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The Longest Crawl

Author : Ian Marchant
ISBN : 0747585571
Genre : Bars (Drinking establishments)
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Round England with a Pint - moving on from railways as seen in Parallel Lines, Ian Marchant pays tribute to the British Pub and its history by visiting as many as possible.
Category: Bars (Drinking establishments)

The Longest Cave

Author : Roger W. Brucker
ISBN : 0809313227
Genre : History
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In 1925 the geological connection between Flint Ridge and Mammoth Cave was proved when dye placed in a Flint Ridge spring showed up in Echo River at Mammoth Cave. That tantalizing swirl of dye confirmed specula­tions that were to tempt more than 650 cavers over half a century with the thrill of being the first to make human passage of the cave connection. Roger Brucker and Richard Watson tell not only of their own twenty-year effort to complete the link but the stories of many others who worked their way through mud-choked crawlways less than a foot high only to find impenetrable blockages. Floyd Collins died a grisly death in nearby Sand Cave in 1925, after being trapped there for 15 days. The wide press coverage of the rescue efforts stirred the imagination of the public and his body was on macabre display in a glass-topped coffin in Crystal Cave into the 1940s. Agents of a rival cave owner once even stole his corpse, which was re­covered and still is in a coffin in the cave. Modern cavers still have a word with Floyd as they start their downward treks. Brucker and Watson joined the parade of cavers who propelled themselves by wiggling kneecaps, elbows, and toes through quarter-mile long crawlways, clinging by fingertips and boot toes across mud-slick walls, over bottomless pits, into gur­gling streams beneath stone ceilings that descend to water level, down crumbling crevices and up mountainous rockfalls, into wondrous domed halls, and straight ahead into a blackness inten­sified rather than dispelled by the carbide lamps on their helmets. Over two decades they explored the passages with others who sought the final connection as vigorously as themselves. Pat Crowther, a young mother of two, joined them and because of her thinness became the member of the crew to go first into places no human had ever gone before. In that role, in July 1972, she wiggled her way through the Tight Spot and found the route that would link the Flint Ridge and Mammoth Cave systems into one cave extending 144.4 miles through the Kentucky limestone. In a new afterword to this edition the authors summarize the subsequent explorations that have more than doubled the established length of the cave system. Based upon geological evidence, the authors predict that new discoveries will add an­other 200 miles to the length of the world's longest cave, making it over 500 miles long.
Category: History

Web Age Information Management

Author : Jianyong Wang
ISBN : 9783642385629
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management, WAIM 2013, held in Beidaihe, China, in June 2013. The 47 revised full papers presented together with 29 short papers and 5 keynotes were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 248 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on data mining; information integration and heterogeneous systems; big data; spatial and temporal databases; information extraction; new hardware and miscellaneous; query processing and optimization; social network and graphs; information retrieval; workflow systems and service computing; recommender systems; security, privacy, and trust; semantic Web and ontology.
Category: Computers

Imovie 3 Idvd

Author : David Pogue
ISBN : 0596005075
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explains how to use the Macintosh video production programs to capture and edit digital videos, apply effects, create DVD menus, and burn DVDs.
Category: Computers

Something Of The Night

Author : Ian Marchant
ISBN : 9780857202185
Genre : Travel
File Size : 32.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Who can say what the night might bring? Fireworks and frivolity? A party? Music and dancing? The night is where we have the most fun. Or you could be reading in bed, between clean sheets, before falling into deep restful sleep and sweet dreams. And who knows? The night might bring romance, or love or sex, if you play your cards right. Or the night could be where we work. Millions of people do. If everyone slept all night, Britain would cease to function. Or the night could be indifferent; cold, haunted, inhuman. When you look up into the night sky, you see that you are nothing. An insignificant mote of dust. Or the night could be all too human.Hen parties in skimpy dresses and fairy wings are being slammed into the back of a police van. Prostitutes walk the streets; business men go to lap dancing clubs to forget what waits at home. On an after-hours journey around the British Isles - investigating nightingales in the Cotswolds, meteors in Shropshire, dog-racing in Belfast, a service station in Lancaster and Bonfire celebrations in East Sussex - Ian Marchant sets out to discover the different ways that we while away that half of our lives normally spent in darkness.
Category: Travel

The South American Crawl

Author : Myron J. Frankman
ISBN : IND:30000113820843
Genre : Foreign exchange administration
File Size : 32.39 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Foreign exchange administration

The Longest Journey

Author : Maleta Marie Terrell
ISBN : 9781450039802
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is about the life of Maleta Marie Terrell . She was born in Hope, Arkansas in 1920. Her life growing up on a farm with her mother, father and seven brothers makes a very touching story. She talks about her baby sister she was so glad her mother had. The baby died in a very short time. When she was old enough she had to feed, bath and change all her brothers. She also had to work the fields. She wanted to go to school and church. The only way she could was to walk. Every night she had to hand wash her dress so she would be able to wear it the next day. Then you will read of her and the man she married. She loved her children and tried to make life good for them. They traveled a lot during the years because her husband was an electrician. She is now 89, soon to be 90. She will tell you of her last journey she took by herself traveling over 2000 miles . She was driving alone in her car. The one last thing she wanted to do before she was unable to travel any more. She made that journey too.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Longest Winter

Author : Meredith Hooper
ISBN : 9781582438382
Genre : History
File Size : 70.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Through the eyes of the men involved, Meredith Hooper recounts one of the greatest tales of adventure and endurance, which has often been overshadowed by the tragedy that befell Scott. Their tents were torn, their food was nearly finished, and the ship had failed to pick them up as planned. Gale-force winds blew, bitter with the cold of approaching winter. Stranded and desperate, Lieutenant Victor Campbell and his five companions faced disaster. They burrowed inside a snowdrift, digging an ice-cave with no room to stand upright, but space for six sleeping bags on the floor—the three officers on one side, the tree seamen on the other. Circumstances forced them closer together, their roles blurred, and a shared sense of reality emerged. This mutual suffering made them indivisible and somehow they made it through the longest winter. To the south, the men waiting at headquarters knew that Scott and his Polar party must be dead and hoped that another six lives would not be added to the death toll. Working from diaries, journals, and letters written by expedition members, Meredith Hooper tells the intensely human story of Scotts other expedition.
Category: History

Only The Longest Threads

Author : Tasneem Zehra Husain
ISBN : 9781589880887
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.6 MB
Format : PDF
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"Part fiction, part overview of 'Aha!' moments in the forward march of physics, Only the Longest Threads takes readers dramatically through scientific fields such as quantum field theory, electromagnetism, relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory. Each idea or concept is explored in an inventive chapter, each told from a different first-person narrator; the faux emails, letters, and diary entries take place from 1728 to the present day."—Boing Boing, "The Best Books for Nerds from 2014" "Science is done by real human beings, with human concerns. Only the Longest Threads tells a story that conveys the human side of science in a way that is as moving as it is accurate."—Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech and author of The Particle at the End of the Universe Only the Longest Threads will thrill readers with its dramatic and lucid accounts of the great breakthroughs in the history of physics—classical mechanics, electromagnetism, relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and string theory, each from the viewpoint of a (fictional) witness to the events. Tasneem Zehra Husain re-imagines the pivotal moments in the history of physics when radical new theories shifted our perception of the universe, and our place in it. Husain immerses the reader in the immediacy and excitement of the discoveries—and she guides us as we begin to understand the underlying science and to grasp the revolutionary step forward each of these milestones represents. "Tasneem Zehra Husain writes lyrically, poetically about life, love, and physics. I highly recommend this wonderful book for anyone interested in what physics, and indeed all of science, is about. She masterfully describes the most momentous moments in physics history with verve and talent."—Amir D. Aczel, bestselling author of Fermat’s Last Theorem "A delightful meditation on the development of modern physics, culminating in the discovery of the Higgs. Husain follows the thread of its creation through a dialog between a journalist and young theory student, and as seen through the eyes of witnesses."—John Huth, Donner Professor of Science, Harvard University "Well-written and cleverly constructed, this book takes us on a journey through the history of physics as a series of fictional adventures, loosely linked by another fiction, the storytellers' emails to each other. Some books are praised because 'I couldn’t put it down,' but this one merits a deeper reading, one that stops, muses on, and savors each story before going on to the next. Each one captures not only the emergence of a significant idea in physics, but also something of the characters, culture, and times surrounding that development. So take your time, pause to ponder, but persevere, you will be well rewarded!"—Helen R. Quinn, Physicist, Science Educator, and co-author of The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter, Professor Emeritus SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory "How do theoretical physicists think? Tasneem Zehra Husain knows. She knows their purpose, feels their passions, articulates their frustrations, shares their triumphs. Through the device of fiction Only the Longest Threads communicates the history of physical thought—its roots in inquisitiveness and essential disinterest in outcome—with greater clarity than any popular science text."—Michael Duff FRS, Abdus Salam Professor of Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London "An artfully constructed journey through space and time."—Freddy Cachazo, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics "Husain skillfully weaves a poetic tapestry."—Joseph Mazur, author of Enlightening Symbols
Category: Fiction

The Alternative Book Of Records

Author : Mike Barwell
ISBN : 0710505981
Genre : Curiosities and wonders
File Size : 83.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A collection of the bizarre world records that people dedicate themselves to making and breaking.
Category: Curiosities and wonders