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The Revised New Jerusalem Bible

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ISBN : 9780525573203
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A beautiful, fully updated edition of the popular and beloved New Jerusalem Bible, which has sold over half a million copies. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible presents anew the scholarship, character, and clarity of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible (the first modern English version) and the 1985 New Jerusalem Bible. It is a Bible that prioritizes: • a bold, rich language as suitable for reading out loud as for studying in silence, so that “the message might be fully proclaimed” (2 Timothy 4:17) • accurate translation of the original scriptures rather than the “dynamic equivalence” of some other modern versions • assurance that the message of the Bible is directed to men and women equally, despite the inbuilt bias of the English language This comprehensive Study Edition is the world’s first presentation of the full Revised New Jerusalem Bible, complete with study notes, cross-references, and book introductions. It has been prepared and edited for a modern readership by Dom Henry Wansbrough, OSB, who was general editor of the New Jerusalem Bible. Other features include: • The book of Psalms is based on the text of the 2010 translation of The Revised Grail Psalms. • Ancient systems of measure and time have been replaced by modern, metric equivalents. • A table of the notes provides explanations of the key words, themes, and ideas in the Bible’s major footnotes. • A chronological table, an index of persons, and eight pages of full-color maps provide historical context. For all who are discovering the mysteries contained in Scripture for the first time and for those coming to this holy book for regular inspiration, only a clear, understandable Bible translation will do. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible is the one Christians the world over can trust.
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The New Jerusalem Bible

Author : Henry Wansbrough
ISBN : 9780385493208
Genre : Bibles
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A critically acclaimed modern translation of the Bible into English, based on the latest advances in biblical scholarship, features a concise two-column format for easier reading, a low price, and a reader-friendly design.
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The New Jerusalem Bible

Author : Bert Ghezzi
ISBN : 0385500661
Genre : Bibles
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The critically acclaimed modern translation of the Bible into English, based on the latest advances in biblical scholarship, is accompanied by two hundred writings by various saints, as well as twenty incisive essays that explore the ways in which the saints used, meditated on, and brought to life the Bible and its teachings.
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Gospel On The Road To Emmaus

Author : Edward Joseph Clemmer
ISBN : 9781456773595
Genre : Religion
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Born in Indiana, Dr. Edward J. Clemmer is a social psychologist by profession. He now lives with his Maltese wife, Jane Zammit, and enjoys dual citizenship with Malta. His four sons by a previous marriage continue to live in America. His personal journey with the Lord into this Gospel (on the Road to) Emmaus began in a moment of grace on 12th September 2003, as Ed was on his way to the priest. The context for this initiation was the Feast of Exultation of Holy Cross (14th September), as the source of every grace is derived from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. The gospel is explained for us as the author and reader journey with the Lord as potential disciples. Our journey begins at Bethany near the Jordan with John the Baptist preaching and baptizing. Part 1 continues up to the Transfiguration of Jesus. Volume One reaches its climax before the Lord’s final journey to Jerusalem, when Jesus returns to Bethany where the Baptist had preached. Volume Two resumes with the Lord’s healing and preaching at Bethany near the Jordan. Part 2 concludes in Bethany near Jerusalem with the Lord’s dinner celebration with Lazarus, after Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead. This celebration anticipates the Lord’s death and resurrection, and ours in Christ. Part 3 takes up the Grand Liturgy of the Lord’s “New Creation,” with Holy Week. The book initially concludes with a retrospective of the incarnation, of Jesus as God-with-us, and with the parallel coming of the Spirit at Pentecost. Then, in the Part 4 conclusion of this gospel, our post-Emmaus journey with the risen Lord returns to our post-Pentecost life in the Holy Spirit. The author’s seven-year personal journey through this Gospel Emmaus ends in 2010 with the Feast of Sukkot, just as when the Lord also had anticipated the Holy Spirit. But the Lord provides us with his own conclusion: although he had healed “ten lepers” as they were on their way to the priest, only one had returned to give thanks.
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Sacred Conjectures

Author : John Jarick
ISBN : 9780567649140
Genre : Religion
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1753 saw the publication of two major works of Old Testament scholarship: Robert Lowth's On the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews and Jean Astruc's Conjectures on Genesis (published anonymously when Astruc was Professor of Medicine at the College Royal in Paris). Both these works have had conisderable repercussions in biblical study down to the present day. Indeed, they may be said to have inaugurated modern critical approaches to biblical poetry and prose, respectively, of the Old Testament. To mark and reflect upon the 250th anniversary of the publication of these volumes, the University of Oxford hosted a "Sacred Conjectures" conference in 2003. An international group of scholars gathered to discuss the context and legacy of Lowth's and Astruc's seminal contributions to the field of biblical scholarship; the majority of the papers presented at the conference appear in this volume. The collection aims to provide for Lowth and Astruc not only an account and evaluation of their life and work but also an understanding of the wider intellectual context of their scholarship and the reception and influence of their work ever since.
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Fallen Nature Fallen Selves

Author : Michael Moriarty
ISBN : 9780199291038
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This is an investigation of psychological and ethical thought in 17th century France, emphasising both continuities and discontinuities with ancient and medieval thought. It looks at the subtlety and complexity of psychological analysis that characterises the period and examines the effect of religious doctrines.
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The New Jerusalem In The Book Of Revelation

Author : Pilchan Lee
ISBN : 3161474775
Genre : History
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There is a development between expectation for the rebuilding of the New Jerusalem/Temple in the Old Testament and the coming of the New Jerusalem/Temple in Revelation. In Revelation, there is a dynamic relation between the New Jerusalem and the Heavenly Jerusalem: the New Jerusalem is the descent of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Moreover, there is no Temple building which was expected as the eschatological promise in the Old Testament but rather God and the Lamb is the Temple. How can this shift be explained? Pilchan Lee examines the exegetical tradition which existed between the Old Testament and Revelation. He assumes that as the exegetical tradition, the early Jewish (apocalyptic) literature functions as a key element for forming the idea of the New Jerusalem in Revelation. John's main argument is that the church (which is symbolized by several images) is placed in heaven now (chapters 4-20) and the church (which is symbolized by the New Jerusalem) will descend to the earth from heaven in the future (21-22).
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The Jerusalem Bible

Author : Alexander Jones
ISBN : 9780385499187
Genre : Bibles
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A reissue of the classic edition of the Bible offers readers a meticulously assembled, historical and linguistically adjusted text published in the wake of Vatican II reforms.
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