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The Nature Of Winter

Author : Jim Crumley
ISBN : 9781912235094
Genre : Nature
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During winter, dark days of wild storms can give way to the perfect, glistening stillness of frost-encrusted winter landscapes – it is the stuff of wonder and beauty, of nature at its utmost. In The Nature of Winter, Jim Crumley ventures into our countryside to experience firsthand the chaos and the quiet solitude of nature's rest period. He bears witness to the lives of remarkable animals such as golden eagles, red deer and even whales as they battle intemperate weather and the turbulence of climate change. In the snow Jim discovers ancient footsteps that lead him to reflect on the journey of his personal nature-writing life – a journey that takes in mountain legends, dear departed friends and an enduring fascination and deep love for nature. Simply, he evokes winter in all its drama, in all its pathos, in all its glory. "Connoisseurs of nature and good writing will be enthralled by his first-person wildlife encounters. His accounts...are written with dazzling clarity, lyrical tilt and a story-teller's skill." BBC Countryfile Magazine, Book of the Month "This book is all luminous moments, small delights and bright meditations drawn from the northern cold... there is deeply indigenous wisdom here... Crumley invites us to linger a while and witness frosty gifts made vivid by the warmth of his conversation." Miriam Darlington, BBC Wildlife Magazine "Inviting and informative...Crumley has earned himself the enviable position of our foremost nature commentator... Meditative... bewitching... outspoken... persuasive... a true winter's tale." Rosemary Goring, Herald "A very timely piece; it is a book full of passion and love for [the] natural world ... It celebrates nature... in all its glory." Sean Barrs, Disclaimer Magazine
Category: Nature

The Nature And Science Of Winter

Author : Jane Burton
ISBN : 0836821912
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 89.69 MB
Format : PDF
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Explains why the season of winter happens and how it manifests itself in the weather and changes in plants and animals.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Nature Of Classical Chinese Medicine Book 1 Of 2

Author : David Nassim
ISBN : 9780956687333
Genre :
File Size : 66.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Nature of Classical Chinese Medicine: The foundational context to re-unite myriad styles. (Book 1 of 2 - Foundation and Constitution, Energetic Anatomy and Physiology) This book (in two parts) is an extensive research project into the original essence of Classical (Han-dynasty) Chinese medicine. It is and investigation to look at how medicine might have been understood and connected to from the origin of Taoist Non-duality as expressed in the Tao Te Ching. There are today myriad styles and approaches to energy-medicine all over the world, and even within Chinese medicine itself. This book aims to connect to the unifying principle that is inclusive not exclusive, and as such has the potential to unify all medicine. This book attempts to clarify theoretical positions but with the key realization that Classical books were only pointers to instinctual health and the nature-led healing that occurs when ""self"" and hierarchical egotism drop out.

The Nature Of The Firm

Author : Ronald Harry Coase
ISBN : 0195083563
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 56.49 MB
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In 1937, Ronald H. Coase published "The Nature of the Firm," a classic paper that raised fundamental questions about the concept of the firm in economic theory. Coase proposed that the comparative costs of organizing transactions through markets rather than within firms are the primary determinants of the size and scope of firms. Coase won the 1991 Nobel Prize in Economics for this work. This volume derives from a conference held in 1987 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Coase's classic article. The first chapter affords an overview of the volume. It is followed by a republication of the 1937 article, and by the three lectures Coase presented at the conference. These lectures provide a lively and informative history of the origins and development of his thought. Subsequent chapters explore a wide-range of theoretical and empirical issues that have arisen in the transaction cost economic tradition. They illustrate the power of the transaction cost approach to enhance understanding not only of business firms, but of problems of economic organization generally. In addition to Coase's work, contributors include Sherwin Rosen, Paul Joskow, Oliver Hart, Harold Demsetz, Scott Masten, Benjamin Klein, as well as the volume's editors, Oliver E. Williamson, and Sidney G. Winter. The Nature of the Firm includes Coase's acceptance speech for his Nobel Prize in Economics.
Category: Bibles

Mind Thoughts And The Nature Of All Happenings

Author : Fidel Santiago
ISBN : 9781514436011
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66.24 MB
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The following is a brief summary of the book, “Mind Thoughts, and The Nature of All Happenings. First of all, the book is far from being a novel. Rather, by contrast it’s a non-fiction work. In general, essentially it’s like the book’s title states. For example, they are the writer’s thoughts, opinions, and the nature of the happenings, during his long life. The book, which began over three years ago, has all the elements of what life has to offer us. Some of them are discussed briefly, and others in lengthy manner. For instance, the writer’s World War II experience during the time he served in various South Pacific islands as a sailor with the U.S. Navy. In specific ways human behavior and philosophical reflections are also discussed. Moreover, the book includes historical events, and happenings in the past and in current times. Also, there’s information in how a book is developed, and the basic aspects of English grammar, and the theory of musical tones. To conclude, and not to be left out, there’s a thorough discussion on the experiences while on vacations to distant lands never before seen.
Category: Philosophy

The Nature Of Mediterranean Europe

Author : Alfred Thomas Grove
ISBN : 0300100558
Genre : History
File Size : 74.22 MB
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This large volume draws on evidence from fieldwork, historical records, archaeology, pollen analysis and recent research in discussing the ecology of Mediterranean Europe from the past to the present day. Grove and Rackham provide clear explanations and discussions of different ecosystems, of ruined landscapes, climate fluctuations and vegetation change, the impact of fire, terracing, agriculture and man's changing subsistence strategies, of coastal erosion and deforestation. A highly readable book, packed full of information, which also assesses the pessimistic view that many people hold over the future of the landscape and environment.
Category: History

The Nature Of Poetry

Author : Catherine Connelly
ISBN : 1453594299
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 48.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The journey of life with Breast Cancer unfolds with fear, courage, strength, hope, pain, and sometimes despair. Our daily battles are surmountable with the comfort of nature that brings us fleeting moments of peace. These poems and illustrations reflect the inner struggle and strength within each of us as individuals and mirror the celebration and determination of life in forests, seashores, and mountain streams. Vernal Ritual celebrates this tenacity of life: Vernal Ritual Unfurling skunk cabbage maroon spikes breaking skyward through crusted March snow. The illustrator, Sue Kempinski Hennessey, is a six year survivor of Stage 3 Breast Cancer. The Nature of Poetry is written to celebrate our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and friends who are survivors or are battling breast cancer and to our loved ones whom we hold in our hearts every day we live. A portion of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Breast Cancer research. Your purchase brings us one step closer to The Cure. Books available at online bookstore.
Category: Poetry

On The Nature Of The Gods

Author : Cicero
ISBN : 9783849676513
Genre : Philosophy
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Cicero’s religious belief, so far as we can gather it, was rather negative than positive. In the speculative treatise 'On the Nature of the Gods,' he examines all the current creeds of the day, but leaves his own quite undefined. The treatise takes the form of an imaginary conversation. This is supposed to have taken place at the house of Aurelius Cotta, then Pontifex Maximus—an office which answered nearly to that of Minister of religion. The other speakers are Balbus, Velleius, and Cicero himself, — who acts, however, rather in the character of moderator than of disputant. The debate is still, as in the more strictly philosophical dialogues, between the different schools.
Category: Philosophy