The Myc Max Mad Transcription Factor Network

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The Myc Max Mad Transcription Factor Network

Author : Robert N. Eisenman
ISBN : 9783540329527
Genre : Medical
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Scientists often look askance at their colleagues whose research appears too strongly focused on a single gene or gene product. We are supposed to be interested in the “big picture” and excessive zeal in pursuit of a single pixel might seem to border on an obsession that is likely to yield only details. However as this volume of Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology demonstrates, this is certainly not the case for myc. Intense study of this en- matic proto-oncogene over the last twenty years has only broadened our view of its functions and led to insights into mechanisms relating to transcriptional regulation as well as to cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and organismal development. The myc gene originally came to light as a retroviral oncogene (v-myc) associated with a wide range of acute neoplasms. It was later shown to be a virally transduced cellular gene (c-myc) which is a member of family of on- genes (c-myc,N-myc,L-myc). These family members are themselves subject to a bewildering assortment of genetic rearrangements associated with many different types of tumors derived from many different types of cells. These rearrangements (including chromosomal translocation, viral integration, and gene ampli?cation) act to uncouple expression of the myc family genes from their normal physiological regulators. The chapter by LIU and LEVENS - scribes the key pathways leading to regulation of myc expression, showing that such regulation occurs at several different levels and through multiple mechanisms.
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Mass Vaccination Global Aspects Progress And Obstacles

Author : Stanley Plotkin
ISBN : 3540293825
Genre : Medical
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Mass immunization is the blitzkrieg of vaccination practice. It serves to rapidly protect populations, both because of the high coverage achieved and because of the herd immunity thereby induced. However, as in war, mass immunization campaigns must be conducted intelligently, with careful strategy and strong attention to logistics of supply and deployment. If conducted badly, mass immunization may fail or even be counter-productive. In this volume, some of the most successful practitioners of mass im- nization tell us about its art and science. David Heymann and Bruce Aylward of WHO begin the book with a theoretical and practical overview of mass immunization. Michael Lane, who participated in the successful effort to eradicate smallpox relates how this was done using mass vaccination and other strategies. Application of mass immunization by the US military is c- ered by John Grabenstein and Remington Nevin, who have a large experience in these matters. Karen Noakes and David Salisbury recount the striking s- cesses of mass immunization in the United Kingdom. The global control of the clostridia that produce diphtheria toxin is described by Charles Vitek. Hepa- tis A is decreasing dramatically under the impact of large-scale vaccination, as Francis André illustrates. The French experience with Hepatitis B vac- nation has been mixed, and François Denis and Daniel Levy-Bruhl explain the circumstances. In?uenza vaccination is an annual example of large-scale campaigns, the complexity of which is recounted by Benjamin Schwartz and Pascale Wortley.
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Transcription Factors In Eukaryotes

Author : Athanasios Papavassiliou
ISBN : 0412125013
Genre : Science
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Incl. structure/function relationships of transcription factors in the context of cytoplasmic & nuclear milieus etc.
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Microarrays And Transcription Networks

Author : M. Francis Shannon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114454635
Genre : Science
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While every cell of an organism has an identical genomic content, extremely complex networks exist to tailor the genomic output to the needs of that cell. This program of gene expression is different for every cell type and stage of development. In addition, the cell can respond to its environment by modulating its gene expression program in a fairly dramatic manner. For many decades gene transcription has been investigated in systems from bacteria to mammalian cells and along the way many landmark findings have set new paradigms that often apply across wide evolutionary distances. Studying individual genes, however, especially in mammalian systems has been a painstaking business and although we know the transcription activators and other complexes that control specific genes in minute detail, generalizing these findings has often proven to be difficult. It has become clear that transcription factors do not operate alone but form complex networks in the cell. If one component of this complexity is disturbed then there are repercussions across the entire network, but it has been impossible to study these networks until very recently. The advent of microarray technology within the last decade has revolutionized how we study gene transcription. There are several types of array technology that essentially screen for relative mRNA levels for many thousands of genes at once. We do not focus here on the technology as this has become routine and is available to many researchers. Microarray technology has given us the ability to measure the entire gene expression program of a cell in a single experiment and compare it to other cells thus allowing a global view of cell behaviour at the level of gene transcription. Expression profiling, as this endeavour has become known, is now a relatively simple undertaking and hundreds, probably thousands of papers have been published demonstrating the power of this technology. Expression profiling has been applied to many diverse biological problems and is also being developed as a method for disease diagnosis especially in the cancer classification field. There are constant improvements or modified uses of the technology that are allowing more and more high throughput experiments to be carried out.
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Cancer Research

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924108304795
Genre : Cancer
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Author : Gary S. Stein
ISBN : 9781118962893
Genre : Science
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A guide to recent insights into the genetic and epigenetic parameters of cancer biology and pathology and emerging clinical applications The thoroughly updated second edition of The Biology and Treatment of Cancer, now titled Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment and Recovery, goes beyond reviewing the fundamental properties of cancer biology and the relevant issues associated with treatment of the disease. The new edition contains coverage of additional "patient centric" topics and presents cancer biology with selection of topics, facts, and perspectives written in easy-to-understand terms. With contributions from noted experts, the book explores recent advances in the understanding of cancer including breakthroughs in the molecular and cellular basis of cancer and provides strategies for approaching cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. The authors incorporate recent information on the genetic and epigenetic parameters of cancer biology and pathology with indications of emerging clinical applications. The text offers a unique guide to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and recovery for students, caregivers, and most importantly cancer patients. This significant book: Incorporates current insight into the genetic and epigenetic parameters of cancer biology and pathology and information on emerging clinical applications Contains contributions from leaders in cancer research, care, and clinical trials Offers an accessible guide to an accurate and balanced understanding of cancer and the cancer patient Focuses on the importance of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship Written for medical students, students of cancer biology, and caregivers and cancer patients, Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment and Recovery offers an authoritative overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with cancer biology, cancer research, and the spectrum of clinical considerations.
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The Journal Of Cell Biology

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015072617783
Genre : Cytology
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No. 2, pt. 2 of November issue each year from v. 19 (1963)-47 (1970) and v. 55 (1972)- contain the Abstracts of papers presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, 3d (1963)-10th (1970) and 12th (1972)-
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Dna And Cell Biology

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015046058411
Genre : Genetic techniques
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Evolutionary Genomics And Proteomics

Author : Mark D Pagel
ISBN : UOM:39015074251078
Genre : Science
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Highlights new research on developments in the rapidly advancing areas of genomics and proteomics, with particular emphasis on placing these fields in an evolutionary context. Topics incude systems biology, the origin of genes and lateral gene transfer, gene regulation and gene dispensability, proteome complexity, genomic immune systems, sex-biased genomic expression, sex chromosome evolution, gene and protein network evolution, adaptive genome evolution, and human evolutional genomics.
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