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The Mermaid S Scream

Author : Kate Ellis
ISBN : 9780349413105
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Why did Wynn Staniland, a legend in the literary world, suddenly become a recluse in the 1980s? Most assumed he stopped writing because of his wife's bizarre suicide; a death that mirrored a murder case from the nineteenth century. And now a promising young author called Zac Wilkinson is working on Staniland's biography and hopes to reveal the true story to a waiting world - while at the same time keeping his own troubled past hidden from public view. When Wilkinson is found brutally murdered, DI Wesley Peterson finds links to the unexplained poisoning of a middle-aged couple at a local caravan park - and Wynn Staniland appears to be the connection. As Wesley delves further into the case he suspects a sinister puppet show might provide the solution: a grim re-enactment of the murder of Mary Field, a cause celebre from the reign of Queen Victoria that inspired Staniland's best-known novel. The case becomes personal for Wesley when he discovers his son is involved, and as he begins to unravel decades of secrets and deception, the shocking truth proves almost too much to bear . . .
Category: Fiction

Breeze The Mermaid Iii

Author : Sylvia Fraley and Ronald B. Walkshorse
ISBN : 9781452073033
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.30 MB
Format : PDF
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Do we really know what secrets lay hidden underneath the vast ocean waters of this world? I think not! Stormy, the blue mermaid may have accidentally discovered some of those secrets. Mass chaos broke loose one day, when Stormy, a young, half-grown mermaid found a beauti ful bott le fl oati ng at sea. Upon opening it; terror was unleashed, the likes of which has never been known in the sea or on the land. As daring as her mother, Breeze, the Mermaid and as asserti ve as her grand-father Neptune, King of the sea; Stormy dove head fi rst into one witty attempt after another trying to correct the horrors that were created by opening that bottle. If you like fiction, fantasy and non-stop adventure, you will enjoy the hart-pounding, unusual encounters of Stormy; Number III in the Breeze...the Mermaid series. Of course, there is a surprise ending.
Category: Fiction

The Lost Gods Box Set

Author : Megan Derr
ISBN : 9781620046593
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nine gods ruled the world, until the ultimate betrayal resulted in their destruction. Now, the world is dying and only by restoring the Lost Gods can it be saved. In the island nation of Kundou, a prince condemned to a dark fate is determined to use it to set free the power his family has long kept enslaved. The fiery kingdom of Pozhar has worked for centuries to forever destroy the god who once tried to kill them, but others are determined to see the last remaining pieces never reach the sacrificial altar for much more dangerous reasons... In Piedre, zealous cults are determined to either kill or abuse the notorious Basilisk Prince, mortal reincarnation of the lost god of death... Verde, the only country to still love their gods, are preparing yet again to try and restore them in a ceremony that instead always ends in violence and tragedy... And far away in Schatten, sealed from the rest of the world by a dark shadow, the long banned powers of chaos begin to stir...
Category: Fiction


Author : Ricardo Chevere
ISBN : 9781466996298
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the anticipated sequel to Dragons: The Essential Ties, which gave rise to an epic dragon adventure like none other. For ages, dragons have been magic's greatest and most powerful foes, but what if a dragon falls under a magical spell? Andrea is now a young teenager whose happy life has revolved around the two most powerful dragons of the world, but her father, Mauricio, has always resented their presence in his daughter's life. Borys and Gina's passion for each other has grown and intensified, and so have their powers. They have been secretly plotting against their own masters but have never found the perfect opportunity to rebel; now, the Fury may give them just that. Alanna is still looking for her lost love, David, but in the meantime, she has kept herself busy hunting magical beings in the company of her essential partner, Lien, and a young teenage girl named Alondra. Heroes and villains alike will discover that wielding too much power can literally bring your deepest and strongest uncontrolled emotions to life, especially in a world of sorcerers, witches, wizards, and dragons.
Category: Fiction

Wonderful Women By The Water

Author : Monika Fagerholm
ISBN : UCSC:32106014499120
Genre : Finland
File Size : 35.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Set in the early 1960s. Tells the innocent, comic, tragic story of Bella, her family and Rosa and her family as they flee their urban lives for carefree annual summer holidays by the Baltic Sea in Finland. Scandinavian writer.
Category: Finland

The Peep Show

Author :
ISBN : OXFORD:590772943
Genre :
File Size : 63.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Between The Lines

Author : Jodi Picoult
ISBN : 9781451635812
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 61.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sixteen-year-old Prince Oliver, who wants to break free of his fairy tale existence, and fifteen-year-old Delilah, a loner obsessed with Prince Oliver and the book in which he exists, work together to seek Oliver's freedom.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Screen Sirens Scream

Author : Paul Parla
ISBN : 9780786445875
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 83.27 MB
Format : PDF
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These twenty heroines portrayed imperiled women in science fiction, horror, film noir and mystery movies from the 1930s to the 1960s. Some--like Sandy Descher, who confronted the giant ants of Them!--were only girls when they faced their screen perils. Others--such as Mary Murphy, who played opposite Marlon Brando in The Wild One--were leading ladies in other film genres. Yet others--such as June Wilkinson, considered by many as Playboy's greatest model--came from outside the acting world. Each interview is preceded by an introduction. Besides the three above, the interviewees are Ramsay Ames, Claudia Barrett, Jean Byron, Linda Christian, Faith Domergue, Amanda Duff, Evangelina Elizondo, Margaret Field, Mimi Gibson, Marilyn Harris, Kitty de Hoyos, Donna Martel, Joyce Meadows, Noreen Nash, Cynthia Patrick, Paula Raymond and Joan Taylor. Among the films they starred in are The Mummy's Ghost, Robot Monster, Tarzan and the Mermaids, This Island Earth, It Came from Beneath the Sea, Where Danger Lives, The Man from Planet X, The Monster That Challenged the World, Frankenstein, The Brain from Planet Arous, Phantom from Space, The Mole People, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers. Some interviews were previously published in a different form in fan magazines.
Category: Performing Arts

Carniepunk Daughter Of The Midway The Mermaid And The Open Lonely Sea

Author : Seanan McGuire
ISBN : 9781476793542
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire, a haunting urban fantasy short story in the Carniepunk anthology—for fans of all things circus, supernatural, and mysterious… It’s been seventeen years since the last time Ada’s carnival passed through her father’s hometown in Alabama—and no one is expecting the reception she gets.
Category: Fiction

Pitchforks And Dynamite

Author : G.J. Torok
ISBN : 9781483648552
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Count-down the last few seconds of life in DEFCON, or will the Messiah be able to save the world? Does our survival depend on Compassion and Restraint? Can you really Buy Canada? Find out what inhabits outer space with Outrider or Vampire, or just take a ride in The Time Machine. What was Blue Eagle's secret? Was it Blackmail, or just Briscoll's Last Heist? Find out in these and other compelling short stories by a master of the craft of Science Fiction.
Category: Fiction