The Lost Hegemon

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The Lost Hegemon

Author : Frederick William Engdahl
ISBN : 3981723708
Genre : Religion and politics
File Size : 87.81 MB
Format : PDF
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The NEWEST BOOK from the INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING and AWARD WINNING geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, and lecturer F. William Engdahl. ..". The Lost Hegemon is a must read." -- Jay Taylor, Host, Turning Hard Times into Good Times "William Engdahl is a brilliant writer processing para-genius Level analytical skills" -- John B. Wells, US Online Radio Host, Caravan To Midnight ..". I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK ..." -- Steve Carlisle ..". You have to read this book ..." -- Ed the Fred "A must read for everyone." -- John Gault ..". this book is a must read." -- Russ Moore "Excellent book ..." -- A. Scott "very informative" -- Peter Hellermann "Interesting reading" -- Amazon Customer "He gets it." -- Tom Lipinski ..". THE LOST HEGEMON: WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY is an excellent geopolitical analysis ..." -- Laszlo Maracz If you read The Lost Hegemon you will find out: How the Pentagon and CIA use radical Islam as an instrument to control world energy The true history of al Qaeda and its successor Islamic State How Washington backs a death cult called Muslim Brotherhood to control world oil The real background to 'Holy War' in China and Russia Why the US-ISIS strategy cannot succeed Europe and the West face a social crisis as a brutal war in Syria has spread around the world. The ISIS, also known as Islamic State erupted violently onto the world stage in 2014 proclaiming its aim to create a Global Caliphate. War and terror in Syria have created a massive refugee crisis across Europe. In autumn 2015 Russia was invited to help defeat ISIS in Syria. That Russian military action signaled a new era in global politics. Washington no longer dominated the military world. The world was ineluctably moving towards a new world war, one claiming to have religion at its core. Islam was being instrumentalized as a weapon of war, but by whom? Few asked who was behind the IS terror or Al Qaeda. For that it would be necessary look back to the 1950's and the birth of a new American intelligence agency and their ties to the secret Muslim Brotherhood. What emerges is a picture so incredible few could imagine.
Category: Religion and politics


Author : Steven W. Mosher
ISBN : IND:30000081659116
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For centuries, China had not only the largest population, but also the most advanced economy and the strongest army on earth. It saw itself as the Hegemon, the ever-expanding central power around which the world revolved. Steven Mosher believes that China still sees itself in these terms. In Hegemon, Mosher shows how the quest for domination has been something like an art form in Chinese statecraft, an enduring feature on the country's mysterious face that is often hidden from the west. Hegemon is a masterly inquiry into the ideas at the heart of Chinese culture and history. It is also as timely as today's headlines about Chinese efforts to influence U.S. elections and steal U.S. nuclear secrets and to establish China as a global superpower. A major work of scholarship and analysis, Hegemon reinforces Steven Mosher's reputation as one of our most thoughtful and provocative China Watchers. Maps, index, biography.
Category: Political Science

Shadow Of The Hegemon

Author : Orson Scott Card
ISBN : 1429964022
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The War is over, won by Ender Wiggin and his team of brilliant child-warriors. The enemy is destroyed, the human race is saved. Ender himself refuses to return to the planet, but his crew has gone home to their families, scattered across the globe. The battle school is no more. But with the external threat gone, the Earth has become a battlefield once more. The children of the Battle School are more than heroes; they are potential weapons that can bring power to the countries that control them. One by one, all of Ender's Dragon Army are kidnapped. Only Bean escapes; and he turns for help to Ender's brother Peter. Peter Wiggin, Ender's older brother, has already been manipulating the politics of Earth from behind the scenes. With Bean's help, he will eventually rule the world. Shadow of the Hegemon is the second novel in Orson Scott Card's Shadow Series. THE ENDER UNIVERSE Ender series Ender’s Game / Ender in Exile / Speaker for the Dead / Xenocide / Children of the Mind Ender’s Shadow series Ender’s Shadow / Shadow of the Hegemon / Shadow Puppets / Shadow of the Giant / Shadows in Flight Children of the Fleet The First Formic War (with Aaron Johnston) Earth Unaware / Earth Afire / Earth Awakens The Second Formic War (with Aaron Johnston) The Swarm /The Hive Ender novellas A War of Gifts /First Meetings At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Category: Fiction

The World Hegemon

Author : William D. Rubinstein
ISBN : 9781473545588
Genre : History
File Size : 42.40 MB
Format : PDF
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‘In many respects, the nineteenth century belonged to Britain.’ For much of the period between 1800 and 1914 Britain was at the height of its power and influence, one of the world’s superpowers, if not its greatest. It was the golden Victorian age – one of prosperity and transformation. Britannia ruled the waves, and through its achievements and influence, it was a leader for political, economic and cultural change. Its cities and population expanded rapidly, industrialisation and the advent of the steam railway revolutionised trade and the economy. The rise of the middle classes changed the social structure forever. Politics was dominated by debate on Irish Home Rule, Britain escaped revolution by timely political reform, and the delicate balance of power in Europe was assiduously protected, despite minor wars in outposts of the Empire. This century clearly saw seismic change, but what did this mean to the nation? Just a few decades later, most of what Victorian Britain held dear would be shattered by the aftermath of the looming Great War. Tracing the political, social and economic cultures of the period, as well as what might have been, William D. Rubinstein seeks to uncover how this fascinating century of change impacted the British people and their sense of identity.
Category: History

The Declining Hegemon

Author : Joseph Lepgold
ISBN : 0313263736
Genre : History
File Size : 77.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lepgold's timely book examines the substance of and rationale for the American defense commitment to Europe between 1960 and 1990, a period marked by change in the U.S. world position. America's military, technological, and economic preeminence are gone and Lepgold explores how and why political leaders have adapted to this change. His study is the analysis of a "hegemonic" state's foreign policy adaption. As he examines provocative policy questions, one question acts as the leitmotif for his study--should foreign policy "commitments" and "resources" grow and decline in tandem? A final chapter discusses these events in light of recent changes in Europe.
Category: History

Three Kingdoms Super Hegemon

Author : Xiao XiaoMaJiaHao
ISBN : 9781636899565
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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At the beginning of the chaotic era, as a special forces soldier of the later generation, Luo Yang came to this chaotic era. Perhaps, surviving was the first problem that Luo Yang needed to solve! As long as he could survive, he was willing to do anything! If you don't let me live! Then I will kill you! Soldier? Snatch! An army? Snatch! A city? Snatch! A famous general? Snatch! Beautiful women? Snatch! Country? Snatch! The world? After snatching so much, the world was no longer taking it for granted!
Category: Fiction

Biology Is Technology

Author : Robert H. Carlson
ISBN : 9780674053625
Genre : Science
File Size : 71.54 MB
Format : PDF
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In Biology Is Technology, author Robert Carlson offers a uniquely informed perspective on the endeavors that contribute to current progress in the science of biological systems and the technology used to manipulate them.
Category: Science

Half A Hegemon

Author : Wimonkan Kosumas
ISBN : UCSD:31822029831278
Genre : Japan
File Size : 48.69 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Japan

Chains Of Light

Author : Quentin Thomas
ISBN : 0451452097
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As his biological body feels the stirrings of adulthood, Luke--one of the carefully bred human beings who are prisoners of the computer that rules their world--is compelled to embark on a quest to free himself from his prison. Original.
Category: Fiction

Global Change And Transformation

Author : Lauge Stetting
ISBN : UCSD:31822018943803
Genre : Balance of payments
File Size : 47.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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These economic essays elucidate phenomena of global transformation, unresolved transition problems and challenging uncertainties we observe throughout the global economy. Broad issues of theory and policy are tackled as the writers are stimulated by the new analytical puzzles into developing our conceptual and theoretical understanding of these phenomena. This book consists of contributions from thirty-one economists and social scientists from the US, Europe and Australia. The main interests of the authors lie in various branches of international economics and development studies, and all the authors share an aspiration to understand the behaviour of the major private and public actors: enterprises, states and international groupings.
Category: Balance of payments

The Rise And Fall Of World Orders

Author : Torbjørn L. Knutsen
ISBN : IND:30000067525067
Genre : Balance of power
File Size : 70.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Overviews past world orders to obtain a greater perspective on and more knowledge of international politics, and seeks to shed light on the cold war and the recent transition to a post-cold war world. Covers the four waves of great wars as defined by Mowat--the Italian wars, the Thirty Years War, the wars of Louis XIV, and the Napoleonic Wars--as well as the two World Wars of the 20th century. Looks at the moral influence which pre-eminent states in world orders exert on other great powers as a factor in their authority, as well as their military force and internal political consensus. Distributed by St. Martin's Press. Paper edition (4058-2), $24.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Category: Balance of power

General War Among Great Powers In World History

Author : Matthew Melko
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110366775
Genre : History
File Size : 66.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ultimately, using criteria that had been applied by others to the West, the author found 38 cases of general war, 33 of them from nine other civilizations. It was then possible to test a number of hypotheses generated from a consensus of scholars studying Western wars against this much wider array of cases.
Category: History

Cambodia The Lost Decades

Author : Shankari Sundararaman
ISBN : UOM:39015053394691
Genre : Cambodia
File Size : 33.99 MB
Format : PDF
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Relates to the 1980s and 1990s.
Category: Cambodia

Han Solo And The Lost Legacy

Author : Brian Daley
ISBN : PSU:000021659119
Genre : Science fiction, American
File Size : 83.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Science fiction, American