The Nubian Pharaohs Black Kings On The Nile

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The Nubian Pharaohs Black Kings On The Nile

Author : charles bonnet
ISBN : UOM:39015069333733
Genre : History
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Exciting new discoveries shed light on a little-known period of Egypt'shistory
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The Black Kingdom Of The Nile

Author : Charles Bonnet
ISBN : 9780674986671
Genre : History
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For centuries, Egyptian civilization has been at the origin of the story we tell about the West. But Charles Bonnet's archaeological excavations have unearthed extraordinary sites in modern Sudan that challenge this notion and compel us to look to black Africa and the Nubian Kingdom of Kush, where a highly civilized state existed 2500-1500 BCE.
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Cushites In The Hebrew Bible

Author : Kevin Burrell
ISBN : 9789004418769
Genre : Religion
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In Cushites in the Hebrew Bible Kevin Burrell examines theological, historical, and social aspects of identity construction in order to clarify the ways in which biblical authors understood and represented ancient Cushites—a largely “African” people in the biblical world.
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The Epic Film In World Culture

Author : Robert Burgoyne
ISBN : 9781135855352
Genre : Performing Arts
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With the recent release of spectacular blockbuster films from Gladiator to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the epic has once again become a major form in contemporary cinema. This new volume in the AFI Film Readers series explores the rebirth of the epic film genre in the contemporary period, a period marked by heightened and conflicting appeals to national, ethnic, and religious belonging.The orginal essays in this volume explore the tension between the evolving global context of film production and reception and the particular provenance of the epic as an expression of national mythology and aspirations, challenging our understanding of epics produced in the present as well as our perception of epic films from the past. The contributors will explore new critical approaches to contemporary as well as older epic films, drawing on ideas from cultural studies, historiography, classics, and film studies.
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African Kingdoms An Encyclopedia Of Empires And Civilizations

Author : Saheed Aderinto
ISBN : 9781610695800
Genre : History
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This history-rich volume details the sociopolitical, economic, and artistic aspects of African kingdoms from the earliest times to the second half of the 19th century. • Provides relevant perspective on globalization in the pre-modern era, documenting how humans across time and places have shared various components of custom ranging from food, language, and music to religion and spirituality • Supports Common Core standards • Includes primary documents for enhancing critical thinking and research skills • Features cross references and suggestions for further reading • Highlights key facts and interesting trivia through illuminating sidebars
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The Oxford Handbook Of Ancient Nubia

Author : Geoff Emberling
ISBN : 9780190496272
Genre : History
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The cultures of Nubia built the earliest cities, states, and empires of inner Africa, but they remain relatively poorly known outside their modern descendants and the community of archaeologists, historians, and art historians researching them. The earliest archaeological work in Nubia was motivated by the region's role as neighbor, trade partner, and enemy of ancient Egypt. Increasingly, however, ancient Nile-based Nubian cultures are recognized in their own right as the earliest complex societies in inner Africa. As agro-pastoral cultures, Nubian settlement, economy, political organization, and religious ideologies were often organized differently from those of the urban, bureaucratic, and predominantly agricultural states of Egypt and the ancient Near East. Nubian societies are thus of great interest in comparative study, and are also recognized for their broader impact on the histories of the eastern Mediterranean and the Near East. The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Nubia brings together chapters by an international group of scholars on a wide variety of topics that relate to the history and archaeology of the region. After important introductory chapters on the history of research in Nubia and on its climate and physical environment, the largest part of the volume focuses on the sequence of cultures that lead almost to the present day. Several cross-cutting themes are woven through these chapters, including essays on desert cultures and on Nubians in Egypt. Eleven final chapters synthesize subjects across all historical phases, including gender and the body, economy and trade, landscape archaeology, iron working, and stone quarrying.
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The Black Pharaohs

Author : Robert Morkot
ISBN : UOM:39015048856705
Genre : History
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In the 9th century BC, a powerful kingdom arose in northern Sudan (Kush). Conquering Egypt, its kings ruled the Nile Valley, from the Mediterranean as far as Khartoum, for half a century. This was a period of dramatic historical events, dominated by the expansion of the Assyrian Empire into Syria and Palestine. The Nubians supported the kings of Israel against Assyria, but even Egypt itself was invaded. Allied with the Assyrians, the Libyan princes of Sais succeeded in ousting the Nubians and reuniting Egypt under their own rule. Despite these constant wars, this was also a period of artistic renaissance, attested by many building works in Egypt and Sudan, by a striking series of portrait sculptures, and the splendid burial treasures of the royal family. Withdrawal from Egypt did not mark the end of the Kushite state, which continued for nearly 1000 years.
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Nubian Pharaohs And Meroitic Kings

ISBN : 1452030634
Genre : History
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NUBIAN PHARAOHS AND MEROITIC KINGS: THE KINGDOM OF KUSH Necia Desiree Harkless has completed her odyssey of 24 years initiated by a poem that emerged in the odd moments of early morning and her studies as a Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky with Dr. William Y. Adams, the leading Nubiologist of the world. The awesome result is her attempt to map the cultural, social, political history of Nubia as a single people as actors on the world stage as they act out their destinies in the cradle of civilization. The underlying purpose of her book is to reconstruct the collective efforts of the past and present Nubian campaigns and their collaborative scholarship so that the African American as well as all Americans can begin to understand the contributions of the civilization of Africa and Asia as a continuous historical entity. The history of the Kingdom of Kush begins with its earliest kingdom of Kerma in 2500 BC. It continues with the conquest of Egypt by the Nubian Pharaohs in 750 BC, reluctantly recognized as the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egyptian Pharaohs. They ruled as black pharaohs from their Kingdom at Napatan until they were forced one hundred years later to retreat to Napata by the Assyrians who assumed control of the Egyptians. It was at Meroe, the last empire of the Kush, that forty generations of Meroitic kings and queens continued the Kingdom of Kush reaching monumental and dynastic heights. Their symbiotic relationship with Egypt was over, allowing them to develop their own indigenous culture with a language and script of their own. Their architecture, arts , politics , material and spiritual culture in the minds of many scholars surpassed that of Egypt. Over two hundred pyramids have been investigated. It is an epic that will be long remembered. The dawn of Christianity in the Kingdom of Kush has been found in the treasure cove of the Frescoes of Faras.
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New African

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132680567
Genre : Africa
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Author :
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Encyclopedia Of African History 3 Volume Set

Author : Kevin Shillington
ISBN : 9781135456696
Genre : History
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Covering the entire continent from Morocco, Libya, and Egypt in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south, and the surrounding islands from Cape Verde in the west to Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles in the east, the Encyclopedia of African History is a new A-Z reference resource on the history of the entire African continent. With entries ranging from the earliest evolution of human beings in Africa to the beginning of the twenty-first century, this comprehensive three volume Encyclopedia is the first reference of this scale and scope. Also includes 99 maps.
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The Great Empires Of The Ancient World

Author : Thomas Harrison
ISBN : 0892369876
Genre : History
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Presents a survey of the empires of Egypt, Rome, Babylonia, Persia, India, and China between 1600 B.C and 500 A.D.
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Our African Identity

Author : Husain-Rashid (Imam)
ISBN : IND:30000116155668
Genre : Islam
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Black Man Of The Nile And His Family

Author : Yosef Ben-Jochannan
ISBN : 0933121261
Genre : History
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Black Man of the Nile and His Family, first published in 1972, is Dr. Ben's best known work. It captures much of the substance of his early research on ancient Africa. In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose "Europeanized" African History. He points up the distortion after distortion made in the long record of African contributions to world civilization. Once exposed he attcks these distortions with a vengence, providing a spellbinding corrective lesson in our story.
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Landscapes And Societies

Author : I. Peter Martini
ISBN : 904819413X
Genre : Science
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This book contains case histories intended to show how societies and landscapes interact. The range of interest stretches from the small groups of the earliest Neolithic, through Bronze and Iron Age civilizations, to modern nation states. The coexistence is, of its very nature reciprocal, resulting in changes in both society and landscape. In some instances the adaptations may be judged successful in terms of human needs, but failure is common and even the successful cases are ephemeral when judged in the light of history. Comparisons and contrasts between the various cases can be made at various scales from global through inter-regional, to regional and smaller scales. At the global scale, all societies deal with major problems of climate change, sea-level rise, and with ubiquitous problems such as soil erosion and landscape degradation. Inter-regional differences bring out significant detail with one region suffering from drought when another suffers from widespread flooding. For example, desertification in North Africa and the Near East contrasts with the temperate countries of southern Europe where the landscape-effects of deforestation are more obvious. And China and Japan offer an interesting comparison from the standpoint of geological hazards to society - large, unpredictable and massively erosive rivers in the former case, volcanoes and accompanying earthquakes in the latter. Within the North African region localized climatic changes led to abandonment of some desertified areas with successful adjustments in others, with the ultimate evolution into the formative civilization of Egypt, the "Gift of the Nile". At a smaller scale it is instructive to compare the city-states of the Medieval and early Renaissance times that developed in the watershed of a single river, the Arno in Tuscany, and how Pisa, Siena and Florence developed and reached their golden periods at different times depending on their location with regard to proximity to the sea, to the main trunk of the river, or in the adjacent hills. Also noteworthy is the role of technology in opening up opportunities for a society. Consider the Netherlands and how its history has been formed by the technical problem of a populous society dealing with too much water, as an inexorably rising sea threatens their landscape; or the case of communities in Colorado trying to deal with too little water for farmers and domestic users, by bringing their supply over a mountain chain. These and others cases included in the book, provide evidence of the successes, near misses and outright failures that mark our ongoing relationship with landscape throughout the history of Homo sapiens. The hope is that compilations such as this will lead to a better understanding of the issue and provide us with knowledge valuable in planning a sustainable modus vivendi between humanity and landscape for as long as possible. Audience: The book will interest geomorphologists, geologists, geographers, archaeologists, anthropologists, ecologists, environmentalists, historians and others in the academic world. Practically, planners and managers interested in landscape/environmental conditions will find interest in these pages, and more generally the increasingly large body of opinion in the general public, with concerns about Planet Earth, will find much to inform their opinions. Extra material: The color plate section is available at
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From Slave To Pharaoh

Author : Donald B. Redford
ISBN : 1421404095
Genre : History
File Size : 67.8 MB
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Moving beyond recent debates between Afrocentrists and their critics over the racial characteristics of Egyptian civilization, From Slave to Pharaoh reveals the true complexity of race, identity, and power in Egypt as documented through surviving texts and artifacts, while at the same time providing a compelling account of war, conquest, and culture in the ancient world.
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Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015064348777
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