The Infinite Question

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The Infinite Question

Author : Christopher Bollas
ISBN : 9781134026647
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In his latest book Christopher Bollas uses detailed studies of real clinical practice to illuminate a theory of psychoanalysis which privileges the human impulse to question. From earliest childhood to the end of our lives, we are driven by this impulse in its varying forms, and The Infinite Question illustrates how Freud's free associative method provides both patient and analyst with answers and, in turn, with an ongoing interplay of further questions. At the book's core are transcripts of real analytical sessions, accompanied by parallel commentaries which highlight key aspects of the free associative method in practice. These transcripts are contextualised by further discussion of the cases themselves, as well as a wider theoretical framework which places its emphasis on Freud's theory of the logic of sequence: by learning to listen to this free associative logic, Bollas argues, we can discover a richer and more complex unconscious voice than if we rely solely on Freud's theory of repressed ideas. Bollas demonstrates, in an eloquent and persuasive manner, how the Freudian position of evenly suspended attentiveness enables the analyst's unconscious to catch the drift of the patient's own unconscious. He also shows that to stimulate further questioning is often of more benefit to the analytical process than to jump to an interpretation. Yet whatever fascinating course a session may take, neither the patient nor the analyst can halt the progress of the self-propelling interrogative drive. The Infinite Question will be invaluable to both the new student and the experienced psychoanalyst, read either on its own or as a practice-based extension of the theoretical ideas elaborated in its companion volume, The Evocative Object World (also published by Routledge).
Category: Psychology

The Immanence Of The Infinite

Author : Elizabeth Brient
ISBN : 0813210895
Genre : History
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Most scholars would agree that there is an epochal threshold between the world of the Middle Ages and the modern world. Agreement on the nature and dynamic structure of that threshold is harder to come by. Hans Blumenberg's original and compelling account of the transition from medieval to modern, given in his 1966 work The Legitimacy of the Modern Age, has received wide attention. Elizabeth Brient begins her own account of the transition with an extensive, critical assessment of central aspects of Blumenberg's work. She elucidates his "dialogical" method of historical explanation, then discusses the shortcomings of his defense of the "legitimacy" of modernity. The transition to the modern world is marked by the process of making infinite the finite medieval cosmos. Whereas Blumenberg focused on the spatial infinitization of the universe, Brient claims that the process must be understood intensively as well as extensively. In the now-infinite universe of the new science, the problem of finding a measure for man's self-assertive activity, and for human knowledge, comes to the fore. The second half of the book focuses on the way in which this difficulty is addressed with conceptual resources developed in the tradition of late medieval Neoplatonism, in particular in the speculative thought of Meister Eckart and Nicholas of Cusa. Specific attention is given to the way in which Cusanus' notion of the immanence of the infinite in the finite responds to the need for a regulative ideal for human knowing. This is the first book-length treatment of Blumenberg to appear in English and will be a most welcome resource for readers engaged by debates concerning the status of modernity. It will be of equal interest to students of Eckhart and Cusanus, and to those generally concerned with the transition between the medieval and the modern world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elizabeth Brient is Assistant Professor of philosophy at The University of Georgia. PRAISE FOR THE BOOK: "Blumenberg could not have wished for a more reverent critique of his achievements or a more exacting textual exegesis regarding the sources of their philosophical content, all written in a lucid style that is forthright in the defense of the depth of thought during the Middle Ages but also pleasing in its subtle irony with respect to Blumenberg's and the author's own metaphysical creed."- Walter F. Veit, Speculum "Brient's analysis of Blumenberg's philosophy sheds significant light in the debate concerning modernity. . . ." --Albrecht Classen, University of Arizona, German Studies Review
Category: History

Jean Luc Nancy And The Question Of Community

Author : Ignaas Devisch
ISBN : 9781441165626
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 22.29 MB
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This book remedies a gap in the on-going debate on community by a transparent and thorough analysis of the work of French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.
Category: Philosophy

The Question Of Hermeneutics

Author : T.J. Stapleton
ISBN : 9789401111607
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51.82 MB
Format : PDF
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by Pierre Kerszberg Joseph J. Kockelmans: A Biographical Note Joseph Kockelmans was born on December I, 1923, at Meerssen in the Netherlands. In 1951 he received his doctoral degree in philosophy from the Institute for Medieval Philosophy, Angelico, Rome. Earlier on, he had earned a "Baccalaureate" and a "Licence" from the same institution. Upon his return to the Netherlands, he engaged in a series of post-doctoral studies. His first subject was mathematics, which he studied under H. Busard who taught at the Institute of Technology at Venlo (1952-55). A major turning-point then occurred when, from 1955 to 1962, his post-doctoral research centered simultaneously around physics under A. D. Fokker at the University of Leyden, and phenomenology under H. L. Van Breda at the Husserl Archives of the University of Louvain. Still in the Netherlands, his first position as professor of philosophy was at the Agricultural University of Wageningen from 1963 to 1964. Even though he had been a Visiting Professor at Duquesne University in 1962, the year 1964 marked the actual beginning of his career in the United States. He began by holding a professorship at the New School for Social Research in New York (1964-65). Before establishing himself permanently at the Pennsylvania State University from 1968 onward, where he became a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy in 1990, he also held a professorship at the University of Rittsburgh from 1965 to 1968.
Category: Philosophy

Look Out A Philosophy Of Revelation

Author : Richard J. Rolwing
ISBN : 1462809952
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 41.45 MB
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This book is a simplified analytical summary both as a tribute to Karl Rahner and as an aid to all who would like to read his theology with light and ease, and to anyone concerned with 20th century philosophy and theology who is open to genuine listening to a Catholic thinker.
Category: Philosophy

The Question Of Meaning

Author : Gerhard Sauter
ISBN : 0802807240
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68.27 MB
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In This Penetrating Study of the concept of meaning, Gerhard Sauter shows that -- contrary to popular belief -- the human quest for meaning is a relatively recent development, arising only after the deconstruction of metaphysics at the end of the nineteenth century. Since then, people have continually sought after the meaning of history, the meaning of their labors, their sufferings, their lives. In an attempt to construct new areas of orientation, meaning has become a dominant term in hermeneutics, in philosophy of language, in psychology, in sociology, in social theory, and in all domains influenced by them, including politics. In former times the term meaning related to statements that could be proven as either true or false, while the term sense marked the ability to perceive reality and to respond to it. In this careful and elaborate analysis of the history of the term meaning, Sauter reevaluates the differences and the connections between meaning and sense in the context of an age that has jettisoned its own metaphysical moorings. Sauter interprets biblical references to meaning -- in Job and Ecclesiastes, for example -- and compares them with modern concepts of the term. He probes beyond the quest for meaning to ask what the quest itself means, and questions whether the modern quest for meaning in fact weakens our perceptions of everyday reality. His conclusions lead to a new kind of quest: an intellectual and spiritual adventure to discover sense encountering contingent reality.
Category: Philosophy

The Infinite Conversation

Author : Maurice Blanchot
ISBN : 0816619700
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 84.20 MB
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In this landmark volume, Blanchot sustains a dialogue with a number of thinkers whose contributions have marked turning points in the history of Western thought and have influenced virtually all the themes that inflect the contemporary literary and philosophical debate today. "Blanchot waits for us still to come, to be read and reread. . . I would say that never as much as today have I pictured him so far ahead of us." Jacques Derrida
Category: Literary Criticism

The Infinite In Mathematics

Author : Felix Kaufmann
ISBN : 9789400997950
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.43 MB
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The main item in the present volume was published in 1930 under the title Das Unendliche in der Mathematik und seine Ausschaltung. It was at that time the fullest systematic account from the standpoint of Husserl's phenomenology of what is known as 'finitism' (also as 'intuitionism' and 'constructivism') in mathematics. Since then, important changes have been required in philosophies of mathematics, in part because of Kurt Godel's epoch-making paper of 1931 which established the essential in completeness of arithmetic. In the light of that finding, a number of the claims made in the book (and in the accompanying articles) are demon strably mistaken. Nevertheless, as a whole it retains much of its original interest and value. It presents the issues in the foundations of mathematics that were under debate when it was written (and in some cases still are); , and it offers one alternative to the currently dominant set-theoretical definitions of the cardinal numbers and other arithmetical concepts. While still a student at the University of Vienna, Felix Kaufmann was greatly impressed by the early philosophical writings (especially by the Logische Untersuchungen) of Edmund Husser!' He was never an uncritical disciple of Husserl, and he integrated into his mature philosophy ideas from a wide assortment of intellectual sources. But he thought of himself as a phenomenologist, and made frequent use in all his major publications of many of Husserl's logical and epistemological theses.
Category: Science

Gadamer And The Question Of The Divine

Author : Walter Lammi
ISBN : 9781441167415
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Gadamer and the Question of the Divine uncovers a neglected side of Gadamer's thought, namely his life-long concern with the question of the divine. Not only is this an issue of fundamental importance to philosophical hermeneutics, but it also contributes to what Gadamer considered to be the most urgent task of our time - a conceptual dialogue among religions. New grounds for toleration among communities must be found and Gadamer's study of the divine provides both a model and a starting-place for doing so. In setting forth a conceptual narrative for global dialogue about religious transcendence, Gadamer is the pre-eminent twentieth-century philosopher of the divine. Gadamer's study of the divine is an application of philosophical hermeneutics and phenomenological in its descriptions of temporality and the experience of art. Walter Lammi shows how Gadamer provides us with a richly textured study of the divine that finds its bearings in Heidegger and the Greeks and suggests a path to questions of cosmology, temporality and religious experience.
Category: Religion

Husserl And The Question Of Relativism

Author : G. Soffer
ISBN : 9789401131780
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 63.86 MB
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The question of relativism is a perennial one, and as fundamental and far reaching as the question of truth itself. Is truth absolute and universal, the same everywhere and for everyone? Or is truth historically, culturally, biologically, or otherwise relative, varying from one epoch or species to another? Although the issues surrounding relativism have attracted especially intense interest of late, they continue to spark heated controversies and to pose problems lacking an obvious resolution. On the side of one prevalent form of relativism, it is argued that we must finally recognize the historical and cultural contingency of our available means of cognition, and therefore abandon as naIve the absolute conception of truth dear to traditional philosophy. According to this line of thinking, even if there were univer sally valid principles, knowledge of them would not be possible for us, and thus an absolute conception of truth must be rejected in light of the demands of critical epistemology. However, when truth is accordingly relativized to some contingent subjective cognitive background, new difficulties arise. One of the most infamous of these is the logical inconsistency of the resulting thesis of relativism itself. Yet an even more serious problem is that the relativization of truth makes truth itself contingent, thereby undermining the motivation for preferring one belief or value to another, or even to its opposite.
Category: Philosophy

Mathematical Logic

Author : Stephen Cole Kleene
ISBN : 9780486317076
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 26.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Contents include an elementary but thorough overview of mathematical logic of 1st order; formal number theory; surveys of the work by Church, Turing, and others, including Gödel's completeness theorem, Gentzen's theorem, more.
Category: Mathematics

Understanding The Infinite

Author : Shaughan LAVINE
ISBN : 0674920961
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 30.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How can the infinite, a subject so remote from our finite experience, be an everyday tool for the working mathematician? Shaughan Levine attempts to answer this question using a blend of history, philosophy, mathematics and logic.
Category: Mathematics

Hans Urs Von Balthasar And The Question Of Tragedy In The Novels Of Thomas Hardy

Author : Kevin Taylor
ISBN : 9780567619563
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What role do novels, drama, and tragedy play within Christian thought and living? The twentieth century Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar addressed these questions using tragic drama. For him, Christ was the true tragic hero of the world who exceeded all tragic literature and experience. Balthasar demonstrated how ancient, pre-Christian tragedy and Renaissance works contained important Christian concepts, but he critiqued modern novels as failing to be either truly tragic or Christian. By examining the tragic novels of Thomas Hardy on their own terms, we have an important counterpoint to Balthasar's argument that the novel is too prosaic for theological reflection. Hardy's novels are an apt pairing for examination and critique, as they are both classically and biblically influenced, as well as contemporary.The larger implication for Balthasar's theology is that his innovations in theological aesthetics and tragedy must be expanded in the light of modernity and the tragic novel.
Category: Religion