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The Lawless Roads

Author : Graham Greene
ISBN : 9781409020516
Genre : Travel
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In 1938 Graham Greene was commissioned to visit Mexico to discover the state of the country and its people in the aftermath of the brutal anti-clerical purges of President Calles. His journey took him through the tropical states of Chiapas and Tabasco, where all the churches had been destroyed or closed and the priests driven out or shot. The experiences were the inspiration for his acclaimed novel, The Power and the Glory.
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Graham Greenea Study Of His Major Novels

Author : Sunita Sinha
ISBN : 8126908769
Genre :
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One Of Britain S Most Interesting And Complex Contemporary Novelists, Graham Greene Is Eminently Readable And Hugely Topical. A Diverse And Prolific Writer, He Has Also Written Poetry, Children S Books, Film Scripts, Political Reportage And Travel Books. Greene S Novels Have Evoked Lively Interest Not Only In Literary And Academic Circles But Also Gained Popularity With The General Reading Public And Cinema Audience. In An Attempt To Establish Their Individual Points Of View Critics Have Examined Greene As A Catholic Writer, A Political Writer, A Comic Spy Thriller Writer, But Have Tended To Ignore The Central Aspect Of Greene S Fiction His Dominant Concern With Human Predicament Which Forms The Nucleus Of His Entire Vision.Graham Greene: A Study Of His Major Novels Explores The Persistent Strain Of Humanism La Condition Humanitie The Estate Of Man, That Obtains In All His Novels, Whether The Ostensible Theme Is Politics Or Withdrawal From Politics, Religion Or Withdrawal From Religion. The Book Unravels An Inclusive Critical Analysis Of The Most Significant And Controversial Aspects Of Greene S Fiction And Establishes Greene As A Significant Proponent Of A New Trend In Literature, A Trend Which Decidedly Moves In The Direction Of Existentialist Thinking. The Book Establishes Greene As The Ultimate Twentieth Century Chronicler Of Consciousness And Anxiety , Exploring The Doubtfulness Of Modern Man And Ambivalent Normal Or Political Issues In A Contemporary Setting. It Makes Visible The Private Universe Of Greene The Universe Of Pity, Of Sin And Salvation, Of The Cult Of The Sanctified Sinner, The Question Of Commitment And Of The World Of Broken Trust.Graham Greene: A Study Of His Major Novels Remains A Comprehensive Study Of This Most Widely Read 20Th Century Novelist Who Never Fails To Engross Our Complete Attention In Each Successive Novel, Where He Edifies As Well As Entertains. It Will Undoubtedly Prove Valuable To The Students And Researchers Of English Literature.

The Life Of Graham Greene Volume 1

Author : Norman Sherry
ISBN : 9781473512139
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Unquestionably one of the greatest novelists of his time, Graham Greene had always guarded his privacy, remaining aloof, mysterious and unpredictable. Nonetheless, he took the surprising step of allowing Norman Sherry complete access to letter and diaries, and gave his consent to this full and frank biography in three volumes - the first of which takes Greene's life up to the beginning of the Second World War when he published some of his most remarkable work, including Journey Without Maps (1935), England Made Me (1935), A Gun for Sale (1936), Brighton Rock (1938) and The Confidential Agent (1939). At the heart of the story lies a remarkable series of letters Greene wrote to his wife, Vivien, for whose sake he became a Catholic. They show us an unknown, younger Greene, impassioned and romantic. Sherry also recounts in fascinating detail how Greene struggled to turn himself into a novelist and learn his craft, and follows his subject's pre-war footsteps to West Africa and Mexico, where he was able to penetrate far into the strange and alarming territory that Greene has made his own. The book that emerges is without doubt one of the most revealing literary biographies of the decade.
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Selected Travel Writing

Author : Graham Greene
ISBN : 9781504056724
Genre : Travel
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A pair of revelatory travel memoirs from “a superb storyteller . . . [who] had a talent for depicting local color” (The New York Times). “One of the finest writers of any language,” British author Graham Greene embarked on two awe-inspiring and eye-opening journeys in the 1930s—to West Africa and to Mexico (The Washington Post). Greene would find himself both shaken and inspired by these trips, which would go on to inform his novels. Journey Without Maps: When Graham Greene set off from Liverpool in 1935 for what was then an Africa unmarked by colonization, it was to leave the known transgressions of his own civilization behind for those unknown. First by cargo ship, then by train and truck through Sierra Leone, and finally on foot, Greene embarked on a dangerous and unpredictable 350-mile, four-week trek through Liberia with his cousin and a handful of servants and bearers into a world where few had ever seen a white man. For Greene, this odyssey became as much a trip into the primitive interiors of the writer himself as it was a physical journey into a land foreign to his experience. “One of the best travel books [of the twentieth] century.” —The Independent The Lawless Roads: This eyewitness account of religious and political persecution in 1930s Mexico inspired The Power and the Glory, the British novelist’s “masterpiece” (John Updike). In 1938, Greene, a burgeoning convert to Roman Catholicism, was commissioned to expose the anticlerical purges in Mexico. Churches had been destroyed, peasants held secret masses in their homes, religious icons were banned, and priests disappeared. Traveling under the growing clouds of fascism, Greene was anxious to see for himself the effect it had on the people. Journeying through the rugged and remote terrain of Chiapas and Tabasco, Greene’s emotional, gut response to the landscape; the sights and sounds; the oppressive heat; and the people’s fear, despair, resignation, and fierce resilience makes for a vivid and powerful chronicle. “[A] singularly beautiful travel book.” —New Statesman
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Fathers And Mothers In Literature

Author : Roland A. Pierloot
ISBN : 9051837143
Genre : Social Science
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Many people as a child dream of having other parents: a gentler mother, a kinder or stronger father, a more illustrious family? According to our secret dreams, were not most of us born sons or daughters of a king, a president, a champion? Freud termed this the Family Romance. We all carry these secret scenarios in ourselves. Usually they are long forgotten but nevertheless remain alive in the stories we tell ourselves and relate to others. Therefore the Family Romance is one of the keys to the understanding of literature. The French literary critic Marthe Robert developed a fundamental theory of Freud. In 1972 she presented in her publication Origins of the Novel a new method to analyse the novel and to understand its history. Her study offers a proof of the relevance of Freud's views and it invites us to expand on its ideas and suggestions. It is in this perspective that the authors of this volume write about the historical and mythical figures Mary, Medea, Electra, Kaspar Hauser and Sir Gawain. Other articles are devoted to the Family Romance in the works of the following authors: Barthes, Beckett, Camus, Drieu la Rochelle, Faulkner, Flaubert, Goethe, Claire Goll, Jutta Heinrich, Gombrowicz, Greene, Kafka, LÉvy, Modiano, Petronius, Sartre, Vigny.
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The Lawless Roads

Author : Graham Greene
ISBN : UVA:X000674304
Genre : Catholic Church
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Ways Of Escape

Author : Graham Greene
ISBN : 9781409020998
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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With superb skill and feeling, Graham Greene retraces the experiences and encounters of his extraordinary life. His restlessness is legendary; as if seeking out danger, Greene travelled to Haiti during the nightmare rule of Papa Doc, Vietnam in the last days of the French, Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion. With ironic delight he recalls his time in the British Secret Service in Africa, and his brief involvement in Hollywood. He writes, as only he can, about people and places, about faith, doubt, fear and, not least, the trials and craft of writing.
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The Global Politics Of Contemporary Travel Writing

Author : Debbie Lisle
ISBN : 9781139460965
Genre : Political Science
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To what extent do best-selling travel books, such as those by Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson, Bruce Chatwin and Michael Palin, tell us as much about world politics as newspaper articles, policy documents and press releases? Debbie Lisle argues that the formulations of genre, identity, geopolitics and history at work in contemporary travel writing are increasingly at odds with a cosmopolitan and multicultural world in which 'everybody travels'. Despite the forces of globalization, common stereotypes about 'foreignness' continue to shape the experience of modern travel. The Global Politics of Contemporary Travel Writing, first published in 2006, is concerned with the way contemporary travelogues engage with, and try to resolve, familiar struggles about global politics such as the protection of human rights, the promotion of democracy, the management of equality within multiculturalism and the reduction of inequality. This is a thoroughly interdisciplinary book that draws from international relations, literary theory, political theory, geography, anthropology and history.
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The Lawless Frontier

Author : Randy Denmon
ISBN : 9780786030958
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27.40 MB
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An Ugly Place To Die There's nothing pretty about Mexico in 1914. On the verge of a bloody civil war that's spiraling out of control, it's no place for hotheads or weak hearts--a place where only real men survive. . .if they're lucky. As an officer for the U.S. War Department, Myles Adams knows all about keeping a cool head. And he's just the man who can help his former partner-in-arms Stewart Cook rescue his soon-to-be fiancée, Alexia Garcia, from the rebel forces. But this is a country where a man would shoot you as soon as look at you. . . An Even Uglier Place To Live. . . With Alexia safe in hand, the two Americans find themselves in even greater danger. On the run from Jorge Trevino, a ruthless bandito who would kill to have what Myles has--namely the gorgeous Carmen Cologan--these men are about to witness all the horrors that the Mexican frontier has to offer--war, poverty, and human suffering too agonizing to be believed. They'll have to use every drop of courage they have to survive, but in a land with no law and order, sometimes a man has to kill to stay alive. . . "A classic adventure. . .riveting!" --Richard S. Wheeler, Spur Winning author of Vengeance Valley
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