The Law And The Promise

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The Law And The Promise

Author : Neville
ISBN : 1578989426
Genre : Self-Help
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2010 Reprint of 1961 Edition. The purpose of this book is to show, through actual true stories, how imaging creates reality. The world in which we live is a world of imagination. In fact, life itself is an activity of imagining. Neville's work is a guide to human imagination, and the positive means of putting it to use, as well as the negative ones.
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The Law And The Promise

Author : The Neville Collection
ISBN : 9798642254233
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The best paperback edition of The Law and the Promise This book is Neville's last book, the summation and capstone of his career. "The purpose of this book is to show, through actual true stories, how imagining creates reality." Includes many success stories from his students, and concludes with Neville's description of four of his mystical experiences. Volume 10 in the Neville Collection. See all titles in this series, including the 1-volume collected works, at

The Law And The Promise

Author : Neville Goddard
ISBN : 1539988449
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The Law And The Promise: Man is all Imagination! (1st edition, 12pt/Georgia font.) by Neville Goddard.The future will not be fundamentally different from the imaginal activities of man; therefore, the individual who can summon at will whatever imaginal activity he pleases and to whom the visions of his imagination are as real as the forms of nature, is master of his fate. The future is the imaginal activity of man in its creative march. Imagining is the creative power not only of the poet, the artist, the actor and orator, but of the scientist, the inventor, the merchant and the artisan. Its abuse in unrestrained unlovely image-making is obvious; but its abuse in undue repression breeds a sterility which robs man of actual wealth of experience. Imagining novel solutions to ever more complex problems is far more noble than to run from problems. Life is the continual solution of a continuously synthetic problem. Imagining creates events. The world, created out of men's imagining, comprises un-numbered warring beliefs; therefore, there can never be a perfectly stable or static state. Today's events are bound to disturb yesterday's established order. Imaginative men and women invariably unsettle a pre-existing peace of mind."Neville may eventually be recognized as one of the world's great mystics." -Joseph Murphy, author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind "A popular speaker on metaphysical themes from the late '30s until his death in 1972, Neville authored ten books in which he captured the sheer logic of creative mind principles. His work has impacted me in a very profound way; in fact, he's been a great mentor to me in the past few years." -Dr. Wayne Dyer in Wishes Fulfilled "Neville may be the positive-thinking movement's most radical and subtly influential voice." -Mitch Horowitz, "Of all the metaphysical systems with which I am acquainted, Neville's is the most magical." -Israel Regardie "The words of spiritual teacher Neville Goddard retain their power to electrify... Neville captured the sheer logic of creative mind principles as perhaps no other figure of his era." -Science of Mind magazine

The Legal Process And The Promise Of Justice

Author : Rosann Greenspan
ISBN : 9781108415682
Genre : Law
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Malcolm Feeley's classic scholarship on courts, criminal justice, legal reform, and the legal complex, examined by law and society scholars.
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Law Of Attraction Success Stories

Author : Neville Goddard
ISBN : 1533555788
Genre :
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"Neville's teachings add a dimension that I hadn't really contemplated in depth until now." - Dr. Wayne Dyer, bestselling author of "Wishes Fulfilled" What really is the Law of Attraction? How do you get it to work for you? These are the incredible stories you need to hear... Neville Goddard's The Law and The Promise contains arguably the most amazing success stories involving the Law of Attraction ever published. Inside you will hear dozens of incredible first person accounts from people who transformed their lives by unlocking the power of their imagination. Get your copy and read these inspiring stories today!

Promises To Keep

Author : William W. Fisher, III
ISBN : 9780804763264
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 67.90 MB
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During the past fifteen years, changes in technology have generated an extraordinary array of new ways in which music and movies can be produced and distributed. Both the creators and the consumers of entertainment products stand to benefit enormously from the new systems. Sadly, we have failed thus far to avail ourselves of these opportunities. Instead, much energy has been devoted to interpreting or changing legal rules in hopes of defending older business models against the threats posed by the new technologies. These efforts to plug the multiplying holes in the legal dikes are failing and the entertainment industry has fallen into crisis. This provocative book chronicles how we got into this mess and presents three alternative proposals--each involving a combination of legal reforms and new business models--for how we could get out of it.
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The Sabbath The Law And The New Covenant

Author : Kevin L. Cunningham
ISBN : 9781481703895
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.80 MB
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Religion is a hard topic to discuss, especially with family members who do not have the same religious beliefs. This book began as a paper given to family members and friends in an attempt to show them what the scriptures teach about the Sabbath. Though a number of Sabbath-keeping church members and leaders refused to discuss the paper, other ministers and church friends thought it should be published. Years of studying and writing have culminated into “The Sabbath, the Law, and the New Covenant.” This book takes the central theme of the Bible, God’s redemptive plan for mankind, and walks the reader through the scriptures. It begins with the plan’s inception and then explains how the plan was introduced to man, how it began to unfold, and finally how the plan was fulfilled. This book highlights many of the scriptures that teach about the Sabbath, the Old Testament Laws, including the Ten Commandments, and the New Testament covenant of Jesus Christ, while comparing some widely held beliefs with the word of God. For all who truly love the word of God and worship on the seventh-day Sabbath, this book is a must-read. Those who wish to learn about the subject matter will also find the information insightful, coming from one who formerly worshiped on the seventh-day Sabbath.
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Essentials Of Business Law And The Legal Environment

Author : Richard A. Mann
ISBN : 9781133188636
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 11TH EDITION gives your students a complete understanding of business law and today's legal environment with a reader-focused, straightforward approach. Cases are carefully summarized and integrated in order to present both recent legal issues and landmark court decisions in a way that minimizes legal jargon. This edition thoroughly addresses a broad variety of key subjects and ethical issues while covering all business law topics required for success on today's CPA exam. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Israel S Law And The Church S Faith

Author : Stephen Westerholm
ISBN : 0802802885
Genre : Religion
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"Westerholm is admirably concerned to focus our attention on Paul's theology, specifically on the theological issues that arose for the Apostle in his valiant attempt to assess the role of the law after the advent of Christ. Beginning with an unusually mature account of the debate that is currently raging over Paul's understanding of the law, Westerholm has provided an analysis of his own that will certainly claim the attention of all student's of Paul the theologian." - J. Louis Martyn "This is the most clearly written and understandable treatment of the debate over the law in Pauline thought that I have seen." - Robert Jewett "Westerholm has produced an illuminating, engaging, and refreshing book. He sets forth the views of major interpreters of Paul with clarity and candor, engages them, and then makes proposals of his own, which are both well considered and instructive. The book is both interesting and informative, a reader's delight." - Arland J. Hultgren
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Lex Rex The Law And The Prince A Dispute For The Just Prerogative Of King And People Containing The Reasons And Causes Of The Defensive Wars Of The Kingdom Of Scotland And Of Their Expedition For The Ayd And Help Of Their Brethren Of England In Which A Full Answer Is Given To A Seditious Pamphlet Intituled Sacro Sancta Regum Majestas Penned By J Maxwell By S Rutherford Followed By De Jure Regni Apud Scotos A Dialogue Tr By R Macfarlan Repr From The Ed Of 1799

Author : Samuel Rutherford
ISBN : OXFORD:590864838
Genre :
File Size : 57.84 MB
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Private Law And The Rule Of Law

Author : Lisa M Austin
ISBN : 9780191045578
Genre : Law
File Size : 83.73 MB
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The rule of law is widely perceived to be a public law doctrine, concerned with the way in which governmental authority conforms to the dictates of law. The goal of this book is to challenge this presumption. The chapters in this volume all consider the idea that the rule of law concerns the nature of law generally and the conditions under which any relationship - that among citizens as well as that between citizens and the state - becomes subject to law. Addressing two major questions, they ask if our understanding of the rule of law is enriched by considering how and to what degree it is expressed or realized in private law, and whether our understanding of the private law is enriched by adding the principles of the rule of law to the traditional list of core private law concepts. Bringing together leading philosophers of private and public law, this volume examines key questions in a little-explored field, and will be essential reading for all those interested in the rule of law and in private law theory.
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Restoring The Promise Of American Labor Law

Author : Sheldon Friedman
ISBN : 0875463266
Genre : Law
File Size : 53.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The product of an October 1993 conference on labor law reform jointly sponsored by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell U. and the Department of Economic Research at the AFL-CIO, this volume both argues the need for fundamental reform of the legal and institutional underpinnings o
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Five Views On Law And Gospel

Author : Greg L. Bahnsen
ISBN : 9780310872276
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Do the Law and the Gospel belong to two separate dispensations? Has the Gospel replaced the Law? What is the relevance of the Old Testament Law to our lives as Christians? Is there continuity between it and what Christ expects of us in the Gospel? It is no secret that Christians have differed widely on these questions. This book explores five major approaches to this important biblical topic that have developed in Protestant circles. Each of the five authors presents his particular perspective on the issue and responds to the other four. The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians. Counterpoints books address two categories: Church Life and Bible and Theology. Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints series.
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Contract As Promise

Author : Charles Fried
ISBN : 9780190240189
Genre : Law
File Size : 64.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contract as Promise is a study of the philosophical foundations of contract law in which Professor Fried effectively answers some of the most common assumptions about contract law and strongly proposes a moral basis for it while defending the classical theory of contract. This book provides two purposes regarding the complex legal institution of the contract. The first is the theoretical purpose to demonstrate how contract law can be traced to and is determined by a small number of basic moral principles. At the theory level the author shows that contract law does have an underlying, and unifying structure. The second is a pedagogic purpose to provide for students the underlying structure of contract law. At this level of doctrinal exposition the author shows that structure can be referred to moral principles. Together the two purposes support each other in an effective and comprehensive study of contract law. This second edition retains the original text, and includes a new Preface. It also includes a substantial new essay entitled Contract as Promise in the Light of Subsequent Scholarship--Especially Law and Economics which serves as a retrospective of the work accomplished in the last thirty years, while responding to present and future work in the field.
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The Promise

Author : Jean-Marie Lustiger
ISBN : 9780802807717
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Because of their faith in the crucified Messiah, the Christian nations are indebted to Israel. Yet they have largely marginalized and even rejected God's chosen people. In this volume Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger reflects on a number of subjects and concerns common to both Christians and Jews ? the Ten Commandments, fulfillment of biblical prophecy, Christian anti-Semitism, and more. As a Jewish-born Roman Catholic priest, Cardinal Lustiger has a unique viewpoint. He became Archbishop of Paris and a cardinal while remaining keenly aware of his indelible Jewish identity and of the vital Jewish roots of Christianity. Aware that his reflections may be controversial ? possibly offending Jewish and Christian readers alike ? he nonetheless boldly shares his perspectives in The Promise, hoping that readers will see him as speaking and writing in good faith, in the service of the Word of God given for the happiness and salvation of all.
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The Law Dictionary

Author : Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins
ISBN : PRNC:32101078173208
Genre : Law
File Size : 24.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Message Of Galatians

Author : John Stott
ISBN : 9780830897889
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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To enclaves of young converts tucked away in the mountains of Asia Minor, Paul wrote what is perhaps the oldest document in the New Testament--the letter to the Galatians. What problems were they facing? Among a variety of religious authorities espousing different teachings, how were they to know who was right? How were men and women to be put right with God? How could Christians in the midst of a pagan culture live lives truly pleasing to God? 'Only one way--' ansered Paul, 'through Jesus Christ.' His answer holds true for us as well. The details of our struggle have changed since Paul's day, but the principles he sets forth are as timeless as the Lord he exalts. In this book John Stott helpf us to understand and apply the message of Galatians in the face of contemporary challenges to our faith.
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