still lifes to figures and portraits, to landscapes. Again, the point is that if you can paint, you can paint anything! But you must never feel compelled to paint what is before you. You must feel free to paint not what you see, but what you want to see—the way you want it to look—and this book shows you how. Paint What You Want to Seeis a complete course in painting and "seeing." It even includes critiques of student work and problem paintings—you learn where the paintings went wrong and how they can be improved. There are also numerous assignments to practice at home, with examples of how to do them, and valuable lessons on the essentials of values, color, and composition. You will learn how to make a contour drawing, how to layer your washes until you get the right value, and how to use "local value" and color-values to make strong statements. You will also learn how to mix subtle colors such as greens, grays, flesh-tones, and darks; paint with analogous and complementary colors; paint light, shadows, and negative shapes; and see tubed paint in terms of value. Lessons on composition include directing the eye with edges; vignetting; placing darks and other colors; advice on handling patterns; integrating subject and background; subduing or emphasizing contours; and hints on loosening up your painting style. The book concludes with a review of famous artists' painting, with suggestions on applying their "lessons" to your own work. Painting What You Want to Seeis for artists of all levels of ability, particularly for intermediate and advanced students who already know how to paint and want to make better, more expressive paintings. The instructions are clear and simple, with numerous examples, excellent illustrations, informative captions, and many useful assignments to help you develop your own style. Except for sections on drawing and values, the entire book is in color. All in all, a most extraordinary book!
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My Next Phase

Author : Eric Sundstrom
ISBN : 9780446405454
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 49.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Too many people 'flunk' retirement--even after a lifetime of hard work. Why? Because they only plan on their financial needs, not their emotional ones as they move into the next phase of life. The key to a successful retirement lies in your personality, NOT in your bank account. My Next Phase--featured in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and The Washington Post--offers a revolutionary, step-by-step process to figure out your personal "Retirement Style" and creates a unique retirement plan based on who you are. Take the My Next Phase quizzes and find out: WHAT'S YOUR SOCIAL STYLE? If you're outgoing, you'll need companionship through your days, whether you leave your job or keep working. If you're contemplative, you'll need solitude as well as social connection to find the fulfillment in the years ahead. WHAT'S YOUR STRESS STYLE? If you're resilient, you'll push yourself to find challenge--and get bored without it. If you're responsive, you'll need to pace yourself. Either way, you'll need a passion that gives you a reason to get out of bed each day. WHAT'S YOUR PLANNING STYLE? If you're structured, you'll prefer to schedule your time. If you're flexible, you'll want a freer, less scheduled life. And many more questions (and answers) to ensure a happy, fulfilling 'next phase' of life.
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Oil Painting

Author : Judith Miller
ISBN : 1517511860
Genre :
File Size : 88.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do You Want to Learn How to PaintDo you have an interest in oil painting? Have you always wanted to learn how to get better at painting? Do you want to know the best techniques to making stunning paintings? These fun and easy tips will transform your paintings into masterpieces. You'll be proud to show off your artwork and skills whenever friends, family and customers see it.This book breaks training down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from the very beginning of oil painting, so you can get great results - even as a beginner!

Oil Painting Oceans Seascapes

Author : Martin Clarke
ISBN : 9781633228467
Genre : Art
File Size : 32.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With Oil Painting: Oceans & Seascapes, you can discover how to capture breathtaking oceanic scenes in oil. Welcome to the incredible, diverse world of painting seascapes in oil! Oil paints are versatile and forgiving, produce wonderful color, and can produce areas that are smooth or textured. This is an ideal medium to portray the ever-changing moods and drama of this very special subject: the sea. Oil Painting: Oceans & Seascapes is essential for any beginning artist who wants to paint beautiful oceans and seascapes. After introducing you to the basic tools and materials needed to begin painting in oil, talented artist Martin Clarke shows specific techniques for painting realistic waves, rocky shores, and other seaside elements. Learn about color theory, and basic painting techniques before moving on to the step-by-step projects. This comprehensive guide contains step-by-step lessons for painting five different seascapes in oil, using a number of simple yet effective techniques. You don’t need a large palette of colors to produce these vibrant, dramatic works. You just need to grab a few supplies and learn observation skills, a few painting techniques, and how to produce a well-composed scene. Then paint as much possible (and have fun while doing so) to practice creating amazing seascapes! Designed for beginners, the How to Draw & Paint series offers easy-to-follow guides that introduce artists to basic tools and materials and includes simple step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects suitable for the aspiring artist. With comprehensive instruction, plenty of artist tips and tricks, and beautiful artwork to inspire, Oil Painting: Oceans & Seascapes is the perfect resource for any aspiring oil painter.
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How To Oil Paint

Author : HowExpert
ISBN : 9781647588700
Genre : Art
File Size : 46.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are you ready to become the next Picasso? If you want to learn how to create your own oil painting masterpiece, you will want to get How to Oil Paint, a step-by-step guide created by an artist with real life experience in oil painting. If you are creative and you love to paint, this guide will show you how to express yourself through oil painting. New painters will learn the secrets of how to paint in the oil medium, including important elements and principles of art and design. How to Oil Paint will show you easy steps to create: - A tree silhouette painting using the Underpainting technique. - A flower painting using both the Alla Prima and the Sgraffito technique. -A river painting using Scumbling and Glazing. - An abstract scene using the Impasto technique. - A flower Paintograph. You will also discover how to use different brush strokes, the basics of color section, which brushes work best, and more! By the time you reach the end of this step-by-step guide, you will feel confident and be ready to create your own works of art using oil paints. About the Expert Manaal Javed has been painting in oils for more than four years. She puts her soul onto the canvas by playing with colors. She paints in a number of mediums, including acrylics and water paints. Oil painting is her favorite type of painting because an oil painting can be refined after it is completed. She critiques her work after completion and puts in the elements which she feels is incomplete in the painting. Hand and eye coordination makes her arrange all the elements in her painting beautifully and, of course, her imagination is like the cherry on top. She has always been a quiet person who does not let her feelings come out. For her, painting is a way to communicate with people. She had this advice to others who are learning oil painting, “Play with colors, feel free and break all the rules… and put the best on the canvas. Always critique your work; it is the key to improvement. Nothing is difficult in this world, just practice and you will create masterpieces in no time!!! Believe in yourself and let your imagination do the rest.” HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
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Oil Painting For Dummies

Author : Anita Marie Giddings
ISBN : 1118051998
Genre : Art
File Size : 47.54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nobody ever said that oil painting was easy. But it gets much easier and a lot more fun when you follow a step-by-step approach that starts you off on the right foot, helps you build your skills one at a time, and gives you plenty of exercises to develop your craft. That’s what you’ll find in Oil Painting For Dummies. Completely free of arty jargon, this full-color guide has all the hands-on instruction you need to master the basics. You’ll see how to plan a painting, build an image in layers, mix colors, and create stunning compositions. You’ll also find everything you need to know about oil paints, solvents, and pigments; brushes, palettes, and painting surfaces; and how to keep costs down at the art supply store. Discover how to: Choose the right supplies Set up your studio and care for your equipment Handle your materials safely Develop your design and composition skills Make practice sketches and studies Use broken stroke, dry brush, glazing, scraffito and other brush strokes Try out different compositions Mix any color you want Simplify tricky still-life subjects Paint landscapes and common objects out doors Paint portraits and the human form Complete with handy color chart, basic materials list, and a very useful viewing square, Oil Painting For Dummies is the fun and easy way to discover your inner artist!
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American Artist

Author : Ernest William Watson
ISBN : UOM:39015011971119
Genre : Art
File Size : 74.38 MB
Format : PDF
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Oil Painting Workshop

Author : Aggy Boshoff
ISBN : 9781405334471
Genre : Art
File Size : 42.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Everything you need to know to become a better artist Oil-Painting Workshop is for anyone who wants to find out how to paint with oils or improve their skills. Starting with materials and basic techniques such as colour blending, it includes warm up exercises encouraging you to try out a range of oil-paints and surfaces, designed to build your confidence. Easy-to-follow projects show what to do, step-by-step, and demonstrate key techniques used to build colour, tone, texture and composition. Galleries of contemporary artwork demonstrate how successful artists approach different topics, with techniques helping you to develop your personal style. A fresh approach to practical art helping you achieve the best results. The third in a new series of practical art titles. For those who have always wanted to learn to paint with oils but don't know where to start, this title, takes a clear, uncomplicated approach that will help the reader achieve maximum success with minimum frustration. Essential techniques are illustrated and explained at the start of the book to give the reader a solid foundation on which to build. These are followed by 12 projects structured by guiding principles, which demystify the subject. Once you have understood these simple rules, it is easy to achieve success. The 12 achievable projects, broken down into easy-to-follow steps, encourage the reader to use oil paints to create an impressive range of artworks. Written by a practising artist, whose innovative approaches and enthusiasm will inspire as well as guide, this title brings a breath of fresh air to practical art teaching. With vibrant artworks and engaging text, the book encourages the reader to take time to play and experiment in order to develop their understanding and gain confidence.
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Brooklyn Noir

Author : Pete Hamill
ISBN : 9781936070152
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.24 MB
Format : PDF
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This award-winning anthology of original crime fiction exploring Brooklyn’s many enclaves features new stories by Pete Hamill, Maggie Estep and others. New York’s punchiest borough asserts its criminal legacy with this collection of stories from some of today’s best writers. Brooklyn Noir moves from Coney Island to Bedford-Stuyvesant to Bay Ridge to Red Hook to Bushwick to Sheepshead Bay to Park Slope and far deeper, into the heart of Brooklyn’s historical and criminal largesse. Each contributor offers a new story set in a distinct neighborhood. Many of the stories that first appeared in this volume have garnered critical acclaim, including Pete Hamill’s Edgar Award finalist “The Book Signing”; Ellen Miller’s Pushcart Prize finalist “Practicing”; Pearl Abraham’s Shamus Award finalist “Hasidic Noir”; Arthur Nersesian’s Anthony Award finalist “Hunter/Trapper”; and Thomas Morrissey’s Robert L. Fish Memorial Award-winner “Can’t Catch Me”. Brooklyn Noir also features brand-new stories by Nelson George, Sidney Offit, Neal Pollack, Ken Bruen, Maggie Estep, Kenji Jasper, Adam Mansbach, C.J. Sullivan, Chris Niles, Norman Kelley, Nicole Blackman, Tim McLoughlin, Lou Manfredo, Luciano Guerriero, and Robert Knightley.
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Complete Oil Painting Course

Author :
ISBN : 0517612038
Genre : Painting
File Size : 43.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A guide to oil painting containing information on materials and equipment, and the correct techniques for approaching color and tone, shape and form, composition and still life, portraits, landscapes, and animals
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Author :
ISBN : IND:30000117646848
Genre : Travel
File Size : 89.21 MB
Format : PDF
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Big Book Of Home Learning

Author : Mary Pride
ISBN : 0891075518
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offers an incredible array of learning products for every age level, including computers, art and music. Available.
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The Complete Painting Course

Author : Wendon Blake
ISBN : PSU:000021768347
Genre : Acrylic painting
File Size : 38.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 714
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Discusses the basic tools and techniques of oil, acrylic, and water color painting and provides guidance on painting portraits in oil
Category: Acrylic painting