The Interaction Of Modality And Negation

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The Interaction Of Modality And Negation

Author : Ferdinand De Haan
ISBN : 9781135658427
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Interaction Of Modality Aspect And Negation In Persian

Author : Azita Hojatollah Taleghani
ISBN : OCLC:659746349
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This dissertation investigates the verbal system of Persian and is focused on the interaction of modality, tense, aspect and negation in this language. The dissertation challenges the idea that the syntactic structure maps on to the semantic interpretation or vice-versa. It is argued that modals are raising constructions in some languages (Wurmbrand 1999). Modals in Persian, which do not have subject-raising constructions, show different behavior. First, the root complex modals are generally syntactic control in Wurmbrand's (1998, 2001) proposal. There are just a few gaps with respect to dynamic root modals. Second, all epistemic modals which are either defective auxiliary modals or complex modals take default agreements and are pseudo-raising constructions. Third, the syntactic structures of modals show that there is no one-to-one correspondence between the structural positions and semantic interpretations of modals in Persian except in the auxiliary modal bØ̧yad 'must'. The second contribution of this dissertation is that the class of restructuring verbs varies across languages. German semantic control verbs are instances of restructuring constructions (Wurmbrand 2001) while the only case of restructuring in Persian is the functional restructuring which appears in auxiliary modals such as bØ̧yad 'must' and Ø̧yad 'may' since they are mono-clausal and do not have a CP.

Modality Aspect And Negation In Persian

Author : Azita Hojatollah Taleghani
ISBN : 9789027255112
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This monograph presents a morpho-syntactic investigation on modality, aspect, and negation by concentrating on Persian, and is designed to contribute to theoretical linguistics and the study of Iranian languages. The analysis is based on the Minimalist program. This research challenges the idea that the syntactic structure maps on the semantic interpretation or vice versa. The discussion presented in this monograph shows that the syntactic structure of Persian modals is uniform no matter if the modals are interpreted as having root or epistemic readings. Although it is claimed that modals are raising constructions in different languages, modals in Persian, which does not have subject-raising constructions, show a different syntactic behavior. Furthermore, the structural analysis of the interaction of Persian modals and negation shows that because of the scope interaction of negation and modals, the syntactic structure of modals with respect to negation mostly corresponds to the semantic interpretation of modals.
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Modality And Its Interaction With The Verbal System

Author : Lambertus Christiaan Jozef Barbiers
ISBN : 1588111679
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This book provides a broad overview of the issues relevant for the study of syntax of modals and their interaction with the verbal system. A large number of novel observations are offered from a variety of languages, including Dutch, (Modern and Middle) English, German, Lele, Macedonian, Middle Dutch and Slovene. The wealth of data, the critical evaluation of existing syntactic analyses of modality and the alternative analyses proposed make the book interesting for both for descriptively and for theoretically oriented syntacticians. Major concerns addressed are: the distinction between epistemic and root modality (where the arguments pro and contra the assumption of a corresponding difference in syntactic structure are evaluated, refined, and supplemented by arguments for syntactic distinction between necessity and possibility modals and by consideration of the influence of the modal's complement on the interpretation), the interaction between modality and clausal phenomena (in particular negation, but also imperatives, aspect and Aktionsart), and the acquisition of modality (addressing cross-linguistic differences in the possibility for root infinitives to express modal interpretations and the late acquisition of epistemic interpretations as compared with non-epistemic interpretations).
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Modality In Japanese

Author : Heiko Narrog
ISBN : 9789027289759
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Hierarchical clause structure is an important feature of most theories of grammar. While it has been an indispensable part of formal syntactic theories, functional theories have more recently discovered for themselves a ‘layered structure of the clause’. A major focus of the current discussion on semanto-syntactic clause structure is the hierarchical ordering of grammatical categories such as tense, aspect and modality. However, there are very few empirical studies yet to provide systematic evidence for presumably universal hierarchical structures. This book presents a systematic corpus-based study of the semantic and morphosyntactic interaction of modality with tense, aspect, negation, and modal markers embedded in subordinate clauses. The results are critically compared with extant theories of hierarchies of grammatical categories, including those in Functional Grammar, Role and Reference Grammar, and the Cartography of Syntactic Structures. Also provided is an extensive description of the expression of modality and related categories in Modern Japanese.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Modality And Mood

Author : Jan Nuyts
ISBN : 9780199591435
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This handbook offers an in depth and comprehensive state of the art survey of the linguistic domains of modality and mood. An international team of experts in the field examine the full range of methodological and theoretical approaches to the many facets of the phenomena involved. Following an opening section that provides an introduction and historical background to the topic, the volume is divided into five parts. Parts 1 and 2 present the basic linguistic facts about the systems of modality and mood in the languages of the world, covering the semantics and the expression of different subtypes of modality and mood respectively. The authors also examine the interaction of modality and mood, mutually and with other semantic categories such as aspect, time, negation, and evidentiality. In Part 3, authors discuss the features of the modality and mood systems in five typologically different language groups, while chapters in Part 4 deal with wider perspectives on modality and mood: diachrony, areality, first language acquisition, and sign language. Finally, Part 5 looks at how modality and mood are handled in different theoretical approaches: formal syntax, functional linguistics, cognitive linguistics and construction grammar, and formal semantics.
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Perspectives On Negation And Polarity Items

Author : Jack Hoeksema
ISBN : 9789027299161
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28.85 MB
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Perspectives on Negation and Polarity Items contains a selection of papers on the semantics, acquisition and licensing behavior of negation. Negation, being one of the prevalent features of any human language, has many facets of interest to linguists, psychologists and philosophers alike. In recent years, much attention has been paid to the complicated distributional patterns of polarity items. Many of the contributions in this volume are devoted to the study of one or more of these items in langages such as English (Laurence Horn, Anita Mittwoch, Chris Kennedy), Dutch (Jack Hoeksema and Hotze Rullmann, Henny Klein, Gertjan Postma), German (Gabriel Falkenberg), Hindi (Utpal Lahiri) and Greek (Anastasia Giannakidou). In addition, some general issues surrounding negation are addressed, such as the characterization of the notion “strength of negation” (Jay Atlas), the problem of NEG-raising (Lucia Tovena), the interaction of negation and modality (Johan van der Auwera) and the acquisition of negation (Kenneth Drozd).
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Modality In Grammar And Discourse

Author : Joan L. Bybee
ISBN : 9789027229250
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This volume brings together a collection of 18 papers that look into the expression of modality in the grammars of natural languages, with an emphasis on its manifestations in naturally occurring discourse. Though the individual contributions reflect a diversity of languages, of synchronic and diachronic foci, and of theoretical orientations — all within the broad domain of functional linguistics — they nonetheless converge around a number of key issues: the relationship between 'mood' and 'modality'; the delineation of modal categories and their nomenclature; the grounding of modality in interactive discourse; the elusive category 'irrealis'; and the relationship of modal notions and categories to other categories of grammar.
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Coreference Modality And Focus

Author : Luis Eguren
ISBN : 9789027291257
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This volume is a collection of selected papers originally presented at the XVIth Colloquium on Generative Grammar that was held at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. All the papers deal with current issues within the generative framework, mostly paying attention to phenomena pertaining to the syntax-semantics interface. The major concerns are coreference relations, modals and modality, and focus/ellipsis. More specifically, the contributions present research findings from different languages, often adopting a comparative perspective, and include studies on sub-extraction from subjects and objects; on obviation and Control structures; on specificity and Weak Crossover effects; and on reconstruction without movement, as well as papers that address the scopal interactions between tense/aspect and modals; the syntactic and semantic properties of different types of left-periphery operators; and the role focus plays in elliptical constructions.
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Using Corpora To Explore Linguistic Variation

Author : Randi Reppen
ISBN : 9027222797
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 52.67 MB
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Many large-scale investigations of linguistic variation are unfeasible using traditional approaches. This volume is a collection of papers that illustrate the ways in which linguistic variation can be explored through corpus-based investigation.
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Cognitive English Grammar

Author : Günter Radden
ISBN : 1556196636
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 57.35 MB
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"Cognitive English Grammar" is designed to be used as a textbook in courses of English and general linguistics. It introduces the reader to cognitive linguistic theory and shows that Cognitive Grammar helps us to gain a better understanding of the grammar of English. The notions of motivation and meaningfulness are central to the approach adopted in the book. In four major parts comprising 12 chapters, "Cognitive English Grammar "integrates recent cognitive approaches into one coherent model, allowing the analysis of the most central constructions of English. Part I presents the cognitive framework: conceptual and linguistic categories, their combination in situations, the cognitive operations applied to them, and the organisation of conceptual structures into linguistic constructions. Part II deals with the category of things and their linguistic structuring as nouns and noun phrases. It shows how things are grounded in reality by means of reference, quantified by set and scalar quantifiers, and qualified by modifiers. Part III describes situations as temporal units of various layers: internally, as types of situations; and externally, as located relative to the time of speech and grounded in reality or potentiality. Part IV looks at situations as relational units and their structuring as sentences. Its two chapters are devoted to event schemas and space and metaphorical extensions of space."Cognitive English Grammar" offers a wealth of linguistic data and explanations. The didactic quality is guaranteed by the frequent use of definitions and examples, a glossary of the terms used, overviews and chapter summaries, suggestions for further reading, and study questions. For the Key to Study Questions click here.
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Modalit T Und Modalverben Im Deutschen

Author : Reimar Müller
ISBN : UOM:39015053780204
Genre : English language
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Inhalt: WERNER ABRAHAN: Modals: toward explaining the, epistemic non-finiteness gap' KATRIN AXEL: Althochdeutsche Modalverben als Anhebungsverben ULRIKE DEMSKE: Zur Distribution von Infinitivkomplementen im Althochdeutschen GABRIELE DIEWALD: Scheinen-Probleme: Analogie, Konstruktionsmischung und die Sogwirkung aktiver Grammatikalisierungskanäle SERGE DOITCHINOV: 'Es kann sein, daß der Junge ins Haus gegangen ist.' Zum Erstspracherwerb von können in epistemischer Lesart JOHN DURBIN, REX A. SPROUSE: The syntactic category of the preterite-present modal verbs in German VERONIKA EHRICH: Was nicht müssen und nicht können (nicht) bedeuten können: Zum Skopus der Negation bei den Modalverben des Deutschen THOMAS GLONING: Gebrauchsweisen von Modalverben und Texttraditionen FERDINAND DE HAAN: The relation between modality and evidentiality DANIEL HOLL: Was ist modal an Modalen Infinitiven? REIMAR MÜLLER: Modalverben, Infinitheit und Negation im Prosa-Lancelot DORIS PENKA, ARNIM VON STECHOW: Negative Indefinita unter Modalverben MARGA REIS: Bilden Modalverben im Deutschen eine syntaktische Klasse?
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Author : George Melville Bolling
ISBN : UOM:39015057971866
Genre : Comparative linguistics
File Size : 70.85 MB
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Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society in v. 1-11, 1925-34. After 1934 they appear in Its Bulletin.
Category: Comparative linguistics

Negation In Ginantuzu

Author : Kusekwa Mabondo
ISBN : 9783668553477
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 82.57 MB
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Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Speech Science / Linguistics, , language: English, abstract: This study was devoted to a description of the ways for expressing negation, distribution of negation markers and the scope of these negation markers in a sentence with particular reference to GinaNtuzu spoken in the lake zone region in Tanzania. The study was guided by Structure Dependency Principle. The research design used for this research was descriptive in nature as it included a survey of the language and fact finding about negation in the language. The data analysis methods and procedures in this study was fragmentation. It was revealed that GinaNtuzu expresses negation in five ways, namely, a prefix –da- , a copula negative morpheme –di which is always inflected with a subject marker for concordial agreement, negative particles nduhu, biya, and kija. In identifying the distribution of each negative morpheme, it was revealed that the occurrence of each negative morpheme depends on the structure of the affirmative sentence and that the change of the tense/mood triggers changes of the negative morpheme in a given sentence. In describing the scope of negation, two types/scopes of negation have traditionally been distinguished; these have been labelled, sentential and constituent, that is, if the effect of negation marker is on the entire clause, which is considered to be a sentencial negation. When the effect of the negation marker is on a portion of the clause, it is a constituent negation.
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Modality Aspect Interfaces

Author : Werner Abraham
ISBN : 9789027229922
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 55.82 MB
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The main topics pursued in this volume are based on empirical insights derived from Germanic: logical and typological dispositions about aspect-modality links. These are probed in a variety of non-related languages. The logically establishable links are the following: Modal verbs are aspect sensitive in the selection of their infinitival complements – embedded infinitival perfectivity implies root modal reading, whereas embedded infinitival imperfectivity triggers epistemic readings. However, in marked contexts such as negated ones, the aspectual affinities of modal verbs are neutralized or even subject to markedness inversion. All of this suggests that languages that do not, or only partially, bestow upon full modal verb paradigms seek to express modal variations in terms of their aspect oppositions. This typological tenet is investigated in a variety of languages from Indo-European (German, Slavic, Armenian), African, Asian, Amerindian, and Creoles. Seeming deviations and idiosyncrasies in the interaction between aspect and modality turn out to be highly rule-based.
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Negation And Polarity Experimental Perspectives

Author : Pierre Larrivée
ISBN : 9783319174648
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 62.45 MB
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This volume offers insights on experimental and empirical research in theoretical linguistic issues of negation and polarity, focusing on how negation is marked and how negative polarity is emphatic and how it interacts with double negation. Metalinguistic negation and neg-raising are also explored in the volume. Leading specialists in the field present novel ideas by employing various experimental methods in felicity judgments, eye tracking, self-paced readings, prosody and ERP. Particular attention is given to extensive crosslinguistc data from French, Catalan and Korean along with analyses using semantic and pragmatic methods, corpus linguistics, diachronic perspectives and longitudinal acquisitional studies as well as signed and gestural negation. Each contribution is situated with regards to major previous studies, thereby offering readers insights on the current state of the art in research on negation and negative polarity, highlighting how theory and data together contributes to the understanding of cognition and mind.
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Linguistic Structure And Language Dynamics In South Asia

Author : Anvita Abbi
ISBN : 8120817656
Genre : Grammar, Comparative and general
File Size : 28.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Eighteenth Round Table of South Asian Language Analysis (SALA) was organised by the Centre of Linguistics and English, School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India), Janurary 4-6, 1997. The conference was attended by scholars from all over the world and about 150 papers were presented in 20 parallel sessions and plenary sessions. This volume is a representative sample of the breadth and quality of research that is being carried out in South Asian linguistics today.
Category: Grammar, Comparative and general

Visible Variation

Author : Pamela M. Perniss
ISBN : 9783110198850
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 78.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It has been argued that properties of the visual-gestural modality impose a homogenizing effect on sign languages, leading to less structural variation in sign language structure as compared to spoken language structure. However, until recently, research on sign languages was limited to a number of (Western) sign languages. Before we can truly answer the question of whether modality effects do indeed cause less structural variation, it is necessary to investigate the similarities and differences that exist between sign languages in more detail and, especially, to include in this investigation less studied sign languages. The current research climate is testimony to a surge of interest in the study of a geographically more diverse range of sign languages. The volume reflects that climate and brings together work by scholars engaging in comparative sign linguistics research. The 11 articles discuss data from many different signed and spoken languages and cover a wide range of topics from different areas of grammar including phonology (word pictures), morphology (pronouns, negation, and auxiliaries), syntax (word order, interrogative clauses, auxiliaries, negation, and referential shift) and pragmatics (modal meaning and referential shift). In addition to this, the contributions address psycholinguistic issues, aspects of language change, and issues concerning data collection in sign languages, thereby providing methodological guidelines for further research. Although some papers use a specific theoretical framework for analyzing the data, the volume clearly focuses on empirical and descriptive aspects of sign language variation.
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Mood And Modality

Author : F. R. Palmer
ISBN : 0521804795
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 74.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Palmer investigates the category of modality, drawing on a wealth of examples from a wide variety of languages.
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