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The Inside Man

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ISBN : 9780615283159
Genre : California
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The Inside Man is the culmination of more than seventeen years of groundbreaking, meticulous, and exhaustive research into the life of this least known or understood of the "Big Five" who built the western end of the first transcontinental railroad. Drawn from original sources most of which have hitherto been inaccessible or ignored by previous chroniclers-thousands of pages of handwritten letters, telegrams, accounts from scores of newspapers archived around the country, including biographical and historical works-are brought to bear in this monumental account. More than the biography of one individual, this masterful account weaves within the narrative the many forces and competing issues faced by Mark Hopkins and his associates as well as the culture and mores of late nineteenth century California, and their very personal struggles and conflicts.
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The Inside Man

Author : Jeff Abbott
ISBN : 9780748129799
Genre : Fiction
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When Sam Capra's best customer - and friend - is murdered outside his Miami bar, Sam decides to seek justice. Determined to figure out the connection between his friend's death and a beautiful stranger, Sam infiltrates the Varelas, one of Miami's most prominent - and dangerous - families. He faces a powerful but unstable mastermind intent on dividing his business empire between his three very different adult children. It's not long before he realises that these formidable siblings may hold murderous secrets of their own. Sam is inexorably drawn into this shadowy family drama, amplifying painful echoes of his own shattered relationships as he goes undercover. And in his quest to unearth the killer before his cover is blown, Sam discovers one of the world's 'dark corners'; a place where laws are inconsequential, and no amount of money or power can save you...
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The Inside Man

Author : Stacey L. Tyler
ISBN : 9780761867265
Genre : Political Science
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Organizational communication impacts service efficiency and productivity. An increase in federal funding to strengthen communication within the airport stakeholders has failed to deliver expected results. The purpose of this qualitative case study is to explore whether miscommunication among the TSA agents and airport employees relates to effective implementation of airport security policies. The central research question focuses on the degree to which miscommunication between the TSA and airlines regarding prohibited items at security checkpoints impeded the effective execution of federal law regarding carry on luggage on commercial aircraft. Using Weick’s organizational information theory, this study examines the implementation of airport security policy focusing on communication between government and industry organizations. A sample of 13 private airline employees and 7 airport employees at a large U.S. commercial airport participated in the study. Data was collected via semi structured interview questions. Data was coded and analyzed following an inductive coding strategy. According to study results, there is very little evidence of miscommunications between government and airline stakeholders regarding policy changes and expectations related to security procedures. However, miscommunication about the same policy changes to consumers confuses travelers, which may explain incidences of prohibited items at the security checkpoints. Implications for positive social change related to this study may assist policy makers in clarifying language to better inform travelers about security changes and prohibited items, the objective of which will promote safer flying experiences, reduce the potential for harm, and result in more expedient traveling.
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Carniepunk The Inside Man

Author : Nicole Peeler
ISBN : 9781476793627
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.36 MB
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Award-winning author Nicole Peeler brings the supernatural adventure from Tempest Rising and Tempest Reborn to this urban fantasy short story in the spellbinding Carniepunk anthology. The ladies of Triptych—Capitola, Shar, and Moo—are hardly impressed when a scared halfling approaches them with tales of his tiny Illinois hamlet having gone “ultra boring” after a visit from a traveling circus. But when more stories begin circulating of towns gone “walking dead” they decide to investigate. What they discover is a ringmaster bent on entertaining you…for the price of your soul.
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Inside Man

Author : George Fox
ISBN : 9781462800506
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.32 MB
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When Spain's dictator stops the music Here is George Fox's finest fiction. In Without Music, the tense and hilarious novel that opens this collection, Merle Kraft returns to Majorca on a desperate mission. To save his child's life, he must shadow a beautiful psychopath. Besides, Merle has to cope with smugglers, a tweedy British nymphomaniac, a Mafia wire-tapper turned preacher, a bizarre band of war veterans, and an ex-wife who won't go away. I love the book. Fox is a brilliant, witty writer who has mastered his craft superbly. Without Music is as haunting a story as it is a solidly satisfying piece of entertainment. ---Mario Puzo A strange, rueful, wise, most unusual novel by an author who owns a rich fund of surprises. ---Bruce Jay Friedman In addition to Without Music, this book restores to print two darkly comic stories first published in Esquire and Paris Review. In an afterword, X. J. Kennedy remembers George Fox and offers a critical appreciation.
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Inside Man

Author : Mihnea Moldoveanu
ISBN : 9780804773041
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.60 MB
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Inside Man explores the practice of modeling human ways of being in real time. It makes the process and the phenomenon of modeling transparent and explicit, and clarifies the reasons for which modeling human behavior has to be an interactive process between the modeler and the modeled.
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Inside Man

Author : Philip Bray
ISBN : 9780717160280
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 73.26 MB
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In 1977, Philip Bray joined the Irish prison service, working in Limerick Prison. At the time, prisons were places where pillows, blankets and even food were scarce. Most prisoners were illiterate and luxuries such as televisons and books were unheard of. Over the following thirty years, Philip bore witness to dramatic changes in the prison service. 'Inside Man' is an account of life inside Ireland's first female high-security prison in Limerick -- a place where wealthy Englishwoman-come-IRA-operative Rose Dugdale's pregnancy infamously went unnoticed and feuding gangland families shared cells with the 'Dublin Mafia', whose imprisonment fuelled a violent protest. An account of a career lived at the epicentre of Ireland's turbulent recent decades, 'Inside Man' was the winner of The Tubridy Show / Gill & Macmillan True Story competition in May 2007, seeing off almost 2000 other entrants.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Education Of A Felon

Author : Edward Bunker
ISBN : 9780312273651
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76.31 MB
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In Education of a Felon, the reigning champion of prison novelists finally tells his own story. The son of an alcoholic stagehand father and a Busby Berkeley chorus girl, Bunker was--at seventeen--the youngest inmate ever in San Quentin. His hard-won experiences on L.A.'s meanest streets and in and out of prison gave him the material to write some of the grittiest and most affecting novels of our time. From smoking a joint in the gas chamber to leaving fingerprints on a knife connected to a serial kiler, from Hollywood's steamy undersde to swimming in the Neptune pool at San Simeon, Bunker delivers a memoir as colorful as any of his novels and as compelling as the life he's lead.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Inside Man

Author : E. Richard Johnson
ISBN : 0333116941
Genre : Detective and mystery stories
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Category: Detective and mystery stories