The Invention Of Sustainability

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The Invention Of Sustainability

Author : Paul Warde
ISBN : 9781107151147
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A ground breaking study of how sustainability became a social and political problem, and how to think about it today.
Category: Business & Economics

The Principles Of Sustainability

Author : Simon Dresner
ISBN : 9781844077069
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50.17 MB
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At a time of increasingly rapid environmental deterioration and climate change, sustainability is one of the most important issues facing the world. Can we create a sustainable society? What would that mean? How should we set about doing it? How can we bring about such a profound change in the way things are organized? This text tackles these questions directly. It covers: historical development of the concept of sustainability; contemporary debates about how to achieve it; and obstacles and the prospects for overcoming them. This new fully revised edition covers the latest on the climate change front, particularly the advances in scientific understanding and political awareness of climate change. Other updates include more recent economic analyses, particularly the Stern Report, and an examination of the global shift away from faith in markets and towards statism over then past five years.
Category: Business & Economics

Rhetorics Literacies And Narratives Of Sustainability

Author : Peter N. Goggin
ISBN : 9781135275679
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 90.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this volume, rhetoricians, literacy scholars, and humanists have come together to examine the complex discursive constructions of sustainability. Touching on topics including conservation efforts in specific locales; social and political constructions of rhetorical place and space; community literacy; historical and archival analysis of institutional politics, policies, and practices concerning the environment and economic growth and development; town planning and zoning issues; and rhetorics of environmental remediation and sustainability, this collection of essays provides rhetoricians and environmentalists a window into the complex and often contradictory arena of discourse on sustainability.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

New Approaches To Csr Sustainability And Accountability

Author : Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt
ISBN : 9789813295889
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.40 MB
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This book provides a platform for discussing the challenges that organizations face in order to implement sustainability, ethics, and effective corporate governance, all of which are important elements of “standing out” from other companies. Examining the background of the New European Consensus on development with the new guiding motto ‘Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future’, the authors explore how this new legislation on sustainability issues around the world is forcing companies to deal directly with sustainability issues. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda), adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, is the international community’s response to global challenges and trends in connection with sustainable development. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core, the 2030 Agenda is a transformative political framework designed to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development globally. It balances the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, including the key issues of governance and peaceful and inclusive societies, and recognizes the essential interlinkages between its goals and targets, i.e., that they must be implemented as a whole and not selectively. The respective chapters in this volume raise a number of questions regarding companies’ ability to implement sustainability, ethics, and effective corporate governance. Simultaneously, they explore how organizations must adapt to sustainability-related developments.
Category: Business & Economics

Perceptions Of Sustainability In Heritage Studies

Author : Marie-Theres Albert
ISBN : 9783110415278
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 46.97 MB
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With contribiutions Francesco Bandarin, Minja Yang and Mechthild Rössler This publication is the fourth in the Heritage Studies series and aims to reflect upon the many dimensions of sustainability and sustainable development within the Heritage Studies discourse. Sustainability as a concept and sustainable development as a goal are presented in official policies within UNESCO's understanding of heritage, in its paradigmatic reflections and in the diversity of theories and methods, including many different and sometimes conflicting understandings of sustainability within this discourse. Thus, the contributors to this publication discuss sustainability as it directly concerns the potential of different approaches to World Heritage and Intangible Heritage. The inclusion of the four dimensions of sustainability - environmental, economic, social and cultural - into the Heritage Studies discourse opens a new perspective on the discourse itself.
Category: Architecture

Theories Of Sustainable Development

Author : Judith C. Enders
ISBN : 9781317634638
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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While sustainability has become a buzzword in discussions about the environment and development, work on theories of sustainable development has received much less attention. However, theory is vital as understanding the origins and development of the concept is the key to achieving successful implementation of sustainability. This book offers an interdisciplinary collection of research articles on the theories of sustainable development, drawing on a wide range of subjects including history, politics, governance, complex systems, economics and philosophy. It advocates viewing sustainable development not only as the establishment of a permanent, globally practicable and future-capable mode of life and economics, but as a complex array of problems involving a wide range of social-scientific and humanistic disciplines. This innovative approach means that the book is oriented toward current problems, not toward the established academic boundaries, and it draws out lessons that are relevant for those studying and working in sustainability across the world. This book will be of great interest to researchers and students of sustainable development and environmental politics, as well as practitioners working with sustainable development in politics, business, administration, and civil society organizations.
Category: Business & Economics

Health And Sustainability

Author : Tee L. Guidotti
ISBN : 9780199325689
Genre : Medical
File Size : 52.65 MB
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Health and sustainability have become ubiquitous topics in all realms of popular discourse. What these discussions often overlook is the fact that the two concepts are interrelated, and that their surrounding policies and practices can often inform and reinforce each other. As sustainability measures are already in place across many levels of government, there is now an opportunity to extend these principles to improve health care and health care policy. Health and Sustainability: An Introduction details how the values of sustainability can be applied to the design of health systems and the delivery of primary care. By providing a practical framework for understanding complicated sustainability problems related to health, the book offers an authoritative resource for understanding: - health and environmental rights - parallels between human toxicology and ecotoxicology - how health promotion strategy can be a template for sustainability - health science and how it can be used to support decisions in health and sustainability - how scientific knowledge is achieved, understood, accepted, and used in health and environmental advocacy, and how this relates to sustainability Students and practitioners in health will benefit from this introduction to sustainability, and those in sustainability and environmental studies will benefit from this application to human health. Health and Sustainability offers a roadmap for successfully integrating these approaches for healthier people and environment.
Category: Medical

Global Sustainability

Author : Peter A. Wilderer
ISBN : 9783527604463
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This first book to focus on cultural diversity as a key element of sustainable development in the context of science and engineering provides cross-disciplinary information and assistance in understanding our world in transition. As such, it furnishes the global scientific community and decision makers in governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as in industry with much-needed information on how the various factors affecting sustainable development -- including culture -- depend on and interfere with each other. Featuring a contribution by the President of the Club of Rome, HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, this is vital reading for all (natural) scientists, engineers, economists, ecologists, environmental organizations, and consultants.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Corporate Sustainability Perfomance

Author : Markus Hammer
ISBN : 9783832458102
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.30 MB
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This work was written in collaboration of TU-Graz and INETI/CENDES-Lisbon. It reviews the current trends in environmental performance evaluation and the change towards sustainability performance evaluation on the corporate level. A new model, the corporate sustainability performance pentagon was developed and the underlying principles were explained. Existing standards and guidelines like ISO 14031 or the GRI Sustainability reporting guidelines were taken into consideration. The concept was subsequently applied to the glass sector and the case study project Novovidro. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.About this work1 A.Background1 B.Purpose and objectives2 C.Methodology2 D.Structure3 E.Limitations4 2.Introduction5 3.Corporate Sustainability Performance Evaluation10 A.Background10 B.The basics of sustainability performance evaluation14 Indicator classification14 Indicator types17 Developing indicators19 Basic indicator principles21 The environmental performance evaluation diamond22 C.The Corporate Sustainability Performance Evaluation Pentagon25 D.Standardization and verification29 4.Benchmarking & Sustainability Rating30 A.Benchmarking30 B.Rating34 C.Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index35 D.Pilot Environmental Sustainability Index36 5.The Glass Sector38 A.History of glass38 B.Glass production activities39 C.Characteristics of glass39 D.Classification of glass types40 E.The glass industry40 The domestic glass sector43 The Portuguese glass sector and developments in the Marinha Grande region44 6.The Novovidro project47 A.Background47 B.The Neovidro factory48 C.Input-output balance (eco-balance)52 D.Environmental aspects54 E.Life-Cycle Assessment of a Neovidro glass object56 F.Environmental programme of Neovidro58 7.Application of CSPE in the glass sector59 8.Results and Conclusions72 Bibliography74
Category: Business & Economics

Sustainable Business

Author : Helen Kopnina
ISBN : 9781317811060
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Sustainable Business: Key Issues is the first comprehensive introductory-level textbook to address the interface between environmental challenges and business solutions to provide an overview of the basic concepts of sustainability, sustainable business, and business ethics. The book introduces students to the background and key issues of sustainability and suggests ways in which these concepts can be applied in business practice. Though the book takes a business perspective, it is interdisciplinary in its nature and draws on knowledge from socio-economic, political, and environmental studies, thereby providing a practical and critical understanding of sustainability in the changing paradigm of global business. It goes beyond the conventional theories of sustainability and addresses critical issues concerned with population, consumption and economic growth. It discusses realistic ways forward, in particular the Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle frameworks. The book is both a theoretical and practical study guide for undergraduate and postgraduate international students of broad areas of sustainability, teaching ways to recognize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of environmental, economic, ethical, and social systems. It takes a strategic approach in applying the power of business methods and policy to address issues of global importance such as climate change, poverty, ecosystem degradation and human rights. This textbook is essential reading for students of business, management and sustainability courses. It is written in an engaging and accessible style, with each chapter including case studies, discussion questions, end of chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading.
Category: Business & Economics

The Designer S Atlas Of Sustainability

Author : Ann Thorpe
ISBN : 9781610910606
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 39.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Designing for sustainability is an innovation shaping both the design industry and design education today.Yet architects, product designers, and other key professionals in this new field have so far lacked a resource that addresses their sensibilities and concerns. The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability now explores the basic principles, concepts, and practice of sustainable design in a visually sophisticated and engaging style. The book tackles not only the ecological aspects of sustainable design-designers' choice of materials and manufacturing processes have a tremendous impact on the natural world-but also the economic and cultural elements involved. The Atlas is neither a how-to manual nor collection of recipes for sustainable design, but a compendium of fresh approaches to sustainability that designers can incorporate into daily thinking and practice. Illuminating many facets of this exciting field, the book offers ideas on how to harmonize human and natural systems, and then explores practical options for making the business of design more supportive of long-term sustainability. An examination of the ethical dimensions of sustainable development in our public and private lives is the theme present throughout. Like other kinds of atlases, The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability illustrates its subject, but it goes far beyond its visual appeal, stimulating design solutions for "development that cultivates environmental and social conditions that will support human well-being indefinitely."
Category: Architecture

The Sustainable Use Of Concrete

Author : Koji Sakai
ISBN : 9780415667203
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 88.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Cement-based concrete has excellent properties as a construction material, and the raw materials of cement—rocks, and limestone and clay—are bountiful. Yet its production generates high quantities of CO2, making it a potentially unsustainable material. However, there are no alternatives to concrete and steel as basic methods for development of socioeconomic infrastructure at this time. Highlighting sustainability issues in the construction industry, The Sustainable Use of Concrete presents guidelines on how to move toward sustainable concrete construction. The book begins by clarifying the historic background and meaning of sustainability, after which it outlines areas that need to be considered in connection with sustainability in the concrete and construction field. It examines environmental, social and cultural, and economic aspects, then considers an evaluation system of sustainability. The authors include various tools and ISO standards, and then explore technologies for sustainability, with case studies and examples that promote understanding of current technologies. Although the construction sector, in the broadest sense, has come to recognize that infrastructure development over the past two centuries has been unsustainable, it has been slow to adjust. Comprehensive information and relevant practical guidance are very scarce. This book lays out a roadmap for creating a human-friendly and safe environment with low environmental burden.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Ecological Sustainability And Integrity Concepts And Approaches

Author : J. Lemons
ISBN : 0792349091
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book follows upon earlier work which culminated in the publication of two recent books, Sustainable Development: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy (John Lemons and Donald A. Brown, editors), and Perspectives on Ecological Integrity (Laura Westra and John Lemons, editors). Both of these books also were published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. In this book, we seek to explore more fully the concepts of sustainability and ecological integrity as well as the connections between them. We have divided chapters into three groups. In the first, the concept of sustainability in relation to science, law, and ethics is explored. In the second, concepts of sustainability and ecological integrity are applied to problems in specific natural resources. Finally, in the third group we examine possible approaches to public policy which might include concepts of sustainability and ecological integrity. Overall, we believe that this collection presents a wide variety of perspectives, discussions, and case studies. John Lemons Laura Westra Robert Goodland Editors ix CONTENTS PART I Sustainability in Relation to Science, Law, and Ethics Chapter 1 The Concept of Sustainability: A Critical Approach Lynton K. Caldwell 1. Problems of Definition 2 2. Behavioral Obstacles 4 3. Psychological Obstacles: Seven Deadly Sins of Unsustainability 8 4.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Sustainability In The Hospitality Industry 2nd Ed

Author : Willy Legrand
ISBN : 9781136298134
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.80 MB
Format : PDF
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Sustainability is one of the single most important global issues facing the world. A clear understanding of the issues surrounding climate change, global warming, air and water pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and global poverty is essential for every future manager in the hospitality industry. Present and future hospitality executives need to know how sustainable management systems can be integrated into their businesses while maintaining and hopefully improving the bottom line. Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry, second edition, is the only book available to introduce the students to economic, environmental and social sustainable issues specifically facing the industry as well as exploring ideas, solutions, and strategies of how to manage operations in a sustainable way. Since the first edition of this book there have been many important developments in this field and this second edition has been updated in the following ways: updated content to reflect recent issues and trends including hotel energy solutions and green hotel design two new chapters on 'Sustainable Food' and 'Social Entrepreneurship and Social Value' updated international case studies throughout to explore key issues and show real life operational responses to sustainability within the hospitality industry. New case studies on growth hotel development markets, Asia and the Middle East new practical exercises throughout to apply your knowledge to real-life sustainability scenarios. This accessible and comprehensive account of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry is essential reading for all students and future managers.
Category: Business & Economics

Sustainable Development And Innovation In The Energy Sector

Author : Ulrich Steger
ISBN : 354023103X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book addresses the reality that there is no consensus on the extent to which innovations can reconcile ever-growing energy consumption, the shrinking availability of resources, and the environmental consequences of fossil-fuel energy use. The contributors explore how these conflicting scenarios could be reconciled; and how we might shape a more sustainable energy system from the existing one.
Category: Business & Economics

Sustainability And Acceptability In Infrastructure Development

Author : Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
ISBN : 0727725351
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This report has been written with the specific aim of opening up the subject presented by the Secretary of State to consider the interaction between engineering, the environment, economics and politics.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Sustainability Of Rural Systems

Author : I.R. Bowler
ISBN : 9789401734714
Genre : Science
File Size : 55.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book examines the interaction of the dimensions of economy, society, and environment in the context of rural systems. It embraces a wide range of topics, including globalization and reregulation in sustainable food production, conservation and sustainability, the development of sustainable rural communities, and sustainable rural-urban interaction. It is relevant to advanced-level students, teachers, researchers, policymakers and agency workers.
Category: Science

Sustainable Transportation

Author : William Richard Black
ISBN : 9781606234853
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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During the last two decades, sustainability has become the dominant concern of transportation planners and policymakers. This timely text provides a framework for developing systems that move people and products efficiently while minimizing damage to the local and global environment. The book offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on the problems surrounding current transportation systems: climate change, urban air pollution, diminishing petroleum reserves, safety issues, and congestion. It explores the full range of possible solutions, including applications of pricing, planning, policy, education, and technology. Numerous figures, tables, and examples are featured, with a primary focus on North America.
Category: Social Science