The Means To Grow Up

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The Means To Grow Up

Author : Robert Halpern
ISBN : 9780203885970
Genre : Education
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In The Means to Grow Up, Robert Halpern describes the pedagogical importance of "apprenticeship"—a growing movement based in schools, youth-serving organizations, and arts, civic, and other cultural institutions. This movement aims to re-engage youth through in-depth learning and unique experiences under the guidance of skilled professionals. Employing a "pedagogy of apprenticeship," these experiences combine specific, visceral, and sometimes messy work with opportunity for self-expression, increasing responsibility, and exposure to the adult world. Grounded in ethnographic studies, The Means to Grow Up illustrates how students work in unique ways around these meaningful activities and projects across a range of disciplines. Participation in these efforts strengthens skills, dispositions, and self-knowledge that is critical to future schooling and work, renews young peoples’ sense of vitality, and fosters a grounded sense of accomplishment. In unearthing the complexities of apprenticeship learning, Halpern challenges the education system that is increasingly geared towards the acquisition of de-contextualized skills. Instead, he reveals how learning alongside experienced adults can be a profoundly challenging and complex endeavor for adolescents and offers readers an exciting vision of what education can and should be about.
Category: Education

What It Means To Grow Up A Guide In Understanding The Development Of Character

Author : Fritz Kunkel
ISBN : 9781443731782
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.26 MB
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WHAT IT MEANS TO GWW UP PREFACE This book should be valuable in dealing with per sonality problems. It should help young people to understand themselves, and should be a resource to parents and teachers, and to all others who deal with children and youth. We must teach youth to face calmly the facts, the tasks and difficulties of actual, everyday life and to master them, for it is not a cold abstract theory or a world-forgetting ideal morality which we are called upon to transmit to the new generation. Which means, at the same time, that we must show how one can recognize, understand, and master ones qwn peculiarities, ones own tasks and diffi culties. We must teach the art of growing up. That the practical way of overcoming personality problems is always at the same time also the ethical way may be a fact tremendously important from philosophical and religious points of view. For the present we cannot let it be a determining factor in our psychological problem. Young people are not able, as a rule, to make the right decision so long as they perceive moral rightness only on theoretical grounds. It is true, however, that they learn quickly PREFACE and simply to take the usable way as soon as they have come to the conviction that here, in this con crete specific case, it is the only possible, practical way out In this book only facts and their connections have been set forth, and certain practical inferences have been pointed out. Everything else, the discussion of the premises and the development of the point of view philosophically., must be left to the reader. We can and must help young people understand their experiences and deduce the necessary conclu sions. But tlieir point of yiewtheir life philosophy, their religio, they, inust work out for themselves. They cannot be absolved from this most difficult and most important task in life. We can assist in the preparation for it, but the final decision in this mat ter each person must make alone and for himself. Therefore in this book the endeavor is made, over and again, to induce the reader to think for himself and to judge these psychological problems for him self. He shall seek his own point of view, call his own experiences into council, develop his own judg ment, deepen it and correct it over and again until in this way he becomes mature, grows up, gains wisdom. In different countries on the continent, soon after the appearance of this book, it so happened that sev vi PREFACE eral teachers began to read it with, their classes. Quite a number of results, in the form of letters, articles and also applications for instance to va rious novels and plays, have been collected. It would be valuable for the psychology of adolescence, and also possibly of great interest for comparative folk psychology, if similar results from within the range of Anglo-Saxon culture might be received. FRITZ KUNKEL, M. D. October, 1936. CONTENTS Preface v L FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES 1. Objectivity and Egocentricity 3 2. TAtf Effects of Pampering. Superi ority and Inferiority 5 3. The Hardening Process Inner Laws 10 4. Intimidation Pessimism 14 5. 77z Vicious Circle 17 6-Tension Capacity 21 JL PL Y 7. Real Play 29 8. P y without Wor 32 9. JFor without Play 36 ix CONTENTS 10. Memorization 41 11. Learning Arithmetic 46 12. Training in Athletics 50 . DEFIANCE AND OBEDIENCE 13. The Habit of Saying No 57 14. The Habit of Saying Yes 60 15. PlayingGrown-up 64 1 6. Playing Baby 69 17. T Craving to Be Great 72 1 8. Excitability 77 IK SOLITARINESS AND FELLOWSHIP 19. T Spoilsport and the Dreamer 83 20. Buffoons 88 21. Followers 90 22. Fanatics 95 23. Dictators 98 24. Weaklings 103 x CONTENTS V. LOVE AND RESPONSIBILITY 25. Sexual Enlightenment 109 26. Sex as Weapon 113 27. Flight into Solitude 117 28. Flight into Anger 122 29. Refuge with Individuals of Ones Own Sex 127 30. Courage for the Long Way 133 VI. THE CRISIS AND A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE 31. The Way that Leads to the Crisis 141 32...
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Mean Girls Grown Up

Author : Cheryl Dellasega, PhD
ISBN : 9780470168752
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 73.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Almost every woman has experienced bullying. Whether her role was that of victim, aggressor, or bystander, the pain of relational aggression (female bullying) lasts long after the incident has passed. In Mean Girls Grown Up, Cheryl Dellasega explores why women are often their own worst enemies, offering practical advice for a variety of situations. Drawing upon extensive research and interviews, she shares real-life stories from women as well as the knowledge of experts who have helped women overcome the negative effects of aggression. Readers will hear how adult women can be just as vicious as their younger counterparts, learn strategies for dealing with adult bullies, how to avoid being involved in relational aggression, and more. Dellasega outlines how women can change their behavior successfully by shifting away from aggression and embracing a spirit of cooperation in interactions with others.
Category: Psychology

Growing Up To Be A Child

Author : Peter Sidebotham
ISBN : 9781490840666
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book, written by a consultant paediatrician, offers unique perspectives on child development and parenting, and on Christian life and discipleship. In it, Dr Sidebotham interweaves his own professional observations and understanding of the processes of child development with a very personal engagement with his daughter as she grows, reflections on his role as a father, and on his own journey of faith. Dr Sidebotham looks at a childs development from the point of view of the Shema prayer: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. He uses that as a basis to explore what it might mean for Christian disciples to become like a little child. The personal nature of the book is a winner. It is generous and inclusive. A lovely book. Elaine Storkey, President of Tear Fund A beautiful and worthy book. Readers will find this a delight to read. Scott Bessenecker. Associate Director of Missions, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship A beautiful account of a fathers love for his daughter, weaving the spiritual, personal and professional into a testimony of Gods abundant gift of life in all its fullness: moving and inspiring. Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead
Category: Religion

Growing Up Postmodern

Author : Ronald Strickland
ISBN : 9781461637134
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71.90 MB
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This collection takes its inspiration from Paul Goodman's Growing Up Absurd, a landmark critique of American culture at the end of the 1950s. The contributors to this volume focus on adverse social conditions that confront young people in postmodernity, such as the relentless pressure to consume, social dis-investment in education, harsh responses to youth crime, and the continuing climate of intolerance that falls heavily on the young. In essays on education, youth crime, counseling, protest movements, fiction, identity-formation and popular culture, the contributors look for moments of resistance to the subsumption of youth culture under the logic of global capitalism.
Category: Social Science

Growing Up Without Getting Lost

Author : Melissa Trevathan
ISBN : 9780310862383
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 79.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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There was a time, not so long ago, when everything in life seemed pretty simple. You had great friends, you got along with your parents (most of the time!), and you were pretty happy with the way your life was. But suddenly, it seems like everything is changing. Your friends expect way too much from you, and often let you down. You fight with your parents more than you’d like, and they never seem to be happy with you. You just don’t understand why your life seems so chaotic now. Melissa and Sissy, the authors of this book, think they can help you figure out some of the big questions inundating your mind:• Who am I? • What do I want? • What should I do? • Who do I want to be? While they’re no longer teenagers, Melissa and Sissy remember a bit about their entry into teenage life. But more than that, they talk with girls who are a lot like you every day—girls who are feeling pressure from everyone around them, who are feeling like they’re changing in ways they don’t understand—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and they feel like their lives are out of their own control. If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions above, or if you just don’t know why you feel like everything is changing and you miss the “good old days” of Barbies and board games, this book can help you understand who you are and give you hope for who you are becoming.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

How To Grow Up When You Re Grown Up

Author : Nancy O'conner
ISBN : 8171086861
Genre :
File Size : 20.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The thesis of this self-help book is that four personality aspects (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) must be balanced if individuals are to become adults. Because each person is an individual personality that is out of balance in some way, growth is a life-long process. The initial 2 chapters, Growth And Growing Up, define what it means to grow up and delineate each of the four personality aspects, ending with a questionnaire to help the reader assess his or her status as an adult. The following four sections, Parts Two through Five (14 chapters), deal specifically with each of the four personality aspects, breaking each down into its significant qualities, identifying the issues commonly associated with that aspect, and offering techniques for achieving growth in it. Part 6, Getting It All Together (3 chapters), lists some universal truths, encourages the reader to begin seeing his or her life holistically and to embark on a consciously-structured plan of growth, and ends with some thoughts on the present spiritual condition of the world and the possibility of wholeness for the entire planet. (Msf).

The Joy Of Growing Up

Author : Wendy Freebourne
ISBN : 0755210298
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 62.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Growing up is a challenging, exciting, and satisfying journey. This book takes you through that journey, giving you the tools you need to navigate it successfully. It shows you how responsibility, chosen carefully and taken on willingly, brings freedom and fulfilment. It gives models for growing up in the twenty-first century.
Category: Self-Help

Growing Up

Author : Frank C. Strasburger
ISBN : 9781770975569
Genre : Adolescence
File Size : 66.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How do we become adults? Is it by moving out of our parents' house? Earning an independent income? Getting married? Having children? Buying a house? Those are the benchmarks most of us use, but Growing Up suggests that maturity is more about qualities of character. Through the poignant stories of nearly half a century working with young people as a teacher, school administrator, high school and college chaplain, parish priest, and father of three, Frank Strasburger shares the encouraging news that the pace and power with which we become adults is largely within our control. Chapter by chapter, he unfolds the real process of growing up: facing down the fear of failure, wrestling honestly with identity and relationship, finding passion, overcoming illusions of power, discovering faith, and discerning a sense of mission. Strasburger's bottom line: it is in serving others that we become the people we're meant to be.
Category: Adolescence

Growing Up A Friend Of Jesus

Author : Jean-Paul Bérubé
ISBN : 2895070415
Genre : Children
File Size : 81.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Offers children ongoing initiation into a life of prayer in a variety of creative ways. It gives parents a practical tool to help them initiate conversations with their children about their faith, their problems, their values and concerns.
Category: Children

Grow Up

Author : Ben Brooks
ISBN : 9780857861887
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Who says youth is wasted on the young? Jasper wants to get on in the world, but he's got a lot on his plate: A-levels, his mother pushing him to overachieve, weekly visits to his psychologist, come-downs, YouTube suicides and pregnant one-night-stands. Then there's his stepdad – the murderer. Hilarious and heartbreaking by turns, Grow Up is the ultimate twenty-first-century coming-of-age novel. It paints a vivid portrait of the pills and thrills and bellyaches of growing up today. Funny, smart and twisted, it is the story of one young man transformed.
Category: Fiction

Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia

Author : Anita Heiss
ISBN : 9781743820421
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Childhood stories of family, country and belonging What is it like to grow up Aboriginal in Australia? This anthology, compiled by award-winning author Anita Heiss, showcases many diverse voices, experiences and stories in order to answer that question. Accounts from well-known authors and high-profile identities sit alongside those from newly discovered writers of all ages. All of the contributors speak from the heart – sometimes calling for empathy, oftentimes challenging stereotypes, always demanding respect. This groundbreaking collection will enlighten, inspire and educate about the lives of Aboriginal people in Australia today. Contributors include: Tony Birch, Deborah Cheetham, Adam Goodes, Terri Janke, Patrick Johnson, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Jack Latimore, Celeste Liddle, Amy McQuire, Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Miranda Tapsell, Jared Thomas, Aileen Walsh, Alexis West, Tara June Winch, and many, many more.
Category: Social Science

When I Grow Up

Author :
ISBN : 9789289337984
Genre :
File Size : 21.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The magazine contains 16 different cases that describe what kind of work is currently undertaken in relation to entrepreneurship education in Nordic primary and secondary schools. The examples constitute short, easily readable articles that describe parts of the entrepreneurial practice in a specific school or within a certain area in the Nordic Region.

Why Grow Up

Author : Susan Neiman
ISBN : 9780141977577
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Why Grow Up, the latest volume in the Philosophy in Transit series, world-renowned philosopher Susan Neiman looks at growing up as an ideal with urgent relevance today Becoming an adult today can seem a grim prospect. As you grow up, you are told to renounce most of the hopes and dreams of your youth, and resign yourself to a life that will be a pale dilution of the adventurous, important and enjoyable life you once expected. But who wants to do any of that? No wonder we live in a culture of rampant immaturity, argues internationally-renowned philosopher Susan Neiman, when maturity looks so boring. In Why Grow Up, Neiman explores the forces that are arrayed against maturity, and shows how philosophy can help us want to grow up. Travel, both literally and as a metaphor, has been seen as a crucial step to coming of age by thinkers as diverse as Kant, Rousseau, Hume and Simone de Beauvoir. Neiman discusses childhood, adolescence, sex, and culture, and asks how the idea of travel can help us build a model of maturity that makes growing up a good option and leaves space in our culture for grown-ups. Refuting the widespread belief that the best time of your life is the decade between sixteen and twenty-six, she argues that being grown-up is itself an ideal: one that is rarely achieved in its entirety, but all the more worth striving for. Susan Neiman is an American moral philosopher who has taught at Yale and Tel Aviv University. She currently lives in Germany, where she is the Director of the Einstein Forum in Potsdam.
Category: Philosophy

Anyone Can Grow Up

Author : Margaret Carlson
ISBN : 0684808900
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 32.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Margaret Carlson presents her columns and views on motherhood, feminism, and politics, and includes how she became Time magazine's first woman columnist.
Category: Political Science

Growing Up In America Then And Now

Author : Lance Breckinridge
ISBN : 9781770974012
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 27.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is intended to illustrate/demonstrate and enlighten the reader to the differences for children growing up in today's socioeconomic environment as compared to growing up in the 40's and 50's.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Death Of The Grown Up

Author : Diana West
ISBN : 9781466840751
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Diana West sees a US filled with middle-age guys playing air guitar and thinks "No wonder we can't stop Islamic terrorism." She sees Moms Who Mosh and wonders "Is there a single adult left anywhere?" But, the grown-ups are all gone. The disease that killed them was incubated in the sixties to a rock-and-roll score, took hold in the seventies with the help of multiculturalism and left us with a nation of eternal adolescents who can't decide between "good" and "bad", a generation who can't say "no". From the inability to nix a sixteen year-old's request for Marilyn Manson concert tickets to offering adolescents parentally-funded motel rooms on prom night to rationalizing murderous acts of Islamic suicide bombers with platitudes of cultural equivalence, West sees us on a slippery slope that's lead to a time when America has forgotten its place in the world. In The Death of the Grown-Up Diana West serves up a provocative critique of our dangerously indecisive world leavened with humor and shot through with insight.
Category: Social Science

Democracy Growing Up

Author : Laura Janara
ISBN : 9780791488362
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The first sustained feminist interpretation of Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America.
Category: Social Science