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The Mindfulness Journal

Author : Global Ecom
ISBN : 1679865412
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File Size : 72.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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REDUCE YOUR ANXIETY AND LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT: It's easy to feel worried when you're surrounded by negativity and headlines full of bad news. With The Mindfulness Journal, you can build a stress-reducing habit that makes you appreciate every single day.UNIQUE, ACTIONABLE PROMPTS: The Mindfulness Journal provides 365 daily writing prompts divided into 52 weekly mindfulness topics. This gives you seven days to fully immerse yourself in each topic. Also, the prompts are unique enough so you'll never feel bored while journaling. These prompts are fun, engaging, and will help you gain an appreciation for the world around you.

The Mindfulness Journal

Author : Corinne Sweet
ISBN : 9780752265612
Genre : Self-Help
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In today's busy world, finding physical and mental space for peace and calm amidst the competing demands of work, family and friends can be a challenge. Mindfulness is a simple and powerful practice that can help you cut through the noise and reclaim tranquillity, wherever you are. The Mindfulness Journal offers an introduction to mindfulness and easy exercises that can be done whether you are sitting at your desk, squeezed on to a crowded train, or standing in line at the supermarket. This beautifully illustrated journal is your indispensable companion to a more peaceful, stress-free day.
Category: Self-Help

The Mindfulness Journal Peaces Of My Day

Author : Sheri Mabry Bestor
ISBN : 0615803156
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Whether it be in business or education, yoga or meditation workshops, people everywhere are understanding the value of mindfulness. Unified in mind, body, and spirit, being mindful means being aware of what is happening inside and outside of us, as it happens. It means intimately experiencing the moment. The Mindfulness Journal encourages you to experience life more fully through intentional attention on the present. Instead of recording the past, you'll be writing down your experience in the here and now by responding to prompts and expressing creativity. Studies show that using a journal, mindful exercises and even the process of handwriting are beneficial on many levels. The Mindfulness journal combines it all, resulting in you becoming more mindful in your everyday life as a way of being. The process of using the journal increases sensory awareness, builds neural pathways, and fosters creativity. Life is hectic. Use this journal not as another to-do item on your daily list. Use it as a tool to experience all that you are. Enjoy the collection of meaningful memories. And find the stillness within, where the Peaces of Your Day reside so that you can truly Live Your Light!

The Mindfulness Journal For Teens

Author : Jennie Marie Battistin
ISBN : 1646112830
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 79.69 MB
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Stay calm and cool no matter what--a mindfulness journal Being a teenager can be tough--schoolwork, social media, life in general. Mindfulness can help. The Mindfulness Journal for Teens gives you a toolbox of helpful techniques--simple breathing exercises, easy meditations, and lots and lots of journal prompts to help you de-stress and live in the moment. This journal is a safe space where you can write your thoughts and bring mindfulness into your daily routine. By spending just a few minutes with it every day, you can make your life calmer, more focused, and overall easier. This journal includes: Teen survival skills--The prompts help you deal with common issues like relationships with family and friends, school, and self-esteem. Short and sweet--Apply simple mindfulness exercises like power posing, mindful eating, and mindful walking to help you stay present. Keep your head up--Use inspirational quotes to deepen your understanding and face your fears. Find out how to stay present in the moment with guided writing prompts in this helpful mindfulness journal.
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

The Mindfulness Journal

Author : Anna Barnes
ISBN : 1787833046
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Mindfulness is a journey, and even the best explorers need a little guidance along the way Filled with contemplative quotes, centering statements and simple exercises, this journal guides you to daily mindfulness, allowing you to truly live in the present moment. Taking you through different aspects of your life, these pages will help you find the peace in every day and truly embrace all that life has to offer.

30 Days Of Mindfulness

Author : Mystic Tortoise
ISBN : 1655070517
Genre :
File Size : 30.85 MB
Format : PDF
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Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you try to become aware of all your senses and feelings in that moment. Mindfulness should be free of judgements or busy thoughts. It is all about maintaining awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings involving gentle, nurturing thoughts. You should pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and be in the present moment, not in the past or future. This process of mindfulness is meant to calm and guide you, not make you uncomfortable. Find what works best with your schedule and your body and take it from there. Relax and enjoy the journey. I hope that this journal helps you to find your focus and learn more about yourself. I hope you find peace and solace from things that burden you. Make yourself a priority and open your awareness. This Journal includes Daily Mindfulness Exercises, Questions and Journal Pages to prompt deep thinking and mindfulness practice that you can apply wherever you are and when you need it most. To see more of this book, click "See inside the book!" Please make sure to check out our other guided journals and notebooks.

The Mindfulness Journal For Anxiety

Author : Tanya J. Peterson
ISBN : 1641523069
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 38.30 MB
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Find peace from anxiety with daily prompts and practices from The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety. Mindful journaling is a powerful way to gain awareness and control anxiety. In The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety, you'll embark on a rewarding journey to stillness and self-discovery as you confront anxiety with pen in hand. From breathing exercises to thought-provoking meditations, these reflections and prompts are rooted in proven-effective mindfulness practices for reducing anxiety. Helping you organize your thoughts and give them structure--with ample space for real reflection--this mindfulness journal gets anxiety out of your head and onto paper where you can find peace from perspective. Take a deep breath, grab your favorite pen, and dive in with: Writing prompts that provide guidance for understanding the root of your anxiety, accepting its presence, and taking control of how it manifests. Mindfulness exercises that teach you techniques for cultivating awareness and reducing anxiety in the moment. Space for reflection that allows you to fully explore and react to writing prompts and exercises. Embrace mindfulness and let go of anxiety with insightful prompts and practices from The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Breathe Mindfulness Journal

Author : Breathe Magazine
ISBN : 1454934506
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File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Breathe magazine taps into its core message of mindfulness with a beautiful body-and-soul guide to a relaxed, more fulfilled you. Perfectly sized to travel everywhere, and with ample space for writing, it's filled with stunning images, inspirational quotations, and brand-new, simple exercises to help you live in the moment, set goals, relieve worries and stress, write from the heart, and so much more.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook Of Mindfulness

Author : Amanda Ie
ISBN : 9781118294871
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 46.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness from a group of international scholars: Examines the origins and key theories of the two dominant Western approaches to mindfulness Compares, contrasts, and integrates insights from the social psychological and Eastern-derived perspectives Discusses the implications for mindfulness across a range of fields, including consciousness and cognition, education, creativity, leadership and organizational behavior, law, medical practice and therapy, well-being, and sports 2 Volumes
Category: Psychology