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The Highest Calling

Author : Lawrence Janesky
ISBN : 9781497653368
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 71.78 MB
Format : PDF
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An inspirational novel about business and life, struggle and success There are millions of people who own small businesses—and millions struggle. The Highest Calling is the inspirational story of one of them: Troy Becker. Troy has struggled for twelve years with his remodeling business. Not making much money, working seventy hours per week, his family life suffering, Troy is frustrated and confused. One day, an old man named Cy mysteriously appears in Troy’s life—and keeps appearing. Cy, who is on a desperate journey of his own, comes to understand he has been put there to help Troy—but why? And how will he convince Troy to listen? The Highest Calling is the story of helping others and of learning how to do the right things to succeed. Cy weaves the most important and powerful business principles of all time into the lessons he delivers to his student, for Troy’s sake—and his own. His teachings are beneficial to businesspeople and managers alike. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will learn. The Highest Calling is more than an inspirational book. For those who seek, it is a powerful entrepreneurial education—one that will improve the lives of millions for a lifetime.
Category: Self-Help

Parenting The Highest Calling

Author : James Maggart
ISBN : 9780595269594
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 88.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The world is changing rapidly. Technology and information have made the world a smaller place. These changes have made the job of parenting an effort requiring education and support. Parents are forced to raise their children without the skills needed in our modern world. In Parenting: The Highest Calling, you have all of the information to get started in your parenting process with sound fundamentals. The three steps for a solid parenting foundation, the four areas of balance for building identity and character, and the implementation tools bring the parenting function in focus for the parent. The book is written to be read in a short amount of time so that it can be absorbed in its entirety. After reading, parents can plan a program for their children to suit their own parenting style. For more parenting guidance contact:
Category: Family & Relationships

The Highest Calling Fatherhood

Author : Michael Barnes
ISBN : 156384186X
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 38.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written specifically for fathers, The Highest Calling Fatherhood begins with the author's own personal journey and spiritual pilgrimage as he grew in his understanding of this Godly call upon his life. The book fully addresses the Biblical basis of fatherhood by exploring the Spiritual directives expounded in the Scriptures and then examining the Godly characteristics of the many fathers found in the Bible. Giving step-by-step instructions for teaching their children, this book challenges the father to enter into this Holy calling and Biblically defined vocation.Mr. Michael Barnes is the Founder and CEO of Barnes Design Group, P.C. which is a Christian "Church Architectural Firm" specializing in church design, master planning and liturgical consulting. Over the last 10 years, Mr. Barnes has also served as a "Children's Pastor" and Evangelist which has given him an interesting and unique insight and exposure into the typcial "churched" home and into the hearts of Christian fathers. He has been married to a wonderful Christian woman, Candice, for over 26 years and together they have fathered 4 children, ages 9 to 21.
Category: Family & Relationships

Your Highest Calling

Author : Dr. Bill Hamon
ISBN : 9781493425068
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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God has a glorious purpose for His people. And those who understand this will rule and reign with Jesus for eternity. God, in the eternal past, planned for mankind to live on the earth and fulfill a great purpose in the eternal future. Bishop Hamon, a pioneer of restoration in the Church, stands firmly on biblical truth as he explores that great purpose: being conformed to the likeness of Jesus. By tracking the eight major reasons God created human beings, Dr. Hamon tackles the hard issues believers face as the highest race in the universe--including the problem of pain. It is only as we understand the process through which God conforms us to the likeness of His Son that we accomplish our highest calling.
Category: Religion

Parenting Is Your Highest Calling

Author : Leslie Leyland Fields
ISBN : 0307446093
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Why am I not a more joyful parent? Why aren’t my kids turning out as I expected? Why do I always feel as if I’m not doing enough for my children? Is Parenting Supposed to Be This Difficult? As a mother of six, author Leslie Leyland Fields knows firsthand the insecurities and questions that come with rearing children. In this provocative book, she explores with refreshing honesty the myths that can lead to unrealistic expectations and distract us from God’s purposes for our children and for us. These nine myths include: • Children make you happy and bring great fulfillment. • You will always feel love for your child. • Your success as a parent can be measured by your child’s behavior. • There is one “right” biblical model for family life. • Good parenting will result in happy children. Through a close look at God’s own life as a parent as well as stories from real-life families, Fields highlights the transforming biblical truths that release parents from the grip of mistaken assumptions. Fresh, provocative insights will lead you to a deeper understanding of God and yourself–an understanding that lifts the weight of guilt and fear and frees you to love your children as God intended. Includes “going deeper” questions for individuals, couples, or groups. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Your Highest Calling

Author : Joseph Luongo
ISBN : 9781612151663
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You have a specific unique Highest Calling by God's Divine Design andPurpose. You need to know how to follow His blueprint during yourlifetime.Find out specifically: what this is and how to grow into Your HighestCalling, even through difficult circumstances and troubled economicconditions.Some books positively affect you for a long time... Apply what you readhere, and this book will change you for a lifetime!So make a serious decision for real positive impact and change... Get thisbook; to have the opportunity to apply the answers, keys and solutions, you discover. Then continue in this new exciting understanding of yourunique mission! These keys and answers presented are specific; thesolutions discovered are time tested and work well.Based on the firm foundation of God's Word, this book could well becomeone of your most important practical manuals, for developing yourselfpersonally and spiritually... in order to uniquely fit into Your HighestCalling!Joseph's High Calling is to develop and bring out the best in others as alife coach. He was recognized by the former President of the U. of MD forhis work amongst college students and athletes; he has served as NationalChaplain of the United States; and he was recommended for his work byDr. Halverson former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate along with many otherChristian leaders. He also has numerous creative business abilities whichare developed from a Biblical perspective, with multiple years ofprofessional training, including an honors engineering degree from the U.of MD. He travels extensively having ministered to those from over 140nations, with a unique gifting cross culturally. He is recognizedinternationally for his passion to instill greatness in others; his creativeabilities including his patented inventions; and as a life motivator formany, including some professional athletes and coaches.
Category: Religion

The Weight Of Preaching

Author : Rick Harrington
ISBN : 9781512703191
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The nature of a preacher is that of a herald, one commissioned and sent by another to speak his message in his behalf to a recipient. The Weight of Preaching develops a workable theology of the preacher’s task in this role, commissioned by God to proclaim the Good News. Even in the West’s postmodern culture, where people have come to doubt the idea of objective truth, the preacher still serves to herald God’s enduring truth. Author Rick Harrington builds upon his service as a senior pastor, his doctoral study of preaching, and his exposure to multiple cultures to fashion a guide valuable to younger lay leaders, seminarians, and pastors alike, as well as for Christians engaged in the serious exploration of preaching. Speaking primarily to readers in the Reformed and Baptist traditions, The Weight of Preaching offers an approach that falls within the boundaries of “The New Calvinism.” This guide presents its theology of homiletics in three sections. The first, “Biblical and Theological Foundations Revisited,” delves into the theology of preaching. Next, “Faithful Preaching in Practice” guides the reader through crucial practical issues surrounding faithful preaching. Finally, “A Lay of the Cultural Landscape” surveys the diverse issues of contextualization that arise in a contemporary, pluralistic milieu. The Weight of Preaching seeks to lead you through the holy tasks of seeking to understand the Scriptures, grasping the message God reveals, and following your commission to herald the gospel of grace.
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Maverick Startup

Author : Yanik Silver
ISBN : 9781613081723
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.38 MB
Format : PDF
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The Intangibles. The X-Factors. 1. The Big Idea 2. Your Vision 3. High Margins and Premium Prices 4. Get It Out The Door 5. Test and Improve 6. Listen and Shift 7. Create Zealots 8. What's Next? 9. Tap Your Mastermind 10. Create the Fun 11. Create the Impact Shattering the myth that you need money to make money, serial entrepreneur and millionaire Yanik Silver reveals the 11 X-Factors to turn your big idea into even bigger profits—without taking on debt, partnering with outside investors, or even writing a business plan. We’re not talking your typical B-school advice. These are the real-world, underground insights that can take your idea from a little concept on a napkin to throwing off serious revenue in a way that supports and builds up whatever else is important to you These maverick rules are the “little hinges” that swing big doors of opportunity, applied by the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs who dared to fast track their big idea, blaze their own path and simply write their own rules for success. The MAVERICK philosophy: Set your own rules Make more money Have more fun Experience a rich life And give more to make a difference
Category: Business & Economics

90 Days Of Spiritual Intimacy

Author : Clephane W. ''Terrific'' Roberts
ISBN : 9781479723157
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 52.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"90 Days of Spiritual Intimacy is a life-changing, mind-transforming and soul-inspiring work of excellence. By making the profound simple and the simple profound, the energetic, enlightened C. W. "Terrific" Roberts has put spiritual intimacy within the reach of all who are willing to embrace it. Purchase it! Read it! Be transformed by it!" Pastor Howard Simon Family Therapist and Author of 101 Elements of Excellence. "90 Days of Spiritual Intimacy takes you on a journey of abundance and excellence. It lays the foundation for discovering and experiencing the depth of God's love for each of us and thereby it opens up a vast new range of opportunities and successes." Nichole Grant Information Technology Instructor "In time when many are extremely busy with the demands of a fast paced society, Clephane Roberts has provided us with a systematic format to keep us in tune with our Saviour Jesus Christ. This simple, yet profound approach to spiritual development is long overdue. As a Minister/Counselor, I view this book as a must read for those seeking spiritual direction and emotional healing. Christians who often struggle in maintaining a strong devotional life, now have a great resource to assits them in their quest for spiritual intimacy with God. It is my belief that this book will inspire all Christians in their walk with God." Pastor Cecil Cornelius Minister of Counseling and Pastoral Care Cornerstone Baptist Church Arlington, Texas "If 90 Days of Spiritual Intimacy accomplishes one thing, it is this: it parachutes spirit-filled insights into your everday-ness. More than a devotional book, C. W. "Terrific" Roberts offers readers the participatory manual that is at once eminently sophisticated, analytically user-friendly, provocatively practical, and profoundly transformational. Read this book and you will discover its compelling power to challenge and change you." Dr. Isaac Newton Inspirational Speaker and Author of Several Books including: Fix It Preacher: Meditative Conversations Between Pulpit and Pew
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