The New Military Humanism

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The New Military Humanism

Author : Noam Chomsky
ISBN : 0745316336
Genre : Humanitarian assistance
File Size : 23.30 MB
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'A powerful and convincing alternative framework for understanding the NATO war on Yugoslavia.' Edward S. Herman'Thank God for Noam Chomsky ... Ruthless in his analysis of Nato's lies, relentless in his emphasis on the parallels between Kosovo, Central America and Turkey, he believes that this year's bombardment of Serbia undermines what is left of international law.' Robert Fisk, The IndependentThe crisis in Kosovo has excited passion and visionary exaltation of a kind rarely witnessed. The events have been portrayed as a 'New Humanism', timed fortuitously with a new millennium, which will displace the crass and narrow interest politics of a mean-spirited past.But is this New Humanism guided by power interests or by humanitarian concern? Is the resort to force undertaken 'in the name of principles and values', as professed? Or are we witnessing something more crass and familiar?The New Military Humanism is Chomsky at his best: a brilliant and revealing analysis, offering lessons for us all and sounding a clear alarm which none should ignore.
Category: Humanitarian assistance

The Humanity Of Universal Crime

Author : Assistant Professor of Political Science Sinja Graf
ISBN : 9780197535707
Genre : Law
File Size : 81.42 MB
Format : PDF
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""Crimes against humanity" has become integral to contemporary political and legal discourse. The conceptual core of the term - an act offending against all of mankind -, however, runs deep in the history in international political thought. In an original excavation of this history, The Politics of Universal Crime examines theoretical mobilizations of the idea of "universal crime" in colonial and post-colonial contexts. The book demonstrates the overlooked centrality of humanity and criminality to political liberalism's historical engagement with world politics, thereby breaking with the exhaustively studied status of individual rights in liberal thought. It is argued that invocations of universal crime project humanity as a normatively integrated, yet minimally inclusive and hierarchically structured subject. Such visions of humanity have in turn underwritten justifications of foreign rule and outsider intervention based on claims to an injury universally suffered by all mankind. The study foregrounds the "political productivity" of universal crime that entails distinct figures, relationships and forms of authority and agency. The book traces this argument through European political theorists' deployments of universal crime in assessing the legitimacy of colonial rule and foreign intervention in non-European societies. Analyzing John Locke's notion of universal crime in the context of English colonialism, the concept's retooled circulation during the nineteenth century and contemporary cosmopolitanism's reliance on 'crimes against humanity', it identifies an 'inclusionary Eurocentrism' that subtends the authorizing and coercive dimensions of universal crime. Unlike much-studied 'exclusionary Eurocentrist' thinking, 'inclusionary Eurocentrist' arguments have historically extended an unequal, repressive 'recognition via liability' to non-European peoples"--
Category: Law

The Oxford Handbook Of Global Studies

Author : Victor Faessel
ISBN : 9780190630577
Genre : Globalization
File Size : 24.67 MB
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The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies provides an overview of the emerging field of global studies. Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has been reshaping the modern world, and an array of new scholarship has risen to make sense of it in its various transnational manifestations-including economic, social, cultural, ideological, technological, environmental, and in new communications. The editors--Mark Juergensmeyer, Saskia Sassen, and Manfred Steger--are recognized authorities in this emerging field and have gathered an esteemed cast of contributors to discuss various aspects in the field through a broad range of approaches. Several essays focus on the emergence of the field and its historical antecedents. Other essays explore analytic and conceptual approaches to teaching and research in global studies, and the largest section will deal with the subject matter of global studies, challenges from diasporas and pandemics to the global city and the emergence of a transnational capitalist class. The final two sections feature essays that take a critical view of globalization from diverse perspectives and essays on global citizenship-the ideas and institutions that guide an emerging global civil society. This Handbook focuses on global studies more than on the phenomenon of globalization itself, though the various aspects of globalization are central to understanding how the field is currently being shaped.
Category: Globalization

Victors Justice

Author : Danilo Zolo
ISBN : 9781788736633
Genre : International law
File Size : 65.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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International tribunals are shown to be little more than a tool of Western imperialism Victors' Justice is a potent and articulate polemic against the manipulation of international penal law by the West, combining historical detail, juridical precision and philosophical analysis. Zolo's key thesis is that contemporary international law functions as a two-track system: a made-to-measure law for the hegemons and their allies, on the one hand, and a punitive regime for the losers and the disadvantaged, on the other. Though it constantly advertised its impartiality and universalism, international law served to bolster and legitimize, ever since the Tokyo and Nuremberg trials, a fundamentally unilateral and unequal international order.
Category: International law

New Statesman

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556032871303
Genre : Great Britain
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Category: Great Britain


Author : Holm Sundhaussen
ISBN : UOM:39015073594452
Genre : Balkan Peninsula
File Size : 71.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Schnittstellen" zeichnen das Werk von Holm Sundhaussen aus, der in seinen Arbeiten zur Geschichte Südosteuropas die vielfachen Überschneidungen zwischen verschiedenen historischen Ebenen thematisiert hat. Diesem Zugang folgt auch die Festschrift anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstags, in der 42 Kolleginnen und Kollegen des Jubilars inhaltlich eng zusammengeführt über zentrale Fragen südosteuropäischer Geschichte schreiben: sozialer und politischer Wandel, Nationsbildung und Konflikte, kollektive Erinnerung und Geschichtskultur. Die einzelnen Beiträge illustrieren dabei sowohl den Innovationsschub, den südosteuropäische Geschichte in den letzten Jahren erlebt hat, als auch die Zentralität der Geschichte Südosteuropas für die Geschichte Europas.
Category: Balkan Peninsula

Militarism Humanism And Occupation

Author : Maximilian C. Forte
ISBN : 9780889474963
Genre : History
File Size : 61.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Describing and theorizing "the new imperialism" in international relations, this volume presents anthropological and sociological viewpoints on the topics of militarism and militarization; humanitarian interventionism; the responsibility to protect; Canada's role in the occupation of Afghanistan, and the establishment of what is effectively a protectorate in Haiti; the role of NGOs in the formation and management of a new global imperium; and, soft power. Specific case studies are also devoted to the U.S. Army's Human Terrain System; the U.S. Army's Africa Command (AFRICOM); torture and international law; Coca Cola in Colombia; the NATO war in Kosovo; cultural militarization and "militainment;" and, the rising militarism in Canadian public discourse.
Category: History

Neoconservatism And The New American Century

Author : Maria Ryan
ISBN : NWU:35556041536095
Genre : History
File Size : 45.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In the aftermath of 9/11, neoconservatism became one of the most talked-about influences on US foreign policy. Both critics and supporters have been united by the belief that neoconservatism, good or bad, is an ideology characterized by its commitment to promoting democracy overseas for strategic or moral reasons or both. In Neoconservatism and the New American Century, Maria Ryan argues that this purported commitment to democracy was never more than a secondary or tertiary concern and that, since 1989, the neoconservatives have consciously and deliberately prioritized strategic interests over moral ones in order to preserve America's "unipolar moment."
Category: History

How America Gets Away With Murder

Author : Michael Mandel
ISBN : UOM:39015060832170
Genre : History
File Size : 74.67 MB
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They call it "collateral damage," but legally and morally it is really mass murder. In Kosovo, America claimed its war was a "humanitarian intervention," in Afghanistan, "self-defense," and in Iraq, it claimed the authority of the Security Council of the United Nations. Yet each of these wars was illegal according to established rules of international law. According to these rules, illegal wars fall within the category of "supreme international crimes". So how come the war crimes tribunals never manage to turn their sights on America and always wind up putting America's enemies -- "the usual suspects" -- on trial? This new book by renowned scholar Michael Mandel offers a critical account of America's illegal wars and a war crimes system that has granted America's leaders an unjust and dangerous impunity, effectively encouraging their illegal wars and the war crimes that always flow from them.
Category: History

The Essential Chomsky

Author : Noam Chomsky
ISBN : 9781595585660
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 49.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The seminal writings of America’s leading philosopher, linguist, and political thinker—“the foremost gadfly of our national conscience” (The New York Times). For the past fifty years Noam Chomsky’s writings on politics and language have established him as a preeminent public intellectual as well as one of the most original political and social critics of our time. Among the seminal figures in linguistic theory over the past century, Chomsky has also secured a place among the most influential dissident voice in the United States. Chomsky’s many bestselling works—including Manufacturing Consent, Hegemony or Survival, Understanding Power, and Failed States—have served as essential touchstones for activists, scholars, and concerned citizens on subjects ranging from the media and intellectual freedom to human rights and war crimes. In particular, Chomsky’s scathing critique of the US wars in Vietnam, Central America, and the Middle East have furnished a widely accepted intellectual premise for antiwar movements for nearly four decades. The Essential Chomsky assembles the core of his most important writings, including excerpts from his most influential texts over the past half century. Here is an unprecedented, comprehensive overview of the thought that animates “one of the West’s most influential intellectuals in the cause of peace” (The Independent). “Chomsky ranks with Marx, Shakespeare, and the Bible as one of the ten most quoted sources in the humanities—and is the only writer among them still alive.” —The Guardian “Noam Chomsky is one of the most significant challengers of unjust power and delusions; he goes against every assumption about American altruism and humanitarianism.” —Edward Said “A rebel without a pause.” —Bono
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Critical Humanisms

Author : Martin Halliwell
ISBN : UOM:39015060055392
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The book focuses on the thought of twenty-four mainly European and North American thinkers, ranging historically from the Renaissance to postmodernism.
Category: Philosophy

Re Humanising Shakespeare

Author : Andy Mousley
ISBN : UOM:39015066898456
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 36.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Re-Humanising Shakespeare argues that although Shakespeare himself contributed to the uncertainties of modern living, his work can still serve as a source of existential wisdom and guidance.
Category: Literary Criticism

Pakistan Horizon

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030365137
Genre : International relations
File Size : 34.62 MB
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Category: International relations

Gerechter Krieg

Author : Dieter Janssen
ISBN : UOM:39015061337476
Genre : Just war doctrine
File Size : 37.23 MB
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Category: Just war doctrine

Military Intervention And The European Union

Author : Martin Ortega
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113483718
Genre : Conflicto Internacional
File Size : 83.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This paper proposes a new set of conditions by which to determine the best possible link between the legality, legitimacy and political opportuneness of military intervention, since the principle of non-intervention in a state's internal affairs no longer appears adequate, either as a basis of international law or as an assurance of stability in the post-Cold War world.
Category: Conflicto Internacional

Recht Und Frieden In Der Philosophie Kants

Author : Kant-Gesellschaft
ISBN : 3110183684
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Die fünf Bände enthalten die Hauptvorträge und eingeladene Beiträge der panels des X. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses, der 2005 in Sao Paolo stattfand.
Category: Philosophy


Author :
ISBN : IND:30000092738008
Genre : World politics
File Size : 43.15 MB
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Category: World politics


Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105213188431
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 24.76 MB
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Category: Ethnology