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The Last Biome

Author : Hazel R. Espinar
ISBN : 0996002103
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Last Biome is a fiction-fantasy series designed to educate children about protecting the natural world, one biome at a time. The first volume is a tale about four children who live in a town called Barrenville, atop a rare and vast remnant of the prairie that once dominated the American continent. One day, the children, prompted by the finding of a strange white frog, accidentally open a pathway to a mystical world called Norefole. There they meet the Clades-five groups of beings with unique powers, a powerful troop of white emerald-eyed frogs, a benevolent King, an evil Cone Witch and many others. Through their adventures, the children discover that some Norefolians have been secretly traveling to Earth to save its native land and endangered species while others have been trying to destroy them.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Origin Of Tropical Diversity From Clades To Communities

Author : James Edward Richardson
ISBN : 9782889450503
Genre :
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In this volume we aimed to assess progress in determining the processes by which current patterns of tropical biodiversity were established and are maintained. Tropical regions are highly species-rich and we present studies that have improved our understanding of the generation of that diversity at local, regional and global scales. We demonstrate how diverse fields from molecular phylogenetics, phylogeography, palaeontology and palaeoecology continue to improve our understanding of the natural history of the tropics.

Tropical Forest Community Ecology

Author : Walter Carson
ISBN : 9781444356267
Genre : Science
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Historically, tropical ecology has been a science often content with descriptive and demographic approaches, which is understandable given the difficulty of studying these ecosystems and the need for basic demographic information. Nonetheless, over the last several years, tropical ecologists have begun to test more sophisticated ecological theory and are now beginning to address a broad array of questions that are of particular importance to tropical systems, and ecology in general. Why are there are so many species in tropical forests and what mechanisms are responsible for the maintenance of that vast species diversity? What factors control species coexistence? Are there common patterns of species abundance and distribution across broad geographic scales? What is the role of trophic interactions in these complex ecosystems? How can these fragile ecosystems be conserved? Containing contributions from some of the world’s leading tropical ecologists, Tropical Forest Community Ecology provides a summary of the key issues in the discipline of tropical ecology: Includes contributions from some of the world’s leading tropical ecologists Covers patterns of species distribution, the maintenance of species diversity, the community ecology of tropical animals, forest regeneration and conservation of tropical ecosystems
Category: Science


Author : C Barry Cox
ISBN : 9781119486312
Genre : Social Science
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Through nine successful editions, and for over 45 years, Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach has provided a thorough and comprehensive exploration of the varied scientific disciplines and research that are essential to understanding the subject. The text, noted for its clear and engaging style of writing, has been praised for its solid background in historical biogeography and basic biology, that is enhanced and illuminated by discussions of current research. This new edition incorporates the exciting changes of the recent years and presents a thoughtful exploration of the research and controversies that have transformed our understanding of the biogeography of the world. New themes and topics in this tenth edition include: Next generation genetic technologies and their use in historical biogeography, phylogeography and population genomics Biogeographical databases and biodiversity information systems, which are becoming increasingly important for biogeographical research An introduction to functional biogeography and its applications to community assembly, diversity gradients and the analysis of ecosystem functioning Updated case studies focusing on island biogeography, using the latest phylogenetic studies Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach reveals how the patterns of life that we see today have been created by the two great Engines of the Planet: the Geological Engine, plate tectonics, which alters the conditions of life on the planet, and the Biological Engine, evolution, which responds to these changes by creating new forms and patterns of life.
Category: Social Science

Reinvention Of Australasian Biogeography

Author : Malte Ebach
ISBN : 9781486304851
Genre : Science
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Biogeography, the study of the distribution of life on Earth, has undergone more conceptual changes, revolutions and turf wars than any other scientific field. Australasian biogeographers are responsible for several of these great upheavals, including debates on cladistics, panbiogeography and the drowning of New Zealand, some of which have significantly shaped present-day studies. Australasian biogeography has been caught in a cycle of reinvention that has lasted for over 150 years. The biogeographic research making headlines today is merely a shadow of past practices, having barely advanced scientifically. Fundamental biogeographic questions raised by naturalists a century ago remain unanswered, yet are as relevant today as they were then. Scientists still do not know whether Australia and New Zealand are natural biotic areas or if they are in fact artificial amalgamations of areas. The same question goes for all biotic areas in Australasia: are they real? Australasian biogeographers need to break this 150-year cycle, learn from their errors and build upon new ideas. Reinvention of Australasian Biogeography tells the story of the history of Australasian biogeography, enabling understanding of the cycle of reinvention and the means by which to break it, and paves the way for future biogeographical research. The book will be a valuable resource for biological and geographical scientists, especially those working in biogeography, biodiversity, ecology and conservation. It will also be of interest to historians of science.
Category: Science

Biology Of Termites A Modern Synthesis

Author : David Edward Bignell
ISBN : 9048139775
Genre : Science
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Biology of Termites, a Modern Synthesis brings together the major advances in termite biology, phylogenetics, social evolution and biogeography. In this new volume, David Bignell, Yves Roisin and Nathan Lo have brought together leading experts on termite taxonomy, behaviour, genetics, caste differentiation, physiology, microbiology, mound architecture, biogeography and control. Very strong evolutionary and developmental themes run through the individual chapters, fed by new data streams from molecular sequencing, and for the first time it is possible to compare the social organisation of termites with that of the social Hymenoptera, focusing on caste determination, population genetics, cooperative behaviour, nest hygiene and symbioses with microorganisms. New chapters have been added on termite pheromones, termites as pests of agriculture and on destructive invasive species.
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Author :
ISBN : CHI:61569184
Genre : Paleontology
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Category: Paleontology