The Law Of International Lawyers

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The Law Of International Lawyers

Author : Wouter Werner
ISBN : 9781107193185
Genre : History
File Size : 69.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides original perspectives on the work of one of the most important thinkers in international law today.
Category: History

Interpretation In International Law

Author : Andrea Bianchi
ISBN : 9780198725749
Genre : Law
File Size : 70.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Interpretation in International Law is an innovative volume that foregrounds interpretation as central to the generation of legal meaning in international law. The book encourages international lawyers to reflect creatively on how they interpret international law, and to stimulate further research on interpretation in an innovative vein.
Category: Law

Is International Law International

Author : Anthea Roberts
ISBN : 9780190696412
Genre : LAW
File Size : 58.78 MB
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This book takes the reader on a sweeping tour of the international legal field to reveal some of the patterns of difference, dominance, and disruption that belie international law's claim to universality. Pulling back the curtain on the "divisible college of international lawyers," Anthea Roberts shows how international lawyers in different states, regions, and geopolitical groupings are often subject to distinct incoming influences and outgoing spheres of influence in ways that reflect and reinforce differences in how they understand and approach international law. These divisions manifest themselves in contemporary controversies, such as debates about Crimea and the South China Sea. Not all approaches to international law are created equal, however. Using case studies and visual representations, the author demonstrates how actors and materials from some states and groups have come to dominate certain transnational flows and forums in ways that make them disproportionately influential in constructing the "international." This point holds true for Western actors, materials, and approaches in general, and for Anglo-American (and sometimes French) ones in particular. However, these patterns are set for disruption. As the world moves past an era of Western dominance and toward greater multipolarity, it is imperative for international lawyers to understand the perspectives and approaches of those coming from diverse backgrounds. By taking readers on a comparative tour of different international law academies and textbooks, the author encourages them to see the world through the eyes of others -- an essential skill in this fast changing world of shifting power dynamics and rising nationalism.
Category: LAW

Legitimacy In International Law

Author : Rüdiger Wolfrum
ISBN : 3540777644
Genre : Law
File Size : 75.51 MB
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There has been intense debate in recent times over the legitimacy or otherwise of international law. This book contains fresh perspectives on these questions, offered at an international and interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Law and International Law. At issue are questions including, for example, whether international law lacks legitimacy in general and whether international law or a part of it has yielded to the facts of power.
Category: Law

The Function Of Law In The International Community

Author : Hersch Lauterpacht
ISBN : 9780199608812
Genre : Law
File Size : 27.71 MB
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The Function of Law in the International Community, first published in 1933, is one of the seminal works on international law. Its author, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, is widely considered to be one of the great international lawyers of the 20th century. It continues to influence those studying and working in international law today. This republication once again makes this book available to scholars and students in the field. It features a new introduction by Professor Martti Koskenniemi, examining the world in which the Function of Law was originally published and the lasting legacy of this classic work.
Category: Law

Time History And International Law

Author : Matthew C. R. Craven
ISBN : 9789004154810
Genre : Law
File Size : 30.16 MB
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This book examines theoretical and practical issues concerning the relationship between international law, time and history. Problems relating to time and history are ever-present in the work of international lawyers, whether understood in terms of the role of historic practice in the doctrine of sources, the application of the principle of inter-temporal law in dispute settlement, or in gaining a coherent insight into the role that was played by international law in past events. But very little has been written about the various different ways in which international lawyers approach or understand the past, and it is with a view to exploring the dynamics of that engagement that this book has been compiled. In its broadest sense, it is possible to identify at least three different ways in which the relationship between international law and (its) history may be conceived. The first is that of a "history of international law" written in narrative form, and mapped out in terms of a teleology of origins, development, progress or renewal. The second is that of "history in international law" and of the role history plays in arguments about law itself (for example in the construction of customary international law). The third way of understanding that relationship is in terms of "international law in history": of understanding how international law has been engaged in the creation of a history that in some senses stands outside the history of international law itself. The essays in this collection make clear that each type of engagement with history and international law interweaves various different types of historical narrative, pointing to the typically multi-layered nature of internationallawyers' engagement with the past and its importance in shaping the present and future of international law.
Category: Law

International Law And International Relations

Author : J. Craig Barker
ISBN : 9780826450289
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 54.39 MB
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This text examines key concepts in international law in order to illuminate them in the context of inetrnational relations. The first part of the book covers theoretical issues. The second part examines international law in context, including case-study material and the Pinochet litigation.
Category: Political Science

Us International Lawyers In The Interwar Years

Author : Hatsue Shinohara
ISBN : 9781139560740
Genre : Law
File Size : 66.57 MB
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In the interwar years, a group of reform-minded American scholars of international law, such as Quincy Wright and Manley Hudson, challenged traditional international law and strove to establish a 'new' international law in which outlawry of war was institutionalized. They highly valued the Covenant of the League of Nations and the Kellogg–Briand Pact and presented legal arguments in support of them. These scholars were activists in their efforts to promote their views to policy makers and the public. In the US international law community, however, a different group of scholars, notably Edwin Borchard, vehemently opposed the progressive scholars. US International Lawyers in the Interwar Years chronicles those involved in the debate and provides a detailed account of their scholarly works and activities that hitherto have not had the recognition that they deserve.
Category: Law

On The History Of International Law And International Organization

Author : Paul Vinogradoff
ISBN : 9781584779537
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 27.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Butler, William E., Editor. On the History of International Law and International Organization: Collected Papers of Sir Paul Vinogradoff. Edited and with introductory and other materials by William E. Butler, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Dickinson School of Law, Pennsylvania State University. Clark: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. 2009. ISBN-13: 978-1-58477-953-7. ISBN-10: 1-58477-953-5. Hardcover with dust jacket. $95.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

International Lawyer S Deskbook

Author : Lucinda A. Low
ISBN : 1590311442
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.44 MB
Format : PDF
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Areference tool for lawyers facing international legal problems outside their own areas of expertise.
Category: Business & Economics

Comparative International Law

Author : Anthea Roberts
ISBN : 9780190697570
Genre : Law
File Size : 76.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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By definition, international law, once agreed upon and consented to, applies to all parties equally. It is perhaps the one area of law where cross-country comparison seems inappropriate, because all parties are governed by the same rules. However, as this book explains, states sometimes adhere to similar, and at other times, adopt different interpretations of the same international norms and standards. International legal rules are not a monolithic whole, but are the basis for ongoing contestation in which states set forth competing interpretations. International norms are interpreted and redefined by national executives, legislatures, and judiciaries. These varying and evolving interpretations can, in turn, change and impact the international rules themselves. These similarities and differences make for an important, but thus far, largely unexamined object of comparison. This is the premise for this book, and for what the editors call "comparative international law." This book achieves three objectives. The first is to show that international law is not a monolith. The second is to map the cross-country similarities and differences in international legal norms in different fields of international law, as well as their application and interpretation with regards to geographic differences. The third is to make a first and preliminary attempt to explain these differences. It is organized into three broad thematic sections, exploring: conceptual matters, domestic institutions and comparative international law, and comparing approaches across issue-areas. The chapters are authored by contributors who include leading international law and comparative law scholars with diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspectives.
Category: Law

International Law Theories

Author : Andrea Bianchi
ISBN : 9780198725114
Genre : International law
File Size : 32.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Two fish are swimming in a pond. "Do you know what?" the fish asks his friend. "No, tell me." "I was talking to a frog the other day. And he told me that we are surrounded by water!" His friend looks at him with great scepticism: "Water? What's that? Show me some water!"This book is an attempt to stir up "the water" the two fish are swimming in. It analyses the different theoretical approaches to international law and invites readers to engage with legal thinking in order to familiarize ourselves with the water all around us, of which we hardly have any perception.International lawyers and students of international law often find themselves focused on the practice of the law rather than the underlying theory. The main aim of this book is to provide interested scholars, practitioners, graduate, and postgraduate students in international law and otherdisciplines with an introduction to various international legal theories, their genealogies, and critique. By providing an analytical approach to international legal theory, the book encourages readers to sharpen their sensitivity to these different methodologies and to consider how thepresuppositions behind each theory affect analysis, research, and practice in international law. Theories of International Law is intended to assist students, scholars, and practitioners in reflecting more generally how knowledge is formed in the field.
Category: International law

The Battle For International Law

Author : Jochen von Bernstorff
ISBN : 9780198849636
Genre : Law
File Size : 63.39 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume provides the first comprehensive analysis of international legal debates between 1955 and 1975 related to the formal decolonization process. It is during this era, couched between classic European imperialism and a new form of US-led Western hegemony, that fundamental legal debates took place over a new international legal order for a decolonised world. The book argues that this era presents in essence a battle, a battle that was fought out in particular over the premises and principles of international law by diplomats, lawyers, and scholars. In a moment of relative weakness of European powers, 'newly independent states' and international lawyers from the South fundamentally challenged traditional Western perceptions of international legal structures engaging in fundamental controversies over a new international law. The legal outcomes of this battle have shaped the world we live in today. Contributions from a global set of authors cover contemporary debates on concepts central to the time, such as self-determination, sources and concessions, non-intervention, wars of national liberation, multinational corporations, and the law of the sea. They also discuss influential institutions, such as the United Nations, International Court of Justice, and World Bank. The volume also incorporates contemporary regional approaches to international law in the 'decolonization era' and portraits of important scholars from the Global South.
Category: Law

The Legal Practice In International Law And European Community Law

Author : Carlos Jiménez Piernas
ISBN : 9789004154261
Genre : Law
File Size : 66.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This work offers a Spanish perspective on contemporary practice in international law and European Community law by genuine practitioners such as registrars, judges and magistrates serving on national and international courts, as well as advocates practicing in these courts, senior international officials, government advisers and academics. In five parts this book deals with the practice in international courts; practice in international organizations; the European Community practice and; Spanish practice in matters of public and private international law. The last part contains an article on evidence in international practice and a general overview for further research. The book offers a very useful insight in matters otherwise available in Spanish, such as the applications against Spain lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, a comparison between the Spanish Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Communities, public international law before Spanish domestic courts and the Spanish practice on investment treaties.
Category: Law

Understanding Jus Cogens In International Law And International Legal Discourse

Author : Ulf Linderfalk
ISBN : 9781786439512
Genre : Law
File Size : 86.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Whilst the concept of jus cogens has grown increasingly more important in public international law, lawyers remain hugely divided both over what precisely confers a jus cogens status on a norm, and what this conferral implies in terms of legal consequences. In this ground-breaking book, Ulf Linderfalk clearly and succinctly explores the reasons for this divide in order to facilitate more rational and productive future discourse.
Category: Law

The Role Of Law In International Politics

Author : Michael Byers
ISBN : 0199244022
Genre : Law
File Size : 89.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This interdisciplinary volume examines the highly topical issue of the role international law plays in international politics today.
Category: Law

The Decolonization Of International Law

Author : Matthew Craven
ISBN : 9780199577880
Genre : Law
File Size : 70.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Against the backdrop of decolonization and the territorial adjustments of the 1990s, the issue of state succession continues to be a vital and complex focal point for public international law. This book offers a pragmatic re-assessment of the foundations of the law of succession, assessing the attempts and failures to achieve a codified body of law
Category: Law