The New Messiah

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American Jesus The New Messiah 1

Author : Mark Millar
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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AMERICAN JESUS returns with THE NEW MESSIAH. A virgin pregnancy in '70s New York forces a young couple to flee for their lives, as evil powers close in to destroy them. An angel in a dream foretells a dark future and a battle with the Antichrist. The teenagers go on the run with only their faith.
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Author : Henry Ford
ISBN : 1162857668
Genre :
File Size : 36.33 MB
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THIS 28 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK: My Philosophy of Industry, by Henry Ford. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 0766159701.

The New Messiah

Author : Daniel F. Biskar
ISBN : 9780595460953
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The New Messiah is a novel of personal discovery set in the 1970's. Neal Shelley is an idealistic poet who falls in love with a woman he meets while hitchhiking across America during the Bicentennial summer of 1976. But despite the storybook beginning, the love affair soon fades and Neal is left disillusioned and searching for answers in his life. In his disheartened state, he conceives a utopian plan to launch a new messiah movement which he hopes will end his and everyone else's unhappiness. He enlists his charismatic friend, Andrew Moore, to pose as a modern-day savior. They begin their mission with a sermon on the Venice Boardwalk. The initial sermon succeeds brilliantly but then Neal's plan takes an unexpected turn as Andrew starts to truly believe he is the Chosen One. Inspired by actual events, The New Messiah shows how American youth culture in the mid-1970's-characterized by a quest for higher consciousness; pre-AIDS sexual promiscuity; recreational drug use; pop mysticism; irreverent humor; and cynicism and alienation in the post-Watergate "malaise" era-was the soil out of which a messiah movement could grow. One of the most striking features of The New Messiah is its play-like format. The story is told through the conversations of the characters. The authenticity of the dialogue in the party scenes, street scenes, and intimate one-on-one scenes will no doubt be appreciated by readers who lived through that time period. College-age readers today may also find much to identify with in the novel's depiction of 70's youth culture.
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American Jesus Vol 2 The New Messiah

Author : Mark Millar
ISBN : 9781534317796
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 71.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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AMERICAN JESUS returns with ÒTHE NEW MESSIAH. A virgin pregnancy in '70s New York leads a young couple to flee for their lives as evil forces close in to destroy them. Yet more bloodshed lies ahead for their daughter, Catalina, who refuses to accept her destiny as the savior of mankind. Collects AMERICAN JESUS: THE NEW MESSIAH #1-3
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American Jesus The New Messiah 3

Author : Mark Millar
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 33.42 MB
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The Messiah is running wild in her new life, free from the rules of the church and the protection of her parents. But evil forces are descending. Evil forces that want to snuff her out before she receives her holy powers. Evil forces that will kill her to make way for the Antichrist's rule.
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Artificial Intelligence And The New Messiah

Author : Anthony Garcia
ISBN : 0990373967
Genre :
File Size : 70.28 MB
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This story discloses the future impact and repression by both the Corporate Elite and Artificial Intelligence on humankind and the societal implication of the future battle with the Anointed One, an earthborn leader foretold with the knowledge of the Essene community. The arrival of the Anointed One will recognize the historic Christian influence and acknowledge this relationship as the Continuum. Increasingly, more is being written on AI as a certain panic and realization of loss of the control of human endeavors, selfish align with a Corporate Elite that seeks to remain persons of faith from our future decision making. The Anointed One will lead the person's of genuine faith to counter AI and the decay of moral values early in the twenty-first century. It is of the connection of the history of cryptic Jews from the Portal of Light insight to the Dead Sea Scroll discoveries in Judea written by the Essene community inscribed prior to the first century BCE

The Messiah In The Old And New Testaments

Author : Stanley E. Porter
ISBN : 9780802807663
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When the ancients talked about "messiah", what did they picture? Did that term refer to a stately figure who would rule, to a militant who would rescue, or to a variety of roles held by many? While Christians have traditionally equated the word "messiah" with Jesus, the discussion is far more complex. This volume contributes significantly to that discussion. Ten expert scholars here address questions surrounding the concept of "messiah" and clarify what it means to call Jesus "messiah." The book comprises two main parts, first treating those writers who preceded or surrounded the New Testament (two essays on the Old Testament and two on extrabiblical literature) and then discussing the writers of the New Testament. Concluding the volume is a critical response by Craig Evans to both sections. This volume will be helpful to pastors and laypersons wanting to explore the nature and identity of the Messiah in the Old and New Testament in order to better understand Jesus as Messiah.
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American Jesus The New Messiah 2

Author : Mark Millar
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 88.10 MB
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Hidden from danger, the Messiah was born and raised behind the walls of a compound -- surrounded and worshipped by followers of the church. As she gets older, and with no sign of the 'powers' she was promised, the reluctant teen prophet rejects her parents, God, and the teachings of the church. She breaks free, not knowing the soldiers of the Antichrist are hot on her heels.
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The Death Of The Messiah And The Birth Of The New Covenant

Author : Michael J. Gorman
ISBN : 9781620326558
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.31 MB
Format : PDF
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In this groundbreaking book, Michael Gorman asks why there is no theory or model of the atonement called the "new-covenant" model, since this understanding of the atonement is likely the earliest in the Christian tradition, going back to Jesus himself. Gorman argues that most models of the atonement over-emphasize the penultimate purposes of Jesus' death and the "mechanics" of the atonement, rather than its ultimate purpose: to create a transformed, Spirit-filled people of God. The New Testament's various atonement metaphors are part of a remarkably coherent picture of Jesus' death as that which brings about the new covenant (and thus the new community) promised by the prophets, which is also the covenant of peace. Gorman therefore proposes a new model of the atonement that is really not new at all--the new-covenant model. He argues that this is not merely an ancient model in need of rediscovery, but also a more comprehensive, integrated, participatory, communal, and missional model than any of the major models in the tradition. Life in this new covenant, Gorman argues, is a life of communal and individual participation in Jesus' faithful, loving, peacemaking death. Written for both academics and church leaders, this book will challenge all who read it to re-think and re-articulate the meaning of Christ's death for us.
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The New Princeton Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105015727931
Genre : Christianity
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Includes index.
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Barack Hussein Obama

Author : Charles H. Doersam, Jr.
ISBN : 9781617390302
Genre : Political Science
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We voted for Barack Hussein Obama without understanding that 'Change, Change, Change!' really meant 'Spend, Spend, Spend!' And that 'I have a plan,' was simply a plan to replace our free enterprise system with 'Control, Control, Control!' The Marxists inspired Socialism, and that system has always failed so miserably, whenever and wherever it has been tried. Our God-inspired free enterprise system works. And it works very well. We the people have the power to reject the Marxist-inspired Socialism system and restore free enterprise: the one system that has made the USA the greatest country on this earth. This book is intended to assist all readers in accomplishing that objective.
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