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The Heart Of Buddha S Teaching

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN : 9781409020547
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching, Thich Nhat Hanh brings his gift of clear and poetic expression to an explanation of the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, and other basic Buddhist teachings. Thich Nhat Hanh's extraordinary contribution to Buddhism and to life is the way he makes these teachings and practices accessible to everyone, showing us how the very suffering that is holding us down can be the path to our liberation.
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The Heart Of The Buddha S Teaching

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN : 9781101905739
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“If there is a candidate for ‘Living Buddha’ on earth today, it is Thich Nhat Hanh.” – Richard Baker-roshi In The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, now with added material and new insights, Thich Nhat Hanh introduces us to the core teachings of Buddhism and shows us that the Buddha’s teachings are accessible and applicable to our daily lives. With poetry and clarity, Nhat Hanh imparts comforting wisdom about the nature of suffering and its role in creating compassion, love, and joy – all qualities of enlightenment. Covering such significant teachings as the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Three Doors of Liberation, the Three Dharma Seals, and the Seven Factors of Awakening, The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching is a radiant beacon on Buddhist thought for the initiated and uninitiated alike. “Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the connection between personal, inner peace, and peace on earth.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama “Thich Nhat Hanh is a real poet.” – Robert Lowell From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Heart Of Buddhist Meditation

Author : Nyanaponika Thera
ISBN : 9789552401008
Genre : Buddhism
File Size : 60.96 MB
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In print for more than fifty years and translated into some ten languages, Nyanaponika Thera’s The Heart of Buddhist Meditation has attained the stature of a modern spiritual classic. Combining deep personal insight with the power of clear exposition, the author guides the reader into the essential principles making up the Buddha’s Way of Mindfulness. Besides offering a lucid account of the basic practices of insight meditation, the book contains a complete translation of the Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness, the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha’s own instructions on the practice. “A work of unique importance ... written with great depth, extraordinary knowledge, deep humanity... I do not know of any book which could be compared to this work as a guide to meditation.” Erich Fromm
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The Heart Of The Buddha S Path

Author : Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho
ISBN : 0722539320
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Includes lectures by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama on the Buddhist doctrines of compassion and the Four Noble Truths.
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Open Heart Clear Mind

Author : Thubten Chodron
ISBN : 9781559398541
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36.58 MB
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An open heart is the dwelling place of compassion that extends toward all beings; a clear mind is the source of the penetrating wisdom of deep insight. Their union leads to the enlightened way of life that is at the heart of the spiritual path as taught by the Buddha. This introduction to his teaching is thorough yet wonderfully accessible, even to those with no previous knowledge of Buddhism. Thubten Chodron writes in an easy-to-understand manner as she skillfully relates the Buddha’s wisdom to the realities of our modern lives.
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Heartwood Of The Bodhi Tree

Author : Buddhadasa
ISBN : 9780861718689
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Clear and simple teachings on voidness and living an ethical life. In Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu presents in simple language the philosophy of voidness, or sunnata, that lies at the heart of the Buddhism. By carefully tying voidness to ethical discipline, Buddhadasa provides us clear and open grounds to reflect on the place of the philosophy in our lives. With his ecumenical, stimulating, and enthusiastically engaged approach to reading the Buddha's teaching in full flourish, Ajahn Buddhadasa transforms the jungle of philosophy into a glade as inviting as the one in which he famously taught.
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To End All Suffering

Author : Michael Collender
ISBN : 9781620322505
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 50.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Both Buddhism and the Christian gospel promise the ending of suffering. However, each defines and interprets morality, compassion, proof, and truth according to starkly different worldviews. This is why adjudicating rival claims between these religions has proven so difficult. Two alternate approaches have emerged: treating religious claims as mere personal opinions, or postulating some higher standard outside of religion to which each religion much submit. However, both of these approaches to comparative religious research implicitly deny that any religion can present a story about the totality of reality, including ultimate standards for proof and truth. This book takes a different approach entirely, demonstrating a way that religions can self-critically engage one another using their own respective standards. Within this framework, early Buddhist philosophy and the Christian faith enter into philosophical dialogue. In the process, To End All Suffering pointedly demonstrates that on its own terms, Buddhism cannot account for the very doctrines necessary to show that the Buddha's teachings end suffering. Written primarily for Christians and Buddhists interested in interreligious dialogue, To End All Suffering is a course book suitable for individual study or for college or seminary courses in comparative philosophy or religion.
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Teachings On Love

Author : Nhá̂t Hạnh (Thích.)
ISBN : 1888375124
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Thich Nhat Hanh provides step-by-step practices that foster understanding and intimacy in any relationship by weaving traditional stories and a deep understanding Buddha's way of mindful living.
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The Heart Of Understanding

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN : 9781937006037
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The heart of the Prajñaparamita Sutra is regarded as the essence of Buddhist teaching, offering subtle and profound teachings on non-duality and the letting go of all preconceived notions, opinions, and attachments, and so becoming open to all the wonders of our life. The Heart Sutra is recited daily in Mahayana temples and practice centers throughout the world. Thich Nhat Hanh’s translation and commentary are the fruit of the author’s more than sixty years of monastic study and practice. He describes the sutra as "a precious gift to us, the gift of fearlessness." Based on a historic lecture at the Green Gulch Zen Center, Muir Beach, California on April 19, 1987, this is one of the most simple, clear, concise, and understandable commentaries on this very important Buddhist sutra. In the Heart Sutra, the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara describes how to train in the perfection of wisdom by seeing through the illusory nature of all things. The Heart Sutra is Buddhism in a nutshell, containing only 632 characters in the traditional Chinese translation. Despite its brevity, it covers more of the Buddha’s teachings than any other scripture and has had the most profound and wide-reaching influence of any text in Buddhism. This revised edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the initial release and features a new introduction by Peter Levitt and a new afterword by Thich Nhat Hanh. Edited by poet and Zen teacher Peter Levitt, author of Fingerpainting on the Moon.
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Living Dharma

Author : Jack Kornfield
ISBN : UVA:X002684922
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Originally published as Living Buddhist Masters, this book includes an introduction to the basic teachings of Buddhism, along with a look at the Buddhist tradition as taught in Burma, Thailand and Laos. Also, one of America's leading Buddhist teachers presents this practice as taught by 12 highly respected Buddhist masters from Southeast Asia. Illustrations.
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