The Human Advantage

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The Human Advantage

Author : Suzana Herculano-Houzel
ISBN : 9780262333207
Genre : Science
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Why our human brains are awesome, and how we left our cousins, the great apes, behind: a tale of neurons and calories, and cooking. Humans are awesome. Our brains are gigantic, seven times larger than they should be for the size of our bodies. The human brain uses 25% of all the energy the body requires each day. And it became enormous in a very short amount of time in evolution, allowing us to leave our cousins, the great apes, behind. So the human brain is special, right? Wrong, according to Suzana Herculano-Houzel. Humans have developed cognitive abilities that outstrip those of all other animals, but not because we are evolutionary outliers. The human brain was not singled out to become amazing in its own exclusive way, and it never stopped being a primate brain. If we are not an exception to the rules of evolution, then what is the source of the human advantage? Herculano-Houzel shows that it is not the size of our brain that matters but the fact that we have more neurons in the cerebral cortex than any other animal, thanks to our ancestors' invention, some 1.5 million years ago, of a more efficient way to obtain calories: cooking. Because we are primates, ingesting more calories in less time made possible the rapid acquisition of a huge number of neurons in the still fairly small cerebral cortex—the part of the brain responsible for finding patterns, reasoning, developing technology, and passing it on through culture. Herculano-Houzel shows us how she came to these conclusions—making “brain soup” to determine the number of neurons in the brain, for example, and bringing animal brains in a suitcase through customs. The Human Advantage is an engaging and original look at how we became remarkable without ever being special.
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The Human Advantage

Author : Jay W. Richards
ISBN : 9780451496188
Genre : Business & Economics
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Bestselling author and economist Jay W. Richards makes the definitive case for how the free market and individual responsibility can save the American Dream in an age of automation and mass disruption. For two and a half centuries, America has been held together by the belief that if you work hard and conduct yourself responsibly in this country, you will be able to prosper and leave a better life for your children. But over the past decade, that idea has come into crisis. A recession, the mass outsourcing of stable jobs, and a coming wave of automation that will replace millions of blue- and white-collar jobs alike have left many people worried that the game is rigged and that our best days are behind us. In this story-driven manifesto on the future of American work, Jay Richards argues that such thinking is counterproductive--making us more fragile, more dependent, and less equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing economy. If we're going to survive, we need a new model for how ordinary people can thrive in this age of mass disruption. Richards pulls back the curtain on what's really happening in our economy, dispatching myths about capitalism, greed, and upward mobility. And he tells the stories of how real individuals have begun to rebuild a culture of virtue, capitalizing on the skills that are most uniquely human: creativity, resilience, and empathy for the needs of others. Destined to take its place alongside classics like Economics in One Lesson, The Human Advantage is the essential book for understanding the future of American work, and how each of us can make this era of staggering change work on our behalf.
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Daily Dispatch Challenge

Author : Greg Mechler
ISBN : 140183227X
Genre : Business & Economics
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This instructional guidebook can provide virtually anyone who communicates with drivers in the trucking industry with the management skill set they need for on-the-job success! TCA’s Daily Dispatch Challenge Training Guide is the perfect leader’s supplement wherever the Daily Dispatch Challenge (DDC) CD-ROM is being utilized within a fleet manager training program. It may also be used as a stand-alone instruction manual for developing the communication aspects of those frontline positions where interaction with vehicle drivers is required. Coverage helps readers develop and fine-tune their interpersonal communication, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities, and teaches readers how to handle stress and resolve conflicts. Providing essential industry knowledge and logistics, this guidebook will revolutionize the way dispatchers train.
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The Human Equity Advantage

Author : Trevor Wilson
ISBN : 9781118458402
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.71 MB
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Featuring case studies and practical diagnostic tools and assessments, a global diversity strategist and visionary leader outlines the 8 core competencies needed to create an equitable and inclusive work environment where employees are valued and developed to reach their highest potential.
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Author : Kenneth Cukier
ISBN : 0593182596
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.88 MB
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The authors of the breakout bestseller Big Data now turn to what more data can't accomplish: the unique ability humans have to frame new questions and so get better results than anyone could have previously imagined. Everyone knows that the best decisions are based on data and lots of it. So now everyone needs to read FRAMERS, an investigation of both the limits of data-driven artificial intelligence and the irreplaceable ability that has enabled Homo sapiens' most enduring platforms of prosperity and happiness. Cukier, Mayer-Schönberger, and de Véricourt define exactly what is the most important thing humans will always do better than robots. Frames are mental models of the world that we use to understand problems and to come up with new or refined solutions. As a tool, framing has always been with us. But as long as we were focused on traits like memory and reasoning that were more obviously essential to human cognition, framing didn't get much attention. Now that computers have become better at some of those cognitive tasks, framing stands out as a critical function--one that matters more than ever because it can't be handed off to the machines. Framing means dreaming with constraints, letting your mind wander in a methodical and structured way, or wondering how old tools could be applied to new problems. FRAMERS shows how framing will not just be a way to improve how we make decisions in the era of algorithms but will be a matter of survival for humanity in the coming age of machine prosperity.
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The Index

Author : Benjamin Franklin Underwood
ISBN : IND:30000116410493
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.48 MB
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Human Resource Management

Author : Raymond A. Noe
ISBN : 0256208107
Genre : Personnel management
File Size : 27.59 MB
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The authors of this text present the view that effective management of human resources is necessary to gain a compettitve advantage. The four challenges that they face are the global challenge, the quality challenge, the social challenge and the high performance work challenge. This text provides students with the technical background needed to be a successful HR professional. The text also emphasizes how managers can more effectively acquire, develop, compensate and manage the internal and external environment that relates to the management of human resources.
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