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Charity And The London Hospitals 1850 1898

Author : Keir Waddington
ISBN : 0861932463
Genre : History
File Size : 62.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A study of the development of the hospital as a economic, medical and voluntary institution in the second half of the nineteenth century.
Category: History

The Crimean Doctors

Author : John Shepherd
ISBN : 0853231079
Genre : Crimean War, 1853-1856
File Size : 47.94 MB
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A comprehensive medical history of the Crimean War, this work assesses the role of the British doctors � 6 Army, navy and civilian � 6 while taking account of the contemporary state of medicine and surgery, as well as the limited attention paid to the Army and navy medical services by successive governments before the war.
Category: Crimean War, 1853-1856

The Codification Of Medical Morality

Author : R.B. Baker
ISBN : 9780585274447
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 32.72 MB
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Like many novel ideas, the idea for this volume and its predecessor arose over lunch in the cafeteria of the old Wellcome Institute. On an atternoon in Sept- ber 1988, Dorothy and Roy Porter, and I, sketched out a plan for a set of conf- ences in which scholars from a variety of disciplines would explore the emergence of modern medical ethics in the English-speaking world: from its pre-history in the quarrels that arose as gentlemanly codes of etiquette and honor broke down under the pressure of the eighteenth-century "sick trade," to the Enlightenment ethics of John Gregory and Thomas Percival, to the American appropriation process that culminated in the American Medical Association's 1847 Code of Ethics, and to the British turn to medical jurisprudence in the 1858 Medical Act. Roy Porter formally presented our idea as a plan for two back-to-back c- ferences to the Wellcome Trust, and I presented it to the editors of the PHI- LOSOPHY AND MEDICINE series, H. Tristram Engeihardt, Jr. and Stuart Spicker. The reception from both parties was enthusiastic and so, with the financial backing of the former and a commitment to publication from the latter, Roy Porter, ably assisted by Frieda Hauser and Steven Emberton, - ganized two conferences. The first was held at the Wellcome Institute in - cember 1989; the second was sponsored by the Wellcome, but was actually held in the National Hospital, in December 1990.
Category: Philosophy

The Risks Of Medical Innovation

Author : Thomas Schlich
ISBN : 0415334810
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73.23 MB
Format : PDF
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The risks involved in introducing new drugs and devices are amongst the most discussed issues of modern medicine. Presenting a new way of thinking about these issues, this volume considers risk and medical innovation from a social historical perspective, and studies specific cases of medical innovation, including X-rays, the pill and Thalidomide, in their respective contexts. International cases are examined through the lens of a particular set of shared questions - highlighting differences, similarities, continuities and changes, and offering a historical sociology of risk. Particularly important is the re-conceptualization of dangers in terms of risk - a numerical and probabilistic approach allowing for seemingly objective and value-neutral decisions. Read together, these papers add to our understanding of the current debate about risk and safety by providing a comparative background to the discussion, as well as a set of generally applicable criteria for analyzing and evaluating the contemporary issues surrounding medical innovation.
Category: Medical

A History Of Medical Bacteriology And Immunology

Author : W. D. Foster
ISBN : 9781483162454
Genre : Medical
File Size : 69.74 MB
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A History of Medical Bacteriology and Immunology provides the account of the history of bacteriology from the year 1900 to 1938. This book presents details about the discovery of the important pathogenic bacteria of man, of how they were shown to be causally related to disease, and of the use of these discoveries in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Other topics discussed include the development of the germ theory of infectious diseases; contribution of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch to medical bacteriology; and discovery of the more important human pathogenic bacteria. This text also discusses the scientific basis and practical application of immunology to medicine; main developments in bacteriology during the early 20th century; and chemotherapy of bacterial disease. This medically oriented text is beneficial for students and individuals conducting study on medical bacteriology and immunology.
Category: Medical

Philosophical Dimensions Of The Neuro Medical Sciences

Author : S.F. Spicker
ISBN : 9789401014731
Genre : Medical
File Size : 57.17 MB
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Although the investigation and regulation of the faculties of the human mind appear to be the proper and sole concern of philosophers, you see that they are in some part nevertheless so little foreign to the medical forum that while someone may deny that they are proper to the physician he cannot deny that physicians have the obliga tion to philosophize. Jerome Gaub, De regimine mentis, IV, 10 ([ 10], p. 40) The Second Trans-Disciplinary Symposium on Philosophy and Medicine, whose principal theme was 'Philosophical Dimensions of the Neuro-Medical Sciences,' convened at the University of Connecticut Health Center at the invitation of Robert U. Massey, Dean of the School of Medicine, during May 15, 16, and 17, 1975. The Proceedings constitute this volume. At this Symposium we intended to realize sentiments which Sir John Eccles ex pressed as director of a Study Week of the Pontificia Academia Scientiarum, CiWl del Vaticano, in the fall of 1964: "Certainly when one comes to a [study] . . . devoted to brain and mind it is not possible to exclude relations with philosophy" ([5], p. viii). During that study week in 1964, a group of distinguished biomedical and behavioral scientists met under the director ship of Sir John C. Eccles to relate psychology to what Sir John called 'the Neurosciences. ' The purpose of that study week was to treat issues con cerning the functions of the brain and, in particular, to concentrate upon the relations between brain functions and consciousness.
Category: Medical

Disease And Empire

Author : Philip D. Curtin
ISBN : 0521598354
Genre : History
File Size : 35.82 MB
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This book, first published in 1998, examines the practice of military medicine during the conquest of Africa.
Category: History

Blessed Days Of Anaesthesia

Author : Stephanie J. Snow
ISBN : 9780191622342
Genre : History
File Size : 83.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Among all the great discoveries and inventions of the nineteenth century, few offer us a more fascinating insight into Victorian society than the discovery of anaesthesia. Now considered to be one of the greatest inventions for humanity since the printing press, anaesthesia offered pain-free operations, childbirth with reduced suffering, and instant access to the world beyond consciousness. And yet, upon its introduction, Victorian medics, moralists, clergymen, and scientists, were plunged into turmoil. This vivid and engaging account of the early days of anaesthesia unravels some key moments in medical history: from Humphry Davy's early experiments with nitrous oxide and the dramas that drove the discovery of ether anaesthesia in America, to the outrage provoked by Queen Victoria's use of chloroform during the birth of Prince Leopold. And there are grisly ones too: frequent deaths, and even notorious murders. Interweaved throughout the story, a fascinating social change is revealed. For anaesthesia caused the Victorians to rethink concepts of pain, sexuality, and the links between mind and body. From this turmoil, a profound change in attitudes began to be realised, as the view that physical suffering could, and should, be prevented permeated through society, most tellingly at first in prisons and schools where pain was used as a method of social control. In this way, the discovery of anaesthesia left not only a medical and scientific legacy that changed the world, but a compassionate one too.
Category: History

The Science Of Woman

Author : Ornella Moscucci
ISBN : 052144795X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36.60 MB
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Arguing that the definition of femininity proposed by gynecological science is a cultural product of a wider, more political context, this study traces the science's origins from its emergence as a predictable "science of man" in the late 18th century through its professional development up to 1929.
Category: Medical

Posted To Canada

Author : Honor de Pencier
ISBN : 9781554882670
Genre : Art
File Size : 76.67 MB
Format : PDF
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Posted to Canada examines, for the first time, the immense body of work created by George Dartnell, a British army surgeon stationed in Canada from 1835 to 1844. Dartnell, an accomplished and popular surgeon, sketched more than 150 scenes of a pristine Canada of dense forests, clear lakes and rough-edged beauty during his nine-year posting – all of which form an important part of Canada’s pre-photographic visual history. In this, the first book on Dartnell, his vibrant depictions of rural Quebec and Ontario, Montreal, Quebec City, Penetanguishene, London, and Port Talbot are examined in great detail. Dartnell’s work offers rare and insightful glimpses of both the life of a surgeon in the early nineteenth century and the fledgling communities in which he served. among the rare scenes portrayed by Dartnell lare the first known depictions of St. Marys, Ontario, and maple-sugaring near Penetanguishene. Of the dozens of sketches reproduced in the book, many have been culled from private collections and never before displayed publicly.
Category: Art

Magnificent Obsession

Author : Helen Rappaport
ISBN : 9781409022138
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, died in December 1861 the nation was paralysed with grief. His death was a catastrophe for Victoria, who not only adored her husband but had, through twenty-one years of marriage, utterly relied on him: as companion, father of their children, friend, confidant, and unofficial private secretary. Without Albert to guide and support her, the Queen retreated into a state of pathological grief which nobody could penetrate and few understood. Drawing widely on contemporary letters, diaries and memoirs, Rappaport brings new light to bear on the causes of Albert's death and tracks Victoria's mission to commemorate her husband in perpetuity. Richly compelling, this is the story of a magnificent obsession that even death could not sever.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Thin Woman

Author : Helen Malson
ISBN : 9781134714032
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 68.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Thin Woman provides an in-depth discussion of anorexia nervosa from a feminist social psychological standpoint. Medicine, psychiatry and psychology have all presented us with particular ways of understanding eating disorders, yet the notion of 'anorexia' as a medical condition limits our understanding of anorexia and the extent to which we can explore it as a socially, discursively produced problem. Based on original research using historical and contemporary literature on anorexia nervosa, and a series of interviews with women diagnosed as anorexic, The Thin Woman offers new insights into the problem. It will prove useful both to those with an interest in eating disorders and gender, and to those interested in the new developments in feminist post-structuralist theory and discourse analytic research in psychology.
Category: Psychology