The Last Good Year

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The Last Good Year

Author : Damien Cox
ISBN : 9780735234772
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Nominated for the 2019 Toronto Heritage Book Award We may never see a playoff series like it again. Before Gary Bettman, and the lockouts. Before all the NHL's old barns were torn down to make way for bigger, glitzier rinks. Before expansion and parity across the league, just about anything could happen on the ice. And it often did. It was an era when huge personalities dominated the sport; and willpower was often enough to win games. And in the spring of 1993, some of the biggest talents and biggest personalities were on a collision course. The Cinderella Maple Leafs had somehow beaten the mighty Red Wings and then, just as improbably, the St. Louis Blues. Wayne Gretzky's Kings had just torn through the Flames and the Canucks. When they faced each other in the conference final, the result would be a series that fans still talk about passionately 25 years later. Taking us back to that feverish spring, The Last Good Year gives an intimate account not just of an era-defining seven games, but of what the series meant to the men who were changed by it: Marty McSorley, the tough guy who took his whole team on his shoulders; Doug Gilmour, the emerging superstar; celebrity owner Bruce McNall; Bill Berg, who went from unknown to famous when the Leafs claimed him on waivers; Kelly Hrudey, the Kings' goalie who would go on to become a Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster; Kerry Fraser, who would become the game's most infamous referee; and two very different captains, Toronto's bull in a china shop, Wendel Clark, and the immortal Wayne Gretzky. Fast-paced, authoritative, and galvanized by the same love of the game that made the series so unforgettable, The Last Good Year is a glorious testament to a moment hockey fans will never forget.
Category: Sports & Recreation

1859 The Last Good Year

Author : Bill Conner
ISBN : 9781503556195
Genre : Fiction
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Penny was sitting on the tailgate of Henry's wagon, wrapped in a blanket, and crying silently when Jason and the others approached and stopped a few feet away. Jason took two steps forward, and she slid right off the wagon into his arms, sobbing so hard she was almost convulsing. After a few minutes, Penny pushed herself back so she could see his face and demanded, "Where's David? Where's my husband? I thought you were my friend, Jason, why won't anybody tell me?" "I'm sorry, princess, David's gone, the bastards killed him," Jason replied as tears formed in his eyes.
Category: Fiction

1967 The Last Good Year

Author : Pierre Berton
ISBN : UOM:39015047056844
Genre : Fiction
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Few Canadians over the age of forty can forget the feeling of joy and celebration that washed over the country during Canada's centennial year. We were, Pierre Berton reminds us, a nation in love with itself, basking in the warm glow of international applause brought on by the unexpected success of Expo 67 and pumped up by the year-long birthday party that had us all warbling "Ca-na-da, as Bobby Gimby and his gaggle of small children pranced down the byways of the nation. It was a turning-point year, a watershed year--a year of beginnings as well as endings. One royal commission finally came to a close with a warning about the need for a new approach to Quebec. Another was launched to investigate, for the first time, the status of Canadian women. New attitudes to divorce and homosexuality were enshrined in law. A charismatic figure, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, made clear that the state had no place in the bedrooms of the nation. The seeds of Women's Lib, Gay Pride, and even Red Power, were sown in the centennial year. (Of all the pavilions on the Expo site, Berton singles out the Indian pavilion as having the greatest impact.) The country was in a ferment that year. Canadians worried about the Americanization of every institution from the political convention to "Hockey Night in Canada. People talked about the Generation Gap as thousands of flower children held love-ins in city parks. The government tried to respond by launching the Company of Young Canadians, a project that was less than successful. The most significant event of 1967 was Charles de Gaulle's notorious "Vive le Quebec libre!" speech in Montreal. It gave the burgeoning separatist movement a new legitimacy, enhanced by Rene Levesque's departure from the Liberal party later that year. Throughout the book, the author gives us insightful profiles of some of the significant figures of 1967: the centennial activists Judy LaMarsh and John Fisher; the Expo entrepreneurs, Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien and Edward Churchill; Walter Gordon, the fervent nationalist, and his rival, Mitchell Sharp; Lester Pearson and his "bete noire, John Diefenbaker; the three "men of the world" who helped make Canada internationally famous: Marshall McLuhan, Glenn Gould, and Roy Thomson; hippie leaders like David dePoe, American draft dodgers like Mark Satin, women's activists like Doris Anderson and Laura Sabia, youth workers like Barbara Hall, radicals like Pierre Vallieres (author of "White Niggers of America) and such dedicated nationalists as Madame Chaput Rolland and Andre Laurendeau. In spite of the feeling of exultation that marked the centennial year, an opposite sentiment runs through the book like dark thread: the growing fear that the country was facing its gravest crisis. Berton points out that we are far better off today than we were in 1967. "Then why all the hand wringing?" he asks. Because of "the very real fear that the country we celebrated so joyously thirty years ago is in the process of falling apart. "In that sense, 1967 was the last good year before all Canadians began to be concerned about the future of our country."
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A Good Year For Murder

Author : A.E. Eddenden
ISBN : 9781613733097
Genre : Fiction
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Set in the Ontario city of Fort York in 1940, this novel introduces readers to Albert V. Tretheway (pronounced TreTHOOee), an oversized Inspector in the Fort York Police Department, along with his colleague, Jonathan (Jake) Small, his sister Adelaine (Addie), and a bizarre collection of characters who make up the Fort York City Council. In early 1940, Fort York is chiefly concerned with the war; that is, until a series of crimes turns their attention to dangers closer to home. A dead, unplucked chicken with an arrow through its heart is delivered to Junior Alderman Gertrude Valentine, which marks the beginning of a series of “pranks” on subsequent holidays, eventually leading to murder. The city waits breathlessly for each week to pass, wondering which holiday (and which Alderman) will be next. The story reaches its raucous climax on New Years Eve in Albert and Addie’s boarding house, where Tretheway unravels the mystery in front of the entire cast of citizens.
Category: Fiction

The Last Good Year

Author : Rachelle Atalla
ISBN : 190684142X
Genre :
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New Writing Scotland is the principal forum for poetry and short fiction in Scotland today. Every year it publishes the very best from both emerging and established writers, and lists many of the leading literary lights of Scotland among its past (and present) contributors.

The Good Years

Author : Paul P. Rogers
ISBN : 0275929183
Genre : History
File Size : 82.69 MB
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This extraordinary book offers a uniquely informed look at MacArthur and his chief of staff Sutherland. Written by their chief clerk, it presents new information about their relationship while focusing on the question of command. What was the precise nature of their joint command function and what was its impact on their individual personalities?
Category: History

Warrior Of The Last Good Souls On Earth

Author : Betty Rosa
ISBN : 9781469124414
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.24 MB
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This fiction book is a story about A Warrior like no other here on Earth who have the powers to battle for all of man kind who have lived their life the best that they can all because of the phenomena of a sacred girl named Little Bulbul who have the last divine power here on earth, they life will live on for every because she fights for those who cannot help themselves with her four good ghost friends. And the theory in this book will give you a better reflection of your life.
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Natural Resources For The 21st Century

Author : R. Neil Sampson
ISBN : 9781610912907
Genre : Nature
File Size : 26.60 MB
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Natural Resources for the 21st Century is an in-depth assessment by natural resource experts that offers a reliable status report on water, croplands, soil, forests, wetlands, rangelands, fisheries, wildlife, and wilderness.
Category: Nature

A Good Year To Die

Author : Charles M. Robinson, III
ISBN : 9780307823373
Genre : History
File Size : 29.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the dramatic story of the most crucial year in the history of the American West, 1876, when the wars between the United States Government and the Indian Nations reached a peak. Telling a great deal about Indian cultures, history, beliefs and personality, this is the first book to cover the whole year, rather than simply its components. NOTE: This edition does not include photographs.
Category: History

It Was A Very Good Year

Author : Martin S. Fridson
ISBN : 0471174009
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What, if anything, do the most spectacular, high-performance periods of the twentieth-century stock market have in common? And most importantly: Can we predict when they will occur again? In this fascinating investigation, acclaimed author and financial authority Martin S. Fridson probes the past, leading an exhilarating tour through each of the twentieth-century stock market's golden years. Illuminating, entertaining, and rich in historical anecdotes, Fridson's book treats us to the opinions and investment strategies of some of the most prominent and intriguing figures on the scene. "Timely, informative, and highly readable . . . It Was a Very Good Year offers wonderful insights into the years that provided spectacular gains in the past. There are important lessons in this book for all investors."-Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc. "A useful and extremely entertaining book. It's loaded with fascinating stock market lore and helpful investment approaches. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself along the way."-Byron R. Wien, Managing Director, Investment Strategist for U.S. Equities, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter "Financial history with a purpose-it is a Very Good Book."-James Grant, Editor, Grant's Interest Rate Observer "With this book, Marty Fridson joins the ranks of the must-read economic and financial historians. He is that rare combination of scholar, wit, raconteur, and man with an eye on the bottom line. Read it for amusement, education, or profit. You can't lose."-Ben Stein, writer, law professor at Pepperdine University and host of Win Ben Stein's Money
Category: Business & Economics

Ernest Tubb

Author : Ronnie Pugh
ISBN : 0822321904
Genre : Music
File Size : 34.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Paperback edition of Fall ‘96 title.
Category: Music

Introduction To International Disaster Management

Author : Damon P. Coppola
ISBN : 0123821754
Genre : Nature
File Size : 67.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Disaster management is a vibrant and growing field, driven by government spending in the wake of terrorist attacks and environmental debacles, as well as private-sector hiring of risk managers and emergency planners. An ever-increasing number of practicing professionals needs a reference that can provide a solid foundation in ALL major phases of supervision – mitigation, preparedness, response, communications, and recovery. As climate change leads to further costly catastrophes and as countries around the world continue to struggle with terrorism, the demand for solutions will only grow. This revised edition of Coppola’s revered resource meets said demand head-on with more focused, current, thoughtfully analyzed, and effective approaches to disaster relief. Expanded coverage of global approaches to disaster management with enhanced data and research on disasters around the world, including Cyclone Nargis, the H1N1 pandemic, and the tsunami in American Samoa More material on risk management, mitigation, myths that affect behavior during crises, and post-disaster evaluation of the response Up-to-date information on the role of aid organizations and international financial institutions like the World Bank in disaster response, as well as commentary on the latest research in disaster management and policy studies
Category: Nature

Pretty Good Years

Author : Jay S. Jacobs
ISBN : 1423400224
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A portrait of the talented singer/songwriter traces the evolution of a musical prodigy, from her early years to become one of the most important female musical voices of contemporary music, revealing how she has combined her talent on the piano with inspiration from some of the most tragic incidents of her life to create musical art. Original.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Expo 67

Author : Rhona Richman Kenneally
ISBN : 9781442660212
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.86 MB
Format : PDF
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Expo 67, the world's fair held in Montreal during the summer of 1967, brought architecture, art, design, and technology together into a glittering modern package. Heralding the ideal city of the future to its visitors, the Expo site was perceived by critics as a laboratory for urban and architectural design as well as for cultural exchange, intended to enhance global understanding and international cooperation. This collection of essays brings new critical perspectives to Expo 67, an event that left behind a significant material and imaginative legacy. The contributors to this volume reflect a variety of interdisciplinary approaches and address Expo 67 across a broad spectrum ranging from architecture and film to more ephemeral markers such as postcards, menus, pavilion displays, or the uniforms of the hostesses employed on the site. Collectively, the essays explore issues of nationalism, the interplay of tradition and modernity, twentieth-century discourse about urban experience, and the enduring impact of Expo 67's technological experimentation. Expo 67: Not Just a Souvenir is a compelling examination of a world's fair that had a profound impact locally, nationally, and internationally.
Category: Social Science

A Good Year For The Roses

Author : Gil McNeil
ISBN : 9780751557756
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Newly divorced and struggling to find a way to support her three boys, Molly Taylor is stunned when she inherits Harrington Hall, her late aunt's beloved yet dilapidated bed and breakfast. But does she really want to take over a three-hundred-year-old manor house on the Devon coast where the only thing that doesn't need urgent attention is the beautiful rose garden? Once she gets over the initial shock, Molly is ready dive right in, but the universe has other plans: she must first overcome the needs of her eccentric uncle (and his pet parrot), the ambitions of her conniving brother, and the disquiet of her three sons. Not to mention an unexpected chance at new love. Nothing is going according to plan - and then Harrington begins to work its magic and the roses start to bloom . . . Charming, uplifting and highly entertaining, A Good Year for the Roses is a story for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting over. Wonderfully warm and witty, it will have you smiling until you turn the very last page.
Category: Fiction

A Good Year

Author : Peter Mayle
ISBN : 9780748112449
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.69 MB
Format : PDF
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*NOW A MAJOR FEEL-GOOD FILM STARRING RUSSELL CROWE* When he left depressing, drizzly London for a sun-soaked vineyard in Southern France, he was expecting to find a savvy business investment. Instead, he found himself. Meet Max Skinner. Max spends his days trading stocks in the City, his nights flirting with beautiful women in bars. He's successful, well-paid, good-looking for his age . . . but the reality is that he's lost. And in the grey maze of London's Square Mile, there's no clear escape route. After a disappointment at work causes him to resign, he receives a letter telling him that his uncle Henry has passed away, leaving him an estate and vineyard in Provence. Slowly, memories of the magical summers he spent on the vineyard as a boy start to return to him. And then there's the matter of beautiful, magnetic waitress Fanny Chenal. Not to mention the American backpacker who's just turned up on his doorstep, claiming that Uncle Henry was her father. The ultimate feel-good read, A Good Year is a love letter to second chances, simple pleasures, and how the wonder we thought we'd lost in our childhood was with us all along. You might just have to go on a journey to find it again. ** 'The only thing wrong I found with this story is that it ended' - Goodreads reviewer 'Irresistible' - BookPage
Category: Fiction

Thomas Jefferson Travels

Author : Anthony Brandt
ISBN : 9781426201776
Genre : History
File Size : 37.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Thomas Jefferson has inspired countless books that explore his brilliant career, his political philosophy, and his extraordinary accomplishments as a gifted leader. Endlessly inquisitive, he was both a tireless writer and one of the most cosmopolitan men of his age. Yet this collection of Jefferson's reflections on his wide-ranging travels reveals a new side of the man. Eloquent and powerful, Thomas Jefferson's letters and travel diaries from his years abroad as the U.S. minister to France spill onto the pages of this volume in wonderful detail, covering the full range of his interests and passions. Editor Anthony Brandt has sifted through the myriad of writings from this rich period of Jefferson's career to present not only the politician and diplomat but Thomas Jefferson the lover, the father, the farmer, the architect, the man about town, the scientist, the visionary. Jefferson emerges at the end a fully dimensional man, with all his virtues, his flaws, and his extraordinary brilliance fleshed out, standing vividly before us. Thomas Jefferson formulated many of America's highest ideals. Here we see the man himself, and glimpse the world through his eyes.
Category: History

The Last Two Years

Author : Arthur Marsicano
ISBN : 9780595856718
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the writer's wife fights advanced ovarian cancer, pancreatitis and possible liver cancer, they turn to friends, family and their very different religious beliefs for strength, support and insight. During a dramatic two-year period their lives intersect with others experiencing tragedy, and they draw strength, inspiration and even joy from all of them-every single one of them. Jean Marsicano's life was threatened by ovarian cancer-known to many as the silent killer-and she was joined by her husband, her "Rock," as they focused on fighting the evil which had invaded her body. They counted their blessings, asked if their lives had meaning, and in the face of great adversity, they enjoyed life. Jean survived The Last Two Years thanks to three physicians-"Pal" and "Mitch" who supplied support and direction when they needed it most, and Dr. Goodman, a brilliant young physician who delivered Jean's medical care with skill, wisdom and compassion. As The Last Two Years end, they find hope in the face of continuing uncertainty and joy in friends, family and the beaches of South Carolina. And they realize "God was There," and will always be there with them.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Politics Of The American Civil Liberties Union

Author : William A. Donohue
ISBN : 1412838444
Genre : Law
File Size : 44.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a critical analysis of the history of the American Civil Liberties Union and represents the first published account of the ACLU's record. Other works on the organization either dealt only with specific issues or have been simply journalistic accounts. Donohue provides the first systematic analysis by a social scientist. It is unquestionably the most serious work now available and is likely to remain the touchstone for any such work for many years to come.
Category: Law