The Green Man

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The Green Man

Author : Storm Jameson
ISBN : UOM:39015046344068
Genre : Scholars
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Portrait of an English family deeply rooted in tradition.
Category: Scholars

The Green Man

Author : Carol Ballard
ISBN : 0953629805
Genre : Anthropology
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Category: Anthropology

The Green Man

Author : Richard Jones
ISBN : KBNL:KBNL03000056146
Genre :
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The Green Man

Author : Ellen Datlow
ISBN : 9781504060387
Genre : Fiction
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Drawing on the mythology of the Green Man and the power of nature, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, and others serve up “a tasty treat for fantasy fans” (Booklist). There are some “genuine gems” in this “enticing collection” of fifteen stories and three poems, all featuring “diverse takes on mythical beings associated with the protection of the natural world,” most involving a teen’s coming-of-age. Delia Sherman “takes readers into New York City’s Central Park, where a teenager wins the favor of the park’s Green Queen.” Michael Cadnum offers a “dynamic retelling of the Daphne story.” Charles de Lint presents an “eerie, heartwarming story in which a teenager resists the lure” of the faerie world. Tanith Lee roots her tale in “the myth of Dionysus, a god of the Wild Wood.” Patricia A. McKillip steeps her story in “the legend of Herne, guardian of the forest. Magic realism flavors Katherine Vaz’s haunting story. Gregory Maguire takes on Jack and the Beanstalk, and Emma Bull looks to an unusual Green Man—a Joshua tree in the desert” (Booklist). These enduring works of eco-fantasy by some of the genre’s most popular authors impart “a real sense of how powerful nature can be in its various guises” (School Library Journal). “A treasure trove for teens and teachers exploring themes of ecology and folklore.” —Kirkus Reviews “The stories are well-written and manage to speak to both the intellect and the emotions.” —SF Site
Category: Fiction

The Green Man

Author : Kathleen Basford
ISBN : 0859914976
Genre : Art
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Delightful, oft-reprinted guide to the foliate heads so common in medieval sculpture. This was the first-ever monograph dedicated to the Green Man.
Category: Art

The Mythic Forest The Green Man And The Spirit Of Nature

Author : Gary R. Varner
ISBN : 9780875864358
Genre : Nature
File Size : 29.9 MB
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A delightful world tour of traditions and beliefs related to trees and forests, The Mythic Forest highlights modern-day revivals of ancient customs and identifies the Green Man motif in American architecture, hisface peering out from behind his leaves on California banks and New York brownstone houses. The book will appeal to readers interested in folklore and legends, mythology, urban archeology, and, of course, trees and their lore. Trees and forests are rich in symbolism and have been feared or revered since man began to walk the earth. In Part I, the author discusses the gods of nature and the folklore of trees, tracing a variety of legends, practices and beliefs; in Part II he presents the history of the image of the Green Man and its use in pre-Christian and early Christian times up to today. Mankind has given a recognizable face to the awesome and impalpable forces of nature in the image of the Green Man and the nature spirits that this book explores. The ways in which different societies and different craftsmen have depicted these spirits display the wide creative range of the human imagination, but the persistence of the theme suggests that in all their many facets these "spirits" represent a deep, primordial sense that humans have shared since civilization began; for the message of these images has remained the same, even if somewhat altered over time. Folk traditions from around the world, from the rites that celebrate spring and egg on the forces of fertility to folk health remedies and the use of talismans to ward off illness and other evils, show some surprising similarities and hint at the shared origins of human culture. Even though the original significance of manycustoms has been lost or diluted, they still hold an appeal and many American towns even today are re-introducing seasonal fairs to recreate and revel in the link between man and nature. * Gary R. Varner is author of: Essays in Contemporary Paganism; Sacred Wells: A Study in the History, Meaning, and Mythology of Holy Wells & Waters; Water of Life-Water of Death: The Folklore and Mythology of Sacred Water; and Menhirs, Dolmen and Circles of Stone: The Folklore and Magic of Sacred Stone.
Category: Nature

The Green Man

Author : Kingsley Amis
ISBN : 9781590176368
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.82 MB
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Maurice Allington has reached middle age and is haunted by death. As he says, “I honestly can’t see why everybody who isn’t a child, everybody who’s theoretically old enough to have understood what death means, doesn’t spend all his time thinking about it. It’s a pretty arresting thought.” He also happens to own and run a country inn that is haunted. The Green Man opens as Maurice’s father drops dead (had he seen something in the room?) and continues as friends and family convene for the funeral. Maurice’s problems are many and increasing: How to deal with his own declining health? How to reach out to a teenage daughter who watches TV all the time? How to get his best friend’s wife in the sack? How to find another drink? (And another.) And then there is always death. The Green Man is a ghost story that hits a live nerve, a very black comedy with an uncannily happy ending: in other words, Kingsley Amis at his best.
Category: Fiction

The Path Of The Green Man

Author : Michael Thomas Ford
ISBN : IND:30000107641106
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69.25 MB
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A handbook containing information of interest to,gay men who want to know what paganism and Wicca,are, how these traditions speak specifically to,them and how to go about beginning to explore,pagan spirituality as a rewarding spiritual path.,The Path of the Green Man is composed of two,parts, arranged in alternating chapters. The first,part is a basic primer on paganism and Wicca, on,spiritual practice and beginning to play with the,tools of spirituality. The second part puts all of,this information to use in a practical guide to,living the pagan year.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Green Man

Author : Jane Gardam
ISBN : 1900624214
Genre : Green Man (Tale).
File Size : 45.89 MB
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First published in a collection of short stories called Missing the Midnight: Hauntings and Grotesques, this is a modern twist on the ancient fertility image of legend, church carvings and pub signs.
Category: Green Man (Tale).

The Quest For The Green Man

Author : John Matthews
ISBN : 1841811114
Genre : Civilization, Celtic
File Size : 80.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explores the image of the Green Man as it has appeared throughout many cultures and ages. Readers are taken along a path from the heritage of western paganism to the practice of shamanism. Practical sections and rituals are included to enable them to start connecting with the Green Man.
Category: Civilization, Celtic

Offerings For The Green Man

Author : Kathleen Cunningham Guler
ISBN : 0966037111
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 67.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For nearly three thousand years, people of Celtic heritage have evoked the magical words of timeless tales, conveyed through literature, music, art and dance. For those descended of this legacy, the gift of creativity is born into the soul and passed down through generations too numerous to count. Bardsong Press has assembled a striking collection of poetry, short prose and illustrations created by today's Celtic Voices. These pieces reflect not only how the Celtic spirit constantly evolves and renews, but also how it retains a strong sense of its long and rich history, culture, spirituality, symbolism, and mythology.
Category: Poetry

The Green Man

Author : Harold Morrow Sherman
ISBN : 1612870104
Genre : Extraterrestrial beings
File Size : 86.72 MB
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A classic science fiction novel. "The Green Man" by Harold M. Sherman.
Category: Extraterrestrial beings

The Green Man

Author : Henry Treece
ISBN : UOM:39015009053110
Genre : Arthurian romances
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Category: Arthurian romances

The Green Man

Author : John Matthews
ISBN : 1859060676
Genre : Nature
File Size : 36.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Who is the mysterious face in the leaves? He stares down at us from pillars, doorways and roofs all over the world, but why is he there and what does he mean? Now you can discover the ancient and powerful force that lies behind the leafy mask. The Green Man plaque-and-book package introduces the fascinating history and folklore of this charismatic pagan character, and shows you how to bring his earthy influence into your life. From Robin Hood to Jack-in-the-Green, from mischievous trickster to Wildman, the many guises of the Green Man?s role as Spirit of Nature remain constant. And his connection with the earth strikes a chord in us all. Find out how to celebrate his presence, and enrich the daily rhythm of your life. Includes specially crafted, weatherproof Green Man plaque and book which offers fascinating illustrated history
Category: Nature

The Green Man S Heir

ISBN : 1908039698
Genre :
File Size : 20.72 MB
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A modern fantasy rooted in the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles.

The Green Man

Author : Andrew Young
ISBN : UVA:X000184033
Genre : English poetry
File Size : 83.73 MB
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Category: English poetry

The Green Man

Author : Gail E. Haley
ISBN : 0929944003
Genre : Conduct of life
File Size : 79.18 MB
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Category: Conduct of life

The Green Man Unmasked

Author : James Coulter
ISBN : 9781467014885
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A relic from our pagan past; a fertility symbol; the spirit of vegetation; Jack-in-the-Green, Herne the Hunter or Robin Hoodall of these descriptions and many more have been advanced to explain the identity of the strange and often outlandish image which glares so balefully from rood screen and roof boss in so many places of Christian worship throughout Western Europe. Invariably depicting a male human head, it is by any reckoning a most unusual image and while exhibiting countless variations, the predominant feature common to all is the vegetation issuing in luxuriant profusion from the mouth and coiling around the head in fantastic shapes and patterns; a feature which has no known counterpart in nature. It is the Green Man so-called by generations of environmentalists and folklore enthusiasts. But such interpretations beg the questionwhy does the image occur predominantly within a Christian context with a frequency second only to that of Christ Himself. . Who is the Green Man and what does his widespread presence signify? The author believes that the answer to this age-old riddle may be found in a number of medieval works such as the apocryphal gospels, the Bestiary and the Legend of the Rood all of which would have been familiar to scholars and teachers of the period. Although never part of the official canon, these nevertheless had a considerable influence on the teaching of the medieval Church and the imagery which it employed to illustrate it for the benefit of illiterate or semi-literate congregations. The present study represents a radical departure from the previously received wisdom on the subject and advances the hypothesis that far from being a pagan fertility symbol, the Green Man is a lead player in the great scriptural drama of the Creation, the Fall of Man and his ultimate redemption.
Category: Religion

The Green Man

Author : Storm Khandro Moon
ISBN : 9781326248932
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.91 MB
Format : PDF
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This book contains two short stories which illustrate the profound connection that can be gained by returning to nature, in our natural born state. The first story is from Celtic folklore and follows the adventures of a man lost in a great forest and his journey to become the Green Man. The second story represents my vision of the future and follows the voyage of a priestess of Gaia through the subtle levels of existence. Both these stories and the two poems are taken from my book 'Naked in the Woods: A Guide to Spiritual Nudity.'
Category: Religion