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The Leafcutter Ants Civilization By Instinct

Author : Bert Hölldobler
ISBN : 9780393340877
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of The Ants comes this dynamic and visually spectacular portrait of Earth's ultimate superorganism. The Leafcutter Ants is the most detailed and authoritative description of any ant species ever produced. With a text suitable for both a lay and a scientific audience, the book provides an unforgettable tour of Earth's most evolved animal societies. Each colony of leafcutters contains as many as five million workers, all the daughters of a single queen that can live over a decade. A gigantic nest can stretch thirty feet across, rise five feet or more above the ground, and consist of hundreds of chambers that reach twenty-five feet below the ground surface. Indeed, the leafcutters have parlayed their instinctive civilization into a virtual domination of forest, grassland, and cropland—from Louisiana to Patagonia. Inspired by a section of the authors' acclaimed The Superorganism, this brilliantly illustrated work provides the ultimate explanation of what a social order with a half-billion years of animal evolution has achieved.
Category: Science

The Earth Dwellers

Author : Erich Hoyt
ISBN : 9780684830452
Genre : Nature
File Size : 90.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explores the world of ants in a Costa Rican nature reserve in a study that is told from the ant's perspective, and profiles such ants as the leafcutter scout and swarm-raider male
Category: Nature

Adventures Among Ants

Author : Mark W. Moffett
ISBN : 9780520945418
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Intrepid international explorer, biologist, and photographer Mark W. Moffett, "the Indiana Jones of entomology," takes us around the globe on a strange and colorful journey in search of the hidden world of ants. In tales from Nigeria, Indonesia, the Amazon, Australia, California, and elsewhere, Moffett recounts his entomological exploits and provides fascinating details on how ants live and how they dominate their ecosystems through strikingly human behaviors, yet at a different scale and a faster tempo. Moffett’s spectacular close-up photographs shrink us down to size, so that we can observe ants in familiar roles; warriors, builders, big-game hunters, and slave owners. We find them creating marketplaces and assembly lines and dealing with issues we think of as uniquely human—including hygiene, recycling, and warfare. Adventures among Ants introduces some of the world’s most awe-inspiring species and offers a startling new perspective on the limits of our own perception. • Ants are world-class road builders, handling traffic problems on thoroughfares that dwarf our highway systems in their complexity • Ants with the largest societies often deploy complicated military tactics • Some ants have evolved from hunter-gatherers into farmers, domesticating other insects and growing crops for food
Category: Science

Xurt An

Author : Suzanne Cook
ISBN : 9780803271555
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Xurt’an (the end of the world) showcases the rich storytelling traditions of the northern Lacandones of Naha’ through a collection of traditional narratives, songs, and ritual speech. Formerly isolated in the dense, tropical rainforest of Chiapas, Mexico, the Lacandon Maya constitute one of the smallest language groups in the world. Although their language remains active and alive, their traditional culture was abandoned after the death of their religious and civic leader in 1996. Lacking the traditional contexts in which the culture was transmitted, the oral traditions are quickly being forgotten. This collection includes creation myths that describe the cycle of destruction and renewal of the world, the structure of the universe, the realms of the gods and their intercessions in the affairs of their mortals, and the journey of the souls after death. Other traditional stories are non-mythic and fictive accounts involving talking animals, supernatural beings, and malevolent beings that stalk and devour hapless victims. In addition to traditional narratives, Xurt’an presents many songs that are claimed to have been received from the Lord of Maize, magical charms that invoke the forces of the natural world, invocations to the gods to heal and protect, and work songs of Lacandon women, whose contribution to Lacandon culture has been hitherto overlooked by scholars. Women’s songs offer a rare glimpse into the other half of Lacandon society and the arduous distaff work that sustained the religion. The compilation concludes with descriptions of rainbows, the Milky Way as “the white road of Our Lord,” and an account of the solstices. Transcribed and translated by a foremost linguist of the northern Lacandon language, the literary traditions of the Lacandones are finally accessible to English readers. The result is a masterful and authoritative collection of oral literature that will both entertain and provoke, while vividly testifying to the power of Lacandon Maya aesthetic expression.
Category: Social Science

Bug Builders

Author : Timothy J. Bradley
ISBN : 1433348217
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 68.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Describes the structures a variety of insects, includinog spiders, beetles, bees, and ants, build for themselves.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Secret Lives Of Ants

Author : Jae Choe
ISBN : 9781421405216
Genre : Science
File Size : 30.14 MB
Format : PDF
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In the words of the author, "Once you get to know them, you’ll love them."
Category: Science

Leaf Cutter Ants

Author : Jo Windsor
ISBN : 1869447484
Genre : Leaf-cutting ants
File Size : 20.76 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Leaf-cutting ants

Knowledge Management And Organisational Learning In Business Organisations And Biological Systems

Author : Ulrike C. Proesl
ISBN : 9783832428273
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Writers on management and organisational excellence today provide a set of prescriptions, which they argue will lead to healthy, well functioning firms. Within the management sciences there has been a growing tendency to view organisations as complex systems, that is, to describe them as organisms. Increasingly the hard sciences are being used to describe and analyse organisations. In the field of creative problem solving several systems authors have advocated the use of metaphors to describe certain aspects of organisations. In reviewing much of today s management literature we are exhorted to use benchmarks, for a variety of management tasks. In reviewing organisational excellence we are duty bound to find a measure that will be relevant tomorrow as well as today. Conjoining these current themes in management, this thesis seeks to review what we know about the effective collective functioning of selected species and to compare these natural systems with organisational systems. We posit the question: Can an understanding of the functioning of natural systems help us to understand how organisations function? If so, what can we learn about the effective functioning of organisations. Firstly we will review common management theories, with a focus on organisational learning and knowledge management. Secondly we will look at three natural organisations: Honey bees, leaf-cutter ants and the African locust. We want to find out how these organisations function, and specifically search for knowledge management and organisational learning within these biological systems. Then we will try to link management theories with our findings in natural organisations. This approach will finally deliver some interesting hypothesis about knowledge management and organisational learning - both valid for human and natural organisations. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: Table of Contents2 Acknowledgements4 Technical remarks4 Preface5 Introduction5 I.Management Theories on Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management7 1.1A Company's Driving Forces: The Seven-S-Model (McKinsey & Company, Inc.)7 1.2The Structure of Organisations (Henry Mintzberg)8 1.3The 5th Discipline - Innovating the Learning Organisation(Peter M. Senge)9 1.4The Peak Performance Organisation (PPO)- what Management can learn from Sports Organisations(University of Waikato, New Zealand)12 1.5Workgroups and Virtual Organisations: Fashion or [...]
Category: Business & Economics