The House Of Rothschild

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The House Of Rothschild

Author : Niall Ferguson
ISBN : 9781101153574
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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A major work of economic, social and political history, Niall Ferguson's The House of Rothschild: The World's Banker 1849-1999 is the second volume of the acclaimed, landmark history of the legendary Rothschild banking dynasty. Niall Ferguson's House of Rothschild: Money's Prophets 1798-1848 was hailed as a "great biography" by Time magazine and named one of the best books of the year by Business Week. Now, with all the depth, clarity and drama with which he traced their ascent, Ferguson - the first historian with access to the long-lost Rothschild family archives - concludes his myth-breaking portrait of once of the most fascinating and power families of all time. From Crimea to World War II, wars repeatedly threatened the stability of the Rothschilds' worldwide empire. Despite these many global upheavals, theirs remained the biggest bank in the world up until the First World War, their interests extending far beyond the realm of finance. Yet the Rothschilds' failure to establish themselves successfully in the United States proved fateful, and as financial power shifted from London to New York after 1914, their power waned. "A stupendous achievement, a triumph of historical research and imagination."—Robert Skidelsky, The New York Review of Books "Niall Ferguson's brilliant and altogether enthralling two-volume family saga proves that academic historians can still tell great stories that the rest of us want to read."—The New York Times Book Review "Superb ... An impressive ... account of the Rothschilds and their role in history."—Boston Globe Niall Ferguson's new book The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook will be published in January 2018.
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The House Of Rothschild In Spain 1812 1941

Author : Miguel A. Lopez-Morell
ISBN : 9781317028475
Genre : History
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Amongst the serried ranks of capitalists who drove European industrialisation in the nineteenth century, the Rothschilds were amongst the most dynamic and the most successful. Establishing businesses in Germany, Britain, France, Austria, and Italy the family soon became leading financiers, bankrolling a host of private and government businesses ventures. In so doing they played a major role in fuelling economic and industrial development across Europe, providing capital for major projects, particularly in the mining and railway sectors. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Spain, where for more than a century the House of Rothschild was one of the primary motors of Spanish economic development. Yet, despite the undoubted importance of the Rothschild's role, questions still remain regarding the actual impact of these financial activities and the effect they had on financial sectors, companies and Spanish markets. It is to such questions that this book turns its attention, utilising a host of archive sources in Britain, France and Spain to fully analyse the investments and financial activities carried out by the Rothschild House in Spain during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In so doing the book tackles a variety of interrelated issues: Firstly, fixing the period when the main capital entries sprung from the initiatives taken by the Rothschild family, how consequential they really were, and the sectors they affected. Secondly, quantifying the importance of these investments and financial activities and the weight they had on financial sectors, companies and Spanish markets, as well as in foreign investment in each period. Thirdly, outlining the steps followed and means used by the Rothschild House in order to achieve the success in each of their businesses. Finally, analysing the consequences of this phenomenon in the actual growth of Spanish contemporary economy, both in a general and in a partial scale. By exploring these crucial questions, not only do we learn much more about the working of one of the leading financial institutions and the development of the Spanish economy, but a greater understanding of the broader impact of international finance and the flow of capital in the nineteenth century is achieved.
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The House Of Rothschild By Niall Ferguson Summary

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Do you want more free book summaries like this? Download our app for free at and get access to hundreds of free book and audiobook summaries. Money’s Prophets 1798-1848. You may associate the name Rothschild with wealth, success, and mystery. For the first time, however, author Niall Ferguson uncovers the mysteries of the Rothschild family and reveals the secrets behind the family’s phenomenal economic success. As you read, you’ll learn how their vast political network, immense financial success, and their Jewish lineage led to a series of family myths. Furthermore, you’ll see how one family was able to defy social stigmas and become the premier banking family of the world. Through this fascinating, deep, and detailed account of the family’s history, you’ll learn how bribery was a common means for success, how the family's key to success was communication, and how the Rothschild family had influence in just about everything.
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The House Of Rothschild Money S Prophets 1798 1848

Author : Niall Ferguson
ISBN : 0140240845
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Presents a portrait of Europe's most powerful banking family, tracing their influence on European finance, on political events, and on European Jewry
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The World S Banker

Author : Niall Ferguson
ISBN : 0297815393
Genre : Bankers
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1st complete history of the Rothschild banking dynasty with full access to worldwide archives. Ever since the Rothschild's spectacular rise to preeminence in European finance during the last, turbulent years of the Napoleonicwars, a mythology has grown up around the family and it's firms. It is no exaggeration to say that the Rothschilds became 1 of theliving legends of the 19th century: the personfication of a new era in which money determined status and power, an era in which 5 Jewish brothers born into the wretchedness of the Frnakfurt Ghetto could rise by their own ingenuity to become ' the worlds bankers' - dominating the international financial markets, rubbing shoulders with the social elite, patronising the great artists and architects of the era and above all exerting a decisive, if veiled, influence over the world's monarchs and statesmen. Using a wealth of archival sources as well as a vast amount of little known contemporary and more recent secondary literature, Niall Ferguson's definitive study will finally hold the mirror of reality up to the face of myth. The result promises not only to do justice to the history of Rothschilds, but to revolutionise the history of the years of their rise and preeminence, and to reveal fascinating continuities from the 19th century to our own time.
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The Reign Of The House Of Rothschild

Author : Egon Caesar Corti
ISBN : 0894990616
Genre : Business & Economics
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This volume carries on the history of the House of Rothschild as revealed by the relevant documents from 1830 up to the peace that concluded the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. In the writing of this volume, the Rothschild families have brought no influence of any kind to bear; the author's aim has been to portray without prejudice or partiality the tremendous part that the House played in the events of the nineteenth century. Original documents and letters that had been intercepted have occasionally afforded particularly illuminating revelations; although, in the case of extracts from some of the letters, it is necessary to bear in mind that the originals were probably carefully altered by the Rothschilds themselves, with the deliberate intention of making upon persons like Metternich a definite impression such as would assist them in carrying out their plans. Seen in this light they are no less instructive and characteristic of the methods of the House than the more ingenuous documents that undoubtedly constitute a large proportion of those used in this work.The epilogue which appears at the end of the book makes no claim to continue the treatment of the subject on the same lines; it merely attempts to bring out one or two of the more striking moves executed by the House of Rothschild on the political chessboard during the sixty years leading up to the present day, moves which show how the House, in spite of growing difficulties, vanishing influence, and the powerful competition of younger and richer firms, has endeavored until the most recent times to maintain its position, to influence international policies, and although with diminishing success, to drive them along the path which corresponded to the interests of the bank.
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The Jewish Contribution To Modern Architecture 1830 1930

Author : Fredric Bedoire
ISBN : 0881258083
Genre : Architecture
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A book about architecture and society, a wide-ranging cultural and historical depiction of successful Jewish entrepreneurs in an increasingly industrialized Europe, from the dissolution of the ghetto and the 1848 liberation movement to Hitler's assumption of power in Germany. Inspired by Jewish messianism, they pursued a modern culture, free from the old feudal society. The principal characters are bankers, merchants, and industrialists together with their architects, from Schinkel and Semper to Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. They build in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna, Budapest and New York, and in more remote centers of Jewish entrepreneurial activity, such as Oradea (Nagyvarad) in present-day Romania and Lodz in Poland, Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. The buildings shed new light on the Europe of today, but also on a Europe that is lost beyond recall.
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Boris Karloff

Author : Scott Allen Nollen
ISBN : 0899505805
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This comprehensive analysis of Boris Karloff's life and career incorporates criticism, in-depth production information and discussions of cinematic themes and characters, with an account of the historical periods and events depicted in the films and the Hollywood era in which they were produced. Each of Karloff's horror films is examined at length, as well as his contributions to other media. Over 100 posters, portraits, film scenes and candid photos illustrate the text, and numerous contemporaries (Evelyn Karloff, Laurence Olivier, Henry Brandon, Ian Wolfe, Zita Johann, others) are quoted throughout.
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The Practical Magazine

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951002806131W
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Practical Magazine

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015010937806
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Hollywood And Hitler 1933 1939

Author : Thomas Doherty
ISBN : 9780231535144
Genre : History
File Size : 45.74 MB
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Between 1933 and 1939, representations of the Nazis and the full meaning of Nazism came slowly to Hollywood, growing more ominous and distinct only as the decade wore on. Recapturing what ordinary Americans saw on the screen during the emerging Nazi threat, Thomas Doherty reclaims forgotten films, such as Hitler's Reign of Terror (1934), a pioneering anti-Nazi docudrama by Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr.; I Was a Captive of Nazi Germany (1936), a sensational true tale of "a Hollywood girl in Naziland!"; and Professor Mamlock (1938), an anti-Nazi film made by German refugees living in the Soviet Union. Doherty also recounts how the disproportionately Jewish backgrounds of the executives of the studios and the workers on the payroll shaded reactions to what was never simply a business decision. As Europe hurtled toward war, a proxy battle waged in Hollywood over how to conduct business with the Nazis, how to cover Hitler and his victims in the newsreels, and whether to address or ignore Nazism in Hollywood feature films. Should Hollywood lie low, or stand tall and sound the alarm? Doherty's history features a cast of charismatic personalities: Carl Laemmle, the German Jewish founder of Universal Pictures, whose production of All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) enraged the nascent Nazi movement; Georg Gyssling, the Nazi consul in Los Angeles, who read the Hollywood trade press as avidly as any studio mogul; Vittorio Mussolini, son of the fascist dictator and aspiring motion picture impresario; Leni Riefenstahl, the Valkyrie goddess of the Third Reich who came to America to peddle distribution rights for Olympia (1938); screenwriters Donald Ogden Stewart and Dorothy Parker, founders of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League; and Harry and Jack Warner of Warner Bros., who yoked anti-Nazism to patriotic Americanism and finally broke the embargo against anti-Nazi cinema with Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939).
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The Harriman House Book Of Investing Rules

Author : Philip Jenks
ISBN : 9780857191137
Genre : Business & Economics
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For the first time, the tactics, strategies and insights relied on by 150 of the world's most respected financial experts are revealed in a concise, digestible form. Learn how you really make money in the markets from: - fund managers of billion-pound equity funds - traders in the options and futures markets - industry-rated analysts - economists from top business schools - writers on leading financial newspapers Each provides focused and practical rules on how to succeed in the market. Often counter-intuitive, their rules tell you exactly what to do and what not to do. No padding; just a rock-hard list of do's and don'ts. The contributors to this book are the elite of investing. They consistently beat the market because they know which shares to buy, at what price, and when. And, just as importantly, they know when to sell. Never before has so much quality advice been packed into a single book. If you want to increase your wealth through investing, this is an unmissable opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills from the best in the world.
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Harpers Weekly

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The Rothschilds

Author : Frederic Morton
ISBN : 9781626813946
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This National Book Award finalist by the author of A Nervous Splendor chronicles the rise of the international banking dynasty. No other family in the past three centuries has been as constantly at the center of European history, amassed as much wealth, or featured so many spectacular personalities, as the Rothschilds. In Frederic Morton's magisterial study, the family is brought vividly to life from its initial rise in 18th century Germany through successive generations down to the 20th. Here you'll meet Mayer, long-time adviser to Germany's princes, who broke through the barriers of Frankfurt’s Jewish ghetto to become the “founding father of international finance”; Lord Alfred, who maintained a private train and played ringmaster at his own private circus; Baron Philippe, whose rarefied vintages bear labels created by artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Keith Haring; and Kathleen Nica Rothschild de Koenigswarter, the "jazz baroness," in whose arms Charlie Parker died. The family itself has been at the center of some of the most crucial moments in history: the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, the development of the Suez Canal, and the introduction of Jews in the House of Lords. Through it all, the Rothschild name has continued to represent the family ideal, and no author has so nimbly captured their eccentric brilliance as Frederic Morton.
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World Empire And The Return Of Jesus Christ

Author : Simon Downing
ISBN : 9781619040090
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The World Empire is coming by degrees - right now it is being built! That which Jesus predicted before his return, will be fulfilled - we are nearing the threshold point. Read for yourself the clear evidence of this global development and the outcome of world events. In your hands is a book which provides an overall view of the end times scheme, in a readable way. Within these pages the author humbly believes that the reader will find something on almost every aspect of this area of Christian teaching. It has been extensively researched, vastly sourced and uses over 1500 endnotes in support. 'World Empire and the return of Jesus Christ' offers a highly credible argument. As that is so, The Church of Jesus needs to arise and understand the times in which she exists. She must become active, telling others about Christ, and by living out the true gospel in word and deed. We are to be the prophetic voice in the wilderness for the Lord. Reader - Jesus Christ is coming in his glorious splendour. Every eye will see him, every knee shall bow before him and every person throughout history will confess him as Lord. The power of that day will be unrivalled, as the wondrous promises of God will come to pass. There is nothing more magnificent than this... What a day it will be!

The Rothschilds

Author : John Reeves
ISBN : 9785877658264
Genre : History
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