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The Mughal Throne

Author : Abraham Eraly
ISBN : 0753817586
Genre : History
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Describes the lives of six Mughal rulers, from 1526 to 1707.
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Emperors Of The Peacock Throne No India No Singapore

Author : Abraham Eraly
ISBN : 0297829777
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In December 1525 Babur, the great grandson of the Mongol conqueror Tamberlaine, crossed the Indus river into the Punjab with a modest army and some cannon. At the battle ot Panipat five months later he routed the mammoth army of the Afghan ruler of Hindustan. Mughal rule in India had begun. It was to continue for over three centuries, shaping India for all time. Babur won further victories but after his death the Mughals were thrown out of India. It required a new invasion in 1554, brilliantly consolidated by Babur's grandson Akbar, to restore their rule. The reign of Akbar, from 1556 to 1605, is one of the great ages of Indian history. An unorthodox Muslim himself, Akbar favoured religious toleration, and the architecture of his new capital at Fatehpur Sikri reflected both Islamic and Hindu traditions. Under the next conqueror, Jenhangir, and his son, Shah Jehan, who built the Taj Mahal, the Mughal Empire reached a pinnacle of prosperity and wealth. But the light of Mughal civilisation was beginning to fade, even though the last of the great emperors, the cunning but dour Aurangzeb, who ruled from 1656 to 1707, added most of southern India to the empire. Full of dramatic episodes and colourful detail, The Mughal Empire tells the story of one of the world's great empires.

Emperors Of The Peacock Throne

Author : Abraham Eraly
ISBN : 0141001437
Genre : India
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A Stirring Account Of One Of The World S Greatest Empires In December 1525, Zahir-Ud-Din Babur, Descended From Chengiz Khan And Timur Lenk, Crossed The Indus River Into The Punjab With A Modest Army And Some Cannon. At Panipat, Five Months Later, He Fought The Most Important Battle Of His Life And Routed The Mammoth Army Of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, The Afghan Ruler Of Hindustan. Mughal Rule In India Had Begun. It Was To Continue For Over Three Centuries, Shaping India For All Time. In This Definitive Biography Of The Great Mughals, Abraham Eraly Reclaims The Right To Set Down History As A Chronicle Of Flesh-And-Blood People. Bringing To His Task The Objectivity Of A Scholar And The High Imagination Of A Master Storyteller, He Recreates The Lives Of Babur, The Intrepid Pioneer; The Dreamer Humayun; Akbar, The Greatest And Most Enigmatic Of The Mughals; The Aesthetes Jehangir And Shah Jahan; And The Dour And Determined Aurangzeb.
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The Princes Of The Mughal Empire 1504 1719

Author : Munis D. Faruqui
ISBN : 9781107022171
Genre : History
File Size : 68.29 MB
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A new interpretation of the Mughal Empire explores Mughal state formation through the pivotal role of its princes.
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Ocr Gcse History Shp The Mughal Empire 1526 1707

Author : Michael Riley
ISBN : 9781471861031
Genre : History
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Exam board: OCR Level: GCSE Subject: History First teaching: September 2016 First exams: Summer 2018 Let SHP successfully steer you through the new specification with an exciting, enquiry-based series that invigorates teaching and learning; combining best practice principles and worthwhile tasks to develop students' high-level historical knowledge and skills. - Tackle unfamiliar topics from the broadened curriculum with confidence: the engaging, accessible text covers the content you need for teacher-led lessons and independent study - Ease the transition to GCSE: step-by-step enquiries inspired by best practice in KS3 help to simplify lesson planning and ensure continuous progression within and across units - Build the knowledge and understanding students need to succeed: the scaffolded three-part task structure enables students to record, reflect on and review their learning - Boost student performance across the board: suitably challenging tasks encourage high achievers to excel at GCSE while clear explanations make key concepts accessible to all - Rediscover your enthusiasm for source work: a range of purposeful, intriguing visual and written source material is embedded at the heart of each investigation to enhance understanding - Develop students' sense of period: the visually stimulating text design uses memorable case studies, diagrams, infographics and contemporary photos to bring fascinating events and people to life
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Aurangzib And The Decay Of The Mughal Empire

Author : Professor Stanley Lane-Poole
ISBN : 9781782894735
Genre : History
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This is the tale of the last of the great Mughal Emperors of India, Aurangzib or the “world-seizer”, his life is traced by expert historian Professor Lane-Poole though the blood, battles and intrigue of his vast wars, rapid expansion, religious piety and fatal over-extension. “The greatest of Indian rulers, the Emperor Akbar, died in 1605. Third in the succession of his dynasty, he was first in his genius for government the true founder of the Indian Empire of the Great Moguls. He left a magnificent heritage to his descendants. His realm embraced all the provinces of Hindustan, and included Kabul on the west, Bengal on the east, Kashmir beside the Himalayas, and Khandesh in the Deccan. He had not merely conquered this vast dominion in forty years of warfare, but he had gone far towards welding it into an organic whole. He united under one firm government Hindus and Muhammadans, Shi’a and Sunnis, Rajputs and Afghans, and all the numerous races and tribes of Hindustan, in spite of the centrifugal tendencies of castes and creeds. In dealing with the formidable difficulties presented by the government of a peculiarly heterogeneous empire, he stands absolutely supreme among oriental sovereigns, and may even challenge comparison with the greatest of European kings. He was himself the spring and fount of the sagacious policy of his government, and the proof of the soundness of his system is the duration of his undiminished empire, in spite of the follies and vices of his successors, until it was undone by the puritan reaction of his great-grandson Aurangzib.” “Akbar’s main difficulties lay in diversity and jealousies of the races and religions with which he had to deal. It was his method of dealing with these difficulties which established the Mughal Empire in all the power and splendour that marked its sway for a hundred years to come. It was Aurangzib’s reversal of this method which undid his ancestor’s work and prepared the way for the downfall of his dynasty.”
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Writing The Mughal World

Author : Muzaffar Alam
ISBN : 9780231527903
Genre : History
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Between the mid-sixteenth and early nineteenth century, the Mughal Empire was an Indo-Islamic dynasty that ruled as far as Bengal in the east and Kabul in the west, as high as Kashmir in the north and the Kaveri basin in the south. The Mughals constructed a sophisticated, complex system of government that facilitated an era of profound artistic and architectural achievement. They promoted the place of Persian culture in Indian society and set the groundwork for South Asia's future development. In this volume, two leading historians of early modern South Asia present nine major joint essays on the Mughal Empire, framed by an essential introductory reflection. Making creative use of materials written in Persian, Indian vernacular languages, and a variety of European languages, their chapters accomplish the most significant innovations in Mughal historiography in decades, intertwining political, cultural, and commercial themes while exploring diplomacy, state-formation, history-writing, religious debate, and political thought. Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam center on confrontations between different source materials that they then reconcile, enabling readers to participate in both the debate and resolution of competing claims. Their introduction discusses the comparative and historiographical approach of their work and its place within the literature on Mughal rule. Interdisciplinary and cutting-edge, this volume richly expands research on the Mughal state, early modern South Asia, and the comparative history of the Mughal, Ottoman, Safavid, and other early modern empires.
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World History From Early Times To A D 2000

Author : B .V. Rao
ISBN : 8120731883
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Asia in the past nurtured great civilisations and cultures, some of which withstood the onslaughts of the mighty West. After suffering from the evils of colonial rule, Asia today is poised to occupy the centre stage of the world arena, with India, China and Japan playing leading role. In this context, it is all the more necessary for college and university students in Asia and the west to acquaint themselves with the history of Asia. Hence this book. The book is different from others of this genre, as it connects the ancient and medieval Asia with the modern world. It ideals with the history of each country in its geographical setting with the interaction and impact of neighbouring countries. Early migrations, settlements, formation of kingdoms and empires, socio-economic aspects of Islamic conquests and the advent of Western powers are all accounted for. The modern period (up to 2004) is treated in a detailed manner covering topics like colonisation, impact of Western civilisation, the rise of nationalism and the achievement of independence. The current history highlights subversion of democracies, ushering in of military rule, ethnic conflicts, movements for the restoration of democracy, oppression of minorities, economic issues, nuclear proliferation and the war on terror -- all in a fascinating manner -- with maps, bibliography, and an index to stimulate reader's interest.

An Atlas And Survey Of South Asian History

Author :
ISBN : 076563757X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.66 MB
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A meticulous analysis of fascism, its manifestations in Russian political and cultural history, and fascist tendencies and movements in contemporary Russia. The author devotes chapters to the many Russian political parties, movements, and organizations that have been labeled (or mislabeled) as fascist. He critically examines each in terms of program, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Against the background of the current climate of opinion and events in Russia, he concludes with a careful attempt to weigh the prospects for a fascist outcome.
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