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The Great Reset

Author : Mark Hodgins
ISBN : 9781449027933
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.22 MB
Format : PDF
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The Great Reset is a riveting and detailed view of the current financial atrocity and the economic path of a continent that is in the process of playing its last hand as a global leader. In a detailed and critical assessment of the global economic state, The Great Reset courageously challenges the rhetoric of the financial media. The Great Reset openly reveals the entangled web of the financial world and government and their plan to continue their personal objectives at the demise of the masses. The economic path currently being driven by an elite group of financial decision makers will affect the decisions made in the boardroom of big business and the living rooms of everyday investors. This is a must read for business leaders and those consumers invested in the global markets, to better understand the basis of the crisis and the future that is being determined by the policy enactments and decisions of global governments. The Great Reset provides critical guidance to anyone planning their economic or corporate future and will shape your views and provide a clear assessment of the current business climate and how to move forward in this economy.
Category: Business & Economics

The Great Reset

Author : Richard Florida
ISBN : 006199121X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.86 MB
Format : PDF
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From Richard Florida, author of the bestselling books The Rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City?, comes a book that frames the economic meltdown of 2008–09 not as a crisis but as an opportunity to “reset.” In doing so, he paints a fascinating picture of what our economy, society, and geography will look like—of how we will work and live—in the future.
Category: Social Science

The Big Reset

Author : Willem Middelkoop
ISBN : 9789048522200
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Willem Middelkoop is ondernemer en publicist en werd bekend als marktcommentator voor RTL Z en vaste medewerker van De Wereld Draait Door. Middelkoop waarschuwde in zijn eerste boek "Als de dollar valt" (2007) voor een naderende kredietcrisis. In de jaren er na verschenen "De permanente oliecrisis" (2008) en "Overleef de kredietcrisis" (2009) en "Goud en het geheim van geld" (2012).[-][-]
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The Great Reset

Author : Richard L. Florida
ISBN : 0307358305
Genre : Financial crises
File Size : 27.60 MB
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We tend to view prolonged economic downturns, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Long Depression of the late nineteenth century, in terms of the crisis and pain they cause. But history teaches us that these great crises also represent opportunities to remake our economy and society and to generate whole new eras of economic growth and prosperity. In terms of innovation, invention, and energetic risk taking, these periods of "creative destruction" have been some of the most fertile in history, and the changes they put into motion can set the stage for full-scale recovery. In The Great Reset, bestselling author and economic development expert Richard Florida provides an engaging and sweeping examination of these previous economic epochs, or "resets." He distills the deep forces that have altered physical and social landscapes and eventually reshaped economies and societies. Looking toward the future, Florida identifies the patterns that will drive the next Great Reset and transform virtually every aspect of our lives -- from how and where we live, to how we work, to how we invest in individuals and infrastructure, to how we shape our cities and regions. Florida shows how these forces, when combined, will spur a fresh era of growth and prosperity, define a new geography of progress, and create surprising opportunities for all of us. Among these forces will be * new patterns of consumption, and new attitudes toward ownership that are less centered on houses and cars * the transformation of millions of service jobs into middle class careers that engage workers as a source of innovation * new forms of infrastructure that speed the movement of people, goods, and ideas * a radically altered and much denser economic landscape organized around "megaregions" that will drive the development of new industries, new jobs, and a whole new way of life We've weathered tough times before. They are a necessary part of economic cycles, giving us a chance to clearly see what's working and what's not. Societies can be reborn in such crises, emerging fresh, strong, and refocused. Now is our opportunity to anticipate what that brighter future will look like and to take the steps that will get us there faster. With his trademark blend of wit, irreverence, and rigorous research and analysis, Florida presents an optimistic and counterintuitive vision of our future, calling into question long-held beliefs about the nature of economic progress and forcing us to reassess our very way of life. He argues convincingly that it's time to turn our efforts -- as individuals, as governments, and as a society -- to putting the necessary pieces in place for a vibrant, prosperous future.
Category: Financial crises

New York City

Author : Richard L. Florida
ISBN : OCLC:917905137
Genre : New York (N.Y.)
File Size : 42.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An examination of New York's economy "in the wake of the Great Recession, the subsequent recovery, and the ongoing 'Great Reset.' [Looks] in detail at the changing economic structure of the city and its key industrial and occupational clusters, demographic trends, and real estate patterns"--From executive summary.
Category: New York (N.Y.)

In The Shadows Of A Presidency

Author : Daniel Estulin
ISBN : 9781634242035
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 84.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On November 8, 2016, the seemingly impossible became real: Donald Trump—billionaire tycoon with fundamentally xenophobic, savage, and populist speech—won the presidency and began endangering values like democracy and world peace. Author Daniel Estulin argues that nothing about this situation was accidental and that behind this terrifying event many interests are hidden. This volume asks: How did America get here? Was it a truly democratic event? And, above all, what are the interests behind the election of Trump? From his privileged status as a Russian ex-spy, Daniel Estulin dives into the long process that has led Donald Trump to the presidency. In The Shadows of a Presidency offers a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the actors, governments, companies, and institutions involved in his election and the payout it will yield for insiders.
Category: Political Science

The Native Landscape Reader

Author : Robert E. Grese
ISBN : 9781558498846
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 61.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this volume Robert E. Grese gathers together writings on nature-based landscape design and conservation by some of the country's most significant practitioners, horticulturalists, botanists, and conservationists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Written with a strong conservation ethic, these essays often originally appeared in obscure, short-lived publications and are difficult to locate today, comprising a rich but hidden literature. Over many years of pioneering research into the work of Jens Jensen, O. C. Simonds, and other early landscape architects who advocated for the use of native plants and conservation, Grese encountered and began collecting these pieces. With this volume, he offers readers his trove. Purposely avoiding literature that is widely available, Grese shares as well his experience of discovery. His introduction provides perspective on the context of these writings and the principles they espouse, and his conclusion illuminates their relevance today with the emerging emphasis on sustainable design. This collection will appeal to general readers interested in the issues of sustainability, horticulture and gardening, and landscape design and preservation, as well as to historians, practitioners, and specialists. Published in association with Library of American Landscape History:
Category: Architecture

Better Stronger Faster

Author : Daniel Gross
ISBN : 9781451621365
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Financial meltdown, a deep recession, and political polarization—combined with strong growth outside the United States—have led to a global bubble of pessimism surrounding America’s economic prospects. Bloated with debt, and outpaced by China and other emerging markets, the United States has been left for dead as an economic force. But in this time of grim predictions, Daniel Gross, Yahoo! financial columnist and author of Dumb Money, offers a refreshingly optimistic take on our nation’s economic prospects, examining the positive trends that point to a better, stronger future. Widely respected for his Newsweek and Slate coverage of the crash and the recovery, Daniel Gross shows that much of the talk about decline is misplaced. In the wake of the crash, rather than accept the inevitability of a Japan-style lost decade, America’s businesses and institutions tapped into the very strengths that built the nation’s economy into a global powerhouse in the first place: speed, ingenuity, adaptability, pragmatism, entrepreneurship, and, most significant, an ability to engage with the world. As the United States wallowed in self-pity, the world continued to see promise in what America has to offer—buying exports, investing in the United States, and adopting American companies and business models as their own. Global growth, it turns out, is not a zero-sum game. Better, Stronger, Faster is an account of the remarkable reconstruction and reorientation that started in March 2009, a period that Gross compares to March 1933—as both marked the start of unexpected recoveries. As the U.S. public sector undertook aggressive fiscal and monetary actions, the private sector sprang into action. Companies large and small restructured, tapped into long-dormant internal resources, and invested for growth, at home and abroad. Between 2009 and 2011, as Europe struggled with a cascade of crises, the U.S. got back on its feet—and began to run. Through stories of innovative solutions devised by policy makers, businesses, investors, and consumers, Gross explains how America has the potential to emerge from this period, not as the unrivaled ruler of the global economy but as a healthier leader and an enabler of sustainable growth.
Category: Business & Economics

The Metropolitan Revolution

Author : Bruce Katz
ISBN : 9780815721529
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 74.84 MB
Format : PDF
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Across the US, cities and metropolitan areas are facing huge economic and competitive challenges that Washington won't, or can't, solve. The good news is that networks of metropolitan leaders – mayors, business and labor leaders, educators, and philanthropists – are stepping up and powering the nation forward. These state and local leaders are doing the hard work to grow more jobs and make their communities more prosperous, and they're investing in infrastructure, making manufacturing a priority, and equipping workers with the skills they need. In The Metropolitan Revolution, Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley highlight success stories and the people behind them. · New York City: Efforts are under way to diversify the city's vast economy · Portland: Is selling the "sustainability" solutions it has perfected to other cities around the world · Northeast Ohio: Groups are using industrial-age skills to invent new twenty-first-century materials, tools, and processes · Houston: Modern settlement house helps immigrants climb the employment ladder · Miami: Innovators are forging strong ties with Brazil and other nations · Denver and Los Angeles: Leaders are breaking political barriers and building world-class metropolises · Boston and Detroit: Innovation districts are hatching ideas to power these economies for the next century The lessons in this book can help other cities meet their challenges. Change is happening, and every community in the country can benefit. Change happens where we live, and if leaders won't do it, citizens should demand it. The Metropolitan Revolution was the 2013 Foreword Reviews Bronze winner for Political Science.
Category: Business & Economics

Out Executing The Competition

Author : Irving H. Rothman
ISBN : 9781118409039
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An inside look at what makes a successful financial servicescompany Irv Rothman may not have considered a career in the financialservices early on, but he ended up in leadership positions atAT&T, Compaq and, for over a decade, Hewlett-Packard. Hisconsistent record of success and insider perspective make him theperfect guide to the art of building and growing a financialservices company, and in Out-Executing the Competition heshares his remarkable story and years of experience, giving readersa glimpse into his numerous accomplishments and providing takeawaysthey can apply to their own companies, whatever the industry. An engaging and lively account of Rothman's career focusing onhis work at financial services companies during some of the mosteconomically challenging periods of the past thirty years, the bookexplores the methods and tactics he used to help his companies notonly weather financial uncertainty, but to thrive. Tells the story of financial services company expert IrvRothman, in his own words Includes invaluable insights into how to build a financialservices company that can survive and thrive in even the toughesteconomic climate Helps readers working at financial services companies and inother industries to construct solid businesses that can outperformtheir competition Part biography, part how-to guide, Out-Executing theCompetition is the ultimate inside look at building a financialservices company that's sure to succeed.
Category: Business & Economics