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The Modern Kama Sutra

Author : Kamini Thomas
ISBN : 0007288433
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Transform your lovemaking into erotic ecstasy with the secrets of the Kama Sutra -- the most ancient, renowned and explicit guide to sexual pleasure.

The Modern Kama Sutra In A Box

Author : Kamini Thomas
ISBN : 0738212504
Genre : Self-Help
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The 2,000-year-old Kama Sutra is the oldest and most famous work on erotic pleasure ever created. In a playful complement to The Modern Kama Sutra, an original new interpretation of the Hindu sex classic, this boxed set features an illustrated book, accompanied by a deck of full-color position cards with step-by-step instructions, difficulty ratings, and relevant quotes from the original text. From slow and gentle to fast and intense, the positions fulfill every mood and sexual need and are designed to heighten pleasure from both a man’s and woman’s perspective. The ultimate resource for modern lovers, couples will want to keep The Modern Kama Sutra in a Box by their bedside tables and refer to it again and again.
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Kama Sutra

Author : Kamasutra Lifestyle
ISBN : 1523604549
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Kama Sutra Illustrated In this modern update of the Kama Sutra you will be introduced to the ancient wisdom of godly lovemaking, which has been guiding lovers for generations, told with the sophistication and variety that 21st century sex provides. This Kama Sutra illustrated book covers the wide range of delights that the Kama Sutra book has to offer, from understanding the central tenants of better lovemaking, to fully exploring the many different pleasure points found in the body and how to fully stimulate them, and, of course, a complete guide to 100 sex positions with photographs. The Kama Sutra is not just a sex positions book however, it is much more than this; it is how to be a more considerate and intimate lover at all times, not just in the bedroom, and how to take this new appreciation of your partner, and your new lovemaking skills, to build a strong and long lasting relationship. You will be taught how to incorporate the philosophy of the Kama Sutra book into your life with easy to follow and practical advice that will show an immediate improvement to your love making. You will be taught how to savor each moment, each contour, and each breath of your partner in a whole new light. Explore you and your partner's body with renewed passion and intensity and discover the Kama Sutra way to maximize your lover's pleasure and make it your own. Be taken into the world of the Kama Sutra and Kama Sutra positions to become the lover you've always wanted to be. Discover 100 fully illustrated, adventurous and unique Kama Sutra positions; from the original classics to over 30 stunning new ones all with easy-to-follow and vivid sex position photos. The included sex positions book will become an instrumental tool in your future love making and each of the positions comes with advice on working them into your sex life and handy tips to get the most out of them. See sex and intimacy differently and learn how to consistently have great sex that is intimate and satisfying with the Kama Sutra illustrated guide. Don't settle for the same three positions you've been using since high school, put your body into positions it's never been in before and find sensations you've never dreamed of by looking through the many sex positions photos. Begin to discover and explore your own body differently: by learning about what makes our partners tick we begin to see it in ourselves and learn how to maximize our own pleasure in ways we had never thought possible before. Think you already know all of his or her favorite spots? All of their erogenous zones? Think again, the world of the body and its many pleasure zones can be overwhelming without a guide. In this guide you will not just be told where the most intense pleasure zones, but what makes them so intense and how to find your own. You can see them being used in action with the sex positions with photographs. Teach yourself about the rich history of the Kama Sutra, how it reached us in its current form, and how it can be used to fit into the modern world of dating and love making. Take in what the marvels of modern science has to tell us about the anatomy of pleasure and see how to introduce the humble vibrator into your sexual expeditions. Just a beginner? Don't worry, the modern Kama Sutra guide is a book for lovers of all levels of intimacy and closeness. It is never too early or too late to approach the Kama Sutra and the many wonders it has in store for you. Don't wait until you are in a long term relationship or your sex life has become stale to start increasing your love making potential, learn now with the Kama Sutra guide and use the principles here to increase your sex appeal and better appreciate any future lovers. Find out how to become a Kama Sutra lover today and never leave you or your partner unsatisfied again!

Modern Kama Sutra

Author : Cristina Leone
ISBN : 1093553138
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Your love has a purpose - to keep alight the spark of love which makes more entertaining to the world of your life. By re-igniting the spark of emotion in your own relationship, you and your lover become partners in the cosmic work of growing the love that brightens all life. Together, you become one with the reason at the heart of the cosmos and the love that holds all together. Re-kindle the spark with classical Kama Sutra and know the fullness and joy of living. The classical text, Kama Sutra, is known is the West as a sex guidebook. But the truth about Kama Sutra is more strong. The Sanskrit title translates in English as "The Treatise on Pleasure". The pleasure referred to goes beyond the sexual, wrapping all of human life. The collection of Vedic instructions and advice represented by the Kama Sutra amounts to a guide to getting the most out of life by being fully present to all it offers us - including sex.I basically have written this book for souls who want to have satisfying sex. So I decided to make the book all things to all people. **Download your copy today!**

69 Modern Kamasutra Positions With A Simple Illustration And Easy Guide

Author : Suci Kreatif
ISBN : 1796417041
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The "69 Modern Kamasutra Positions With A Simple Illustration and Easy Guide" is an inspiration from ancient Indian techniques that was written to help teach men on how to have a happy marriage. A lot of people think that it's just about sex, but that's not strictly true. The Kamasutra is made up of 7 sections but only the second, called 'On Sexual Union', details different sexual positions. This part of it is illustrated with drawings to show couples different ways of having sex.Despite it being centuries old, The Kama Sutra is still just as fun to try today. Some of the positions are a little more challenging than others, but all are designed to give both of you pleasure.The book on sexual positions in the Kamasutra is still a very valuable work. This is the inspiration for several of the cave sculptures of India, and they are also quite universal in their approach. Couples can derive much pleasure by trying out the different postures mentioned here. We've taken some of the most popular KamaSutra positions ( 69 positions ) to be a modern positions.

Modern Day Kamasutra

Author : Adam Carter
ISBN : 154106688X
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Since its inception in the 2nd Century B.C, Kamasutra has become synonymous with the art of making love. From your neighbor to your teacher that you have a little crush on to your partner (hopefully); everyone in every corner of the globe has heard of it or is aware of the Kamasutra to some degree. Unfortunately, this general awareness of the term is usually where the knowledge stops and the mythology begins. I used the term 'art of making love' earlier because that's something that I really want to emphasize here; that having sex can be and is truly an art form. There's so much more to it than simply stripping off your clothes, having a quick play with one another before some rushed intercourse and trying to get off. That's a practice that this book hopes to abolish. Kamasutra was written roughly in the 2nd Century B.C. During this period, the original author (more on that in Chapter One) was millions of years behind the modern society when it comes to the art of having sex. His religion saw sex as one of the many things a person had to achieve spiritual harmony. Therefore, as it was so encouraged, it only makes sense to try and do it right. The western society has unfortunately developed a different attitude when it comes to sexual congress. This negative view of late prevents westerners from having great sex. We are subjected to a 'behind closed doors' policy where the idea of openly discussing sex is publicly criticized and derided. As a result we are forced to learn as we go along; usually resulting in basic missionary position and, if we're feeling really frisky, doggy. If we can do this once a week, commend yourself for getting it done and then wait for the next inevitable tame session. And we call this having sex. Not anymore. That life you used to lead where you normally ponder whether you should get more sleep or have sex with your partner, as if there was even a choice here, is gone. For that, you can thank the Kamasutra. The only real problem with Kamasutra is that it's a little out of date. To its credit, it is over 2,000 years old and is still extremely relevant in many places. However, some of the teachings are a little archaic for modern dater. If you were to read it in its entirety, you'd probably think that you were picking up the wrong book. That's where this book comes into play. What you're going to get from this book is a modern-day Kamasutra, updated from the original text over 2,000 years ago. I've scoured through the entire book, provided the necessary tips and added a few new and improved ones. Yes, you will get a list of the best positions and how to do them. After all, that is the crux of the Kamasutra. But I'll even go further than that. I'll be providing you with tips on how to come up with your own positions. And more than that, this book will also be going into detail on the all-important foreplay, something that the original Kamasutra was very concerned with and you should too. It should be noted that Kamasutra is about so much more than just having sex. Anyone can have sex (they hope). It's about having sex properly and what is achieved by doing so. Sex is a part of everyday life and has the ability to improve our lives if done properly. This book is about learning how to have that sex. Most would agree that it is life changing; I mean really, isn't that alone should be enough?

The Complete Kama Sutra

Author :
ISBN : 0788196782
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Kama Sutra

Author : Alicia Bellerose
ISBN : 1540640167
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Kama Sutra and Sex Positions Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to Love Making and Kama Sutra is a modern book for the modern lovers. This couples guide is complete with a variety of fun Kama Sutra positions to try, several tips and tricks to enhance your experience, and a guide of which sex toys to choose for your bedroom fun. If you are a new couple trying to get to know each other, or a couple that is trying to get the flame in your sex life lite again, Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to Love Making and Kama Sutra is a great guide to get headed on the right track! Inside, you are walked through various steps such as how to get ready for your partner, how to turn each other on, relationship advice, fun and exciting sex positions for all types of lovers and basic knowledge on how to pleasure each other beyond your wildest dreams. This guide is meant to be read by both partners, preferably together, so you will notice that there are details for both ladies and gentlemen throughout each chapter. Inside Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to Love Making and Kama Sutra we provide step by step on how to give your significant other an organism while making sure both parties feel sexy and comfortable. The aim of this book is to help guide you and your lover on how to build one another's confidence while exploring new sexy moves in the bedroom. The book provides different levels of Kama Sutra positions along with suggested dirty talk that will help keep your sex life steamy and romantic. The reason why we provide different levels of sex positions and dirty talk is to ensure that no matter what stage you are in your relationship, that you will entire the bedroom with more confidence and sex appeal than ever had before, and not to mention how you will be leaving your lover wanting more! Whether you're a modest couple, or you're in to experimenting with new things and taking your sex to new levels, you are guaranteed to find something inside that you will enjoy. Kama Sutra is a guide for any age or for any stage in a relationship. Kama Sutrahelps to promote love making while keeping it kinky with dirty bedroom talk. This book holds a great understanding that sex is an essential component to a romantic relationship. It is very common for long term relationships to lose their spark, or couples that might be getting bored with their routine and are just looking for new ways to spice up the bedroom. For most people, sex and their romantic relationship is a very private subject. By purchasing Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to Love Making and Kama Sutra, you and your partner can enjoy learning about new love making techniques while being in the comfort of your own home. If you purchase this book, we can assure you that your sex life with your partner will greatly benefit from it.

Kamasutra With Ancient Modern Illustrations

Author : Vatsyayana
ISBN : 1530921759
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Man should study the Kama Sutra and the arts and sciences subordinate thereto, in addition to the study of the arts and sciences contained in Dharma and Artha. Even young maids should study this Kama Sutra along with its arts and sciences before marriage, and after it they should continue to do so with the consent of their husbands. Here some learned men object, and say that females, not being allowed to study any science, should not study the Kama Sutra. But Vatsyayana is of opinion that this objection does not hold good, for women already know the practice of Kama Sutra, and that practice is derived from the Kama Shastra, or the science of Kama itself. Moreover, it is not only in this but in many other cases that though the practice of a science is known to all, only a few persons are acquainted with the rules and laws on which the science is based. Thus the Yadnikas or sacrificers, though ignorant of grammar, make use of appropriate words when addressing the different Deities, and do not know how these words are framed. Again, persons do the duties required of them on auspicious days, which are fixed by astrology, though they are not acquainted with the science of astrology. In a like manner riders of horses and elephants train these animals without knowing the science of training animals, but from practice only. And similarly the people of the most distant provinces obey the laws of the kingdom from practice, and because there is a king over them, and without further reason.[11] And from experience we find that some women, such as daughters of princes and their ministers, and public women, are actually versed in the Kama Shastra.