The Music Of Consciousness

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Music And Consciousness

Author : David Clarke
ISBN : 9780199553792
Genre : Medical
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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What is consciousness? Why and when do we have it? Where does it come from, and how does it relate to the lump of squishy grey matter in our heads, or to our material and social worlds? While neuroscientists, philosophers, psychologists, historians, and cultural theorists offer widely different perspectives on these fundamental questions concerning what it is like to be human, most agree that consciousness represents a 'hard problem'.The emergence of consciousness studies as a multidisciplinary discourse addressing these issues has often been associated with rapid advances in neuroscience-perhaps giving the impression that the arts and humanities have arrived late at the debating table. The longer historical view suggests otherwise, but it is probably true that music has been under-represented in accounts of consciousness. Music and Consciousness aims to redress the balance: its twenty essays offer a timely andmulti-faceted contribution to consciousness studies, critically examining some of the existing debates and raising new questions.The collection makes it clear that to understand consciousness we need to do much more than just look at brains: studying music demonstrates that consciousness is as much to do with minds, bodies, culture, and history. Incorporating several chapters that move outside Western philosophical traditions, Music and Consciousness corrects any perception that the study of consciousness is a purely occidental preoccupation. And in addition to what it says about consciousness the volume also presents adistinctive and thought-provoking configuration of new writings about music.
Category: Medical

Music And Consciousness 2

Author : Ruth Herbert
ISBN : 9780198804352
Genre : Music
File Size : 34.1 MB
Format : PDF
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Consciousness has been described as one of the most mysterious things in the universe. Scientists, philosophers, and commentators from a whole range of disciplines can't seem to agree on what it is, generating a sizeable field of contemporary research known as consciousness studies. Following its forebear Music and Consciousness: Philosophical, Psychological and Cultural Perspectives (OUP, 2011), this volume argues that music can provide a valuable route to understanding consciousness, and also that consciousness opens up new perspectives for the study of music. It argues that consciousness extends beyond the brain, and is fundamentally related to selves engaged in the world, culture, and society. The book brings together an interdisciplinary line up of authors covering topics as wide ranging as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, philosophy and phenomenology, aesthetics, sociology, ethnography, and performance studies and musical styles from classic to rock, trance to Daoism, jazz to tabla, and deep listening to free improvisation. Music and Consciousness 2 will be fasinating reading for those studying or working in the field of musicology, those researching consciousness as well as cultural theorists, psychologists, and philosophers.
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Music Consciousness

Author : Helen L. Bonny
ISBN : 189127810X
Genre : Music
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The use of music as a tool for the amelioration of an nsettled mind is a long established practice and Bonny's technique of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), though itself relatrively new, has precedents in both science and art. The twenty-two chapters involved represent a selection of Bonny's lectures, articles and monographs.
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Music And Altered States

Author : David Aldridge
ISBN : 9781843103738
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 79.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An international collection examining the opportunities for using music-induced states of altered consciousness. The observations of the contributors cover a wide range of music types capable of inducing altered states. It will interest practicing music therapists, musicologists, and ethnomusicologists, students and academics in the field.
Category: Psychology

Music Of The Mind

Author : D. C. Reanney
ISBN : 0285632884
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 65.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Blending exciting scientific concepts with an Eastern sense of destiny, this book takes the reader on a journey into consciousness and provides convincing answers to unanswerable questions about life, death, and beyond. At the instant of creation, the universe possessed an absolute unity and symmetry it has not experienced since, and all matter carries a memory of that perfection and yearns to recover it. We are part of this deep cosmic consciousness, from life to death, and into an afterlife that is as essential to our being as the physical life we leave behind. Embracing science, philosophy, mysticism, and religion, this view opens our eyes to the meaning of existence and clarifies our role in the vastness of creation.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Music Review

Author :
ISBN : UCR:31210002197927
Genre : Music
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The Spiritual Dimensions Of Music

Author : R. J. Stewart
ISBN : 0892813121
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 43.10 MB
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This handbook of musical alchemy emphasizes the role of music in raising consciousness to benefit body and mind.
Category: Health & Fitness

Music And Solidarity

Author : Felicity Laurence
ISBN : 9781412847841
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 56.35 MB
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The philosopher Christopher Small suggests that musical meanings are concerned with relationships, both with other human beings and with the world, and that music functions as a means of exploration, affirmation, and celebration of those relationships. If members of different social groups have different values, or different concepts of ideal relationships, then the kinds of performances that enact those relationships will differ from one another. Using music to express benevolent intentions is not, in general, one of its most obvious functions. In fact, military music has been used throughout history to destroy cross-cultural communion. Music is also a powerful and ubiquitous tool in propaganda, and in facilitating various political projects in all kinds of inventive ways that have nothing much to do with the pursuit of peaceful and cooperative intercultural understanding, or with helping people address issues of injustice. This text moves far beyond the knowledge of music’s power upon humans, however this may be conceived and explained. It addresses a field of inquiry that is still a tiny endeavor, at least in comparison with all other academic efforts in the world. The sparseness of serious theoretical engagement with the topic of music’s potential role in the area of peace and policy is echoed by how little music is directly used in the “real world” for building a more humane consciousness. Finding ways to that goal is the purpose of this work.
Category: Political Science


Author :
ISBN : WISC:89005109806
Genre : Music
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Everyday Music Listening

Author : Dr Ruth Herbert
ISBN : 9781409494690
Genre : Music
File Size : 67.23 MB
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In what ways does listening to music shape everyday perception? Is music particularly effective in promoting shifts in consciousness? Is there any difference perceptually between contemplating one's surroundings and experiencing a work of art? Everyday Music Listening is the first book to focus in depth on the detailed nature of music listening episodes as lived mental experiences. Ruth Herbert uses new empirical data to explore the psychological processes involved in everyday music listening scenarios, charting interactions between music, perceiver and environment in a diverse range of real-world contexts. Findings are integrated with insights from a broad range of literature, including consciousness studies and research into altered states of consciousness, as well as ideas from ethology and evolutionary psychology, suggesting that a psychobiological capacity for trancing is linked to the origins of making and receiving of art. The term 'trance' is not generally associated with music listening outside ethnomusicological studies of strong experiences, yet 'hypnotic-like' involvements in daily life have long been recognized by hypnotherapy researchers. The author argues that multiply distributed attention - prevalent in much contemporary listening- does not necessarily indicate superficial engagement. Music emerges as a particularly effective mediator of experience. Absorption and dissociation, as manifestations of trancing, are self-regulatory processes, often operating at the level of unconscious awareness, that support individuals' perceptions of psychological health. This fascinating study brings together research and theory from a wide range of fields to provide a new framework for understanding the phenomenology of music listening in a way that will appeal to both specialist academic audiences and a broad general readership.
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Author : Theodore Presser
ISBN : UIUC:30112101011028
Genre : Music
File Size : 52.85 MB
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Includes music.
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Of Mind And Music

Author : Laird Addis
ISBN : 0801489563
Genre : Music
File Size : 29.87 MB
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"For most people music brings to mind a range of deep emotions. In this account of the way in which we understand music, Laird Addis explains how sounds can have such profound effects on those listening to them." "Building on the idea, first articulated by Susanne Langer, that passages of music symbolize emotions and other conscious states, Addis advances an entirely new account of the nature of this representation. He maintains that the unique bond joining music and feelings is based on a previously unnoticed affinity between consciousness and sound. He also provides an extended discussion of Freud's theory of dream symbolism to show how unconscious awareness plays a critical role in our experience of music."--BOOK JACKET.
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Rap Music And Street Consciousness

Author : Cheryl Lynette Keyes
ISBN : 0252072014
Genre : Music
File Size : 88.38 MB
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In this first musicological history of rap music, Cheryl L. Keyes traces the genre's history from its roots in West African bardic traditions, the Jamaican dancehall tradition, and African American vernacular expressions to its permeation of the cultural mainstream as a major tenet of hip-hop lifestyle and culture. Rap music, according to Keyes, addresses the political and economic disfranchisement of black youths and other groups, fosters ethnic pride, and displays culture values and aesthetics. Blending popular culture with folklore and ethnomusicology, Keyes offers a nuanced portrait of the artists, themes, and varying styles reflective of urban life and street consciousness. Her analysis draws on music, lives, politics, and interests of figures ranging from Afrika Bambaataa, the "godfather of hip-hop," to early artists like Grandmaster Flash, to crossover pioneers like LL Cool J, De La Soul, and Public Enemy, to megastars like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. At the same time, Keyes delves into the impact of the rapper-turned mogul phenomenon, the rise of Death Row Records, and the East Coast-West Coast tensions of the Nineties.
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Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433082187638
Genre : Music
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Inner Sound

Author : Jonathan Weinel
ISBN : 9780190671181
Genre : Altered states of consciousness
File Size : 62.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Inner Sound, author Jonathan Weinel traverses the influence of altered states of consciousness on audio-visual media, explaining how our subjective realities may change during states of dream, psychedelic experience, meditation, and trance.
Category: Altered states of consciousness

Music Your Mind

Author : Helen L. Bonny
ISBN : UOM:39015021187433
Genre : Music
File Size : 76.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This updated and expanded edition offers step-by-step descriptions of 25 music-listening experiences for individuals, groups, music appreciation classes, and religious gatherings, all designed to open new doors to creativity, insight, and self-understanding.
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