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The Karma Of Love

Author : Michael Roach
ISBN : 1937114066
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a relationship book unlike any one you've ever seen. An American monk who spent 25 years in Tibetan monasteries shares ancient secrets on how to find a partner, keep them, and achieve lasting happiness together. The book consists of answers to 100 questions asked by audiences all over the world during decades of his teachings on the Karma of Love. What's the karma to get my husband to hug me? To get my wife interested in sex again? Can I use karma to stop my girlfriend from texting other guys? Is it possible for physical intimacy to be spiritual? How can we use our relationship to help the world? The answers to the 100 questions are drawn from the teachings of The Diamond Cutter, which is the oldest dated printed book in the world. Michael Roach, the first American in history to receive the coveted Tibetan title of Geshe, or Master of Buddhism, applies the world-changing ideas of his international bestselling personal success book—also called The Diamond Cutter—to every aspect of our relationship: trust, communication, addictions, fun, in-laws, sex, peace, self-esteem, and many others.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Karma Of Love

Author : Barbara Cartland
ISBN : 9781782137108
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.47 MB
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When the beautiful young Lady Orissa Fane is thrown out into the cold night by her hateful drunken stepmother, she flees to her brother Charles’s barracks for his help and encounters a stern Major Meredith who clearly disapproves of her wayward brother. At Charles’s suggestion she travels incognito to Delhi under the name of Mrs. Lane to ask for the support of her dear Uncle Henry, who is the Colonel in charge of his Regiment and on the ship she agrees to look after the grandchild of General Sir Arthur Critchley. Incredibly, the very same Major Meredith is on the same ship – and after a series of awkward misunderstandings an intense mutual dislike develops between them, so Orissa is glad to be free of him when they disembark at Delhi.She is thrilled to be back in India where she was brought up and relishes again everything that she has remembered and loved about the country.But to her dismay her Uncle Henry has left for a Fort on the North-West Frontier where he is battling against hostile tribes and their sinister backers, the Russians. So, enlisting the protection of a noble Sikh Sergeant-Major, she bravely sets off to join him. Little does she know what Fate holds in store for her along the way – terrible death-defying danger, another encounter with the hated Major Meredith and, if she lives long enough, love –
Category: Fiction

You Can Free Yourself From The Karma Of Chaos

Author : Tina Louise Spalding
ISBN : 9781622337927
Genre :
File Size : 84.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We have come here as a group to help you because it is a pivotal time in your planet’s evolution. You are seeing monumental changes in your society now. To achieve the shifts that these transfigurations will bring about, you must understand your minds, histories, and human nature as you experience it on the ground, in your hearts, and in your consciousnesses. You are going to be shown another version of the story about one of the great horrors of your twentieth century — the Holocaust. This kind of devastation has happened many times in your society. There have been massacres, mass extinctions, and social atrocities throughout your history, but this one continues to live in your hearts and minds. We must address it so that you can move into the new world — your new elevating and increasing frequency of consciousness — without old baggage. Your baggage, judgments, and fears must be released for you to enter this new world, this new time on your planet, with clear and uncontaminated minds. It is our purpose to bring you through this journey so that you will understand, forgive, and walk unencumbered into your new future. — Ananda

The Karma Of Self Volume Ii A Karmic List

Author : Vasile Munteanu
ISBN : 9781457570131
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 89.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Karmic List This is the second volume of The Karma of Self where the same narrator addresses the issue of the influence of emotions in one’s existence. In The Karma of Self the narrator makes the following promise: “It occurred to him that perhaps he should make a list of all the strongest emotions he had experienced, and figure out which ones had been running his life without him being aware of it. Some of them came to mind right away, but he didn’t want to act hastily in this situation since the results had the potential to be quite revealing.” The present book is a fulfillment of that initial promise and a meditation on the results of this inquiry.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Karma Of Self

Author : Vasile Munteanu
ISBN : 9781457565878
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 86.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The book is a meditation on the ideas of the Ego, the Soul and the Higher Self and the differences between them. The narrator is a rather amorphous figure that can actually be anyone who has thought about these issues. There are no characters per sé, but as the novel evolves, night, darkness, the dreaming process, the mind, and thought become the main characters. The story is part of a very long, complex dream that the narrator seems to be going through as he makes his way to the realization that the Higher Self is the source of everything.
Category: Poetry

The Karma Of Jesus

Author : Mark Herringshaw
ISBN : 1441210458
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Karma of Jesus follows the tradition of bold Christian communicators who dare to borrow pop=culture-friendly language to communicate sacred truth. It explains the relevance of Christ's life using the idea of karma, which maintains an exacting payback for one's actions. Using personal vignettes, as well as stories from history, popular culture, and the Bible, pastor Mark Herringshaw walks the reader through a progression of thought. Rather than didactic formulas, he presents questions and conjectures that sensitively reveal how Jesus has reaped the ultimate consequences of our actions.
Category: Religion

The Karma Of Untruthfulness

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 1855841916
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 88.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In volume 2, Rudolf Steiner takes these lectures further, again, offering much insight into today's political spin, media distortions, propaganda and downright lies--all delivered by the media on a daily basis. Steiner's calm, methodological approach penetrates the smokescreen of accusations and counterclaims, illusions and lies, surrounding World War I. From behind this fog and under the guise of outer events, the true spiritual struggle is revealed. Steiner's words give the reader a deeper understanding of the politics and world conflicts that confront us today through the filter of popular media. Amid the turmoil of World War I, Steiner spoke out courageously against the hate, lies, and propaganda of the time. His detailed research into the spiritual impulses of human evolution allowed him to reveal the dominant role that secret brotherhoods played in events that culminated in that cataclysmic war. He warned that the retarding forces of nationalism must be overcome before Europe can find its true destiny. He also emphasized the urgent need for new social structures in order to avoid such future catastrophes. Political and social changes around the world are moving at a breathless pace, hurtling us all toward an uncertain future. These lectures illuminate much of what lies behind today's turbulent events and the scenes played out on the nightly news. Like volume 1, this new edition, reproduced in a larger format, is put in a modern context and introduced by Terry Boardman.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Karma Of Everyday Life

Author : David Lacey
ISBN : 9781780998732
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87.44 MB
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Karma is an Eastern word that has now entered the Western lexicon. Most people are familiar with the idea yet, paradoxically, few understand it. It is a vast, subtle and all-encompassing concept. It affects us all; it is one of the prime influences on our life’s journey. An understanding of Karma can be of benefit to each of us as individuals, and possibly to mankind as a whole. But it must be an understanding based on reason and honesty, not on fear or a desire for comfort.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Karma Of Brown Folk

Author : Vijay Prashad
ISBN : 9781452942568
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72.93 MB
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“How does it feel to be a problem?” asked W. E. B. Du Bois of black Americans in his classic The Souls of Black Folk. A hundred years later, Vijay Prashad asks South Asians “How does it feel to be a solution?” In this kaleidoscopic critique, Prashad looks into the complexities faced by the members of a “model minority”-one, he claims, that is consistently deployed as "a weapon in the war against black America." On a vast canvas, The Karma of Brown Folk attacks the two pillars of the “model minority” image, that South Asians are both inherently successful and pliant, and analyzes the ways in which U.S. immigration policy and American Orientalism have perpetuated these stereotypes. Prashad uses irony, humor, razor-sharp criticism, personal reflections, and historical research to challenge the arguments made by Dinesh D’Souza, who heralds South Asian success in the U.S., and to question the quiet accommodation to racism made by many South Asians. A look at Deepak Chopra and others whom Prashad terms “Godmen” shows us how some South Asians exploit the stereotype of inherent spirituality, much to the chagrin of other South Asians. Following the long engagement of American culture with South Asia, Prashad traces India’s effect on thinkers like Cotton Mather and Henry David Thoreau, Ravi Shankar’s influence on John Coltrane, and such essential issues as race versus caste and the connection between antiracism activism and anticolonial resistance. The Karma of Brown Folk locates the birth of the “model minority” myth, placing it firmly in the context of reaction to the struggle for Black Liberation. Prashad reclaims the long history of black and South Asian solidarity, discussing joint struggles in the U.S., the Caribbean, South Africa, and elsewhere, and exposes how these powerful moments of alliance faded from historical memory and were replaced by Indian support for antiblack racism. Ultimately, Prashad writes not just about South Asians in America but about America itself, in the tradition of Tocqueville, Du Bois, Richard Wright, and others. He explores the place of collective struggle and multiracial alliances in the transformation of self and community-in short, how Americans define themselves. AWARDS Village Voice Favorite Books of 2000
Category: Social Science

Karma Of The Silo The Collection

Author : Patrice Fitzgerald
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20.16 MB
Format : PDF
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"Hey Patrice ~ I LOVE this story idea! You have my complete blessing." Hugh Howey, WOOL Karma lives in the Silo, deep underground. She lives with a man whom she barely knows and with a name she doesn’t remember choosing. When visions come to her about another husband, another way of life, and another world, Karma struggles to discover what came before. Outside, there is only the swirl of toxic clouds and an endless darkness broken by the rare glimpse of a faded sun or a dim star. Slowly, Karma learns where the real power is, and how to survive in this hellish concrete cylinder. Birth, death, love, murder, uprisings and cleanings come and go over the years, but still she carries on. Beaten but unbowed, Karma vows to preserve her memories of life above for those who will never breathe the open air. This is a full-length novel based on Hugh Howey's WOOL books, and is a compilation of all five of the best-selling ebooks in the Karma series. Praise for Patrice Fitzgerald and the Karma series: Fitzgerald has an eye for nuance, deftly striking chords that will resonate with readers for days. ~ Jason Gurley, bestselling author of ELEANOR The author does a fantastic job of retaining the atmosphere and claustrophobia of life underground and the characters are carefully constructed, exploring not only the effects of Silo life on the family dynamic, but the often complex relationships between the different Silo classes through the eyes of Karma and her family as she realises who she really is and has to decide whether to remain subdued and forget her past life, or choose a different path than the one chosen for her and challenge the status quo. ~ Eamon Ambrose, "Eamo the Geek"
Category: Fiction