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The Meaning Of Jesus

Author : Marcus J. Borg
ISBN : 9780061934827
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Was Jesus born of a virgin? Did he know he was the Messiah? Was he bodily resurrected from the dead? Did he intentionally die to redeem humankind? Was Jesus God? Two leading Jesus scholars with widely divergent views go right to the heart of these questions and others, presenting the opposing visions of Jesus that shape our faith today.
Category: Religion

The Day The Revolution Began

Author : N. T. Wright
ISBN : 9780062334404
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The renowned scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author widely considered to be the heir to C. S. Lewis contemplates the central event at the heart of the Christian faith—Jesus’ crucifixion—arguing that the Protestant Reformation did not go far enough in transforming our understanding of its meaning. In The Day the Revolution Began, N. T. Wright once again challenges commonly held Christian beliefs as he did in his acclaimed Surprised by Hope. Demonstrating the rigorous intellect and breathtaking knowledge that have long defined his work, Wright argues that Jesus’ death on the cross was not only to absolve us of our sins; it was actually the beginning of a revolution commissioning the Christian faithful to a new vocation—a royal priesthood responsible for restoring and reconciling all of God’s creation. Wright argues that Jesus’ crucifixion must be understood within the much larger story of God’s purposes to bring heaven and earth together. The Day the Revolution Began offers a grand picture of Jesus’ sacrifice and its full significance for the Christian faith, inspiring believers with a renewed sense of mission, purpose, and hope, and reminding them of the crucial role the Christian faith must play in protecting and shaping the future of the world.
Category: Religion

Jesus The Savior

Author : William Carl Placher
ISBN : 0664223915
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.76 MB
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Arguing that Jesus radically challenges the way most people understand the world and live their lives, an examination of Christ focuses on such secular topics as ministry and the resurrection, as well as contemporary issues including criminal justice, war, and homosexuality. Original.
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The Meaning Of Jesus

Author : Tom Wright
ISBN : 9780281067374
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Two great Bible scholars, one a liberal, the other a traditionalist, write about Jesus and engage in debate. In alternating sections, Marcus Borg and Tom Wright present their significantly different versions of who Jesus was, what he taught, and what he did. They express sharp, cogently argued disagreement over many crucial issues, and provide a marvellous model for how the Historical Jesus debate should be conducted. Following such an informed argument, the reader can watch the debate develop as the authors answer each other's points, and will reach a more personal picture of the real Jesus, understanding better the opposing views. Much more will be learned along the way.
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The Meaning Of Jesus Death

Author : Barry D. Smith
ISBN : 9780567670700
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Barry D. Smith studies the salvation-historical meaning of Jesus' death (commonly known as the atonement) in the New Testament. Smith works his way through the four theories of the doctrine of the atonement that have emerged in the history of Christian theology: moral influence, governmental, satisfaction and Christus victor theories. Smith works from the premise that, for a theory of the atonement to be successful, no biblical data may be omitted or distorted, and the generalized concepts used to comprehend the biblical data must be easily seen as implicit in the data. From this vantage point, Smith advances a formulation of the atonement that is best supported by the biblical text itself. The conclusion Smith reaches is that the biblical data supports both the penal-substitutionary version of the satisfaction theory and the Christus victor theory of the atonement, each of which should be viewed as two parts of a more inclusive theory of atonement present in the New Testament.
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Understanding The 40 Parables Of Jesus Christ

Author : K. E. Cornerstone
ISBN : 1514601915
Genre :
File Size : 68.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Unique Approach - Genre, Context, and Culture Understanding the 40 Parables of Jesus Christ takes the approach of understanding Jesus' parables by examining the genre, scriptural context, and historical culture. The goal of this approach is to "reveal" theology from the Bible, as opposed to trying to find verses to support a belief. This is the difference between letting the Bible tell us what is true, versus someone trying to find evidence for what they want to believe. When we allow the Bible to teach us what to believe, we can better set aside our own biases and become more receptive to God's truths. Importance of Context and Culture Parables are a particular genre of literature that are characterized by typically having only one meaning. The meaning of Jesus' parables can generally be determined by the point Jesus makes to introduce or end them. However, sometimes the point is obscure due to culture, or the meaning is missed due to a failure to carefully consider the context. Learn From the Greatest Teacher This book lists all the parables of Jesus Christ, including supplemental information necessary for understanding them. Each parable has a summary of what is being said, along with the meaning Jesus Christ is teaching. Some of the questions that this book will answer include: Why does Jesus speak in parables? What is the meaning of the "talents" in the talents/pounds parable? What is the real focus of the prodigal son? What did Jesus mean by treasures new and old? Who is the man without a wedding robe in the wedding banquet parable? Why is the dishonest manager praised for his shrewdness? What does Jesus really mean by counting the costs? The answers to these questions, and more, are answered by carefully examining the contextual and historical evidence. Also included is a chapter revealing scriptural evidence that proves that Jesus Christ is God, as well as important supplementary material for understanding these parables.

The Day The Revolution Began

Author : Tom Wright
ISBN : 0281078602
Genre : Salvation
File Size : 48.59 MB
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"In The Day the Revolution Began Tom Wright invites you to consider the full meaning of the event at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus' crucifixion. As he did in his acclaimed Surprised by Hope, Wright once again challenges commonly held beliefs, this time arguing that the Protestant Reformation did not go far enough in reshaping our understanding of the Cross. With his characteristic rigour and incisiveness, he goes back to the New Testament to show that Jesus' death not only releases us from the guilt and power of sin, but is nothing less than the beginning of a world-wide revolution that continues to this day - a revolution that creates and energizes a movement responsible for restoring and reconciling the whole of God's creation. The Day the Revolution Began will take you to a new level in your appreciation of the meaning of Jesus' sacrifice: opening up its powerful and amazing implications, inspiring you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and reminding you of the crucial role you can play in the world-transforming movement that Jesus started"--Publisher's description.
Category: Salvation

Believing In The Resurrection

Author : Gerald O'Collins
ISBN : 9780809147571
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.93 MB
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Gerald O'Collins, SJ, is professor emeritus of the Gregorian University (Rome) and now adjunct professor at Australian Catholic University. An international authority in the area of resurrection studies, he has published seven books and dozens of articles on the resurrection of Jesus.
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