The Kindness Advantage

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The Kindness Advantage

Author : Dale Atkins
ISBN : 9780757321009
Genre : Family & Relationships
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In homes and school communities nationwide, there is re-energized interest in the values of community, compassion, and tolerance, and in finding our way to a kinder culture—a culture that starts with our families. Headlines speak of hate crimes, intolerance, and us-versus-them divisiveness. Recent political events have left many Americans yearning for unity, respect, and compassion in our national discourse. In our schools, bullying continues to be a pervasive problem, and in our homes, "screen-time" poses a constant threat to 'family time.' Research shows that connection and social engagement are key to successful, fulfilling lives, and yet we have never been less connected than we are now. Perhaps more than any other group, parents recognize the potential damage of this trend. Children who are raised in a culture where giving and compassion are valued become happier and more positively engaged with those around them. They are less likely to treat others disrespectfully. With increased concern about meanness and bullying, you may be among the many parents who see the need for more civil, respectful, and considerate behavior among our children. The Kindness Advantage is a practical and concrete guide for you to equip your child with the skills they need to have a positive influence on the world. We all benefit when children are raised with the understanding that they can have an impact by making conscious choices. It's never too early to start your child on a path of fulfillment through meaningful connection with others. Designed to be read with children as young as four, the book presents ten fundamental concepts to weave into your family's daily life. Using text, quotes, questions and real life stories, The Kindness Advantage is the first book parents need to think about and teach the necessary skills to be a kind, compassionate person. Each idea on its own is simple and unintimidating, yet together they form the powerful foundation parents need to go beyond teaching "please" and "thank-you" to form kindness habits that will last a lifetime. In a world where kindness is so greatly needed, The Kindness Advantage offers inspiration and activities to teach kids empathy, inspire a culture of compassion and connection, and empower children to make a difference in their community and the world.
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The Community Of Advantage

Author : Robert Sugden
ISBN : 9780198825142
Genre :
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The Community of Advantage asks how economists should do normative analysis. The growing consensus in favour of paternalism and 'nudging' has urged normative analysis towards the satisfaction of individual's preferences. Its conclusions have supported a long-standing liberal tradition of economics that values economic freedom and views markets favourably. However, behavioural research shows that individuals' preferences, as revealed in choices, are often unstable, and vary according to contextual factors that seem irrelevant for welfare. Robert Sugden proposes a reformulation of normative economics that is compatible with what is now known about the psychology of choice. Reformulations that assume that people have well-defined 'latent' preferences which, because of psychologically-induced errors, are not always revealed in actual choices. According to these reformulations, the economist's job is to reconstruct latent preferences and to design policies to satisfy them. Challenging the controversial idea of using behavioural insights to guide public policy The Community of Advantage argues that latent preference and error are psychologically ungrounded concepts, and that economics needs to be more radical in giving up rationality assumptions. Sugden advocates a kind of normative economics that does not use the concept of preference. Its recommendations are addressed, not to an imagined 'social planner', but to citizens, viewed as potential parties to mutually beneficial agreements. Its normative criterion is the provision of opportunities for individuals to participate in voluntary transactions. Using this approach, Sugden reconstructs many of the normative conclusions of the liberal tradition. He argues that a well-functioning market economy is an institution that individuals have reason to value, whether or not their preferences satisfy conventional axioms of rationality, and that individuals' motivations in such an economy can be cooperative rather than self-interested.

The Advantage

Author : Patrick M. Lencioni
ISBN : 9781118266106
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.7 MB
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There is a competitive advantage out there, arguably more powerful than any other. Is it superior strategy? Faster innovation? Smarter employees? No, New York Times best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, argues that the seminal difference between successful companies and mediocre ones has little to do with what they know and how smart they are and more to do with how healthy they are. In this book, Lencioni brings together his vast experience and many of the themes cultivated in his other best-selling books and delivers a first: a cohesive and comprehensive exploration of the unique advantage organizational health provides. Simply put, an organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent and complete, when its management, operations and culture are unified. Healthy organizations outperform their counterparts, are free of politics and confusion and provide an environment where star performers never want to leave. Lencioni’s first non-fiction book provides leaders with a groundbreaking, approachable model for achieving organizational health—complete with stories, tips and anecdotes from his experiences consulting to some of the nation’s leading organizations. In this age of informational ubiquity and nano-second change, it is no longer enough to build a competitive advantage based on intelligence alone. The Advantage provides a foundational construct for conducting business in a new way—one that maximizes human potential and aligns the organization around a common set of principles.
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Author : Charles Dickens
ISBN : UVA:X000179348
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Author : James Buchanan
ISBN : BML:37001101600653
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In Search Of True Freedom

Author : Victor Manuel Rivera
ISBN : 9781609575724
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[Do you want to experience true freedom? [Do you feel there is still something missing in your life in spite of success and accomplishments? [Do you find yourself exhausted and in need of experiencing a spiritual refreshment? [Do you still have areas in need of spiritual healing? [Do you feel the need to be accepted, recognized, and understood? We all have the desire to live in freedom; we fight for justice and civil rights, but even then, we seem to lose our way while searching for the most important freedom our lives desire. In Search of True Freedom will help you discover the best way to live in victory regardless of your circumstances. VICTOR MANUEL RIVERA has led discipleship ministries, home Bible study groups, leadership school training, and other ministerial responsibilities in the local church. His desire is to glorify God by serving and developing others, challenging them to become what the Lord has declared them to be. Victor and his family live in Washington State.