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The Incredible Years

Author : Carolyn Webster-Stratton
ISBN : 0578434512
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Fully revised with new chapters that focus on promoting your child's social, emotional, and language development as well as ability to persist and be successful in school. All children misbehave sometimes! Some children are temperamentally more difficult to parent because they are impulsive, hyperactive, inattentive, or delayed in some aspect of their development. This invaluable handbook use the Incredible Years® Parenting Pyramid® as the architectural or construction plan for specific parenting tools that help prevent behavior problems from occurring and promote children's social, emotional, and academic competence, and healthy life styles. The book helps parents to build a strong positive relationship foundation before using respectful discipline tools to reduce target behavior problems. The book also focuses on tools for building family relationships and support networks as well as problem solving methods and self-regulation skills to manage stress.


Author : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 9781472932952
Genre : History
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Compiled by the team behind Whitaker's Almanack, Chronologica is a fascinating journey through time, from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the internet. Along the way are tales of kings and queens, hot air balloons, comets... and monkeys in space. Travel through 100 of the most incredible years in world history and learn why being a Roman Emperor wasn't always as good as it sounds, how the Hundred Years' War didn't actually last for 100 years and why Spencer Perceval holds a rather unfortunate record. Chronologica is an informative and entertaining glimpse into history, beautifully illustrated and full of incredible facts. While Chronologica tells the stories of famous people in history such as Thomas Edison and Alexander the Great, this books also recounts the lives of lesser-known individuals including the explorer Mungo Park and sculptor Gutzon Borglum. This historical compendium is certain to entertain readers young and old, and guaranteed to present even the biggest history buff with something new!
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The Incredible Years What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report

Author : What Works Clearinghouse (ED)
ISBN : OCLC:1064075462
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"The Incredible Years" is composed of training programs for children, parents, and teachers. The child program is designed for children (ages 0-12) with challenging behaviors and focuses on building social and emotional skills. Lessons can be delivered to children referred for difficult behavior or to an entire classroom as a preventative measure. The program consists of 20- to 30-minute lessons two to three times a week; these lessons are reinforced by small-group activities, practicing skills throughout the day, and communicating with parents. Lessons cover recognizing and understanding feelings, getting along with friends, anger management, problem solving, and behavior at school. Parent training programs focus on positive discipline, promoting learning and development, and involvement in children's life at school. One study of "The Incredible Years" that falls within the scope of the Children Classified as Having an Emotional Disturbance review protocol meets What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) evidence standards. This one study included 51 four- to eight-year-old children with oppositional defiant disorder who attended school in Washington state. Based on this one study, the WWC considers the extent of evidence for The Incredible Years on children classified as having an emotional disturbance (or children at risk for classification) to be small for the external behavior and social outcomes domains. "The Incredible Years" was found to have potentially positive effects on external behavior and potentially positive effects on social outcomes for children classified as having an emotional disturbance. Appended are: (1) Research details for Webster-Stratton et al., 2004; (2) Outcome measures for each domain; (3) Findings included in the rating for the external behavior domain; (4) Findings included in the rating for the social outcomes domain; (5) Partial implementation findings for the external behavior domain; (6) Partial implementation findings for the social outcomes domain; (7) Criteria used to determine the rating of a study; and (8) Criteria used to determine the extent of evidence for an intervention. [The following study is reviewed in this intervention report: Webster-Stratton, C., Reid, M. J., & Hammond, M. (2004). "Treating children with early-onset conduct problems: Intervention outcomes for parent, child, and teacher training." Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, v33 n1 105-124.] (Contains 4 tables, 8 endnotes, 1 additional source, and 1 recommended citation.).

The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training

Author : Carolyn Webster-Stratton
ISBN : OCLC:1065550863
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This article focuses on the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) intervention as an example of an evidence-based program that embeds fidelity and adaptation within its design. First, the core features of the IY TCM program along with the methods, processes, and principles that make the intervention effective are described. The importance of fidelity and methods for effectively measuring fidelity are discussed. In addition, support mechanisms (training, mentoring, consultation, and coaching) necessary to facilitate high fidelity of implementation of IY TCM are highlighted. The goal is to clarify the underlying principles and supports needed to effectively allow IY group leaders to disseminate the IY TCM among teachers with diverse backgrounds and skills, who work with students with varying developmental, academic, and social-emotional needs. Often fidelity and adaptation are thought of as mutually exclusive, but in the IY model they are considered both complementary and necessary. Implications for school psychologists and prevention science are discussed. (Contains 1 table and 3 figures.).

The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program For Preschoolers At Risk For Developmental Disabilities In The Hong Kong Community Setting

Author : Mo-Yee Maureen Kong
ISBN : 1361373512
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This dissertation, "The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program for Preschoolers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in the Hong Kong Community Setting" by Mo-yee, Maureen, Kong, 江慕儀, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. Abstract: Parents of children with developmental disabilities experience a greater level of stress than parents of typically developing children. Parental stress disrupts parental functioning, setting a vicious cycle of coercive parent-child interactions and further stress. The current study aims to break this vicious cycle by evaluating the effectiveness of the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training (IYPT) for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities in a community clinic setting in Hong Kong. Fifty-two parents of children with developmental delays (age 3-6 years) were randomly assigned to either a parenting program (EXP) or a waitlist-control (WLC) condition. Multi-informants and multi-measures of child and parenting behaviors were taken before and after the 12-week intervention. Medium intervention effects were found in primary-caregiver parents' self-reported parental stress index. Medium-to-large intervention effects were found in both primary-caregiver parent-report and spouse-report measures of children's oppositional behaviors. While primary-caregiver parents did not report a significant change in their parenting practices, their kins/spouses nonetheless reported improvements of a small effect size in the primary-caregiver parents' parenting practices. Blinded observations of parent-child interactions during a structured play activity indicated significant short-term effects on positive parenting and coaching. Parents had a high attendance rate and reported high satisfaction with the program. Treatment effects did not seem to correlate with demographic and other characteristics of the parents, suggesting that the treatment effect was robust across different profiles of parents. Preliminary results suggest that the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training is an effective and feasible intervention in the community settings for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities and their parents in Hong Kong. DOI: 10.5353/th_b5435578 Subjects: Parents of children with disabilities - Services for - China - Hong Kong

Social And Emotional Prevention And Intervention Programming For Preschoolers

Author : Susanne A. Denham
ISBN : 9781461500551
Genre : Psychology
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- Theoretical foundations, explanations and practical guides for implementation of social and emotional programming in early childhood settings - Review of all extant programming for both in-class and parenting applications to further social and emotional development during early childhood - Chapters presenting the major components of emotional competence are followed directly by another chapter detailing applications, or "lessons from the field."
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Conduct Disorder And Behavioural Parent Training

Author : Dermot OReilly
ISBN : 1846421330
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Progress made with children with conduct disorder in specialist schools often does not transfer to the home, but this book shows how behavioural parent training and applied behaviour analysis can help professionals work with parents to continue improving their child's behaviour. Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of conduct disorder and the individual, familial and social factors that influence the development of persistent antisocial behaviour. The author presents thorough evidence for the effectiveness of the following aspects of behavioural parent training: * compliance training * encouraging good behaviour through praise, enthusiasm and attention * using `time out' as an effective punishment technique * transfer of improvements to school setting * effects of treatment on the child's siblings. He considers the relative impact and costs of different settings for parent training, and outlines ethical issues and future directions for research in this area. This book is essential reading for all professionals involved in the care of children with conduct disorder, as well as psychology and social work students and academics.
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The Incredible Years Parent Program For Chinese Preschoolers With Developmental Disabilities

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ISBN : OCLC:1053710337
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ABSTRACT: Research Findings : The objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of Incredible Years Basic Parent Training (IYPT Basic) in a community clinic setting in Hong Kong. IYPT Basic is a Western program developed to promote children's academic, social, and emotional regulation skills and to reduce conduct problems among typically developing children. The program has not been tested in non-Western cultures, where the challenges for parents of children with developmental disabilities can be different. The IYPT Basic was adapted slightly to accommodate cultural characteristics in Hong Kong. Parents of 52 preschoolers with developmental disabilities were randomly assigned to either the IYPT Basic or a waitlist control. Parent and child dyads were assessed before and after the 12-week intervention/waitlist period via self-reports and spouse/kin reports and videotape coding by observers blind to the intervention/waitlist status. Significant intervention benefits included (a) increase in positive and reciprocal parent –child interaction, (b) reduction in parental stress, and (c) decrease in oppositional behavior among the children. The parents' attendance, satisfaction, and homework compliance was high. Practice or Policy : IYPT Basic, when implemented with cultural sensitivity, can be effective for —and well received by—Chinese parents of preschoolers with developmental disabilities in a community setting.